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Episode 55 & 56 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 55 & 56/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 55 & 56

Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of OST The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕) - 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 Wind Flower


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Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 55

Jong comes in to say that Ministry of Audit has arrest Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok asked what is he trying to just say there. Bo Jong inform that Kim Yu Shin was seen in the border of Baekje, so we arrest him on suspicious for spying. Queen Seon Deok is upset on labelling Kim Yu Shin for spying & what the hell is Bo Jong speaking in utterances

Kim Yong Chun queries that how can Kim Yu Shin be alleged to be in Baekje borders. Bo Jong said that Ministry of Audit was while doing a reconnaissance mission in Baekje border for information gathering then west Bi Sa plains they arrested Kim Yu Shin & brought him back to Seorabeol Ministry of Audit. Lord Jujin asked isn’t Kim Yu Shin being exile to Wu San Guk & asked what is happening here. Lord Sueulbu said that if this conformed to be true then resist Queen Seon Deok’s decree & absconded. Lord Jujin concurs that Kim Yu Shin has infiltrated & trespass into Baekje borders that will already lace suspicion that he is a spy, how this be not said.

Ga Ja is a spy or mole. Mole is a spy who operates from within an organization, especially a double agent operating against his or her own government from within its intelligence establishment

Kim Seo Hyeon defends his son in front of Queen Seon Deok that this isn’t possible. In the midst of this, there must be some misunderstanding. Lord Sueulbu said that Kim Yu Shin as the Supreme Commander absconded from his exile & trespass into Baekje border; this is certainly rises up undeniable suspicion of magnitude proportion. Lord Jujin said that this is seen as a treacherous offense for Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok cuts them abrupt to said that Kim Yu Shin was acting on her secret decree & it is her who send Kim Yu Shin to do the covet mission. The court is surprise that it was imperial order. Queen Seon Deok was the person who permitted Kim Yu Shin to go to Baekje on her orders & he is just following & expediting her imperial orders. Queen Seon Deok has always one step ahead of her court, this is why she is wise & cautious

Bi Dam surprise about Daeya fortress when Kim Yu Shin tells that Daeya fortress in now in dire risk of danger & they will be met with a siege offensive. Bi Dam said that Daeya fortress has also met with sieges numerous of time before in the past & it was never be overtaken even once. Bi Dam asked whether it was this intelligence gathering that Kim Yu Shin trespass Baekje borders. Bi Dam said that will he believe in Kim Yu Shin’s make up excuses & story. Kim Yu Shin emphasis that there is a mole in Daeya fortress & he will open the fortress gate. Bi Dam queries on a mole. Kim Yu Shin said that this mole is one of the soldier that is in charge of the defensive gates & it goes by the name of ‘Heuk” that person is…Bi Dam finished the sentence that he is the Baekje’s mole. Kim Yu Shin affirms it & tell Bi Dam there is no time to waste on petty issue, they need to hasten to find that mole before it is too late & increase the military. Bi Dam stop Kim Yu Shin to tell Kim Yu Shin that now he should put concern in to his own personal safety than the security of Daeya fortress but your life & survival. Bi dam said that he has absconded from his exile & trespass to into Baekje border, is this consider a charge in high treason

Yeom Jong comes calling on Bi Dam. Bi Dam asked what is the matter. Yeom Jong comes to whisper into Bi dam’s ear & Bi Dam express shock that it was Queen Seon Deok’s secret imperial decree. Mi Saeng gets the words that it was Queen Seon Deok’s secret imperial decree. Bo Jong affirms that Queen Seon Deok has issue secret imperial decree to Kim Yu Shin for him to do intelligence gathering in Baekje. Ha Jong said how can she send a person who has been exile to go for a covet mission of intelligence gathering, does this make any sense, if it is so, why exile Kim Yu Shin in the 1st place. Seol Won Rang said that Queen Seon Deok has admitted to has issue the secret imperial decree in front of her court therefore the charge of spying on Kim Yu Shin wouldn’t able to hold ground & that they will never able to argue over the matter. Mi Saeng asked how can the tables change on them so quickly. Ha Jong asked whether perhaps that Queen Seon Deok has all this while had been providing Kim Yu Shin her protection that she has done this intentionally. Bo Jong adds that in Baekje, Wyol & Seo ji were seen together with Kim Yu Shin. Mi Saeng said why didn’t Bo Jong bring this matter up. Ha Jong said that what with secret decree it is without doubt a clear cut charge of high treason. Seol Won rang agrees that Kim Yu Shin went to Baekje on a covet mission order by Queen Seon Deok but the decree didn’t cover the fact that Kim Yu Shin has engage the support of Wyol Ya. Bo Jong tells that Bi Dam didn’t permit him to report this to Queen Seon Deok. Ha Jong asked why as Bo Jong doesn’t know what the reason behinds his decision. Mi Saeng said if this matter were to have slip out that Queen Seon Deok would have entered into some risk on herself as Mi Saeng queries why

Kim Seo Hyeon giving a brief about the geography of Daeya fortress to Queen Seon Deok that they has built camp surrounding Daeya Fortress & in addition both at both at Gahye Fortress & Ji Bum Cheon county & deploy reinforcements troop to Mitasan Fortress in Cheon Ju.

Gahye Seong is formerly Jecheon in Chungcheong Province

Ji Bum Cheon is formerly Sancheong-gun Gyeongsangnamdo

Kim Seo Hyeon said that they are doing the deployment as swift possible to be ready for war. Queen Seon Deok said that according to Kim Yu Shin intelligence that the attack will be engage in 3 days but it will not prolong to the day the latest to launch the offensive, they need to hasten this swiftly. Kim Seo Hyeon acknowledge as Queen Seon Deok orders that they must finds the mole in Daeya fortress that his name goes by “Heuk”. Kim Chun Chu said that he has asked Im Jong to follow up on the matter & he will depart for the fortress soon. Queen Seon Deok asked Kim Yong Chun where is Bi Dam. Kim Yong Chun informs that Bi Dam is having a discuss with Kim Yu shin on the enemy logistics & plans

Kim Yu Shin writes the details as Bi Dam reads them that Yoon Chung talked of swift & offensive onslaught & the observation to their reserve & supplies only suggest that they has a ration of 3 days. Bi Dam then asked therefore they will laid siege to Daeya fortress in 3 days & asked if this is true as Kim Yu Shin confirms & a person who name begins with ‘Heuk” will be responsible to open the gates for them. Bi Dam said that once again Kim Yu Shin has gain another meritorious service. If it wasn’t for Kim Yu Shin went to serve his exile then they wouldn’t has got such a crucial intelligence but then if only what you claim is true, Kim Yu Shin said that they are correct. Bi Dam said that if what Kim Yu Shin said is true then this will redeem Kim Yu Shin as he has once again save this nation from risk. Bi Dam will work on this quickly to verify Kim Yu Shin’s claims are of truth that this will able to reimburse your freedom as for the moment this may bring some discomfort but he hopes that Kim Yu Shin will able to endure until then. Bi Dam leaves & at the corridors Bi Dam sees Kim Chun Chu handing an imperial decree to Im Jong & tells him that all he know is that the person run by the name “Heuk” & instructs Im Jong to meet with the fort commander of Daeya fortress & adhere to Queen Seon Deok’s instruction & that they must look for him discreetly without arousing any suspicion. Im Jong acknowledge Kim Chun Chu as Nae Sang Sa Shin’s instruction & depart for the fortress at once

Nae Sang the internal department or the Privy Council was responsible for the general administration of the country. Who was on the Council depended on who Queen Seon Deok wanted on it as you may see who she has her trust. Queen Seon Deok had to make sure that the most powerful men in her country had theirs & hers interests represented. If she did not, they could rebel against her. The Privy Council were involved in an array of governmental areas, including religion, military matters, the Queen’s security, economics, and the welfare of the people. They could be called on to deal with matters of national interest, and also, surprisingly, very mundane issues that effected individuals rather than the country. The Council issued decrees & proclamations in the Queen’s name, and supervised the enforcement of statutes. One of the Privy Council’s principal roles was to advise Queen Seon Deok when she needed advice but not necessary taken by her. The individual in the Privy Council did not always agree on matters, however, Queen Seon Deok would have to listen to all sides of the argument, & then make up her own mind what to do. This increased her power to a degree, as it meant that she was never faced with a united Privy Council since it is an absolute monarchy system. The Privy Council also overseeing the preservation of law and order, defending the realm against plots, and general security

Kim Chun Chu turns around to see Bi Dam at the corridors. Kim Seo Hyeon with the army as he orders them that the next morning they will be deploy to Daeya fortress, the Commandants must work coexist with the Hwa Rang corps & thoroughly prepare for this deployment. The army acknowledge. Queen Seon Deok tells that army that according to Kim Yu Shin’s intelligence gathering, Yoon Chung of Baekje has 20,000 troop under his command & a mole that is working & in contact for them at Daeya fortress. Queen Seon Deok said that they must search for this mole & terminate him to defeat the enemy’s arrogance & boost their own morale. A Baekje army that only have 3 days reserve will be venerable to be isolated. Queen Seon Deok commands that they must eliminate the Baekje’s threats & protect Daeya fortress. The army acknowledge Queen Seon Deok’s orders

