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Episode 51 & 52 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 51 & 52/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 51 & 52
Sila klik di sini untuk mengikuti sinopsis The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 51 dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Sila klik di sini untuk mengikuti sinopsis The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 52 dalam Bahasa Indonesia
Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of OST The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕) - 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 Wind Flower


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Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 51

Deok Man enter Mi Shil’s sojourn & approached Mi Shil. Deok Man sees Bi Dam weeping. Deok Man is choked

Deok Man: Se Ju…..Mi Shil

Mi Shil holding to the arms of the chairs

Deok Man (to herself): Mi Shil….without you….wouldn’t have permitted me to have made anything out of myself…Mi Shil….Mi Shil’s era….Farewell

Deok Man bow in respect to Mi Shil & Mi Shil relax her grip on the arm

Deok Man weeps for her adamant adversary. Bi Dam leaves the sojourn for a breather as Al Cheon asked what is he doing in there. Bi Dam leaves in a rush as Deok Man was following suit & call Bi Dam. Kim Yu Shin asked what has happened. Deok Man orders Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon to apprehend Bi Dam to her. Kim Yu Shin is surprise as Bi dam said there is something that I need to discuss with him & shout to them to apprehend Bi Dam at once for her. Kim Yu Shin acknowledged her command. Bi Dam takes off on horseback as Kim Yu Shin call for him & only see him gallop off as Kim Yu Shin mount his steed to chase after Bi Dam

Seol Won Rang comes in to see Deok Man that he has brought Lord Jujin & Kim Seo Hyeon in. Deok Man asked beside Daeya fortress, is there any other surrounding areas that garrison has not been disarmed. Seol Won Rang has informed that order has been convey to checkpoints of the intention. Seol Won Rang reckon that they can collect & resume the troops into their command. Deok Man orders Lord Jujin to assume command over Daeya fortress garrison. Lord Jujin acknowledged the order then Deok Man asked Kim Seo Hyeon to assume the garrison in the surrounding area & checkpoint. Kim Seo Hyeon acknowledge the order. Lord Jujin & Kim Seo Hyeon leaves with Seol Won Rang. Deok Man said that for the time being Daeya fortress governing & administrating will be give to Kim Chun Chu

Daeya fortress command will eventually be given to the relation of close kin to the Royal household due to the close proximity to the capital that it come be fallen into rogue hands like the one that just happened

Kim Chun Chu asked what has happened to Mi Shil. Deok Man said that she ended her own life. Deok Man said that meanwhile Lord Jujin & Kim Seo Hyeon are cumulating the soldiers, Kim Chun Chu & Al Cheon will responsible for the administration of the fortress, the remnants of rogue insurgent will quickly likely to surface & be at large so they must handle matter in prudence & caution & must not lacks. Kim Chun Chu asked what about Deok Man then. Deok Man said that she must meet with Bi Dam

Bi Dam gallop away with Kim Yu Shin on his pursuit. Kim Yu Shin finds a way to cut Bi Dam off & cuts him where they dismount & confront each other & ask why is he acting this way. Bi Dam walks away but Kim Yu Shin stops him & tell him that Princess Deok Man will like to have a word with you & asked what actually happened. Bi Dam walks away as Kim Yu Shin hold him back only to end up with a fist fight brawl as Bi Dam went for his sword but just in time, Deok Man comes riding in. Bi Dam is surprise at her sudden appearance. Deok Man said he has lied to her. Deok Man interrogate Bi Dam that the night when she asked to be truthful to her & in return he has her trust. Deok Man asked BI Dam to answer her now, what connection does he have with Mi Shil. Deok Man asked him to speak & they shall see. Bi Dam walks away but this time it is Deok Man who stop him. Bi Dam looks at her then storm through her arm. Kim Yu Shin wants to give chase but Deok Man said to ask him to wait here, she will have a private chat with Bi Dam alone. Deok Man runs after Bi Dam

Kim Chun Chu has to do the bearer of bad tiding by informing Mi Shil next of kin on her demise. Ha Jong Bo Jong are shock as Kim Chun Chu said that Mi Shil has ended her life. Mi Saeng said that her sister has to end her life this way. Ha Jong is sadden by his mother demise. Mi Saeng is disbelieve that how could this had happened. Kim Chun Chu said that Princess Deok Man has instructed to release Mi Shil to her close necessary arrangement of her body & they may proceed to do. Ha Jong asked where is his mother now . Al Cheon said that it is now sojourn in the Commander’s residence. Ha Jong runs follow by Bo Jong. Mi Saeng & Se Jong can only collapse back to their chairs in dismay & cries for the lost of Mi Shil

Deok Man caught up with Bi Dam & call to him as they need to talk as of now. Deok Man has mentioned it before that that what was said at that time will become the source & the check & balance of their future. Deok Man said that Bi Dam has told her that he has no connection with Mi Shil whatsoever but today you were shedding tear over her death. Deok Man tells him if he doesn’t disclose the truth, their relationship will end here for them. Deok Man asked to tell her what the true. The reason behind why he cried for Mi Shil death. During the day she revolt & stage the insurgency why did she send you to go for an excursion for a few days away from the capital. Mi Shil decision to proclaim herself as Queen Regnant, what is your relationship between her & Bi Dam. Deok Man grab Bi Dam’s armour & shakes him to demands what is the reason. Bi Dam utters that she is his mother that is whom she was. Deok Man gets a shock over Bi Dam’s statement. Bi Dam explains that Mi Shil is the woman that gave birth to him. Deok Man doesn’t know what to think.

Kim Seo Hyeon’s commander tells Chil Sook, didn’t they already receive order to relinquish their arms & surrender. He is here to assume command & take over the posting & asked them to adhere to the orders. Chil Sook whether Mi Shil is anyway not harmed or injured. The commander was silent as Seok Bum shout that Chil Sook is asking him & answer & do answer him at once. The commander said that Mi Shil has passed away. Seok Bum can’t believe that Mi Shil has passed away. The garrison mourn for Mi Shil demise. Seok Bum asked how could she die. The commander said that she may ended her own life. Then commander said that if they want the full details, then go to Daeya fortress for information & quickly hand over the command to him & disarmed. Seok Bum takes off his cape & drop his sword. Chil Sook draw his swords & slit the Commander in his throat & fall dead while Chil Sook garrison pick up their weapon. Chil turn to him men that he will never follow their orders

Deok Man is perplex to learn that how can Mi Shil be Bi Dam’s mother, Bi Dam said that it was the same for him, this is not what he wanted or wished that I am the posterity of the deposed King Jinji & Mi Shil…therefore their son….Bi Dam explains that after she has depose of King Jinji that her aspiration to become Queen Consort was diminished, she found that she no longer have any use for him so he was abandoned by Mi Shil without any guilt or regret. Then after Moon Noh came to raise me up. Deok Man asked how can this be happening. Bi Dam said it was at the moment that he has found out for himself but Mi Shil even on her last breath has never recognise or acknowledge Bi Dam as her son but then Deok Man keep pestering him what relationship between him & Mi Shil how could he response to give her a definite answer. Bi Dam said that his biological mother doesn’t recognise or acknowledge him as her off spring, then what I am then. What right does he have to claim that he is the son to Mi Shil when he has no recognition from her. Bi Dam explains that during the day before the revolt, Bi Dam asked why she didn’t kill him off but to send him off for an excursion, her decision puzzle me that it was better that she has kill me instead. This is will a more simple & easier solution & he will feel more relief that it was so & he could have accept than at present it has allow him to suffer & difficult

Chil Sook rally his garrison that this is the 1st & the last time he will defy Mi Shil’s command at of today instead his aspiration in his last days of his life, that he will achieve the order that Mi Shil has given to him that he never could fulfilled, he will do so now. Chil Sook tells that he will kill Deok Man as the order that Mi Shil has him engaged. Chil Sook’s sword is still freshly dripping with blood. Chil Sook orders Seok Bum to take the soldier to return to their barracks as ordered. Chil Sook said that this is the place that will meets his death & buried him. Chil Sook vow that he will miss his chance this time. Chil Sook said that he will take this up alone & continues to take lead in this revolt…..Chil Sook’s uprising. Seok Bum disagree that can’t be it. Chil Sook asked what….Seok Bum said that it will be called Chil Sook & Seok Bum uprising & they will do this together in blazing glory

