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Episode 31- 62 (End) - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 31 - 61/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 31 - 61
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Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of OST The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕) - 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 Wind Flower


Extended Cast

Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 47

The hide out is being attack by Chil Sook’s men by blazing them with fire arrow as they laid siege to the place. Chil Sook overtakes the hide out with ease as he strolls in. Then an injured men comes to report with his last breath that they have been overtaken & collapse & expires after reporting…aaah so typical for an extra with a one liner

Extra: Your Royal Highness…..There is trouble…..We are completely surrounded …..Uuurgh!!!!

Extra collapse & dies tragic.

Deok Man feels with anxiety but then pluck courage in determination. Seok Bum comes with his men as they surrounded the place where Deok Man is in. Seok Bum greets Chil Sook that they rush here as fast as he can after receiving Chil Sook’s message. San Tak report that they have surrounded the area & asked whether they need to storm in. Chil Sook step forwards & shouts to the occupant inside as traitor to mark his words to lay down their weapon & surrender in the name of king Jinpyeong’s imperial decree. Wyol Ya takes a peek at the window to look at the situation outside & tells that they have completely surrounded the whole area. So Hwa asked Deok Man what are they supposed to do now. Deok Man is trying to thinks hard as Chil Sook shouts that unless they surrender & come out quietly from hiding, they will storm in to arrest them according to warrant. If they resist then it will be the imminent death to them

Cho Bu is warrant

Seok Bum suggests that they storm in as all are set & ready. Chil Sook said that they have not ascertained the situation inside that they don’t know who they are & how many are in there that they can’t determine as yet. Chil Sook asked his men to just prepare for the attack. San Tak acknowledged Chil Sook’s order. Kim Yu Shin suggests that he will pave the way out to break out. Deok Man is surprise as Kim Yu Shin is in no condition to do any fighting as he asked Wyol Ya to lead Deok man out of here. Wyol Ya asked whether Kim Yu Shin has heard that the person outside is none other than Wonsanghwa, Chil Sook. In Kim Yu Shin present condition, it is out of the question to fight with him. Kim Yu Shin asked what alternative can he suggest that they do out of their predicament. Kim Yu Shin fear that if they manage to arrest Princess Deok Man all will be & everything will end. Deok Man said there is a way & she will find that way. Kim Yu Shin said that they don’t have the time to go finding. Wyol Ya goes to take a 2nd look outside the window. Wyol Ya tells that there too many in number of them out there. So Hwa then comes up with a plan & asked if they can use this method, can this work. Deok Man looks at So Hwa. San Tak reports to Chil Sook there is no suspicious movement outside the hiding place. Chil Sook said that this is fine & prepare to storm in with full force as San Tak acknowledge the order

Deok Man disagree & will not approve & she will never allow this. So Hwa pleas to Deok Man as this is the only alternative they have left & Deok Man must to so. Deok Man persist that she will not agree as it is too dangerous a plan & she will never allow it. So Hwa said as of now, we are all in a dangerous situation & asked Deok Man to proceed with it. Wyol Ya concurs that it is the only alternative open to them & asked her to agree. Deok Man tells off Wyol Ya that he concurs with So Hwa. Deok Man still persist to disagree as So Hwa begs Deok Man to go for it as they isn’t any alternative for them to choose. Deok Man said that she will find that alternative, So Hwa said they don’t have the time to find one, they needs to move this quickly. Deok man still resist to agree. So Hwa pleas with her as Deok Man shouts that she would never allow it & don’t bring this subject up again. All this while So Hwa address Deok Man Her Royal Highness until So Hwa goes & hold Deok Man & calls her “Deok Man”. So Hwa using her motherly tone in her speech to asked Deok Man to obediently listen to what her mother is saying

So Hwa: Deok Man!!!….Your mother’s word….listen

Deok Man: Mother…

So Hwa: Your mother’s words….listen to what I say…you must…..understand?

Deok Man gives in out of her filial piety to So Hwa & conform to So Hwa wishes

San Tak has his men all ready as Chil Sook order that they are not here to arrest Princess Deok Man but to kill her. We must make sure nobody will be held accountable & responsible for her death, so mask up their faces. San Tak’s men masked up & a group proceed to storm in Deok Man’s hiding as they sneak in with stealth as they open the door & goes in discreetly then commotion of fighting & then the group all comes out staggering & fall to their death from the upper level & all is quiet. Seok Bum said that they are all been killed in a flash of time. Seok Bum asked what are they going to do next & asked whether they need to send a 2nd group in. Chil Sook said that someone is inside that he exhibit matchless adeptness with the sword. Kim Yu Shin is injured so there must be someone else in there who is skilled. Seok Bum said if it then do they need to increase & double the group & storm in. Chil Sook said that numbers will work to subdue only in an open area but in a confine space the number wouldn’t matter. Seok Bum asked then how will it be. Chil Sook tells that he will personally go in. Chil Sook asked the 2nd group to follow him in