Bi Dam goes to see Queen Seon Deok about Kim Yu Shin as Bi Dam queries that Kim Yu Shin is a person send to be exile & how can she render Kim Yu Shin such an important task to do a covet mission & issue her secret imperial decree to him. Queen Seon Deok said that it is indeed an important task, it is an important task for the nation that is why she entrust Kim Yu Shin to expedite this mission for she is has the most trust for Kim Yu Shin to able to do so. Bi Dam said that he is charge with a crime. Queen Seon Deok said that to utilise a capable criminal & to allow him to atone his crimes for the merit to his country, it is a righteous & justice principle. Bi Dam asked Queen Seon Deok why she has render so much trust in Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok question why Bi Dam has so little faith in capabilities. Bi Dam said that if she wanted him to trust people then she wouldn’t have establish the Ministry of Audit. Queen Seon Deok said that she is not referring to Kim Yu Shin but herself that Bi Dam must trust. Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam that he doesn’t have any confidence in her & asked him that he thinks that it is because of personal reason that Queen Seon Deok I have misjudge Kim Yu Shin

Bi Dam said to himself that the person she has confidence has meet up with Wyol Ya & Seo Ji as Queen Seon Deok queries that is that what he is thinking. Bi Dam said in regards to that last question, Bi Dam will revert his answer at a later date & time. Bi Dam leaves but turns around. Ha Jong queries that why BI dam has to withhold this fact from Queen Seon Deok. Seol Won Rang agrees with Ha Jong that a person who is send to exile & absconded from his confines then trespasses to Baekje borders & meet up with the leader of Bo Gya Hoe, this can be brush as just simple & trivial matter. Mi Saeng concurs that Queen Seon Deok can’t able to ignore this & to kept this in the dark, she must be held responsible but then why as Seol Won Rang asked his son whether he truly has witness it. Bo Jong confirms it that it was definitely Wyol Ya & Seo Ji in Baekje. Bi Dam said that he is just waiting for the right moment. Ha Jong question about the right moment. BI Dam wants to wait whether Kim Yu Shin’s intelligence gathering is good enough to bring this nation out of perilous danger. If he were to bring this motion up then his achievement would have cancelled out crimes that he been charged with the effect that it will erase his offenses. Therefore Bi Dam is waiting for the right timing to strike

Bo Gya Hoe is training with their cross bow formation with target practice. Seo Ji looks at the target board & finds that it makes a differences by using Gwoljangno

Gwoljangno or Cho Ku Nu or the Karil’s crossbow is a rapid fire crossbow that

The Commander of the crossbow garrison said that these new crossbows do indeed make a difference & their accuracy is define & take a look at the arrow they shoot have the penetration rate of 5 chon that the normal arrow in a target board but in the condition of battle they might has the shooting range of over 200 paces

Chon (尺) is Chinese measurement of length ‘Chi”. It is about 37.15cm to a chon

Bo (步) is paces & equivalent to 1 2/3 m

Seo Ji said that this is fine that when Gaya was defeated, we have finally able to regain their lost arsenal of the crossbow technology of Gwoljangno. Wyol Ya disturb on what Kim Yu Shin has said to him in the cave. Kim Yu Shin tells that their duty as Gaya’s royal descendants…that we must do is to is to make certain that the remaining Gaya descent doesn’t suffer people oppression & prejudice & there is a future for their descendants & don’t let the Gaya Kim clan to vanished in extinction therefore the unification of that the Gaya descent must offer their contribution to that aspiration & be the forerunner of it & their existence will forever be bind into Silla history

Seo Ji comes in to tell that their Gwoljangno has been a success & finds Wyol Ya trouble as Seo Ji asked that they should just forget about Kim Yu Shin as they don’t have the same agenda. Seo Ji asked Wyol Ya to go back to square one, all we need to regain our fighting morale & we can achieve success. Wyol Ya asked Seo ji whether this is right or wrong that if they continues with this fight. Seo Ji reminds that the Gaya has suffer oppression for 80 years, it was only this few years that it change for the better all of the sudden, how can they have faith in Silla that it will sustained. Wyol Ya said that in honest truth, for the Gaya descent they just needn’t suffer oppression, it doesn’t matter whether they are Silla subject or Gay subject, it doesn’t make the difference for them. Seo Ji asked Wyol Ya not to lose heart & weaken his spirit

Kim Yu Shin tells Al Cheon that Wyol Ya & Seo Ji was with him in Baekje & that when he escape from Yoon Chung’s army camp, they has help Kim Yu Shin to block the Baekje’s army. Al Cheon said that it looks like that they have been monitoring Kim Yu Shin’s whereabouts. Al Cheon realise wouldn’t it be perhaps that Bo Jong has also witness that he has seen them. If he did, it will spell trouble & should this be expose…. Kim Yu Shin is more concern with the situation in Daeya fortress & if there is any news from there. Im Jong & his men riding as they return from Daeya fortress. Kim Seo Hyeon & his army marching to battle from Seorabeol. Im Jong reaches the palace then inform that there is any person by that name as Im Jong confirms but there is a person with the surname “Heuk” but met his demise a few months ago. Queen Seon Deok is shocked

Ha Jong is also surprise that there is no such person. Seol Won Rang asked are they certain that there is no such person. Ha Jong asked whether Kim Yu Shin has lied about the matter. Yeom Jong said that he doesn’t have knowledge of the fact but the army has been mobilise because it was base on Kim Yu Shin’s intelligence gathering but he has stir confusion & created chaos in the military, this is a offense that wouldn’t see him being pardon. Mi Saeng agrees moreover not to mentioned that he is a person sent to exile who was order by secret imperial decree to expedite this mission of intelligence gathering but the question is that it is only to give falsify information to the military. Seol Won Rang asked whether this is the right moment that they have been waiting for. Bi Dam agrees that the right moment that he has been waiting came faster than he has imagine

Guk San Heung & Yang Gil tells Kim Yu Shin that the person with name “Heuk” is already dead as Kim Yu Shin queries that there is anyone else with that name. Guk San Heun confirms that there isn’t any & they has carefully verified. Yang Gil said no matter whom, the soldiers & the ranking officer they have check thorough for that name list & register & finds no one. Guk San Hein said that everybody has consider that Kim Yu Shin has given falsified information & not giving their attention to Daeya fortress. Kim Yu Shin said that they must not. Kim Yu Shin is curtained that Daeya fortress will be laid siege for an offensive onslaught. Yang Gil said that Kim Seo Hyeon has already received orders to withdraw his troops

Queen Seon Deok in court as the Ministers calls that Kim Yu Shin has given falsified information that it is a severe offense. Lord Jujin said that the military have stir up in chaos by Kim Yu Shin’s information & the offense is not to be taken lightly that he is a person send to exile. Mi Saeng said that Queen Seon Deok render her benevolence to an exiled criminal & given such a crucial mission of importance to him but however in repayment for his gratitude that he tramples on that benevolence by giving falsified that information where in this world will tolerate someone who has done treachery of limitless proportion. Kim Yong Chun said that Kim Yu Shin has made a wrong assumption & has created a stir in the military however it is just a human error & he doesn’t have malice intention & asked for Queen Seon Deok consideration

Bi Dam comes to court & agrees with the matter that Kim Yu Shin didn’t intentionally did on malice with falsified information but however permit him to speak & reports that when Kim Yu Shin was apprehended by Bo Jong in edge of Baekje border, before that Kim Yu Shin was seen in the company of Wyol Ya & Seo Ji. Queen Seon Deok is surprise & she has to think quick. Lord Jujin asked whether the matter is true & calls to Queen Seon Deok that this is unacceptable that Kim Yu Shin absconded from his exile & is seen in contact with Bo Gya Hoe underground resistance organisation. Lord Sueulbu said if this is true that it means that Kim Yu Shin is league with Bo Gya Hoe all along & demands that Kim Yu Shin be executed for his wrongdoing in order to pacify this nation. Lord Jujin concurs that receiving Queen Seon Deok secret imperial decree is just a blanket excuse for him to contact Bo Gya Hoe that this can’t be forgiven & asked Kim Yu Shin be executed as the other Ministers chorus that Kim Yu Shin be executed & asked for her consideration. Queen Seon Deok is push to a corner then she recalls that Bi Dam has delay to answer her queries to a later date then he realise that this was Bi Dam’s answer to her question. Bi Dam tells her this is his answer

Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam that did he really found out about this matter recently or has he already knew from the beginning that Kim Yu Shin has contacts with Wyol Ya. Bi Dam said how could he has dare to lied this to Queen Seon Deok that he affirms that he knew this all along. Queen Seon Deok is upset that he knew & why he withheld it & only just said it. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin’s intelligence is important for them, if he was to reveal this then, this will have been totally been ignore & render fruitless this is why he waited to verify his claims to be true or false then to report this to you. Queen Seon Deok asked whether Bi Dam is now playing words games with her that he is waiting for the right moment to push Kim Yu Shin to a corner & reacted on it. Bi dam said Bo Gya Hoe is an obstacle for Silla’s aspiration, therefore there is no necessary Queen Seon Deok to give defense to Gaya. Queen Seon Deok asked therefore as Bi Dam continues that however Kim Yu Shin will definitely ever going to forsake Gaya, as Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam to continues as Bi Dam tells that Queen Seon Deok only option open & left that she will have to be the person to forsake Kim Yu Shin that Bi Dam has earnestly request to forsake Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam force Queen Seon Deok to deal her deck