Deok Man asked why didn’t Bi Dam spoken of this to her as Deok Man said he will not due to the embarrass to say of being abandoned that he will have keep his silence about it, this is really dislike it. Deok Man said & yet still, he could have at least told her would have been appropriate. Bi Dam said that if he did & has mentioned…in the result become a person that even Princess Deok Man may no longer have any use for him. Deok Man stroke his hair & bring him to her embrace to comfort her & tell him that it has been hard for Bi Dam & so tedious & difficult on his heart. Bi Dam holds Deok Man

Seok Bum attacks Wyol Ya & Al Cheon in Daeya fortress gates as Wyol Ya told him to drop his sword. Al Cheon said that this is all over & ended, doesn’t he realise it. Seok Bum shouts at his loyal comrades that their fidelity for today will be trueness of future Hwa Rang. Seok Bum sounds the attack as both party engage in fierce battle. Seok Bum & Al Cheon engage in clashes of swords. Al Cheon said that to adhere to Mi Shil order why there is a need to lose his life on it. Seok Bum said that it was Mi Shil benevolence that reincarnated him as a Hwa Rang, for the sake if Mi Shil as a responsibility of a Hwa Rang isn’t this an honourable death. Al Cheon asked whether he really wants to gamble his life to this kind of honourable death. Seok Bum said that they too are doing the same that they will stake their life on the person they serve. Al Cheon managed to defeat & apprehend Seok Bum at blade point & tells Seok Bum’s men to drop their weapon & surrender. Seok Bum stops & disarmed . Al Cheon realise that Chil Sook is not among them. Seok Bum said that he has accomplished what he was set to do. Seok Bum takes Al Cheon blade & slit his throat & collapse to his death. Seok Bum’s men cries for him

Al Cheon realise that Princess Deok Man is in danger. Bi Dam & Deok Man walking back when Chil Sook comes galloping & rides between them. Bi Dam managed to push Deok Man out of the way & misses Chil Sook sword. Chil Sook dismount & goes after Deok Man but Bi Dam is no match for Chil Sook as Chil Sook faces a unarmed Deok Man. Then suddenly Kim Yu Shin comes galloping about to shot arrow as Chil Sook avoids the arrow & Kim Yu Shin draw his sword but Chil Sook dismember Kim Yu Shin horse & Kim Yu Shin falls off from his horse. Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam play protector of Deok Man as Chil Sook looks blinded to have Deok Man’s death. Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam are no match for Chil Sook skills. Kim Yu Shin keep Chil Sook busy for the time to get Bi Dam to ambushed & slain him but Chil Sook managed to avoid but Chil Sook intervene as he takes Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin blades & stagger his way towards Deok Man as Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin finished Chil Sook off as Chil Sook takes their blade & pierce into his body to end it. Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam shock by Chil Sook’s action & abandon their swords already thrust into his body. Chil Sook pull out the swords & shouts only to collapse in his death, in his last breath, Chil Sook tell Deok Man that it ends here for him, So Hwa & her

Chil Sook: This…finally…able to have an end…finally the end….Deok Man…I …So Hwa

Chil Sook expires

Deok Man (to herself): This is really & finally the end….Mi Shil

Deok Man with her war cabinet as Kim Seo Hyeon report that they has cumulate all Mi Shi’s forces under their command troops has been completed. Kim Chun Chu said once the order to disarmed they surrender on their own accord. Se Jong, Seol Won Rang, Mi Saeng & Ha Jong along with Dae Nam Bo has been taken back to Seorabeol. Deok Man said that they must speed up the matter here at hand to return to the capital.

Chief Eunuch comes running to muttering that that King Jinpyeong is …… Deok Man fears for the worst as she gallops & rushes back to Seorabeol. Deok Man enters King Jinpyeong’s chambers & goes to his bed side calling her father. King Jinpyeong conscious after a few calls from Deok Man. Deok Man tells that she is Deok Man. King Jinpyeong raise his hands as Deok Man grabs it tightly. Deok Man said to asked King Jinpyeong to get back his health as Mi Shil has already gone & asked him to get well

King Jinpyeong: Yes….this world now….has become your era

Deok Man: Your Majesty

King Jinpyeong: I ….& Mi Shil…unfinished business that has not determine win & lose, so we shall meet at netherworld to battle this out with her. There is also Cheon Myeong there to help me

Deok Man: Your Majesty

King Jinpyeong: I am sorry… Child

King Jinpyeong fighting for his breath

Deok Man: Your Majesty……Father!!!!….Father!!!!

King Jinpyeong gets back his breath after a few struggles to inhale & exhale

King Jinpyeong: The impossible aspiration dream….this aspiration dream….will hand this & relied on you to accomplished…Will you able to do that?…..

Deok Man: Father!!!!

King Jinpyeong: Be the proprietor of the Unified 3 kingdom…..

King Jinpyeong expires

Deok Man calls King Jinpyeong with no response as Deok Man & Queen Maya mourns for King Jinpyeong’s passing

Oh! Why no flashback of King Jinpyeong

Deok Man conducting King Jinpyeong’s funeral in the Royal shrine as all are sad of the King’s departure. Each faction has lost a loved one as Mi Shil’s faction is conduct their own funeral for Mi Shil. Mi Saeng comes to her altar that no matter what it may be, she is still her sister & also Mi Shil & cries how & why could this be….how can they just place her this way & let her depart in such away. I assume that the funeral arrangement is modest in comparison to her status. Se Jong asked that what will become of them now that she has departed

The memorial tablet: Silla Keeper of the Seal Mi Shil memorial tablet

Ha Jong crying while holding his mother’s bronze mirror

Deok Man with her cabinet. Kim Yong Chun informs that the 2nd day after the state funeral, they will proceed with the installation & her coronation. Kim Seo Hyeon tells Deok Man that before her installation & coronation she need to settle & redress with Mi Shil’s faction. Kim Yong Chun said that currently this is contributed on pretext that it is now state mourning that they are in house arrest at their residence, after we need to move them to Ministry of Military Affairs. Kim Chun Chu concurs they must be executed in public to restore the foundation of this nation. Deok Man disagree, she doesn’t want to so. Her cabinet look at her as Deok Man said that she will not prosecuted them

Ha Jong is upset to see why Bi Dam’s presence in Mi Shil residence as Ha Jong tries to throw Bi Dam out of room & scream to get out from sight. Ha Jong grabs Bi Dam’s collar. Seol Won Rang comes in as Ha Jong relent his grip. Seol Won Rang asked whether Bi Dam visit is to come to see his mother. Seol Won Rang usher Bi Dam to Mi Shil memorial altar to pay his respect. Seol Won Rang tells that Bi Dam must be wondering why the King Jinheung imperial decree to has Mi Shil killed, is still retain in kept. Seol Won Rang tell Bi Dam that Mi Shil wishes Bi Dam to have the imperial decree & Mi Shil…Bi Dam interrupts that Mi Shil wish to give him…was just that. Bi Dam asked why. It is because that because of paper was able to end everything in death & Bi Dam question that why is it then. Seol Won Rang said that Mi Shil wants BI Dam to inherit her aspiration for the sake for him to win meritorious citation & merit. This was her resolute decision that she had made prior to her revolt, if matter didn’t turn out to promising in her favour, this was the contingency plan. Bi Dam said that in the end it was to allow him to realise what his mother’s aspiration that she failed to achieve on her own, it was to ask him come to pick up her pieces of her crap up.