Wyol Ya & Kim Yu Shin ward off the assailants as Wyol Ya tells that he will be the lure but Kim Yu Shin hold him that they did decided that he would be the decoy. Wyol Ya said that whatever it takes, Kim Yu Shin must stay alive. Wyol Ya said that Kim Yu Shin life is Gaya’s property. For the sake of their greater good, Kim Yu Shin must survive at all cost & asked him to give concern to Deok Man’s security. Wyol Ya said in regards that Kim Yu Shin survival is more important matter than Deok man’s security. Wyol Ya said that he will take them on. Kim Yu Shin disagrees

Chil Sook goes & sneak into Deok Man’s hiding & finds the quarter empty as they search through the rooms kicking all doors. Someone is peeking through a slit as Chil Sook upset to come out empty handed. Then Kim Yu Shin hiding in one of the room ambushed Chil Sook’s men who doing the room search & kills them that got Chil Sook’s attention. Chil Sook rush then finds Kim Yu Shin at the corridor. Kim Yu Shin runs back to the room & slam shut the door behind him. Chil Sook draws his sword as Kim Yu Shin prepare to confront Chil Sook as they fight each other.

Chil Sook looks around & tells himself that Princess Deok Man is not here. Kim Yu Shin clashes with Chil Sook in it is obvious that he is not match fit to be on par with Chil Sook as Chil Sook disengage Kim Yu Shin until he is throw out through the door as Kim Yu Shin uses all his wits to fight Chil Sook then Chil Sook notice 2 bodies of his men lies slain with their clothes take off the he recalls that his men staggering out from the place & fall to their death & Chil Sook that it would be that moment as Kim Yu Shin said that Chil Sook fell for their deceit

So Hwa in disguise fall down as the men comes to her aide to find if she is alright then finds she is not one of them & asked who she is, while Wyol Ya in disguise playing dead gets up & kill the aides, then Wyol Ya takes So Hwa & flees under Seok Bum & San Tak’s nose. Seok Bum orders to give chase. Chil Soo hears the commotion & that he think it must be Princess Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin tries to stop him but Chil Sook leaves to give chase. Kim Yu Shin goes after him to stop Chil Sook from pursuit & tells Chil Sook he can only leave this place over his dead body. Chil Sook manages to free himself from the persistence Kim Yu Shin. San Tak comes running to report that a few of them got away. Chil Sook order to pursue them as one of them is Princess Deok Man

Kim Yu Shin goes to a room to open a cupboard as Deok Man is ever ready prepare to draw her sword. Meanwhile Wyol Ya & So Hwa fleeing & as usual So Hwa being the klutz she is slips & fall & pick herself. Chil Sook is catching up with them as Chil Sook asked him men to split up the search for them & comb the area. Kim Yu Shin tells Deok Man that the coast is safe & fine as it is but they must hurry

Chil Sook catching up with them as Chil Sook takes aim with a fire arrow but Wyol Ya grabs So Hwa to avoid the arrow as they run into the dark. Chil Sook asked the search to be thorough as the men splits up & search. Meanwhile Kim Yu Shin escapes with Deok Man running together with hold hands. Chil Sook with his instinct manages to finds Wyol Ya & So Hwa as So Hwa falls being the klutz she is. Chil Sook remembers Mi Shil’s order that Deok Man must be kill in the process of the arrest. She is killed in the obstruction of justice while she resists arrest & meets her demise. This will be Princess Deok Man final moment on this earth. Wyol Ya draws his sword to anticipate Chil Sook as So Hwa make sure she keep her “tenugui” is secure on. Chil Sook approaches them nearer as Wyol Ya goes to battle with Chil Sook but Wyol Ya is no match for the skill of Chil Sook as Chil Sook goes for So Hwa thinking it is Deok Man as Chil Sook recalls the past event that transpire between him & Deok Man all these years. Moon Noh takes So Hwa & the baby Deok Man out to safety as Chil Sook in hot pursuit, find them 15 years later at the tavern in Taklamakan Desert as he corner teenager Deok Man to tell her that this is where it ends & asked her to come to Gyerim. So Hwa safe Deok Man by stabbing Chil Sook

Tenugui is a piece of cloth that can be use to cover the face like a mask. Sorry I am making the reference by using the kendo term

Chil Sook said that this is now the end for Deok Man & Chil Sook comes swift to cut down So Hwa in a single stroke. Deok Man slip & fall down. Kim Yu Shin asked whether she is alright, Deok Man suddenly suffering from chest pain & finding difficulty in breathing as Kim Yu Shin asked what is wrong. Deok Man said she has a premonition that something must have happened. Deok Man looks as though she is suffering dyspnea then glances at the distance.