Princess Man Myeong goes to see her son & asked what can they suppose to do now. There are people sending in petition to request that Kim Yu Shin to be executed. Kim Yu Shin asked whether they is any oddity movement from Daeya fortress. Princess Man Myeong tell her son that this is not the time to be discuss on other matter but the concern about him. Kim Yu shin said that Daeya fortress is why matter now although he doesn’t know what has gone wrong with the intelligence but he is certain that they will definitely be an attack & the declaration of war. Princess Man Myeong asked whether Daeya fortress will be besieged & overtaken. Kim Yu Shin confirms as they didn’t make the necessary arrangement to fortified for the anticipation of the siege that Daeya fortress will fall

Queen Seon Deok with a migraine as Kim Chun Chu comes to seek audience. Kim Chun Chu comes in & greets Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok asked whether he came here to persuade her to forsake Kim Yu Shin like the general consensus. Kim Chun Chu said he did not. Queen Seon Deok asked then that she shouldn’t forsake him. Kim Chun Chu gives a negative answer as Queen Seon Deok asked what is it then. Kim Chun Chu said that she can’t forsake Gaya like that. Queen Seon Deok is surprise at Kim Chun Chu’s answer. Kim Chun Chu asked whether it is necessary for Kim Yu Shin to divorce from Gaya & there is a alternative method to it to solve this. Queen Seon Deok said that she has render her benevolence to the Gaya descents but they failed to trust that their future in Silla & giving underground support for Wyol Ya’s Bo Gya Hoe. Queen Seon Deok asked what else must she do to have good terms with them & asked Kim Chun Chu whether they is an answer to the solution. Kim Chun Chu smiles most cunningly as Queen Seon Deok said that Kim Chun Chu indeed have an answer. Kim Chun Chu confirms that there is & the answer is none other than him, Kim Chun Chu. Queen Seon Deok smiles

Kim Yu shin making charcoal drawing of Daeya fortress & recalling in the activities in Baekje camps as he listed the pointer Gae Mun Heuk then recall Gyebaek tell that it will be a swift & offensive onslaught that it will be the end. Kim Yu Shin has to think very hard. Queen Seon Deok in her balcony contemplating that what Kim Chun Chu has proposal has a real possibility of making it worked. Bi Dam seek her audience. Bi Dam asked what Queen Seon Deok’s decision to managed Kim Yu Shin’s matter. Queen Seon Deok asked whether it is that that brought him here that draws his curiosity over her decision. Bi Dam said that if Queen Seon Deok don’t forsake Kim Yu Shin….Queen Seon Deok said if she can’t forsake then he will continues to protect Kim Yu Shin but then the petition to request for Kim Yu Shin’s execution will be increasing before her while the Hwa Rang & the army will start to pester her audience with their petition. Bi Dam said that he shall do all he can to quell their petition, she just need to give her nod of consent that he will able to spare Kim Yu Shin’s life

Queen Seon Deok asked for Kim Yu Shin’s life, would the term be involve of a marital ties. Bi Dam is surprise that Queen Seon Deok has made a correct guess. Queen Seon Deok asked whether this is the value of Kim Yu Shin’s life that to be paid with their marital ties to be that expensive. Queen Seon Deok said that Bo Dam know that it doesn’t not have that value, doesn’t he wish for that. Bi Dam stutter to affirm it that it is what he wishes but he said he has never place a value to barter his devotion to Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok brushes that devotion is such a without a worry & pleasant prattle. Bi Dam asked Queen Seon Deok to give her consent if she wants Bi Dam to spare Kim Yu Shin’s life

I will spare his life that he will do so for her sake. Bi Dam looks like a sick puppy asking Queen Seon Deok to consent but Queen Seon Deok bluntly tell him that she will not give consent to that order or request & he is dismiss. This must be a hurtful rejection to Bi Dam where else Queen Seon Deok has to think like a sovereign without any sentiments to come to play

Bi Dam goes to Kim Yu Shin & step on his drawing then take a sit to tell him that the petition are piling in asking for his execution like arrow flying pass but then Kim Yu Shin is here sitting & uttering prattle of Daeya fortress is going to overtaken & besiege. Bi Dam asked Kim Yu Shin that because of him, that it has give so much stress & difficulty to Queen Seon Deok.

Kim Yu Shin also giving Bi Dam a migraine

Kim Yu Shin tells that Bi Dam is quick witted & intelligent than him, but why Bi Dam can’t read the situation clearly & brush this lightly. Kim Yu Shin said that it will happened today, before this day is over that something will befall in Daeya Fortress. Bi Dam asked Kim Yu Shin to stop his prattles. Kim Yu Shin said that the attention now is not for his safety but the security of this country & yours. If Daeya fortress is seize then the responsibility lies to the Auditor General who never acted upon the intelligence that Kim Yu Shin has convey & stood aside. Bi Dam asked whether Kim Yu Shin can convince him with all those charades. Kim Yu Shin asked Bi Dam, what his mother would have done in this situation. Bi Dam upset that he is not permit to bring up his mother’s name. Kim Yu shin said that if Bi Dam possess half of what Mi Shil’s intelligence & insight then just look through Kim Yu Shin & tell him that does he look like he has fears & doesn’t he looks like a person that conjures charades. Kim Yu Shin said that he doesn’t know why there is no spy by the name of ‘Heuk” & it is driving him mad but however, Daeya fortress will be attack tonight. Kim Yu Shin relay an idiom of Busy hunting the deer but doesn’t see Mt Taishan. Kim Yu shin asked him to see Mt Taishan, that he is able to see that picture clearly

Busy hunting the deer but doesn’t see Mt Taishan is the meaning obsess with petty matter but lose sight of the main picture. Mt Taishan is one of the 5 sacred mountains in China

Bi Dam leaves & tell himself that Kim Yu Shin is not a person to be playing charades & what Kim Yu shin has said & it truly happens as he ponder when Yeom Jong calls on Bi Dam. Yeom Jong said that Kim Yu Shin is now digging his own grave, the tides are changing against him, he is just diverting his attention to somewhere else & anyhow it came out as Bi Dam has perceived & once Kim Yu Shin is fully being dealt with…Bi Dam stops Yeom Jong then asked Yeom Jong a question if should Daeya fortress were to overtaken & seize. Yeom Jong said that how can that happened. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jing to bring him all the reports of their records of their investigation to the personnel station in Daeya fortress to bring to him at once. It catches Yeom Jong by surprise but BI Dam stare at Yeom Jing that he means business as Yeom Jong acknowledge

Seol Won Rang greets Queen Seon Deok & tells her that her face is filled with anxiety. Queen Seon Deok asked that Seol Won Rang has bountiful experience of many campaign of battle & wars therefore Seol Won Rang posses an sensitive instinct that ordinary person might not have in them. If the gut feeling that a war might be in the midst, it will bring a sweltering suspicion & uneasiness. Seol Won Rang said that it been confirm to be false & yet she trust Kim Yu Shin’s intelligence gathering. Seol Won Rang said that Kim Yu Shin is indeed that kind of man, no matter what he venture where or what that he always has done it for Queen Seon Deok therefore the person that Queen Seok Deok is anxious is not Kim Yu Shin. Seol Won Rang said that Queen Seon Deok must have recall what she has warn him prior that not to incite Bi Dam in any way but now the person who inciting Bi Dam is none other than Queen Seon Deok herself & that Queen Seon Deok must be held responsible on what BI Dam does & his action. Seol Won Rang said that there is nothing Bi Dam is on his own accord but that of Queen Seon Deok’s decision. Seol Won Rang asked Queen Seon Deok to calm Bi Dam’s nerves & give him some reassurances. He can render his unyielding fidelity better than anyone towards Queen Seon Deok that he is sure that Queen Seon Deok is well aware of the matter at heart

Lord Sueulbu said that they are all false for both Kim Yu Shin’s intelligence gathering & the matter he wasn’t involve with Bo Gya Hoe. Ho Jae said that he has lied Queen Seon Deok & belittle the courts has been ridiculed by his action. Ha Jong concurs that this was just to conceal & cover up his crimes that he is involve with Bo Gya Hoe that created chaos. Lord Jujin said that Kim Yu Shin is the enemy of the state that the law of the lands must dispose of him & restore order. Bo Jong said that Queen Seon Deok did admit give him a secret imperial decree & how are they going to handle Kim Yu Shin will have to wait for Queen Seon Deok’s own decision & there shall see how she is going to. Ha Jong said that they will force in persuasion for Queen Seon Deok to make a decision. Mi Saeng asked in the moment of this importance, why isn’t Bi Dam in their midst

Bi Dam looking through the Daeya Fortress Administration & Government Register. Bi Dam said there is nothing to be found but then what did Kim Yu Shin saw over there. Yeom Jong said that he must be lying. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin will not lied about the matter like this. Yeom Jing said that they has look at the register there is nothing to be found as Bi Dam thinking hard. The Ministers & official kneeling in front of In gang jeon to petition that Queen Seon Deok execute Kim Yu Shin & the next to them the Military pleading that Kim Yu Shin’s life be spare as they chorus their petition like an orchestrated rally