Seol Won Rang grabs Bi Dam by the collar that for his insolent remark against Mi Shil. Seol Won Rang said that Mi Shil, his mother has handed the mandate of heaven to Bi Dam to inherit therefore she ended her own life & she has to endures all the prejudices & humiliation as she wanted to give Bi Dam the right to ascend the throne as Sovereign, it is Bi Dam for the throne. Bi Dam question why she needs to give him that right, Seol Won Rang said it is the same reason of stand that Bi Dam didn’t handed that imperial decree to Deok Man or to make it public. Bi Dam looks at Mi Shil memorial tablet

It is hard for Bi Dam when Mi Shil’s intention is given in trickles & Bi Dam is already finding hard to have any comprehension to the matter. Why can’t people directly say what they want to say in proper sentence that to give riddles

Queen Maya is upset & said that they have committed treachery, how can they allow them to still wander on this earth with their life intact. Princess Man Myeong concurs with Queen Maya that this matter they can’t allow emotion sentiments to play a part in decision making. Deok Man said that if they prosecuted them for high treason then they will need to proceed to execute several thousand of lives. There are several thousand lives whose is under Mi Shil’s command or perhaps it could be in several ten thousand of people of talents, do the necessary need to swipe & execute them all. Kim Chun Chu said that it is a must & dare to do that they need to establish their authority & rewrite history. Deok Man asked whether she will have to bear & be burden by their hatred & suffering, how would that be handled those enmity. Kim Chun Chu said that if they were to given amnesty to spare their life, they would be a possibility that they will conform with Deok Man to render their services. Deok Man said that she will use her utmost effort to persuade them, the effort that she can appease their enmity & buried the differences & to eventually regain their trust, wouldn’t that be a better value assets to them

Deok Man goes to her military forces to pacify that she will not prosecute Mi Shil’s faction for high treason. Deok Man tells them that Mi Shil has accepted her proposal of terms & condition of their alliance for that terms she has surrender all her forces unconditional without resistance

Hap Cheon is the reference of the Six state Yan, Zhao, Han, Wei, Qi & Chu alliance against Qin during the Warring States period to fend of Qin ambition to annexe them into one country that eventually called China

But however there were some rogue remnants who wanted to resist until the last stand. Kim Yu Shin asked that Deok Man perhaps will like….Deok Man confirms that she will lay the blame & proclaim that this insurgency was staged by Chil Sook & Seok Bum as the mutineers that revolt therefore this will make way & give them the substantial reason that they will not prosecuted Mi Shil’s faction & they wouldn’t be liable. Bi Dam kneeling at Mi Shil’s memorial altar as he question why…only now that it has come to this.

Kim Seo Hyeon implores Deok Man to reconsider her decision. Kim Yong Chun asked how can they let these lies tarnish the annals of their history. Al Cheon said that they must reveal the truth to the public & the prosecute the insurgent by the law of the land. Wyol Ya said that they don’t know when they will rise up & become another threat to harm Silla’s security. Al Cheon concurs with Wyol Ya to press charges against them. Kim Chun Chu queries that do Princess Deok Man don’t have the slightest of bitterness of resentment for Mi Shil. Deok Man reiterate to her cabinet that those who are present & seat, who has the deeper grudge towards her than she does. Deok Man tells that it is because of Mi Shil, she was devoid from her rightful status & being chase all her life, also she lost her mother, her sister. Deok Man asked do you think she doesn’t want to…for her mother, her sister’s grievance to pacifies is to go seek for justice & revenge. Deok Man as of now, Mi Shil is already dead, what is remaining is Silla & only & sole there is Silla. Everybody has to swallow their personal vendetta for the sake of Silla. The past can never be cured as one need to move on for the future of Silla & not moan & groan over the past

Deok Man meets with Mi Shil’s faction & tell them that they have violate their allegiance to Silla & betray Silla by waging an insurgency that put danger & risk to Silla & threaten the Royal household & this is treachery of the highest order. Deok Man said that she will confiscate all their arms & armoury & deactivate their soldier from private military unit. Deok Man said that the era of year Geon Bok 16th year & the 40th year land had been confer in those years will be withdrawn & return to the state

Geon Bok(建福) is Silla King Jinpyeong Korean Era Name of Reign (Yeon Hu 年號). The era starts from AD 584 – 634. 16th year will be AD 599 & 40th year will be AD 623. Here are examples of the Silla Monarch reigns Geon Won (建元) AD 536-551, period during the reign of King Beopheung & King Jinheung; Gae Guk (開國) AD 551-568, period during the reign of King Jinheung; Dae Chang (大昌) AD 568-572, period during the reign of King Jinheung; Hong Je (鴻濟) AD 572 -584, period during the reign of King Jinheung, King Jinji & King Jinpyeong; Geon Bok (建福) AD 584-634, period during the reign of King Jinpyeong & Queen Seon Deok; In Pyeong (仁平) AD 634+648 period during the reign of Queen Seon Deok & Queen Jin Deok, Dae Hwa (太和) AD 648 – 650 period during the reign of Queen Jin Deok. This is how Silla calendar will read when reference to the Era reign of Reign. e.g. in Japan, they still in official documentation will address the year of the Emperor era name of reign is Heisei (平成). 2009 is the 21st year of reign of Heisei. After AD 650, Silla stop using her own Era name of reign & adopted Tang Dynasty version & subsequently other Korean Dynasty followed the Chinese version. It was until when Korea declared herself as Korean Empire then they revert to having their own Korean Era of Reign Gwang Mu (光武 literally Radiant Valour) period during for the reign of Emeror Go Jong reigned 1897-1907 then after Yeong Hui (永熙 literally Eternal Brilliance) period for the reign of Emperor Sun Jong, reign 1907-1910. After 1910, Korean Empire was annexed & Japanese Colonial period began

Deok Man also adds that it the next 10 years, they will be place under strict surveillance & their movement monitored by Ministry of Military Affairs. Mi Shil’s faction is surprise at Deok Man’s statement. Deok Man tell that she will spare their lives & she will take it away. Deok Man said that Chil Sook & Seok Bum’s uprising will take up the responsibilities of blame & be made scapegoats for their crimes. The only condition that they can compensate their crimes, is the pledge to be fidelity to this nation for the rest of your years of lifespan. Seol Won Rang went down on his knees then followed by Se Jong, Mi Saeng, Ha Jong & Bo Jong. Seo Won Rang pledge to Deok Man that Deok Man has shown them infinite benevolence & divine mercy that it, he pledge to use his lifetime to repay the kindness, but Seol Won Rang saying with a prick to his heart

Yeom Jong with Kim Chun Chu to praise that Deok Man’s heart & mind is really different from the ordinary. Yeom Jong said that if it was him, he will be besiege with suspicion & the prejudice will blind & deter him from making such a decision. Kim Chun Chu said they have confiscated the assets & deactivate their military units. In this period of time, it will hard for them to stage a comeback. Yeom Jong concurs. Yeom Jong said that the whole episode has left Kim Chun Chu with some regret that he had detected. Kim Chun Chu looks at Yeom Jong as Yeom Jong said that he is just making assumption that her mother’s enmity…his status….Kim Chun Chu smiles that this is just the beginning for him

A memorial tablet is placed that reads Silla Hwa Rang Musa (Warrior) Ah Chan Seok Bum memorial tablet at Hwa Sa Dang. It is San Tak that place it there. Then suddenly a tap on his shoulder & scare his wits out of him as it is Joo Bang with the rest of the Yonghwa Hyang Do. Jo Bang picks up the memorial tablet & reads then pass it to Go Do & begins to query San Tak. Joo Bang said that he predict that San Tak will do something like that. San Tak said it is nothing, he was just….

Memorial tablet or more accurate translation Soul tablets as it “Shin Wi’ These tables are use in household shrine or temple to memorialise the dead

Joo Bang said that he is brand treasonist, & how dare he enter Hwa Sa Dang to place the memorial tablet of Seok Bum in this altar. San Tak can only utter that it is just….Joo Bang asked San Tak to be throw out, when San Tak starts to weep that Seok Bum is so proud being a Hwa Rang & his aspiration to has the honour to have his memorial tablet place in Hwa Sa Dang. Joo Bang whacks San Tak to come to his sense, even it is so, this is not the time to mess things up & makes a fool out of the matter, he can’t differential between what is right or wrong, he can’t do that, if he continues, it will spell his early death

Joo Bang uses a crude sobriquet of “between urine & shit” synonyms for right & wrong

Go Do seeing San Tak so pitiful asked Joo Bang to let him off the hook for this time. Dae Pung concurs that although his treachery is despicable & actually he was never a well like person as San Tak weeps for Seok Bum