Chil Sook’s blade is dripping with blood as So Hwa laid on the ground as Wyol Ya shouts “Yumo Nim” as Chil Sook surprise at Wyol Ya calling for So Hwa & goes to check her identity & finds that it is So Hwa & carry her to his lap as he calls for her

Yumo Nim is Royal Nanny

So Hwa with her last breath

So Hwa: Chil Sook… Rang…

Chil Sook: So Hwa (whisper)…

So Hwa: It seems that we… this as the end for us that we can’t do anything about

Chil Sook cries for So Hwa as So Hwa struggles with life

So Hwa: For 30 years incoherently & aimlessly with our lives & in the end only to have return to where it has all originated

So Hwa expires. Chil Sook wails for So Hwa’s lose as Chil Sook & Wyol Ya are distraught by her death. Deok Man goes to Wyol Ya base as Kim Chun Chu & Yeom Jong is waiting for her as Kim Chun Chu queries what has happened as Deok Man is clearly upset.

Chil Sook informs that he has lose Deok Man as Ha Jong said again that Deok man has eluded them. Seol Won Rang said that Chil Sook has successfully penetrated her hiding & how could this be. Bo Jong asked whether Princess Deok Man was ever there in the 1st place. Chil Sook nods in affirmative that she was there as MI Saeng asked how can he lose her then, Mi Shil could sense that there must be something happened to Chil Sook

Princess Man Myeong informs that Princess Deok Man is safe that nothing ill has happen to her. King Jinpyeong is glad & asked how did she finds out about the news. Princess Man Myeong said that Chil Sook has taken his men & left but it seems they has come back unsucessful in their mission without conclusive results. Queen Maya said that it is a relief to hear & asked how did Princess Man Myeong able to access into In Gang Jeon. Princess Man Myeong said that it is nothing money can bribe as she bribe a Eunuch to give her a moment with them. Princess Man Myeong said even if Mi Shil has knowledge of it, she will not able to do a thing about it. Princess Man Myeong said if she does anything to her, it would prove that she is keeping King Jinpyeong under house arrest in In Gang Jeon. King Jinpyeong having chest pains as Queen Mays & princess Man Myeong are concern about the King’s health. It looks like King Jinpyeong is deteriorating rapidly in health

Al Cheon regain consciousness as Kim Yong Chun call at him & asked if he has regain is senses & is feeling better. This is obviously an understatement looking how battered Al Cheon looks. Kim Yong Chun inform that the party that went after Princess Deok Man has return as Al Cheon asked how did it go. Kim Seo Hyeon tells that they were unsuccessfully in capturing her & wasted their effort. Kim Yu Shin has also made his escape with success. Strange that they are able to get the latest information while being imprisoned

Go Do tells his colleagues that he is certain that they didn’t manage to capture Princess Deok Man. Guk San Heun could see how they mutter in complaints indicate that it is as such. Dae Pung begs that Kim Yu Shin must go & protect Princess Deok Man. Al Cheon’s cadre said that every day they feel like walking on very thin sheet of ice

Wyol Ya comes back to greet Deok Man as Deok man asked where is her mother (So Hwa). Wyol ya couldn’t bring himself to answer as Deok man repeats her question in asking where is her mother. Kim Yu shin asked Wyol Ya what is the matter & why he doesn’t answer Deok man’s question. Deok Man repeats her question to Wyol Ya to ask him where is her mother as she start to raise her voice. Joo Bang asked Wyol Ya what is wrong as Joo bang pester Wyol Ya for answer & asked him to answer Deok Man’s question at once. Wyol Ya tells to accept his apologies as his answer as Deok Man overcome by her worst fear

Seok Bum reports on the incident as Mi Saeng is shock that they use a lure to trick them. Seok Bum confirms that they use a lure to make them think that it was Princess Deok Man. Chil Sook went after her & kill her thinking it was her but in the end it wasn’t her & in the meanwhile Princess Deok Man managed to escape. Ha Jong can’t believe the incompetent of their people’s capabilities that they keep losing Deok Man every time they want to catch her. Mi Shil makes a guess whether it is perhaps by any chance the person turns out to be the Princess’ Nanny & the person who got slew is So Hwa. Seok Bum affirms the fact. Mi Shil compares the entity between Chil Sook & So Hwa

Deok Man runs to see So Hwa where Wyol Ya has brought her body in a cart. Deok man straddles towards the cart & unfolds the sheet that is covering her body. Deok Man calls her mother & in disbelieve that how could she has let this happened. Deok Man kneels in front of So Hwa as she touches her mother’s face & tells that she is being too cruel to Deok Man to take & asked So Hwa how can she do this to her. Deok Man tells that the whole world where else can she finds a person like So Hwa. Deok Man asked where in this world there are mothers who get to be dead twice & asked how can So Hwa do this to her as Deok Man cries for the lost of her mother & wails for her to wake up. Everybody around her sadden by Deok man’s lost. Kim Yu Shin tries to give Deok Man console but hesitates

Yeom Jong looking at the tragic scene from a distance & sighs as he tells Bi Dam that this is the fate & destiny that awaits people like them that they spend their lives serving someone…& in the ends this is how they will meet their end & sigh that this is life. Bi Dam look space out