Go Do scream his petition that this can’t be allow as Kim Yu Shin didn’t lied about his intelligence gathering as Guk San Heun concurs that they need to protect Daeya fortress. Dae Pung said that Silla border is at risk. Yang Gil said that it is now emergency crisis. Queen Seon Deok in her chamber listening to the pleading & shouts outside the palace as Al Cheon stands by her. Then Joo Bang brings Queen Seon Deok the stacks of scroll that the provincial offices has brought up. Joo Bang said that all of these are petition to have Kim Yu Shin executed & asked what are they supposed to do. Queen Seon Deok close her eyes to ponder as Joo Bang agrees that she should close her eyes & shut her ears & don’t think anything, don’t asked as Joo Bang tells that she needs to saved Kim Yui Shin & she must do so. Queen Seon Deok asked him why. Joo Bang said that he doesn’t know a thing about politics or principles & in truth he know none of these but if Queen Seon Deok was to discard Kim Yu Shin…..Joo bang said that he is just saying the honesty even in the expenses of his status that he feels that Queen Seon Deok will be tarnish & it doesn’t suit her character. If she know that it will tarnish then don’t do it as it goes against her own sincerity

Kim Yu Shin listen to the petition as Al Cheon comes running as Kim Yu Shin asked whether they is any new from Daeya fortress as Al Cheon said there is none. Al Cheon said that compare to this matter the palace is now thrown into chaos that everybody is petition Queen Seon Deok to have Kim Yu Shin be executed but Al Cheon believe that what Kim Yu Shin has reported is not a lie, but the frontline is now in turmoil & Kim Yu Shin will be held responsible. Kim Yu shin said that at this moment it is not his safety that is an issue. Kim Yu Shin said that there will be a war that is for certain & they need to stop the advancement of Baekje army at all cost. Al Cheon asked whether Kim Yu Shin is most certain that Daeya fortress will come under attack. Kim Yu Shin said that if his calculation of assumption is correct, it will happen tonight. Al Cheon asked so why there isn’t the suppose mole’s name that starts with “Heuk” & is he very sure on what he saw. Kim Yu Shin said that it was covered partly so he couldn’t see the rest but the ‘Heuk” was there

Yeom Jong said there is any to be found, so although it is said that he saw the map however it partly covered, so he could only see the 1st character & there is no person by the name “Heuk” therefore it is a lie

Then Bi dam realise about the character “Heuk” then Bi Dam said that it could be a radical index words for something

“Heuk” (黑) in the radical index is listed as a character of 12 strokes . The radical index (部首section heads) is an essential element of the Chinese dictionary. The list of Chinese radicals is a rough equivalent of a Chinese “alphabet”. Every Chinese character is classified under a radical and characters with the same radical are sorted by the number of stroke used in writing them. The number of strokes varies between 1 and 17. Characters belonging to a particular radical are in turn listed on the basis of the number of additional strokes. Note that the number of strokes is not always clear to the untrained eye

Yeom Jong looks at the register & already spotted with the Heuk in the radical index there were names of Jeom Yang & Geom Il who has the “Heuk” radical & one of them must be the moles. Bi Dam looks at the register & finds that Geom Il is in charge of the Northern Gates. Yoon Chung receive the courier pigeon from Geom Il to say that he will open the North gates tonight

黔 is Geom is a compound of 2 character. The radical index on the left is “Heuk”

Bi Dam said that they need to deal this matter personally that they need to arrest Geom Il, no they must kill him. Yeom Jing is surprise as Bi Dam order that they sent Bo Jong secretly to Daeya fortress & he must be on the fastest horse there. Yeom Jong acknowledged & leaves

Bo Jong rides to Daeya fortress & tells his men that they need to capture a Baekje mole by the name of Geom Il & terminate him as his men acknowledge. Bi Dam sees them off as Bo Jong & his men rides to Daeya fortress

In Baekje Army Camp. Yoon Chung tent as he announce to his commanding officer that Geom Il has send word that tonight & Mo Cheok will have their store set fire then after, Geom Il will open the gates & seize Daeya fortress & reclaim the land that they lost & was once theirs during the reign of King Seong. Daeya fortress is only the opening to our aim in their war campaign & that their ultimate goal will be & asked whether his commandants understand their set goals. All chorus in acknowledgement & rally their morale

Bi Dam goes to see Queen Seon Deok as he nervously drink his tea & asked the purpose of her summon. Bi Dam asked Queen Seon Deok to just instruct, what is the matter that Queen Seon Deok looks rather trouble. Queen Seon Deok said Seol Won Rang has convey to her that she was inciting Bi Dam & that & she is not giving Bi Dam any reassurances thus Bi Dam is uneasy, Queen Seon Deok asked whether this is true. Bi Dam asked what is Queen Seon Deok trying to imply. Queen Seon Deok asked whether Bi Dam is in love with her. Bi Dam just look at her as Queen Seon Deok said he has asked a question & he need to answer her. Bi Dam confirms that he does that he dares to admit that he loves her. Then Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam how about the love for Silla. BI Dam is surprise with the question as Queen Seon Deok repeats the question does he love Silla or not. Bi Dam hesitates to answer Queen Seon Deok

Kim Seo Hyeon marching with his army. Then the reconnaissance soldier returns & informs Kim Seo Hyeon that Baekje troops led by Yoon Chung are mobilise on the march. Kim Seo Hyeon asked which direction are they heading. The reconnaissance soldier said they have pass the gates & heading towards Seongju county. Kim Yu Shin calls for the guards & asked whether they is news from the frontlines. The guards said that they didn’t received any new & rest assures Kim Yu Shin & not be so agitate. Kim Yu Shin asked the guards to go to the Ministry of military Affairs to finds out about the situation. The guards said that he can’t leave his posting as Kim Yu Shin demands that he go & finds out. The guards apologise to Kim Yu Shin that he can’t do as he is told & leaves as Kim Yu Shin calls the guard back

In Daeya Fortress, Geom Il opens the North gates for the Baekje army then the Baekje siege on Daeya fortress starts as they Baekje army storm into Daeya fortress & went on a free for all fight. Bo Jong & San Tak from a distance sees Daeya fortress on fire. Bo Jong orders that they must relay this to Seorabeol at once. Bo Jong turns back to Seorabeol

Meanwhile Queen Seon Deok understands Bi Dam intention & if there should be a reference for the marital ties between her & Bi Dam, it will not be the reason to save Kim Yu Shin’s life or the any devotion but it is because she need Bi Dam physically requirement at her side but for Bi Dam, he is move by his own sentiments, it should be for power of authority that he wants this royal marriage which should be correct but why did Bi dam wants the wedding then makes his attempt to muster the power in order to acquire it. Queen Seon Deok asked how can Bi Dam be so naive & child like on the matter he aspire. In the whole of Seorabeol he is really naive

Bi Dam recalls what Mi Shil has said with that feeble & fragile devotion only people can incite, what a most naive in those dream that Bi Dam aspire for….Mi Shil tells him that there is no attraction that men chase women out of mere devotion, that is. Return to the present as Queen Seon Deok said that Bi Dam has said that he love her but for her that it only could bring a tedious & weary expedition that she only love she has for & will have, is now Silla & she has stake all of her love that Bi Dam have for her, she in turn has given her all to this nation & if she has given her all how can she able to the capabilities to love another. Bi Dam tells Queen Seon Deok if it is Silla that she love then he will become that Silla. Queen Seon Deok as for him to say is Silla & her as a combination for my love of Queen Seon Deok & this Silla it is not separate differences & there is no other

Yeom Jong comes running calling Queen Seon Deok & Bi Dam. BI Dam asked what is the matter. Yeom Jong informs that as of now, Queen Seon Deok could guess what it is. Bi Dam said perhaps it wouldn’t be…Guk San Heun goes to Kim Yu Shin to tell that Daeya fortress have been seize & overtaken. Kim Yu Shin is stunned. Yeom Jong confirm that Kim Yu Shin intelligence gather is accurate that there was a Baekje mole by the name Geom Il who open the gates, there is also another mole name Mo Cheok who set the grain reserve store on fire to give the signal for the Baekje army to sound the attack. Kim Seo Hyeon’s army is trying to prevent the advancement but Yoon Chun army is swiftly gaining ground as they penetrate the blockade. By morning Kim Seo Hyeon is under artillery attack with Baekje siege engine of the catapults projectile fire arsenals then using battering ram & other siege engines as the battering ram storm through the gates & killing anyone that is its way then the flights of arrows that picks their targets as Silla soldier falls down in great numbers. Deok Chung & Baek Eui fights courageously to ward off the attacks. Kim Seo Hyeon has to fight sword to sword battles as the battering ram works its way through the gates & managed to open the gates then as they gain grounds to Daeya fortress. Yoon Chung & Gyebaek is glad with the progress of the advancement. Seol Yun & Hwang Yun comes back battered from battle that Bi Sa plains defensive line has been breach & fallen to enemy hands. Hwang yun said that Baekje army has brought in their arsenal that they are unstoppable