Se Jong is surprise on what is Seol Won Rang implying in regards to Bi Dam. Mi Saeng asked what, Mi Shil wants to do what for Bi Dam. Seol Won Rang confirms that Mi Shil has already knew & had mentioned before that Deok Man will spare & guarantee their lives. Mi Saeng said that it is to say that they survive to pledge legions to Bi Dam. Se Jong said that he will retire back to his hometown. Mi Saeng & Ha Jong is shock as Ha Jong tries to dissuade his father from going. Se Jong said that he send off Mi Shil but yet he has go on living on drag an ignoble existence instead of being masticate to bits by people like a tea leaf, Se Jong asked that this matter he will pass this to Seol Won Rang to accomplish Mi Shil final testimony

Deok Man with Bi Dam as Bi Dam tells Deok Man to just say it what is on her mind. Deok Man turns to Bi Dam. Deok Man asked that the imperial decree did he give it to Mi Shil or else did you show the imperial decree to Mi Shil to see then tells her that Bi Dam will make this public & blackmailed her with this threat. Bi Dam is silent & silent is always means affirmative. Deok Man said so that was it, then finally the person who make Mi Shil change her mind was indeed Bi Dam

Mi Shil could take the laden on the world has to offer to her but yet she can’t surpass her son who threaten to go public with the imperial decree but also Bi Dam riding on her guilty that his son is blackmailing her, this is what made Mi Shil change her mind set. Deok Man said that his ridden guilt is not petty. Deok Man owes Bi Dam her gratitude, she knew that he did it for her sake therefore her gratitude

Deok Man said she will establish a new Ministry Si Seong Bu

Si Seong Bu will be the equivalent to the office of Auditor General or Minister of National Audit & the public accountant department is to aid accountability by conducting independent audits of Royal Household operations & its Ministries. The Auditor General will sole report to Deok Man

Kim Chun Chu asked what is the reference to the Auditor General. Deok Man tells the responsibility of the Ministry of Auditor General is to a Official that responsible for auditing government ministries & making independent report. This Ministry is will solely & directly under her command as she heads the Ministry, this set up will enhance the credibility of the Ministries. Kim Yu Shin said will this Ministry able to control Mi Shil faction over to them. Kim Chun Chu said that it had been a long time that Mi Shil has controlled over the Royal Household, will a new establish Ministries able to solve their predicaments. Deok Man said that they are correct with their assumption, therefore she plans to recruits the right men for the post that can really grasp the situation at hand & has inside knowledge to the matter. Kim Chun Chu asked perhaps Deok Man is not referring to…..Deok Man confirm that she will recruit Seol Won Rang, Bo Jong, Ha Jong & Yeom Jong as the staff of Ministry of Auditor General. Al Cheon asked how can they put their trust on them to administrated that Ministry. Deok Man said that she need to procure an able man that can oversee to them as their Head

Bi Dam is outside as he recalls Seol Won Rang said that for the sake to handed the mandate of heaven to Bi Dam to inherit ….. she has to endures all the prejudices & humiliation as she wanted to give Bi Dam the right to ascend the throne as Sovereign….Deok Man tells Bi Dam for his unyielding loyalty & trust to her, she will compensate by use him in an important role & place. The recalls Mi Shil before her death

Mi Shil: Love? What do you think it is? Love that is so called the implication is without giving effort in propriety & contrition in order to able to own it, that this is what love is. If you wish to love Deok Man, & then this you must do. Bi Dam is confuse with thoughts

The staff is gather for their 1st meeting as Ha Jong asked how can they be working in the company of such merchant to be working colleagues. Yeom Jong asked who will head this Ministry of Auditor General. Seol Won Rang said that they will wait for him to come. Ha Jong asked who is going to turn up & appear. Mi Saeng probe from Yeom Jong does he know who is coming. Yeom Jong shakes his head that he doesn’t have the clue. Then Bi Dam comes in with a plume fan like Zhuge Liang covering his face to give it a mystery look as he slides away his plume to reveal he is none other than Bi Dam. Ha Jong gets a shock. Bi Dam tells that allow him to introduce himself, he is the Auditor General Bi Dam. Yeom Jong smiles to himself

Kim Yu Shin asked Deok Man why did Deok Man recruit Bi Dam to be the Auditor General. Al Cheon said that if he is Mi Shil, then it is overriding the matter that how can entrust Bi Dam with such designation & be responsible to a dominant Ministry. Deok Man argues that this is the exact reason why she has given the appointment to Bi Dam that because he is Mi Shil’s son the responsible to keep check & balance on Mi Shil’s faction, it a symbolic gesture to the matter. Kim Chun Chu asked whether Deok Man wants to appease the nerves of Mi Shil’s faction. Deok Man confirms & the 2nd reason is that it is only Bi dam who can effectively keep Mi Shil’s faction in alignment. Kim Chun Chu said that the same lineage will reckon to trust & depend on one another & will not foresee any problems. Deok Man also mentioned that Bi Dam stood at her side & not Mi Shil’s. During the time that she wanted to remove Mi Shil, he had render a crucial help & contribution to her in order that she did succeed. Deok Man asked her cabinet whether Bi Dam’s loyalty still carry doubts with them. Deok Man lastly there is also an important pointer but Deok Man brushes it off as nothing

Deok Man as a sovereign has to exercise prudent by not revealing too much to her people as it is her exclusive responsibility to carry her Mandate of Heaven

Bi Dam runs through Mi Shil faction their responsibilities & the profile of their new designation & as from now on wards they need to run audits on all Royal Ministries information on all royal institution & ministries & managed their report. BI Dam asked them to report daily their collect reports at the hour of Sa Shi

Sa Shi is the hours of snake. It is between 9-11am

Ha Jong then asked whether Princess Deok Man has order him to keep them in check & to monitored them, as anyhow, Deok Man has gathered all kinsmen of Mi Shil here, if this includes his father & mother then it will be…..Bi Dam tells Ha Jong that the next time, the phase Mi Shil must never be utter again in front of his presence. Ha Jong is upset & wanted to raise his hands as Mi Saeng calm his nephew down not to be so aggressive. Bi Dam asked them who is now at their presence in front of them, is it Mi Shil but it is him Bi Dam. From hence forth it is not Mi Shil but is Bi Dam that they must follow his course, his methods, his wishes & all is to him that they need to solely adhere to him. Bi Dam asked whether they clearly understand & mark his words well

Kim Chun Chu tells Kim Chun Chu that Princess Deok Man is trying to authorise Bi Dam to political power. Kim Yu Shin asked what is Kim Chun Chu is implying. Kim Chun Chu said that Princess Deok Man didn’t complete her sentence on what her final reason was. Kim Chun Chu said that the person like him, Kim Yu Shin, Al Cheon that he is trying to suppress their potential influence & keep in check & balance. Princess Deok Man intentionally allow Bi Dam to take that designation & give him that authority on purpose to advocate this exercise. Kim Yu Shin asked whether Princess Deok Man was them to be competitive. Kim Chun Chu said that no matter what, she is indeed an extraordinary person that is different from the rest. Kim Yu Shin doubts that will she trust Bi Dam. Kim Chun Chu said that she will never trust. If this was yesterday, she would perhaps have given her trust but however from this very moment, not only Bi dam, no matter to whom, she will not render her trust. Kim Chun Chu said that Princess Deok Man is walking the path of kingship she has started to venture. Kim Yu Shin said that this is really sad. Kim Yu Shin said that Deok Man was once a person who complete trust the people who follow her & she is hold them dear wholeheartedly & now she longer can journey those path anymore

Queen Maya comes in as Deok Man greets her. Queen Maya tells that tomorrow is the day of her coronation. Queen Maya said that if Cheon Myeong could have seen this, she will be really happy. Queen Maya said that in her lifetime before she leaves she is able to witness & see this happen, it is indeed great joy. Deok Man queries about Queen Maya’s leaving. Queen Maya said that she can’t allow Deok Man’s father to be all alone over there, she can bear to see that. Queen Maya will take tonsure & retire in pray from public scene. Deok Man is surprise as Queen Maya tell her that there is now no one who will able to harboured her. This moment you will have to protect this Silla, the people & all whom she love. There is no one who will exist that will do the fighting for her or console her when she is in pain. She can neither trust or mistrust whoever. Queen Maya asked whether Deok Man will be able to do so. Will Deok Man able to conquer the times of loneliness without fear that she will able to endure that seclusion. Deok Man affirms her mother that she will able to overcome & she must. Queen Maya nods in approval & give her daughter her last comfort in her embrace.