Chil Sook stands in from of the memorial tablet of pass Hwa Rang at Hwa Sa Dang as Mi Shil comes as Chil Sook greet her as she asked what is Chil Sook doing here. Chil Sook mentioned the deceased Hwa Rang like Yi Hwa Rang, Mo Rang, Gwi San Rang…even Sadaham Rang, just like those names there is display on those tablets that he may be one day that his name may grace this hall in the form of a memorial tablet. Mi Shil asked if that what Chil Sook is wishing for. Chil Sook said isn’t that to be something for the person to aim to aspire & dreams of that makes life durable to live on. Mi Shil looks at Chil Sook as Chil Sook relay his story that he was 16 years old & was a taken slave prisoner of war at the Goguryeo prison camp where they were about to buried him alive when Mi Shil & her army came to liberate them & the camp & she rescue his life when he was on the brink of death & dug him out of the pits. From that day onwards he vow that his life be solely render to Mi Shil. Mi Shil asked therefore….Chil Sook continues after myriad of war & battles & he found almost to a dead fight with Moon Noh, the incident in the Taklamakan Desert…that he face death in that sandstorm. Mi Shil said that Chil Sook has many a time escape those conjunctures that venture almost in his death. Chil Sook claims that he first believe the thought that he was so lucky each time that he is now still alive. Mi Shil then asked however as Chil Sook continues that in truth he actually lost & miss his chances of opportunity to meet his death in each time as Chil Sook tells her that he will make sure that he wouldn’t miss his chance to do so the next time. Mi Shil asked him that is fine & he will as he wishes. Mi Shil leaves as Chil Sook greets her farewell. Mi Shil then leave but stop to asked a question why Chil Sook allows to let Wyol Ya go. Chil Sook replies that it is because there will be nobody left to take her body back. Mi Shil tells that he did well as Mi Shil know & choke with emotion that she has lost Chil Sook to So Hwa that So Hwa zap Chil Sook soul in her death to have taken Chil Sook feelings & that Mi Shil never has from Chil Sook, she has to competitor for Chil Sook’s feelings

Deok Man buries her mother as Joo Bang cries at So Hwa mounts as Deok Man standing beside it as he asked Deok Man that this can’t happened & what a life is that & how could a life ends so tragic as she serve in servitude with such loyalty & then to leave this world so tragically as Joo Bang has a premonition on So Hwa but if he was her, he would have run away from it all but for a person so weak & benevolence that she is for sure. Deok Man tells that her mother is not type of a person weak & benevolence as compare to Deok Man; she is far stronger than her that she always in all her life have been stronger than Deok Man, in the desert it was, in Silla it was too, for her sake & because of her, she has force So Hwa to become stronger. Deok Man firms up her determination. Bi Dam looks at a distance to see Deok Man having a private moment with her grief. Bi Dam wants to approach her but Kim Yu Shin stops him not to go near. Bi Dam is looking at a distance as she wept profusely behind a tree & he can’t bear to see her so hurt. Kim Yu Shin said that he too can’t bear to see her cry but Deok Man doesn’t want to show them that weak side of her. Kim Yu Shin said he can’t look Deok Man straight in the eyes. Bi Dam said don’t mentioned that that everybody will stake their live to escape to survive. Deok Man finished with her weeping then wipes her tears & gets up to see Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam at a distance

Yeom Jong tells that they should seek to find & transfer Princess Deok Man to a safer haven as this is the subject of their discussion. Wyol Ya said that it is indeed that Bo Gya Hoe’s mountain refuge has the fitting & the manpower to secure the area & provided a defense as it was create military seige as a concepts from the start for & it will be great location to make as a base for their plans as it is also an ideal logistics near Seorabeol

So Hwa’s death is like the mother passing her strength to her daughter Deok Man whom she raised

Deok Man: As of now….there will be none to harbour refuge in. I will not flee to seek harbour.

Kim Yu Shin asked what is Deok Man implying in her remark. Deok man will broadcast to everybody that she has survive the ordeal & will gather cumulate her support & she will not flee but will march courageously forward as Kim Chun Chu disagree & oppose. Mi Shil would have settle to establish her position within 3 days as time is now in their bestowed favour, the longer the exorbitant state of emergency & martial law persist & prolong in duration it will arouse suspicion on the mind of the people & the nobility. Deok Man asked what then. Kim Chun Chu said that even though Princess Deok Man seek to harboured herself for the time being; they still have the essence of time in their favour & soon the wave of tide will ours to ride

Wi Guk Ryeong – decree of the State of emergency

Kim Chun Chu asked Deok Man to await patiently for the opportunity. Deok Man asked her faction whether they concurs with the same thoughts. Deok Man agrees that Kim Chun Chu has stated is correct & precise in his analysis but however as she pause that this may incident that is about to happened if she waits or harbour herself & she feels that she may not able to bear to watch as the event passes by, with the grievance of impose from martial law that render suffering to the population of Silla. This frustration & disappointment for the people who loyally follow her that they now are facing the brink of death at Seorabeol for in which time & elsewhere had plunge to sacrifice their lives to protect her at all cost like those people sitting present with her, now in that she can’t no longer standby & watch to accept any of this to happened. Deok Man declare that she would neither flee or harbour herself