Kim Chun Chu tell Queen Seon Deok that Baekje army is to take the route from Chu Hwa then Iseo County & all the way to Amnyangju then it will only take a day journey to reach the capital. Kim Yong Chun said that Kim Yu Shin’s intelligence gather is confirm accurate, it is not too late…Bi Dam comes in to asked queen Seon Deok not to worry. Bi Dam said that the Kim Yu Shin’s formidable army that has never been defeated is it now residing in Seorabeol. Lord Sueulbu asked whether BI Dam is proposing that Kim Yu Shin led the army. Ho Jae said that Kim Yu Shin is charged with treason. Kim Chun Chu asked how can they mobilise Kim Yu Shin’s army without its Supreme Commander. Lord Sueulbu said even it is so, they can trust a criminal to led Silla’s army. Kim Yong Chun asked who will able to led Kim Yu Shin’s army on his behalf. Lord Jujin asked whether Bi Dam will personally led Kim Yu Shin’s army. Kim Yong Chun said that Bi Dam doesn’t have military experience to led armies. Bi Dam concurs but he has a suitable candidate that is remarkable in strategy and his massive experience on the battlefield & they can entrust him whom has save Silla in many dangers & toils, he is none other than Seo Won Rang, isn’t he still around. Bi Dam said that Seol Won Rang will take command of Kim Yu shin’s army. Seol Won Rang comes with his full military gear & armour as he asked Queen Seon Deok to give her consent to this old warrior to be deploy for this campaign & if he fails to save Silla from danger or salvage Queen Seon Deok’s honour then he shall not return alive

Go Do goes to Kim Yu Shin to tell that Seol Won Rang is going to led them, it is nonsense. How can Kim Yu Shin’s army be led by Seol Won Rang. Dae Pung agrees that Daeya fortress seize as Kim Yu Shin has predicted & has caution. Guk San Heun said that Kim Yu Shin must led the campaign & request for Kim Yu shin release. Kim Yu Shin orders his men to take command from Seol Won Rang. Kim Yu Shin tells that his men is well verse with Yoon Chung’s army than anyone, didn’t they already has 1st hand experience on what it is. Yoon Chung’s Baekje army that his men, don’t break ranks even without his command & never let then confuse them in their pacing. Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang is a great military strategist bit however he has aged, his lack of recent battle experience on the battlefield that worries Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin asked his men to brief Seol Won Rang on the progress & the changes of Baekje army in the past 10 years.

Bi Dam hands a document to Queen Seon Deok & tell her that they has devise defense plan for every major stronghold fortress in the country after the fall of Daeya fortress. Seol Won rang draft this plans. Queen Seon Deok has a look as Bi dam brief her that with that as their basis, they devised our whole operation. Queen Seon Deok grips the map by clenching her fist. Bi Dam notice it as she fidgeting with her hands. Bi Dam said that if she has chosen her a day early that she needs him to be by her side & it is not for the sake of Silla but for him then whomever she chose has to be of benefits to Silla’s sake & this will be done. Bi Dam said that he will definitely save this Silla for her, her subject & everything she so loved out of dire consequences

Queen Seon Deok: Whomever saves this nation……will be qualified

Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 56

Dam said that he will definitely save this Silla for her, her subject & everything she so loved out of dire consequences

Queen Seon Deok: Whomever saves this nation……will be qualified

Seol Won Rang brief Queen Seon Deok that Yoon Chung’s army will take the route through Daedeoksan as Seol Won Rang explains the line of defences to blockade Baekje’s army advancement in to Seorabeol then during chaos of the combat Seol Won Rang will block their escape route to flee then while he will deploy 2,000 soldier at the ridge waiting for ambushed the fleeing Baekje army the 1st line of defense to make sure that they reap as much casualty from the enemy as possible before we laid siege to regain the fortress, we have severe their morale that it will benefits us & the most of the battle royal will happened there but should the 1st line of defense be breach then the 2nd line of defends is to stake their life to save Silla from any consequences. This war chance of emerging a victory is that they must follow Seol Won Rang lead. They must stake their lives, curb their differences to save Silla & they must end this campaign with a definite win for Silla. Queen Seon Deok looks uncomfortable

Bi Dam reminds Seol Won Rang that this war he must win for Silla. Bi Dam said that the war must end its fighting in Chu Hwa Gun

Chu Hwa Gun is formerly Miryang, Gyeongsangnamdo. It was said to Mirimdongguk during the Byeohan period then absorbed into part of the Geumgwan Gaya then annexed by Silla’s King Jijeung in AD505 & was known as Cho Hwa Gun

Go Do tell Kim Yu Shin that they are the Yu Shin Army. Kim Yu Shin said what is that so called Yu Shin Army. They are the Imperial Army of Queen Seon Deok. Kim Yu Shin tells his men no matter what the situation, they must adhere to Seol Won Rang’s command & are they clear on the matter. Go Do & the rest has to acknowledge Kim Yu Shin’s request. Kim Yu Shin said to convey his wishes that he need to meet with Seol Won Rang

Queen Seon Deok is inform that Seol Won Rang wants exclusive authority over the Ministry of Military Affairs. Seol Won Rang confirms that if he return from the war in triumphant victory, Queen Seon Deok must accord that exclusivity to him. Queen Seon Deok asked whether during this time of danger of crisis that Seol Won Rang is using her & this nation’s security as a battering chip to transact his condition. Seol Won Rang said that this is his final opportunity as Queen Seon Deok asked to him to have military power but Seol Won Rang shakes his head that it is an impossible dream that has yet to be realised which is the Unification of the 3 kingdom. Seol Won Rang know that Queen Seon Deok wishes to realise this grand aspiration that Seol Won Rang has the selfish ambition to have a chance to partake in this endeavour for Unification. Queen Seon Deok asked whether this is the one & only condition that he is asking from her. Seol Won Rang said that he will help Queen Seon Deok to realise that Unification of the 3 kingdom & if he should return in triumphant from the wars then he request that Queen Seon Deok & Bi Dam proceed with Royal Marriage. Queen Seon Deok said that Bi Dam’s devotion for her, it is indeed her worst fears she has to be reckon. Queen Seon Deok said that King Jinheung’s reign has brought immense glory & honour to Silla but however he has committed one gravest mistake that is people. King Jinheung trust people & entrust his believe in them….all of them completely was lured by Mi Shil to her faction. Therefore there didn’t pledge their fidelity & legion to Silla but to Mi Shil & he couldn’t even stabilise his throne for his succession, isn’t it so & doesn’t Seol Won Rang agree with her…. Queen Seon Deok asked whether even after her passing, will Bi Dam pledge his fidelity to Silla or would he wholeheartedly devote himself to realise Silla’s grand aspiration then after. Queen Seon Deok asked what is Seol Won Rang opinion on the matter. Seol Won Rang leaves Queen Seon Deok’s chambers as Dae Pung comes to greet him as Seol Won Rang asked what is the matter, Dae Pung said that Kim Yu Shin wishes to see him

Seol Won Rang goes to see Kim Yu Shin as Kim Yu Shin brief on the tactics of the Baekje army that they mobilise battle in small unit tactics. Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang must not assume that Baekje army from the past of 10 years is none compare to the present Baekje army. When Queen Seon Deok take heed attention to the agriculture yield of the country; Baekje at the same time has increase improvement in their military tactics in artillery, mortar or armour that Kim Yu Shin doesn’t deter his doubt of suspicion. Kim Yu Shin said that Baekje has amended their tactical fire and manoeuvre & has completely overhaul & altered especially small tactics unit that they mobility to suppress the enemy. Kim Yu Shin said that Yoon Chung cavalry can ride 70 Ri per day

1 Ri is the Chinese measurement of length & it is approximately 323m. This measurement was during e Tang era (AD 618-907)

Il Geo is the marching distance of cavalry per day

Kim Yu Shin said when taking defensive lines, that you must take heed of the distance of their posting blockade, if they needs to devoid the enemy of using their advantage that they needs to avoid all open filed battle engagement, it must be engage on terrain warfare as the form of defense. Seol Won Rang asked whether Kim Yu Shin wishes for Seol Won Rang to return triumph from the war as Kim Yu Shin’s safety wouldn’t be guarantee. Kim Yu Shin wishes Seol Won Rang for a safe return & then his safety will be discuss then. Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang has that he has live his life in the battlefield of war campaigns. Kim Yu Shin said that he has already accept from earlier in life that he also walk on the same path & has been prepare although it can’t be 1st field 2nd or 3rd or even to the lowest ranking soldier, this can’t be no difference, a life in campaign of battle & war but then Kim Yu Shin will be discarded soon why can’t he be allow to die glorious dead in the battlefield

Mi Saeng said that no matter how much it is need that to deploy an old warrior to war will return triumphant from the fields. Ha Jong asked what is his Uncle muttering, this is their golden opportunity that they have been waiting for & they need to monopolise on the matter. Mi Saeng & Bo Jong looks at the optimistic Ha Jong. Ha Jong said that once Seol Won Rang comes back triumphant is rally & cheers then not only military powers are theirs for the taking including political power as well & they will return to their rightful place as before. Mi Saeng said whatever it has been said Seol Won Rang has not gone into the battlefield for a long while. Ha Jong advertise that war is in his blood, although he may be a veteran & old warrior but his dexterity is still intact that can’t be belittled. Seol Won Rang comes in as Ha Jong greets him & asked whether preparation has been progressing smooth. Seol Won Rang confirms it is fine. Bo Jong concern whether this is indeed fine as his father is actually doing now is….Seol Won Rang assures his son that is nothing to be concern & asked him whether the preparation has been finalise. Bo Jong affirms as Seol Won Rang shakes his head to asked his son not to further the conversation. Mi Saeng could read that they is something amiss

Ha Jong asked why didn’t Seol Won Rang didn’t want to disclose this to the rest about his health condition on his angina pectoris. Seol Won Rang brushes that it comes with aged & this ailment strike everyone. Bo Jong said although it is said to be his mother last will & wish but they is no need for Seol Won Rang work so effortlessly & in risk of his own life for Bi Dam

Jol Geub Shim Dong is angina pectoris. Angina pectoris is a phrase that comes from Latin and translates as ‘tight chest’. People with angina experience pain in the centre of the chest. The chest can feel constricted and tight, but the pain can also be oppressive, as if something is crushing your chest.