Deok man in her moment of contemplating recalls Mi Shil telling her that she might has exploit to make use of heavens divinity but however I have never fear heavens ……She has knowledge on how cruel the world they live in & that she will never vanquish under their pressure…She might rule & look over these people but however definitely will never depend on them

Deok man tells herself from now, that she will not able to trust whosoever…..really can’t depend on whosoever…must she really have to do that…that she can’t depend on people to rule. Deok Man tell herself that she must really walk this path to Sovereignty alone…as of now

Coronation as drums roll & beats as Hwa Rang does a flag dance with tactical formation & dancing twirls to celebrate the coronation. Kim Yong Chun announce the arrival Her Majesty Queen Seon Deok

Kim Yong Chun: The arrival of Her Majesty

All dignitary stands to greet her arrival

Queen Seon Deok enters her coronation in her Queen Regnant regalia followed by her Hwa Rangs flag by Kim Yu shin & Bi Dam as she passes Yong Hwa Hyangdo cadres. Then as she looks at the steps of her throne & walks the step alone. Kim Chun Chu & Queen Maya beside her as she look at her people.

Kim Yong Chu We hereby usher the new era of Silla…..This is Her Majesty Queen Seon Deok

Crowd shouts longevity to her reign & life & roar in cheers. Kim Chun Chu & Queen Maya smiles for their happiness that Deok Man is now Queen Regnant & Kim Chun Chu accept that he will one day succeed the throne. Queen Seon Deok raise her hand to quiet them down as all kneel before her

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty, I will render to give you my all without reserve.

Bi Dam: Your Majesty, I will render without hesitation to take your all from you

Queen Seon Deok has the exclusive to wean their all without reserve

As Princess Deok Man ascend the Silla throne as Queen Regnant, we will change her referral to Queen Seon Deok


Seok Deok: As of now we need to gather will in strength & spirit of our resolve to usher a new era of dreams and aspirations for Shilla.

Official: Your Majesty, we shall adhere your decree in utmost effort.

Kim Chun Chu: Supreme Commander Kim Yu Shin crushed Baekje General Chil Gyeong’s army

Seok Deok: But why did you arrive before our messenger?

Joo Bang: Lord Chun Chu, it seems to enjoy equestrian pleasure, these days…

Joo Bang: That wretch used to be such an idiot…

Go Do: That “wretch”?!

Joo Bang: Stop the act, will you?

Kim Yu Shin: Are you not drinking?

Al Cheon: I am on duty.

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty. Seems like the Commander of Household guard is voicing grievances against your rule….You will not believe all the complaints he had.

Seon Deok. Bo Gya Hoe no longer has the reason to exist

Kim Yu Shin: Why is Dae Dae Gam Seo Ji nowhere to be seen?

Seon Deok: Bo Gya Hoe even in their name represent now the meaning of high treason.

Go Do: What did we ever do wrong?

Yeom Jong: Yah!…. Hog, what is with that attitude?

Bi Dam: We found out the Bo Gya Hoe was planning further action. Please give your consent to investigate the Supreme Commander

Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 51

Queen Seon Deok ascend her throne as she look at her people.

Kim Yong Chu: We hereby usher the new era of Silla…..This is Her Majesty Queen Seon Deok

Crowd shouts longevity to her reign & life & roar in cheers. Kim Chun Chu & Queen Maya smiles for their happiness that Deok Man is now Queen Regnant & Kim Chun Chu accept that he will one day succeed the throne. Queen Seon Deok raise her hand to quiet them down as all kneel before her

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty, I will render to give you my all without reserve.

Bi Dam: Your Majesty, I will render without hesitation to take your all from you

Queen Seon Deok has the exclusive to wean their all without reserve

As Princess Deok Man ascend the Silla throne as Queen Regnant, we will change her referral to Queen Seon Deok

At the throne room, Queen Seon Deok decrees that she will promote Kim Yong Chun to become Sangdaedeung; the position formerly hold by Se Jong & represents all the Ministers (Daedeung) & will presides over state administration. Kim Yong Chun accepts her designation with gratitude & will do his utmost best.

Sangdaedeung is the designation equivalent of Premier or Chancellor. It looks like Queen Seon Deok has abolish the exclusive club of Hwa Baek & proceed to large participation, similar to the House of Lords or the Caste of realm that may act as a counter balance. This of course Mi Shil failed to win over the caste of realm to give her justification for the mandate of heaven. But since it is an absolute monarchy system it is therefore the Sovereign divine right, she is not subject to the will of the caste of realm but only in advice if she choose to

Then Queen Seon Deok also decree that Kim Seo Hyeon be promote to Generalissimo & heads the Ministry of Military Affairs & to protect this nation. Kim Seo Hyeon accepts his designation with gratitude. Then Queen Seon Deok give her court a verbal edict as she asked them to take heed. Queen Seon Deok tells that Silla has experience a time in their history atrocious events that tarnish the splendour of this nation that we will treat as a past history to be buried under the pages of history. From here onwards they need to gather up in strength & determination under one heart & principles to pioneer into Silla’s new era of aspiration & to make it a working reality. The court chorus that they will do their utmost best

Queen Seon Deok in private with her cabinet as Kim Yu Shin asked Queen Seon Deok what is her referral to pioneer of the new era, to expands their realm to the 4 corners, isn’t that the time has come that they need to realise King Jinheung’s aspiration in his testimonial will. Queen Seon Deok confirm that it is most certainly. Al Cheon said that Queen Seon Deok didn’t increase & extend of military funds & forces, where is the reason for it. This is reason comes from the created & manufacture more fine quality agriculture tools. Al Cheon asked that it will be from agriculture tools. Kim Yu Shin said that he understands Queen Seon Deok’s intention & he doesn’t contradict her views. Queen Seon Deok mention the cities of Maun Ryeong, Hwang Cho Ryeong, Dang Hang Seong, how did you think King Jinheung acquire these frontier lands to extend their boundary. Queen Seon Deok asked whether King Jinheung gain it with weapon, on the contrary he invested it in people. Kim Chun Chu concurs that to give people something to own, to cherish & to dream, the referral is to this kind of people. Queen Seon Deok confirms that to invest in these cherished dreams to stimulate this as benefits for people & nation to mutually binder as one entity. Bi Dam asked whether they need to make use of land owners. Queen Seon Deok affirms that it is exactly that. Kim Chun Chu, all agriculture farmers & tenant farmers & laboured farmers will have priority in their interest of the land they cultivate, so they will cherish this nation. Kim Chun Chu said that they don’t need to ask the population to have the same standard as Hwa Rang’s staunch fidelity Deok Man said that to use the manner that this is your land & you must give your utmost to protect it, this is how they will is where they will acquire & united the heart of the people for their grand aspiration that will eventually unified the 3 kingdom

King Jinheung’s motto & tagline: Heaven doesn’t bestow & willed a ruler to the people; but the people do. The person who can able to acquire & united of its people’s heart will able to have heaven’s consent & rules its people & all the ages.