Kim Yu Shin has a private moment with Deok Man to say that she can’t proceed with it. Deok Man tells that what Mi Shil is not able to do, but they can do so, this is the greatest advantage & strength they possess. Mi Shil is in actual fact is more powerful than them but however this Mi Shil can’t never be split into 2 entity but they for sure will be able to split to 2 spheres & the reason they have Kim Chun Chu with them. Kim Chun Chu & her, they is the both of them. Kim Yu Shin said that Deok Man must not her let her emotion take control of her decision being so reckless & be patient that they can’t do that. Deok Man reiterate that she has mentioned that she no longer can accept what is happening. Kim Yu Shin as a Sovereign she can’t act in reckless manner. Deok Man said she must & will. Kim Yu Shin disagrees. Deok Man asked how many more lives…is needed that must be sacrificed for the sake to protect her & sent many to their death. Deok man said that they still have Kim Chun Chu & that is fortunate for them but Kim Yu Shin still think it is too dangerous a risk. Deok Man said that she has realise as she finally found this out today. Deok Man said that there is nothing in life in comparison that is more dangerous than survival itself towards Kim Yu Shin, her & for everybody else

Se Jong gets news that the Tang Dynasty emissary is coming & asked if this is true. Ha Jong confirm that it seem & has said that they have arrive at Dang Hang Fortress

Dan Hang Fortress is the present Hwa Seong, Gyeonggi Province

Ha Jong said that this is really depressing as they need to come at this moment to be a damper

Mi Saeng said that Tang Dynasty has united the whole of China. There founding is less than a decade old. This is their 1st emissary mission to their nation & the emissary will come here with great spur of enthusiasm of zest

Tang Dynasty founded in AD 618. So we will think now the drama it is a circa year of AD 628. Queen Seon Deok will reign from AD 632-647. The Tang Dynasty reigning Emperor is Tang Tai Zong

Se Jong said that this will be baneful predicament for Mi Shil to handle the affairs of the Tang emissary & in particularly at this period of time. Se Jong asked how are they going to go about the reception of the Tang emissary & have they gone to discuss the details of this matter to Mi Shil. Mi Saeng said that Mi Saeng said that as they all know as the facts that currently Mi Shil is preoccupied with the perplexity of the matter in regards to Princess Deok Man. Mi Saeng said that he dare not bring the subject up to her yet. Ha Jong sighs that the emissary will be in the palace ground by tomorrow. Ha Jong said whatever it is said, this matter has become somewhat nettlesome to handle. Se Jong in regards to the matter that Silla is now under state of emergency & martial law, they need to sincerely & honestly explain to Tang Emissary the reasons that speculate the action & hope for their understanding. Mi Saeng said that all they can do is only to acquiesce every request they make to their satisfaction. In this moment of time handling this matter comply passively & without utters of protest & disagreement is best solution in dealing with them

Deok Man with Kim Yu Shin tells him that according to Yeom Jong’s findings that the Tang emissary will arrive at the capital by tomorrow. Mi Shil will definitely receive the emissary mission & through her reception she portray & persuade that the state of emergency & martial law is justify & will show her authority that she will relay to the Tang emissary state of emergency as a temporary measure that. Deok Man said that it will be tomorrow & asked Kim Yu Shin to be prepared. Kim Yu Shin calls Deok Man as Deok Man asked what is it but Kim Yu Shin brush it off as nothing as he will make preparation as instructed. Kim Yu Shin about to leave when Deok Man calls him as Kim Yu Shin answer her. Deok Man asked if by any chance perhaps something were to happened to her, she will consign Kim Chun Chu’s care to Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin beg for forgiveness for his impertinence but he will pretend that the didn’t hear what Deok Man has just said as he trust that nothing is going to happened to Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin assures that he will not allow anything to happen to her. Kim Yu Shin leaves

Chil Sook informs Mi Shil that Baek Eui has received a letter from Deok Man, he trust that the rest of the Hwa Rang captains have also all receive the similar type of content in the letter sent. Seol Won Rang said that Deok Man might also use the same tactics to persuade the nobility with the same concepts to cumulate her support. If we let this persist then they will be some of the nobility start to shake & stir & will deflect to her favour in support. Chil Sook said that he has tries all sort of method & way in looking for her whereabouts everywhere but they still have no sight or any hint of her. Chil Sook asked what is she so deep in thought that it is giving her concern. Mi Shil said that Deok Man must not be brought to the capital under arrest alive She as the mastermind for the insurgency, she will resist the arrest & will meet in a bitter end as a result & dies courageously in her attempt as this is what the history will write about her

Mi Saeng & Ha Jong escorting the Tang emissary mission into Seorabeol. Then suddenly kite float above the sky as the kites attracted the public eyes as well as the Tang emissary, each other the kites old a load as they wonder what the attachment in the kites is then the kites simultaneously burst & drop its pamphlets load like rain as everyone picks up a dropping copy & reads. Mi Saeng & Ha Jong can’t do anything to stop it & gets a copy to have a read

Wow, using modern war tactics with airborne leaflet propaganda one of the function is to disseminate or counter disinformation, reduce enemy morale through propaganda & neutralize enemy propaganda.