Pain starts in the centre of the chest behind the breast bone (sternum) or on the left side of the front of the chest. It can spread out to other parts of your body like your arms and stomach

Seol Won Rang disagree that he has always been a military personnel & will always be in sight of battlefields, even if it is for Bi Dam sake that he return to battlefield but this still incite & excites him that to believe that it is because of him that he save Silla from danger. How formidable Baekje Yoon Chung may be but then in his days, he was not his compatible. Seol Won Rang laughs & leaves

Seol Won Rang kneels at Mi Shil’s shrine. Seol Won Rang tells Mi Shil that Bi Dam shouldn’t have has follow his footstep & has to bear those consequences that it is because of unyielding love for someone. Love should be like the same with Mi Shil, send through flying like a fleet of birds but this is your final wish, he will adhere & obey. For this war, he will definitely create the opportunity for Bi Dam & he tells that he misses Mi Shil so much & will want to see her

Go Do & his men greets Seol Won Rang as Seol Won Rang commands that they will slaughter the Baekje invaders who trampled upon Silla soil that they must & the glory will be theirs. Bo Jong commands that the army to march to Chu Hwa Gun to meet the Baekje army. The army rally in cheers. Bi Dam & Kim Chun Chu sending the troops off to battle. Kim Chun Chu comments that Seol Won Rang looks mighty well in self command that it will able definitely to return triumphant from victory as Kim Chun Chu asked if this is what BI Dam hopes for can be realise. Kim Chun Chu leaves, it seems that Kim Chun Chu is now playing mind games with Bi Dam

Seol Won Rang leading the Yu Shin’s army as they drum roll & blows horns as Yoon Chun & Gyebaek are also marching towards Chu Hwa Gun

Queen Seon Deok walking with Joo Bang as Joo Bang tries to pacify Queen Seon Deok not to be too worried that Yu Shin Army has never been defeated & they will fare well even under Seol Won Rang command. Queen Seon Deok asked Joo Bang to convey her orders for Al Cheon to re-examines the petition send by the provincial & palace official. Joo Bang acknowledged & Queen Seon Deok adds that the last time she has asked Joo Bang to prepare the last time proceed to arrange the matter at once. Joo Bang acknowledged it & understands

Joo Bang drags San Tak & tell him that does he recall that the last time he asked San Tak for a favour. San Tak surprise a “favour” as Joo Bang describes in hints & whisper to San Tak ears to arrange it now. San Tak said now, & San Tak asked does he know what situation is it now in the palace to be requesting this. Joo Bang said this is why they need to arrange this now that during this crisis & chaos the security will be less stringent. San Tak couldn’t care less but Joo Bang gave him some payment in kind for San Tak to arrange it. San Tak asked whether this will led to any trouble as Joo bang assures him that there wouldn’t be any, it is just a while as San Tak asked Joo Bang to follow him. San Tak takes Joo Bang to see Ministry of Audit’s lock up cells & San Tak allows only have 1 gak

1 gak is about 15 mins.

San Tak opens the cell & let Joo bang in. Joo bang goes to see Chang Gi as Chang Gi addresses Joo bang as Hyungnim as Joo bang asked whether he is sincere with the greeting. Chang Gi said he is. Joo Bang asked Chang Gi to listen very careful what he is about to say. Joo bang in disguise following Chang Gi instruction as he recalls Chang Gi placing this pebble formation as Joo Bang said that he needs to place this pebbles next to the Sa Rang Dang next to the tree. Chang Gi said that this will able to make contact with Wyol Ya. Joo Bang asked what time & where the location. Chang Gi said that you need to write that on this particular stone. Joo Bang arrange the pebble into the indicated formation then place the message stone on top of the formation & leaves, then someone from Bo Gya Hoe comes to pick up the stone with a message

The stone formation is the Gaya emblem of turtle with Six Eggs -Yuk Ran Hwi

In the Bo Gya Hoe Mountain Hideout. Wyol Ya is informed by Seo Ji that Baekje army has reached Iseo Gun & if this continues that in no time there will reach the defensive lines of Amnyangju & it will be breach & they needs to avoid the conflicts. Once Amnyangju is breach of its defences the next offensive will be Seorabeol. Wyol Ya ponders on Seorabeol as Seo Ji asked why Wyol Ya is being so hesitant on matters. Seo Ji asking Wyol Ya whether he is swaying in his mindset

Iseo Gun is formerly Cheongdo County in Gyeongsangbukdo

Amnyangju is formerly Gyeongsan in Gyeongsangbukdo

Wyol Ya tells that Gaya descents’ live is his responsibility & he is laden to bear. Wyol Ya now queries whether his righteousness that he has made the correct decision on matters or is that Kim Yu Shin’s perspective was the right decision. Then one of the Bo Gya Hoe guards informs that there is someone who wish to meet with him & has left a message/ Wyol Ya surprise that it wants to see him as he wonder who. Seo Ji & his men makes contingency preparation on the meeting place as he deploy his men for security & then orders his men to be attentive to the slightest details of oddity or any military personnel to report at once. Seo Ji’s men acknowledge & run to their position

Seo Ji returns as Wyol Ya asked whether all have been cordially arranged. Seo Ji affirms that he has deploy their men to cover the whole ridge that if they detect any suspicion, they will be notified. Wyol ya how many people wants to see him. Seo Ji said it will be 3. Bo Gya Hoe guards spots 3 people walking. 2 of them wearing a hat bonnet as he report to Wyol Ya there is 3 people heading this way. Seo Ji asked whether he is certain is 3 people as the guard confirm that there is only 3. Wyol Ya asked who are they. The guards couldn’t identity them but on has be identify to be armed with a sword & the rest has no weapon on them. Wyol Ya understands & asked the guard to continue with the surveillance. The 3 people are making their way to the meeting place as Seo Ji & Wyol Ya are observing them from a distance then Seo Ji signal to have them surrounded. Al Cheon draw his swords & the 2 person in the hat bonnet is Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu

Al Cheon asked who are they. Queen Seon Deok tell Al Cheon that they are the people she seek & needs to meet & asked him to stand down on his sword. Al Cheon asked what does Queen Seon Deok means by this as the guards surrounding them hears Al Cheon address Queen Seon Deok as “Her Majesty” & take a footing back. Kim Chun Chu takes off his hat bonnet & apologise to Al Cheon. If Queen Seon Deok were to tell Al Cheon the truth, Al Cheon will surely disobey & may tries to persuade them not to do so. Al Cheon said that this place is a dangerous to be at this moment that she put herself at risk. Kim Chun Chu sounds for Wyol Ya to stand down on his guards as they may already know that there is only just Al Cheon with them & asked him to step out. Kim Chun Chu call Wyol Ya to step out in Queen Seon Deok presence. Queen Seon Deok lift her veil to reveal her face as Wyol Ya approaches Queen Seon Deok & address Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok smiles. Queen Seon Deok, Kim Chun Chu & Wyol Ya engage in a talks as Al Cheon keep watch with attentiveness. Kim Chun Chu said that they will be quick in what they come to say. Kim Chun Chu is doing the negotiation. Kim Chun Chu tells Wyol Ya that they must be ware that Queen Seon Deok’s render her great benevolence towards the Gaya descent on the administrative policies that is the 1st, 2ndly also to the family registers of Gaya descent they will abolished that register. Queen Seon Deok said that even after her passing there will be no records to proof that you are from Gaya descent. 3rdly whatever this content is laid out, she will write an imperial decree that her successor will not able to amended or alter that edict. Kim Chun Chu adds that Queen Seon Deok leaves this edict, no sovereign after her will able to alter that content & go against that edict. Queen Seon Deok asked them therefore to relinquish any ambition of making Kim Yu Shin the sovereign. Wyol Ya asked what does she want from them. Queen Seon Deok wants the list of all Bo Gya Hoe’s members, then to deactivate their Gwoljangno crossbow units as Kim Chun Chu adds to say that Gwoljangno is to be transfer under his command. Wyol Ya is surprise, it is not under Kim Yu Shin but to be under Kim Chun Chu. Queen Seon Deok give Wyol Ya 3 days to decided. After 3 days, it will be the same time same place

Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu’s aunt & Nephew partnership is deadly as they are stringent in keeping their divinity of rule exclusive to them & whoever threaten will be dealt with. It is the same that Kim Chun will eventually need to deal with Bi Dam as he is a threat that poses the Royal authority no matter how noble & devote Bi Dam is to Queen Seon Deok. They needs to terminated the threat. Queen Seon Deok already finds Bi Dam’s devotion a fightful horror

Wyol Ya asked that if perhaps that he refuse their terms then what is she suppose to do. Queen Seon Deok tells them that it is because of Wyol Ya, she supposed that Kim Yu Shin needs to die, moreover because of Wyol Ya, the Gaya descent may have to perish from existence. Queen Seon Deok tells that this is where her patience for them has ended & it will be what she has accord to them. As she is Sovereign, her words is law & will take effect