Queen Seon Deok said that they must first & foremost the laying of ground work is to nurture the psychology of the people to make them strong willed & make them savour what is like to have material wealth & gain then only they can qualify to discuss the Unification of 3 kingdoms, there will be someday that every citizen will have something of a land to cherish & protect & it must be done with whatever it takes

Deok Man has a private word with Kim Yu Shin about to expands their realm to the 4 corners, they at this moment with urgency to settle the matter that the people she need to embrace into their realm as her subject; she asked Kim Yu Shin does he know whom they are. Queen Seon Deok think it will have to the people of Gaya descend. Kim Yu Shin is glad & concurs. Kim Yu Shin said that the Gaya descend has long be suffering under discrimination & prejudices that Queen Seon Deok needs to embrace as her subject. Queen Seon Deok said that she will do just that. Queen Seon Deok said that she will implement & enforce a law to void all discrimination & prejudice practices towards the Gaya descend & will favour & utilise Gaya descend pool of talent to important posting. Queen Seon Deok tells that Wyol Ya & Bo Gya Hoe has render her some great assistance during her ascension in which she has in depth knowledge & whatever they are waiting for in expectation will not be petty that she is fully aware in their hopes but however as of now, Bo Gya Hoe no longer has the reason to exist & Bo Gya Hoe in their name represent now the means of high treason. Kim Yu Shin understand & he will discuss on the consequences & the deactivation Bo Gya Hoe from offensive operation & will absorbed & return the control to Ministry of Military Affairs. Kim Yu Shin said that the Gaya descend talents will devote themselves for Silla sake to prosper & glory Silla & asked Queen Seon Deok to rest assures

Kim Yu Shin is certainly give Queen Seon Deok some short change answer when he hasn’t even asked Bo Gya Hoe for their opinion

Queen Seon Deok has her doubts as Kim Yu Shin asked whether there is something troubling her thoughts. Queen Seon Deok tells Kim Yu Shin that Wyol Ya might have some separate agenda when it comes to opinion. Kim Yu Shin is surprise that for all the among of people who has contribute their services to her ascension, Wyol Ya’s interest comes in with a separate agenda at hand. Kim Yu Shin assures that he will persuade Wyol Ya to assent & to have agree & accede in Queen Seon Deok benefits for people & nation of Silla will be as one. Kim Yu Shin will do the same to convey Queen Seon Deok wishes to embrace them as her subject & with Wyol Ya & Bo Gya Hoe too in embracing her sovereignty as the same aspiration. Queen Seon Deok asked Kim Yu Shin to carry on with that or else Wyol Ya will turn rogue with his own agenda. Queen Seon Deok said that she wants everyone to have the same aspires goal & dreams. For at this moment, it is only her, Kim Yu Shin & a handful of people would has this aspiration, so she needs to advocate that this one aspiration is for all the official & population & also goes for the same for Gaya descend

Kim Yu Shin with Wyol Ya as he tell Wyol Ya that Queen Seon Deok wishes to acknowledge Bo Gya Hoe & all Gaya descend as her subject. Wyol Ya agrees that Bo Gya Hoe will be absorbed into Silla military for service. Kim Yu Shin said that they must think outside the confinement boundary of Gaya & extend their aspiration for grandeur of a Unified 3 kingdom’s frontier & make all people in Goguryeo, Baekje, Shilla & Gaya to have the one aspiration. Wyol Ya asked whether in the pages of that one aspiration, will the name of Kim Yu Shin be jotted down anywhere. Kim Yu Shin question what Wyol Ya is trying to imply. Wyol Ya said that Queen Seon Deok has justified her ascend to the throne, should Kim Yu Shin be planning the next step for his future may be. Kim Yu Shin said that he has never divert in other ambitions. Wyol Ya said he is not implying about other ambition but if you were to enter marital ties with Queen Seon Deok to protect her & Silla. Kim Yu Shin asked Wyol Ya to stop but Wyol Ya continues that wouldn’t this able to signify Silla & Gaya to have one aspiration & entity. Kim Yu Shin & Queen Seon Deok has no purpose in doing that. Kim Yu Shin warns not to let nonsense occupied his thoughts. Kim Yu Shin leaves

Hello! Kim Yu Shin aren’t you suppose to persuade Wyol Ya & not to leave the discussion in disgruntle

Bi Dam wonder what Queen Seon Deok said to be her blade. Queen Seon Deok affirms that it is correct that Bi Dam is to be her blade & a razor sharp blade he must become that the person who eradicates the corrupt & the actus reus of the government, that kind of blade

Queen Seok Deok wants proper management standard. ISO perhaps

Bi Dam recalls what Moon Noh said to him that he is a blade without a handle. & if anyone wants to handle to wield this blade will get be harm by this blade….Moon Noh wishes that there is someone who can be this handle for you blade, this is what he pray it might come….but if there is no such person to emerge that it is the best that he will break the razor sharp blade with his hands

Bi Dam smiles that Queen Seon Deok is the handle to his blade as he acknowledged that he will become her blade at her beck & call at a moment notice. Queen Seon Deok said that all the reforms will progress without disruption. Bi Dam asked whether the practice of market speculation that has been manipulate by the nobility be halted & then to trim down the nobility & the Usury practices of the merchant conglomerate that shows tendencies of actus reus & corruption & asked Queen Seon Deok is that what she wants. Queen Seok Deok asked that also to give all accounts of the ongoing domestics & external & to compile it up as a report to her. Queen Seon Deok said this is what he will be responsible for. Bi Dam assures Queen Seon Deok that he will give his utmost effort. Queen Seon Deok said that she has every trust in BI Dam capabilities. Queen Seon Deok said that her role is important to her reforms. Bi Dam smiles as he asked that who will be observing & audit his movement. Queen Seon Deok said that Bi Dam will be under her personal watch, she will be responsible in managing him

In the market place the independent land owners are coming with the grain reserve levy that need to repay the Royal Household as the market passerby asked where they are heading with all the grain sacks. The independent land owners said that they are going to the palace as this is part of their grain levy to be paid to the Royal household as per agreement. The independent said they could finally settle the levy & debts to Royal household. The passerby said they must be the independent farmers from An Gang fortress that was confer land to cultivate. The 2nd passerby said that the land confer were said to be barren but yet they managed to cultivate & able to pay back their levy to the Royal household, may have left them impoverished. The independent land owner said what is there to be impoverish, if they managed to break the land for cultivation & manage to repay back the levy, then as per agreement, the land will be confer to them the land to own & as of today he is officially the land owner then the 2nd independent land owner said that the barren land is now fertile agriculture land. The independent farmers pushes on with their grain to the palace

In episode 39. Queen Seon Deok has give each of the independent land owner to be self sufficient by bestowing 3 gyeol (1 gyeol is 2000 sqm2) to cultivate & the subsidiary of fine quality of agriculture tools to help in cultivation. The Royal Household will take 250 seom of grain from their harvest as levy & if they managed to cultivate more than 250 seom then the rest of the harvest is theirs to keep & eventually they will own the land after the levy is fully paid

Ho Jae taking inventory of the grain as Queen Seon Deok announce her arrival, the independent kneel in respect as Queen Seon Deok asked how are matters progressing. Ho Jae said that the inventory that is send from the barren land total to 300 seom as per agreed. Queen Seon Deok looks at the account as she points out to Kim Yong Chu. Kim Yong Chu asked the independent farmer to raise their head. Kim Yong Chun asked who among them is called Bong Gi. Bing Gi raises his hand that he is Bong Gi. Queen Seon Deok said that he has yield the largest harvest out of those barren land. Bong Gi said that it is the gratitude that Queen Seon Deok has confer such fine subsidy in agriculture tool that was effective & efficient for their cultivation. Queen Seon Deok confer the designation of Gong Bong Gae Sa to Bong Gi

Gong Bong Gae Sa is the Administrator of Agriculture & Cultivation for land reclamation

Bong Gi is shock by his posting. Queen Seon Deok tell the farmer that if they wish to be as successful as An Gang fortress then Queen Seon Deok will open & confer land entitlement to them throughout the nation & allow the citizen to able to cultivate in these barren land to make them fertile & therefore able to own the lands. Bong Gi thanks Queen Seon Deok with gratitude. Kim Yong Chun adds that the yearly yield of harvest will revert to Gong Bong Gae Sa to audit & record the inventory & hope that the farmer will give their utmost to cultivate those barren land into fertile land & eventually the land is theirs to have. The farmer thanks Queen Seon Deok benevolence then stand up jubilant to cheers longevity to Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok is pleased that her land reform has been successful.