Leaflet: To my fellow courageous & loyal Silla citizen, we need your assistance please voice your grievances & discontentment & to rescue his Majesty the King in Seorabeol. Gaeyang Proprietor Deok Man & Gaeyang Proprietor lineal descendant

Mi Saeng reads the pamphlet that to say Rescue… His Majesty then Mi Saeng turns around to finds that the Tang Emissary had obtain a copy of the pamphlet. Ha Jong is in panic. Hwa Rang captain reads the same pamphlet content “To my fellow courageous & loyal Silla citizen, we need your assistance please voice your grievances & discontentment & to rescue his Majesty the King in Seorabeol. Gaeyang Proprietor Deok Man & Gaeyang Proprietor lineal descent Chun Chu” as Deok Chung is reading it. Then they query on the “Rescue His Majesty”. Phil Dan asked what is suppose the meaning of “Rescue His Majesty”. Baek Eui asked whether it is suggesting that King Jinpyeong is somewhat confine under house arrest in Seorabeol. Ho Jae said that moreover Princess Deok Man has been arrested yet. Then the Hwa Rang captain asking for Ho Jae views on what is going to be next. Ho Jae said that Princess Deok Man is said to be accuse of staging an insurgency but however there is a lot of circumstantial evidences that suggest otherwise that they need to examine.

Seok Bum who is there defended what circumstantial evidences that suggest otherwise that they need to examine as it is true that Deok Man did stage an insurgency against the nation & this was skillful suppress by Mi Shil with success. Ho Jae said there are too many rumour that is speculating around therefore creating & throwing confusion over what is true. Im Jong adds that it is mentioned that Princess Deok Man has asked the people to “Rescue His Majesty” & isn’t it a sounding call & order for all Hwa Rang from her. Seok Bum reminds them not to utter such sensitive political speculation during martial law as being dangerous. Im Jong reminds Seok Bum that Princess Deok Man is the proprietor of Hwa Rang but Seok Bum debates that the proprietor has stage an insurgency against the state. Deok Chung said that this is still haven’t been verified or justify whether this is a true fact & it is too early to tell. Seok Bum tell that the rest of them are acting might suspiciously. Seok Bum asked whether they has forgotten what Mi Shil has done for them & is there anyone of them present who didn’t benefit from her benevolence. Deok Chung affirms that they all has receive Mi Shil’s benevolence but however the reason that they take her lead is that she has never once acted outside the boundary of righteousness & justice in virtue. Phil Dan concurs that it is correct as he said that the Hwa Rang will not follow her lead if it was for her personal impulse in her agenda. This is because Se Jong has done no wrong in which Mi Shil is fully aware of this principle than anyone here. Seok Bum knows that Hwa Rang are doubting Mi Shil

One of the Daedeung Sueulbu is reading Deok Man’s pamphlet but hides it away as Lord Jujin comes in but Lord Jujin asked whether he has seen the pamphlet. Sueulbu asked whether if it is this letter & brings it out. Sueulbu can guess that the matter has come to this stage he wonder if Mi Shil must be really be so stressful as Lord Jujin adds that not to mention that the fact it has happened in public & also landed right in front of the Tang Emissary that enter the capital, it like killed 2 bird in one stone & the news will spread like rapid wild fire. Sueulbu said that the palace has already brewing by the spread of the news & stir up chaos. Sueulbu believe that they can’t explain this incident fully & clearly but then after gradually the nobility will start to query & the number wouldn’t be small. Lord Jujin asked what Sueulbu is going to reply to the nobility. Sueulbu clearly tell them that they are under state of emergency & advice them that they need to be cautious. Lord Jujin said that it should be so & laughs & excuse himself after getting a favourable answer from Sueulbu

Mi Shil crushes Deok Man’s pamphlet & asked how far extent these leaflet was being circulated. Mi Saeng replies that as the tang emissary was entering the capital it burst from the sky with a “ppong” & fall into them, although they tries to collect back as much as they can by using the soldiers at once, but it is for certain that the rumours has spread far & wide to all the corner of the nation. Mi Shil asked whether the emissary read the pamphlet. Mi Saeng said that not only they has seen & read it but they even has heard the version of the whisper & mutter from the people. Mi Saeng said that they has explained clearly that the state of emergency & the declaration of martial law was done on the reason that Princess Deok Man has stage an insurgency but then this pamphlet has fallen right on their laps as Mi Saeng said that Mi Shil can’t believe how bewildered everyone were