Queen Seon Deok, Kim Chun Chu returns to the palace as Al Cheon asked how could Queen Seon Deok be so reckless in engaging with such risky parley. Queen Seon Deok apologise to Al Cheon for giving him a scare. Al Cheon said that this can’t be solve with just an apology. Al Cheon said that he is given the task to ensure her safety, how can she has conceal & without any utter a words to go put her life at risk. Kim Chun Chu said that if he was told, Al Cheon would have tried his best to prevent Queen Seon Deok. Al Cheon said that Kim Chun Chu should have portray such behaviour as this is a matter of Queen Seon Deok’s personal safety. Kim Chun Chu said he has also persuade Queen Seon Deok otherwise. Al Cheon asked therefore, Kim Chun Chu replied that it was Queen Seon Deok who on the contrary convince Kim Chun Chu instead. Al Cheon refuse to take the answer as Queen Seon Deok’s personal safety is 1st priority & asked what is more important that her safety. Queen Seon Deok said that this is the matter whether they able to have Kim Yu Shin. Queen Seon Deok said that she will never able to retain Kim Yu Shin if she forsake Gaya, abandon Wyol Ya that she forever will not able to posses Kim Yu Shin

Queen Seon Deok as for Wyol Ya that she will have give so many terms & sincerity if it is just to convince Wyol Ya otherwise to change his mindset. Al Cheon said that no matter how importance in gaining Kim Yu Shin but her safety…..Do you think that they would have said that those who gain the heart of people will rule the creation & the world, & to think of gaining these people can be done in such pettiness. Queen Seon Deok retires to her chambers

Al Cheon & Kim Chun Chu leaves Queen Seon Deok’s chamber as Al Cheon asked whether they is nothing to stop Queen Seon Deok. Kim Chun Chu said that Queen Seon Deok use this to actually show Kim Chun Chu to see. Al Cheon queries on “to show”. Kim Chun Chu said that to gain the heart of people can’t use the on basis of your own intelligences & devices, that is why it is for the sake of this grand aspiration that she dream to realise she has put a bind Kim Chun Chu & Bo Gya Hoe together. Al Cheon asked what is Kim Chun Chu implying. Kim Chun Chu said that Bo Gya Hoe fears after Queen Seon Deok’s passing & for him, he will think that he will be Queen Seon Deok’s successor therefore the goal between them is not much defer. Queen Seon Deok has propose to show to Bo Gya Hoe who her likely successor to her throne will be & the person that they need to support to the throne is not Kim Yu Shin but it is him. Kim Chun Chu walks away. Queen Seon Deok a moment alone

Wyol Ya walking back to Bo Gya Hoe hideout as he stop that he wants a moment of peace alone. Then they heard a child crying as they went to console the crying child to asked what is the matter as the child cries for her mother & is hungry. Queen Seon Deok asked Joo Bang whether he can finds out the location of Bo Gya Hoe’s hideout. Joo Bang said that he has send someone to monitor Wyol Ya & Seo Ji’s movement but Queen Seon Deok said that they may not able to catch up with them. Joo Bang said that his appearance may look slightly off but his wits has not rusted & he always deliver his goods & Queen Seon Deok is well aware of his talents. Queen Seon Deok said of course she know of it well that Joo Bang’s work records in his ability has her confidence. Joo Bang said that he actually give the assignment to monitor to a wise 7 years old child. Queen Seon Deok is surprise that it is a child

An express messenger from the frontline racing to the palace. Queen Seon Deok received news that Seol Won Rang has been defeated. Messenger said before they arrive at Chu Hwa Chu, Chu Hwa Gun was already being attacked so they don’t even have a chance to mount defensive strategist they were force to start withdraw. Lord Jujin asked how the current situation, Messenger said that Commandant Lee Yeong’s Iseo Gun are still holding up the 2nd defensive line but as the situation see it, it will soon be breach. Queen Seon Deok orders Lord Jujin to deploy his troops for reinforcement to Iseo Gun. Bi Dam has nothing to say. Lord Jujin acknowledge the order. Then the announcement that Seol Won Rang has return to the capital.

Go Do, Dae Pung, Yang Gil supporting a wounded Guk San Heun returns battered & limping as behinds them they carried the wounded as they walk the streets. The onlookers asked aren’t they the mighty Yu Shin’s army that has not been defeated. The 2nd onlooker If Yu Shin army can be defeated, how formidable is the Baekje army then. 1st onlooker said that if this continues, they will died for sure. 2nd onlooker there isn’t one person that is not unscathed from injuries.

Seol Won Rang is stretcher to see Queen Seon Deok as Queen Seon Deok asked what happened & Seol Won Rang apologise that it is because of Baekje’s formidable comes from their mobility in usage of their small tactical units. Queen Seon Deok said there is someone who able to command these units

Yo Gun is small tactical units that Baekje army use it to its efficiency. Each units works independently

Seol Won Rang affirms that they are also remarkably swift & versatile in their pacing & attacks. Kim Yu Shin finds out that even Seol Won Rang is not match for the Baekje army. Go do said that Baekje army has a devil that appear & vanish at will, Kim Yu Shin asked devil. Guk San Hein said that he wears a crimson helmet that he led & command the Baekje army to appear at any place at will that they appear 7 disappear again & again. Yang Gil said it is fearing as Dae Pung said that when they open their eyes, there is only death. Go Do mutter that he is a devil

Bi Dam goes to see Seol Won Rang who has been wounded seriously & apologise to Bi Dam & asked Bi Dam to realise Mi Shil’s final wishes. Seol Won Rang said that Bi Dam can’t stake his devotion onto a person as an aspire goal, it is too dangerous a venture. BI Dam must needs to embrace a large & bigger aspire goal or else Bi Dam will walked the same footsteps as Seol Won Rang to being just a subject. Seol Won Rang utters his last breath that Bi Dam needs to remember Mi Shil final wish & adhere to it. Bi Dam holds Seol Won Rang hands to call him but Seol Won Rang smiles & expired his life. Bi Dam mourns for his death

San Tak passed Seol Won Rang final letter to Kim Yu Shin just before his demise & instruct to delivery to Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin reads Seol Won Rang’s letter

Letter: Lord Yu Shin, your calculations were wrong. Yoon Chung cavalry didn’t do a passing distance of 70 ri but of 80 ri. Be caution of the Commandant that wear a crimson helmet that commanded the small tactical units, he will emerge & appear in places that you will never beyond anticipate with skillful fury & precision

Mi Saeng sadden by Seol Won Rang passing that he has a premonition about Seol Won Rang that something might be amiss. Ha Jong said that they could has regain military authority & their political influence & he thought their former glory days will return for them. Mi Saeng asked Bo Jong if there is any final words from Seol Won Rang to them. Bo Jong said that Mi Saeng is intelligent so there is no worries for concern. Ha Jong asked what is it in that, Seol Won Rang has express that he was worried about Ha Jong. Bo Jong it is not but it is him. Ha Jong upset that Seol Won Rang has no concern for him even in death. Ha Jong complains that they were is best of relationship but in his passing he didn’t display any concern for him. Bo Jong has to calm the upset & wailing Ha Jong as he wais that Seol Won Rang didn’t pay any concern for his welfare

Lord Sueulbu said that Seol Won Rang face defeat, what are they supposed to do now. Ho Jae said that Yu Shin’s army casualty rates is high & Lord Sueulbu said that if should Lord Jujin fails. Kim Yong Chun tells that no matter how much defeated Yu Shin’s army has suffer, they must have Kim Yu Shin to command his army. Lord Sueulbu asked what is Kim Yong Chun saying as Ho Jae said that Kim Yu shin is a criminal & how can they allow a criminal lead an army. Kim Yong Chun said that if Lord Jujin were to be defeat, the next will be Seorabeol & now the most priority importance is that Silla must be their prerogatives to save the nation from danger

Kim Seo Hyeon is inform by princess Man Myeong that Seol Won Rang has been defeat & Yu Shin army was also defeated. Although he has heard how mighty is the Baekje army but they even can vanquish Yu Shin’s army. Princess Man Myeong said there is no reinforcement to be send to the front for defences & it this crucial time of crisis Kim Yu Shin is being confined & Princess man Myeong asked how are they suppose to solve this matter

Mi Saeng is surprise that Kim Yu Shin will have to lead in command to war as Mi Saeng asked Lord Sueulbu what are they supposed to mean. Lord Sueulbu said that general consensus of the nobility & the citizen. Ha Jong asked that they are suggesting that Kim Yu Shin should led the army. Ho Jae said that they are not undermining the capabilities of lord Jujin but considering Baekje’s might & resolve…Kim Yu Shin will be suitable. Bi Dam is upset that they are suggesting that a person who has gone against the law to save this nation. Bi Dam question is that what as a Silla official dare to raise this suggestion. Yeom Jong comes in calling as Bi Dam asked what is the matter. Yeom Jong tell Bi Dam that Kim Yu Shin insist & wants to see him