There is a time lapse of some years. A group of horseman gallops through the city, one of the rider is Kim Chun Chu as he greets Queen Seon Deok & where she & Kim Yong Chu asked how did it went. The lapse of time is indicates that Kim Yong Chu has more facial hair. Kim Chun Chu can now ride a horse. Kim Chun Chu said that it is a victory. Queen Seon Deok is thrill to hear the news. Kim Chun Chu reports that Supreme Commander Kim Yu Shin has defeated Baekje General Chil Gyeong’s army

Sang Jang Gun is Supreme Commander or Field Marshall, a step higher than a General. Technically in modern South Korean military, it will be the title Wonsu which is the highest military rank in Republic of Korea armed forces & is combined equivalent to a Filed Marshall, Fleet Admiral & Air Marshall in other nation. The rank is senior to that of Dae Jang. Wonsu only exist on paper & has never been held by an office of the South Korean Armed Forces

Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yong Chun congratulate Queen Seon Deok for the victory. Queen Seon Deok queries how did Kim Chun Chu arrives long before the courier. Joo Bang whisper to Queen Seon Deok that

Joo Bang: Lord Chun Chu, recently it seems to enjoy equestrian pleasure, these days

Queen Seon Deok smiles at her nephew improvement. Kim Chun Chu said that Kim Yu Shin & his army are entering to return to Seorabeol as they speak. Go Do enters as he shouts to path the way as the crowd gather at side lines to cheer longevity. All seems to have grown facial hair. Kim Yu Shin & Wyol Ya rides in on horseback. Wyol Ya tells that Kim Yu Shin’s popularity is ever increasing by the days

Your popularity is increasing by the day. Kim Yu Shin said that a military man’s glory is in the battlefield he fights & not the parade on a market but however Kim Yu Shin enquires why he doesn’t see Daedaegam Seo Ji, he should be the 1st to greet them. Wyol Ya said that Seo Ji didn’t participate in this campaign; he may be hiding & sulking in disappointment

Daedaegam is equivalent to a Commandant

Seo Ji is taken & confine to Sa Ryeong Bu’s lock up as Seo Ji shouting for attention that is there anyone listening to him

Sa Ryeong Bu is Auditor General. But the way it looks it is now similar to look like an internal security policing force or the Ministry of State security

Bi Dam & Yeom Jong meets with their garrison as San Tak leads the garrison given them their attendance. Bi Dam now has the famous facial hair in the poster. Bo Jong comes running to Bi dam to hand him a document as Bi Dam takes & read. Bo Jong explains that it is the notes on Heuk Chi emissary & the Ministry Foreign Affairs their expenditure & movements of the place visited & the people they met

Heuk Chi Guk is the old name for Philippines. It is fashion of dyeing one’s teeth black. It was most popular in Japan until the Meiji era knows as Ohaguro, as well as in the southeastern parts of China & South East Asia indicating the Philippines as per the description given. Heuk Chi country literally black teeth country was mentioned it a book Shan Hai Ching (山海经); literally “Collection of the Mountains and Seas” & consist of 18 chapter. In chapter 6 (海外南經) “Classic of Regions Beyond the Seas: South” this Heuk Chi Guk was mentioned that the population had black teeth

Yeong Gyeok Bu is Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bi Dam asked about Lord Sueulbu. Bo Jong said that he been subpoena to come for questioning but however he is still a Daedeung, will it be appropriated that Bi Dam conduct the questioning procedures himself. BI Dam agrees & he will head there. Lord Sueulbu looks anxious in the questioning room of Ministry of Audit. Bi dam comes in to show him 2 accounting ledger & Sueulbu is surprise. Bi dam that they has found 2 different set of contradicting ledgers at the public accountant for the expenditure of the Ministry of Merits

Sang Sa Su is the public accountant department that monitor public spending

Lord Sueulbu has denied the he has no prior knowledge, is that what he is now testifying. Lord Sueulbu said that it is very difficult to verify the war dead & there are some misdemeanours in filing for merit & death gratuity payment that might has some confusion over the management of it. Bi Dam said that they least he can do is to go to the said battle field & dig around their grave for verification in order to give accurate accounts. Who did this task assign to that has made a complete mess of the matter, would it that the Ministry of Merit are siphon off funds from the treasury. Lord Sueulbu said that there is no such incident that they are siphoning money

I suppose with proper management of funds, Queen Seon Deok was able to build her many Buddhist temples & pagodas during her reign

Bi Dam said that the men who died at war for the sake of their country must be justify to compensated in death gratuity for their sacrifices to country & it that way, soldier will have fidelity to their country that they are fighting for. Bi Dam tells that reforms must start from top to bottom & relief aid must starts from bottom to top, this is what Queen Seon Deok intent. Bi Dam asked whether Lord Sueulbu is clear on the matter. Lord Sueulbu understands

Jin Hyul is relief as in aid

Bi Dam meets his staff at the Ministry of Audit. Seol Won Rang reports that they has establish to audit offices to oversee the construction of 2 new temple project of Gameunsa & Bong Deok Sa & they has appointed inspector to be in charge of the construction project

Gameun temple is located in Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbukdo

Bong Deok temple is located in An Seong city in Gyeonggi

Bi Dam asked both the inspector in charge to ask them to report on the inventory of the material use for the construction. Seol Won Rang acknowledged. Bi Dam then asked about the courier pigeon from Goguryeo has it arrived

Jeo Seo Gu is courier pigeon

Yeom Jong said that it has, the situation in Goguryeo is seemly unusual from the ordinary. There is a General Daedaero, who is interim as Premier, it looks like there is a revolt is happening in the midst. Bi Dam asked that more deeper research into the matter is require & revert once available

Daedaero is the Governor of the Western Province of Goguryeo is none other than Yeon Gaesomun (AD 603 – 666), was a powerful and controversial military dictator and Generalissimo during the waning days of Goguryeo. In history he is also a controversial historical figure that Chinese, Japanese & Korean historian has contradicting view point on him. In AD 642, he stage a revolt kills King Yeongnyu of Goguryeo & seize power then put up a puppet ruler King Bojang (AD 642-668), nephew of the dead King. Yeon Gaesomun managed to resist the attack from 1st the Tang Dynasty in AD 645 then another attack of the Tang-Silla Alliance in AD 662. Both Tang & Silla continues to have invasion attack over 8 years & it was not until AD 676 that Silla has the Unified Korean under her rule as then Tang was occupying force in Goguryeo after AD668 & all this comes only after Yeon Gaesomun’s death

Bi Dam asked whether Seo Ji has confess to anything. Bo Jong said that he still refuses to speak. Seol Won Rang asked isn’t this today that Kim Yu Shin has returns from war, he will soon finds this out at once. Yeom Jong said that they still have no substantial evidence or proof to stated otherwise & this is mere speculation on suspicion. Bi Dam asked where is Kim Yu Shin now. Bi Dam will like to go & congratulate on his triumph from war. Yeom Jong said that Queen Seon Deok has given an extravagant banquet to commemorate the victory, he should be there is attendance. Yeom Jong adds that as Kim Yu Shin enter the capital, the people cheers & roar long live Kim Yu Shin’s army. Bi Dam queries on what is Kim Yu Shin’s army as he question how can within Silla exist a Kim Yu Shin’s army, there is only Queen Seon Deok’s army. Bi Dam throws his plume fan & leaves. Bi Dam carries a baton of office although I think it is rather European as they meet each other & Yeom Jong greets Kim Yu Shin.

Bi Dam greets Kim Yu Shin & congratulated his victory & embraces Kim Yu Shin & tells that he must had a hard time. Kim Yu Shin said on the contrary that Bi Dam has a harder task in handle the administration of the country. Bi Dam brushes it off that it can’t be compare to Kim Yu Shin’s, he is just working behind the scene. Bi Dam asked a person that returns from war, is making jokes at Bi Dam’s expense. Kim Yu Shin laughs, how can he possible do that. Bi Dam said that how is the situation of the Baekje army led by Yoon Chung. Kim Yu Shin sigh that he is indeed a remarkable fame strategist. The war field of Baekje can’t be underestimated. Bi Dam asked whether Kim Yu Shin has audience with Queen Seon Deok. Kim Yu Shin said that he is on his way out her chamber just now & asked that Bi Dam too is seeking audience with Queen Seon Deok. Bi Dam confirms then after some rest, he will prepare a drinking banquet to celebrate Kim Yu Shin victory from the war & will meet later. Kim Yu Shin said they will do just that. Kim Yu Shin & his entourage leaves. Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin develop a chill tension

Bi Dam reports to Queen Seon Deok that it seems Baekje King Buyeo Jang’s illness is more serious than 1st thought. This time campaign, it is Crown Prince Uija who has participated & is expected to ascend the throne is a fact. Queen Seon Deok said that Kim Yu Shin has the same concerns about the matter with the concurring thoughts. Queen Seon Deok said they must devise a strategic planning to deal with the logistics from the large to the small of inventory of military & supplies to increase security at the borders must be report to her at once. Bi Dam acknowledged Queen Seon Deok instruction, Bi Dam said the next he will like to discuss about their audit of surveillance. Bi Dam tells that there are strong possibility that that Lord Sueulbu, Lord Jwa Yeon…& Yi Chan Su Mun might be siphoning off funds. Queen Seon Deok asked if there is any proof. IB dam said that there none to substantial the fact but Bi Dam had given them a staunch reminder, so he thinks that it will cease. Queen Seon Deok said that to pass if it is just a 1/10 fraction of their yearly salary but anything above that margin, arrest them. Bi Dam acknowledge that the next on the agenda is there is an issue at hand that he doesn’t know how to go about it….Queen Seon Deok in thoughts

Kim Yu Shin having a victory celebration with his men as they relay about Go Do’s incident at the battle field about rocks were falling off a cliff in Mount Yeong Jong…& Go Do went to stop them all like a human shield & if it wasn’t for him, they all would have died. Kim Yu Shin offer a toast to praise to Go Do for his brave selfless action

Go Do is now rank as Daedaegam equivalent to Commandant.