Mi Shil asked where are the emissary now as Mi Saeng said they are residing at Jo Won Jeon. Mi Saeng asked whether Mi Shil will go & see & receive them. Mi Shil affirms that she will need to. Then as they leave Mi Saeng reminds her sister that at current state of Silla political environment is in utter tumult & highly strung with disorders & agitation in the courts. Mi Shil asked what them. Mi Saeng asked Mi Shil to submit to whatever the Tang emissary request to get this over it as soon as possible & have their satisfaction. Whatever they have lost, they will profit it back later & asked for his sister understanding

Jo Won Jeon is the chamber that houses visiting envoys & distinguished guest

Let us go. We must…

Mi Saeng conduct his conversation in Mandarin introducing Mi Shil as the nation keeper of seal & now current hold the position of Military Governor in this state of emergency. The Tang emissary said that Mi Shil is famously know even in China & it is a honour to finally meet her. Mi Saeng translate for Mi Shil, as Mi Shil replies that she is worried that her humble background may tarnish Silla nation good name. The Tang Emissary said that Mi Shil is too polite. Mi Shil tells that the Tang emissary had come to Silla in afar journey that is long & hard & invites them in for them to discuss this further

The Tang emissary & Mi Shil having a private discussion as Mi Saeng is surprise as Mi Saeng asked that to excuse him for being rude & to asked the Tang emissary to repeat what he has just said. Tang emissary tells that it is 1,000 guan of gold

Guan is Tang dynasty currency worth 100 nyang per guan

Mi Saeng translate to Mi Shil of what the Tang emissary asked from them as 1,000 guan in gold. Tang emissary said that the Tang Dynasty Emperor will take this amount as a token of the long & friendly relationship between Tang & Gyerim. Mi Shil asked if they were to render this 1,000 guan of gold what will Tang Dynasty render to them in return to engage to have a long & friendly relationship. The Tang emissary said that the Great Tang Dynasty will give them fraternal unity. Mi Saeng whisper to asked Mi Shil to give her consent without any protest as now the most important matter is to solve this as soon as possible as a wise move. Mi Saeng tells that 1,000 guan of gold surpasses even that national production output in their country. Mi Shil concurs that she regrets to admit that the amount is impracticable. Mi Saeng reminds her sister stand down. The Tang emissary said that on their journey here, they saw something that arouses their interest & curiousity. The Tang emissary produce one of Deok Man’s pamphlet as Mi Saeng is shock & tries to pacify the situation that Sill is unfortunate to have such bothersome predicaments but Mi Saeng said that this is a domestic affairs of their country. The Tang Emissary concurs that this is Silla domestic affairs, but don’t they think that they may require the assistance from their fraternal country to qualms this bothersome. We will not disguise & hide the truth from them is that Tang Dynasty has express great interest in the current Silla domestic affairs. Mi Saeng asked Mi Shil to accede to their request & get this over with

Mi Shil to pardon her being direct that she is aware that the Tang emissary is proficient in the Silla language unlike your esteemed colleague that is next to him. Mi Shil is aware that in diplomatic discussion that envoy need to conduct in their native language during these discussion & against rule of diplomatic discussion but then Mi Shil will like to do a transaction with the Tang emissary in private & asked will he permit to do so. Mi Saeng asked what is his sister trying to get at. The Tang emissary revert to Silla language & asked that Mi Shil will like to discuss the matter in private with him. The Tang emissary whisper to his colleagues & the colleagues leaves with the interpreter . Mi Saeng also had to leave the table but worry that his sister will be rash

The Tang emissary & Mi Shil glare at each other as Mi Saeng leaves asked what is there to do….Mi Saeng notice Mi Shil’s glances in her gaze. Then Tang emissary query what the pamphlet has said in its content that the King Jinpyeong is under house arrest & Princess Deok Man is falsely being frame for treason & asked if this is true. Mi Shil asked if she were to admit that it is true. Tang emissary is that suggest that it is called usurpation. Mi Shil then question that isn’t it so or not that the Tang Dynasty emperors also ascend the dragon throne in an usurpation