Kim Yu Shin studies his maps as Bi Dam comes to his prison cell. Kim Yu Shin tells Bi Dam that it will be at Geumseongsan, if the Baekje army breach Iseo Gun the next line of defence is to place it at Geumseongsan. Kim Yu shin said has the defensive troop lines between Geumseongsan & Bibongsan to lure the enemy there & that moment notice ambushed them by securing those ridges then as they enter they will attack & block their escape route, even if they do breach the defence the terrain will proof to tedious for them to escape, if they breach Geumseongsan, then Amnyangju will be at risk that it is a great plain fields & there don’t have the mobility in troop numbers to engage them in those grounds. They must stop the war at the mountains. Bi Dam brushes it off. Kim Yu Shin grabs Bi Dam by the collar & tell him that if he was him dead then do it, if he wants his army he can have it but now, they need to save Silla then he can do all he wants. Bi Dam takes Kim Yu shin map & leave as he sees Kim Yu Shin’s map he is choked

Kim Chun Chu said that Queen Seon Deok just can’t leave Kim Yu Shin without care or attention. Kim Chun Chu has heard there are talks that Kim Yu Shin must need to command his army as Kim Chun Chu persuade that it is still not too late yet. Then Bi Dam announce his arrival. Bi Dam greets Queen Seon Deok & informs her that Lord Jujin will need to build their defensive line at Geumseongsan & this will able to use the mountain terrain Geumseongsan & Bibongsan ridges to defeat the Baekje army. Queen Seon Deok gives her consent to proceed but Bi Dam sees Queen Seon Deok looking vexed as he assures her not to worry that he will save Silla at all costs. Queen Seon Deok takes no notice as Bi Dam leaves. Kim Chun Chu calls Queen Seon Deok after Bi Dam leaves as Queen Seon Deok said that it is correct that it is tonight

In Bo Gya Hoe Secret Hideout where Wyol Ya has a meeting with the Gaya descent elders as they disagree that they can’t allow to transfer their force under Silla command. Wyol Ya said that it is her stated condition. Seo Ji said that during Mi Shil terror of oppression that they has managed, why do we still fear & relinquish everything. Wyol Ya said that it is not fear but the trust in Queen Seon Deok that has stir his decision. The elders said that Wyol Ya has changed a lot after cooperating with Silla. 2nd elder asked how can he be so rude to Wyol Ya as the 1st elder said that what he wrong to make that statement. The 2nd elder said that it is too insolent & also do they believe that kingdom of Gaya will have any chance of able to be restore. 1st elder said that what does he mean by that as the 2nd elder argues that he should be caution with his words then back to 1st elder telling that are they suppose to simply giving up everything to them & surrender. The 2nd elder asked are they already too fatigue to carry on this fighting & Wyol Ya watches the elder arguing

Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu waiting at the said meeting place for Wyol Ya as the time flies there is no sign of Wyol Ya. Queen Seon Deok patience worn off as she stood up & calls for Joo Bang. Joo Bang comes to answer Queen Seon Deok’s call accompany by a 7 years old child. Joo Bang & the child greets Queen Seon Deok as she said that she no longer will wait. Queen Seon Deok asked whether they are affirmative with the location of the hideout. Joo Bang said to the child that she know where to finds Wyol Ya Ajusshi. The child said that she mist certainly knows. Kim Chun Chu & Al Cheon concern & know the risk of Queen Seon Deok going there personally to Bo Gua Hoe’s hideout

Wyol Ya has to end the quarrels of the elders that it is enough. Wyol Ya said that they has already pass the appointment time with Queen Seon Deok & if this continues, a guards come rushing to inform that could he step outside for a while to have a look. Seo Ji asked what is the matter. Wyol Ya is surprise. Queen Seon Deok & Al Cheon stroll into Bo Gya Hoe hideout as the guards surrounds as Al Cheon is ever ready if they are being attack. Al Cheon announce that it is Queen Seon Deok, all should kneel in respect. Wyol Ya comes out as the guards greet Wyol Ya then went back showing their blades at Queen Seon Deok. Wyol Ya approaches Queen Seon Deok as Queen Seon Deok show them that this is Gaya Descendant & it is their register that has labelled them Gaya descent. Queen Seon Deok took the book & out into a torch flames & burn the register in front of Gaya descent & their elders. The register slowly engulf by flames

Kim Chun Chu with Joo Bang goes to meet with Al Cheon’s imperial household guards & asked them to follow him at once as Queen Seon Deok’s safety is at risk. Imperial household guards acknowledge. Kim Chun Chu asked Joo bang to Kim Yong Chun’s residence to convey that he needs to deploy his army to the place. Joo Bang acknowledge Kim Chun Chu instruction. As the register burns Queen Seon Deok asked whether this still can’t gain any trust from them of her & she asked what else she needs to do to gain their trust for her. What do they want & think that they require in order to be her subject. If they still persist in resisting her rule then they will harm Kim Yu Shin to force her to execute Kim Yu Shin & to spell their own extinction in which they will have to killed Silla people to sustain their survival for generations to come with these vengeance & asked them do they wish for that kind of future

Kim Chun Chu comes with the imperial household guards as they surround Queen Seon Deok to provide security. Kim Chun Chu greets Queen Seon Deok to asked if she is fine. Queen Seon Deok warns them that this is her ultimatum as she turns to Kim Chun Chu that he must remain her & persuade or convince Wyol Ya to stand down & come to an agreement, if he fails Kim Chun Chu & Wyol Ya & the rest of them presence will not live to see the dawn of tomorrow. Queen Seon Deok leaves with al Cheon & his imperial household guards, leaving Kim Chun Chu defenceless to negotiation that lay their life on the balance. Queen Seon Deok & Al Cheon marches back to her palace with imperial household guards entourage

Joo Bang informs Queen Seon Deok that Geumseongsan defense has been breach & that Lord Jujin’s army has been slaughter by Gyebaek & as they speak, Baekje army is marching towards for Amnyangju. Queen Seon Deok said how are the negotiation with Kim Chun Chu & Wyol Ya, Joo Bang said that there is no news from there yet. Queen Seon Deok asked Joo Bang to called an emergency court meeting at once. Joo Bang acknowledge to summon everybody to court

Bi Dam gets the information that Baekje army is marching towards Amnyangju. Yeom Jong confirm that a stronghold of 20,000 troops & it is a matter of time that Seorabeol will be besiege. In the Ministry of Audit, the guards are being mobilise that the Baekje army are here soon. Kim Yu Shin scream to asked what has happened to lord Jujin’s army but no one is giving Kim Yu Shin an answer. Kim Yong Chun tells that they need to send deployment of troops to Amnyangju at once. Ho Jae said that Sam Ryang Hwa and Yi Hwa Hye has mobilise their troops

Sam Ryang Hwa is formerly Danseong, Gyeongsangnamdo

Yi Hwa Hye is formerly Jeongseon in Gangwondo

Phil Dan said that if they breach through Amnyangju defences the next will be Seorabeol, then Yeom Jong comes to court & informs that there is something happening in the courtyard of Yongmujang. Queen Seon Deok knows that Kim Chun Chu has been successful with his negotiation with Wyol Ya

Yongmujang is an arena that practice martial arts

Wyol Ya & Bo Gay Hoe marches to the Yongmujang with their Gwoljangno cross bow garrison as Kim Chun Chu stands before them as Wyol Ya & Bo Gya Hoe kneels before Kim Chun Chu to swear legion to Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu & to give them their all. Kim Yong Chun is surprise that it is the Bo Gya Hoe as Lord Sueulbu & the others queries how can Bo Gya Hoe enter the palace. Kim Chun Chu comes in to inform Queen Seon Deok that he Kim Chun Chu has accomplished the mission that Queen Seon Deok has assign & decree to him to do that he has got the allegiance of Bo Gya Hoe to be loyal & swore their fidelity to Silla. Queen Seon Deok said that this is indeed as Kim Chun Chu affirms

Queen Seon Deok: Then summon Yu Shin to enter the court.

Kim Yu Shin wearing his military armours enters to stand before Queen Seon Deok

Lord Sueulbu: Your Majesty! Are you saying that Your Majesty wants Kim Yu Shin to led the command of the army? The Yu Shin Army was already suffered defeat.

The official: I concur. It is impossible admissible, Your Majesty!….How can a traitor cannot lead our army!….Please may Your Majesty consider

Chorus: Please may Your Majesty consider

Queen Seon Deok stands up

Queen Seon Deok: It seems that the people under Yu Shin direction is indeed Yu Shin army

“Yakyeo Yushin-Do, Shiwi Yushin-Gun.”

Queen Seon Deok: It is only that if Yu Shin leads them, then they can be justify to be called Yu Shin Army…….Bring my sword over.

Eunuch: Yes, Your Majesty.

Sword is handed to Queen Seon Deok as she decrees

Queen Seon Deok: Sangjanggun Kim Yu Shin.

Kim Yu Shin: Yes, Your Majesty!

Kim Yu Shin walks forwards to Queen Seon Deok

Queen Seon Deok: I here thee reinstate you as Sangjanggun & confer my sword & accord to you with complete & absolute military authority for this campaign & commands you to protect my Silla borders & land & to save Silla from danger

Bi Dam is disappointed that he can’t do that although he gave his assurances

Kim Yu Shin takes the sword from Queen Seon Deok

Kim Yu Shin: Sangjanggun Kim Yu Shin…will stake his life to fulfil your majesty command!

Kim Chun Chu looks at Bi Dam fuming

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