Let me give you a brief of Chinese history during this period where the reign of Emperor Aui Yang Di of the Sui Dynasty (AD581-618), there when numerous peasant rebellions shook the foundations of the Sui empire. Sui Yang Di also venture war campaign with Goguryeo from AD 598-614 known as the Goguryeo-Sui Wars that eventually spell the defeat & the end of the Sui Dynasty & also makes Goguryeo venerable military in which this conflict was carry on later Tang Dynasty. Li Yuan the founder of Tang Dynasty Emperor Tang Gao Zu was installed as appeasing commissioner of the north western region and as temporary regent of Taiyuan to prevent the Turks (Tujue) from intruding onto Chinese soil, and in order to put down the rebellions. In 617 he staged an revolt himself, supported by Pei Ji, Liu Wenjing & his sons Li Jian Cheng & Li Shi Min. In absence of the Sui emperor who was busy somewhere else, the rebels took the capital Chang’an (now the modern day Xi’an), deposed Emperor Yang Di and installed the Prince of Dai, Yang You, as the new emperor (later gave a posthumous title Sui Gong Di). Shortly later, Sui Yang Di was killed, and Li Yuan (posthumous title Tang Gao Zu) founded his Dynasty to be known as Tang Dynasty in the ended the Sui Dynasty. The first task of the new founded dynasty was to put down the rebellions, first that of Xue Ju in the northwest, then the northeast, the Gansu corridor & the usurpers Dou Jian De & Wang Shi Chong in the Yellow River plain, then Du Fu Wei in the River Huai area. Then by AD 625 most of the territory of China was occupied by the Tang Dynasty. Only one year later Li Shi Min charged a plot against the crown prince, killed his brothers and forced his own father abdicate in his favour to resume the throne. In AD 628 Li Shi Min proclaimed himself emperor (posthumous title Tang Tai Zong). This is also an important to factor that contribute to the unification of the 3 kingdom under Unified Silla were due to these external factors & Silla was just the smarter or the luckier ones to reaps up be prize. So this is true that Tang Dynasty was founded on an usurpation that they killed Emperor Sui Yang Di for the throne. Although Sui Yang Di was notorious but he gave China the greatest water canal system know as the Gran Canal

The Tang emissary was upset on Mi Shil being so direct & rude. Mi Shil said on the perspective of The Sui Imperial family of Yang will clearly state that the Tang Dynasty emperors did indeed usurpation on their throne. Then Tang Emissary asked therefore that Mi Shil suggest that the Tang Dynasty seize the mandate of heaven from The Sui Imperial family of Yang. Mi Shil argues & debates that the whether or not that their emperor able to rule his dynasty will be decided by the Emperor’s personal conduct of being righteousness. So Mi Shil tells that she still doesn’t her road to the future will unfolds in what manner as of yet. The Tang emissary asked how can a mere tart from northern frontier state dare to discuss upon Tang Dynasty mandate of heaven or their grand ambition & does Mi Shil even know what kind of contemptible slander that she is uttering from the mouth of hers. Mi Shil is just a wench that doesn’t to be on par to discuss such matter to him.

Mi Shil tells that Tang emissary is not qualify to discuss or to debate such matter with her. If they need to discuss such matter with her , the least that it qualify to discuss this will be that he has to bring Li Shi Min who will be most appropriate to personally come to the table of discussion

Li Shi Min is Tang Tai Zong, 2nd Emperor of Tang Dynasty reign AD 626-649

Tang Emissary is upset over Mi Shil insolence suggestion. The Tang emissary threaten that does she wish to see the Tang Army trample Gyerim to make her come to her sense. Mi Shil asked whether the Tang emissary came to Gyerim as an envoy is to threaten military invasion then Mi Shil will treat this discussion on the implication to declare war on each other & the Tang emissary must be fully aware that when a country is being issue the declaration of war, it general reaction is 1st to slaughter Tang emissary of the foe country & then behead his head for his colleagues to sent back to its country as trophy, how would that be as she has just stated. Tang emissary was taken aback from Mi Shil’s threat. The Tang emissary laughs that he will convey to his Emperor that it the far Eastern sea where Gyerim lies; there is an outstanding female that her country is worthy of Tang’s fraternal unity & long lasting friendship & relationship as ally of Tang Dynasty. Tang emissary leaves & apologise if his words were shrewd & had offended Mi Shil in anyway, he asked for Mi Shil’s forgiveness. Mi Shil thanked the emissary with her gratitude

Mi Saeng has over heard of the debate with Mi Shil & the Tang emissary at the corridor & praise her sister of her excellent negotiation skill. The Deok Man under disguise as one of the guards called out to Mi Shil but she doesn’t hear her as Mi Saeng said that she can’t know how anxious he was when during her parley with the emissary. Deok Man calls out to Mi Shil as Mi Shil doesn’t hear Deok Man calling as she tells her brother what is there to be so jubilant about until now Deok Man has yet to be found 7 asked MI Saeng to summon Seol Won Rang to see her. Mi Saeng acknowledge. Deok Man pushes a potted plant to attract Mi Shil attention as the pot smashes to the floor & Deok Man shouts calling Mi Shil. Mi Saeng asked what is the commotion about as the guards draw their sword as Deok Man steps out to reveal herself to Mi Shil

Deok Man….with the smirk in her smile to suggest “Ta Dah, it is I, Deok Man” right at Mi Shil’s doorstep with the Tang emissary present to witness it. Mi Saeng is shock at Deok Man appearance so are the other Daedeungs present just as shock. Deok Man throw down her arms to surrender. Deok Man smiles in a self satisfied manner at a shock Mi Shil over her presence.

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