Go Do thank the drink offered by Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin said that no matter how time has flies how could someone tremendously change so much. Joo Bang said that it happened on that fateful day that everything changed. Kim Yu Shin acknowledge Joo Bang’s arrival with San Tak as Joo bang greets Kim Yu Shin & congratulate them on their victory. Kim Yu Shin brush off what is there to congratulate. Dae Pung offer Joo bang a seat

Joo Bang is now Dae Sa, it is an official ranking of 3rd grade

San Tak asked that only Joo Bang gets a seat, what about him, he is also an official in the Ministry of Audit & asked why don’t they reserve him a seat for him. Guk San Heun said what is that a small fry from Audit…something. San Tak explains the Ministry’s important responsibility & that they answer directly to Queen Seon Deok to them who is acting ignorant about San Tak’s existence. Although San Tak said that he is at the bottom of the organisation chart in his designation but he can’t be sideline & San Tak demands for his seating. San Tak asked Go Do should acknowledge him & greet him cordially. Go Do asked whether it is protocol that A Commandant in the Ministry of Military Affairs needs to greet a staff of Ministry of Audit. San Tak question their boycott attitude & asked what is bugging Go Do. Joo Bang said that it is because of that fateful day

Dae Pung queries what with that fateful day. Joo Bang address Go Do properly with his rank asked who was the person who is responsible in awaken his sense of realisation, wasn’t it the day that they help Queen Seon Deok to escape from the palace & who brought out the idea that Go Do menacingly swinging that huge log & who might that person be. Go D tries to change the subject by offering toast & stop wasting time talking about nonsense. Joo bang laugh that Go Do tries to be serious & stop his charade & calls his idiot then Joo Bang goes on step by step details of the whole scenario for entertainment at Go Do expense. Kim Yu Shin asked why Wyol Ya is nowhere to be seen. Guk San Heun inform that Wyol Ya can’t finds Seo Ji around & went out to look for him as Kim Yu Shin drinks.

Queen Seon Deok with Bi Dam as Queen Seon Deok queries whether Bi Dam is laying suspicion on Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam said except for Queen Seon Deok he suspect everyone & he also does this on himself as isn’t it his designation of responsibilities to put everybody under suspicion & scrutinise. Bi Dam pleas for her consent. Queen Seon Deok asked when it comes to that sensitive; Bi Dam must be prudent in his action. Bi Dam assures that he exercise prudent when he analyse & suspect someone. Queen Seon Deok said that it must be a hardcore evidence of proof. Bi Dam said as of yet he hasn’t have any substantial. Queen Seon Deok said that therefore she can’t give her consent but he can carry out this investigation further

Mi Saeng stops his nephew Ha Jong from drinking anymore. Ha Jong said that Mi Saeng is really at peace with herself & he could guess that Mi Saeng would, since he retain his former portfolio as Minister of Rites & nothing has been drastically altered for him. Mi Saeng asked Ha Jong does he look like he is really happy & enjoying this, it is because that he has more than 100 children that force him to survive that depends on him,

Yae Bu Ryeong is the Ministry of Rites

Ha Jong claims that one has to carry on living as today is the death anniversary of my father’s death, even if we carry on, we need to drink to drown the sadness. Ha Jong weeps how on earth did they end up in this mess & predicament. Ha Jong said that this is really misery. Ha Jong asked Mi Saeng to give it some thought, although Mi Saeng is in no mood to listen to his drunk nephew complaints he is much older than Bi Dam & Bo Jong & he is the eldest

We don’t know when Se Jong passed away

Mi Saeng said that is an old saying, flower will bloom in just 10 days, means that how splendour the flower are deem to go through the process bloom & wither in a short span. Ha Jong complaints that the younger siblings are no match with him. Then look at the matter, even Kim Yu Shin is now some Supreme Commander & his fame is exploring. Mi Saeng offer drink to shut up his nephew

Bi Dam gather his garrison & order that they shall arrest all of them tonight & everybody is given their allocation of responsibility. Bi dam said that they might have receive some information on this in regards & might go into hiding, so they must do this simultaneously as the garrison acknowledge & Bi Dam order them to proceed. Yeom Jong passes the badges to them. Bo Jong in the name of Ministry of Audit to asked the people to follow them back to the ministry of Audit. The person is carry away. Bo Jong pass through the Hwa Rang captain as Baek Eui asked isn’t that Bo Jong. Phil Dan confirms that it is indeed & what is the Ministry of Audit’s doing in late night activities. Baek Eui said that currently the Ministry of Audit are acting like lawless bandits & Bi Dam is abusing Queen Seon Deok’s favour. Phil Dan warns that there might eavesdroppers in their midst. Deok Chung said that at this time, they must exercise caution as the wiser choice. Baek Eui understands

Kim Yu Shin’s garrison during night exercise when Ministry of Audit comes to take one of the soldiers. Kim Yu Shin is inform that Seo Ji is arrested by Ministry of Audit. Dae Pung said they don’t know the reason that he is being held in Ministry of Audit. Go Do said when the Ministry of Audit wants to arrest someone, do they need to justify a reason to do so. Guk San Heun concurs that their arrogance in showing off that badge of theirs & arrest you. Kim Yu Shin scolds them on their petty prattles; they are acting under Queen Seon Deok jurisdiction & command & that if he is found to be innocent then he will soon release & assures his men. Al Cheon cadres said that he is a personnel from the Ministry of Military Affairs & plea with Kim Yu Shin to have a talk with Bi Dam on the matter. Go Do concurs that Kim Yu Shin needs to personally has direct talks with Bi Dam as this matter involves the morale & dignity of the Ministry of Military Affairs. Dae Pung said that the Ministry of Audit recently has been showing bias towards them as the others agree that the Ministry are acting like lawless hoodlums. Kim Yu Shin asked how do they want to response to this. Then Lieutenant Chan Gi comes in late & asked what is going on here as he missing the early segment of the discussion. Al Cheon’s cadre brought him up with the update as Seo Ji has been arrest by Ministry of Audit. Chan Gi gets a shock that Seo Ji being arrested as Kim Yu Shin asked whether he know or ware any further details to the matter. Chan Gi brushes of as nothing & tell that it may a huge misunderstanding. Chang Gi leaves but he is corner by Ministry of Audit arresting officer.

Yeom Jong waits for his guard to bring back the suspects for questioning then the suspects demands what is going on here & must tell them what crimes are they being charged for. Yeom Jong affirms that they will certainly investigate in order to know, if you are innocent, that there would be any cause to be alarm, so please be rest assures render your cooperation & support. Suspect drag to be question in individual interrogating rooms

Kim Yu Shin goes to Bi Dam over the matter & asked doesn’t he has knowledge what Seo Ji’s character is like, what wrong had he done that warrant his arrest & queries as Bi Dam apologise that this is the matter of Ministry of Audit & Ministry of Audit answer to Queen Seon Deok & he will report anything to anybody else but however BI Dam assures Kim Yu Shin’s concerns that Bi Dam will never allow to wrong an innocent person to happened on his Ministry & it never had. Kim Yu Shin is clear on that. Bi Dam said if the situation doesn’t arise to be unexpected, the Ministry of Audit will not arrest people for questioning. The after they concluded the investigation & finds no evidence they will release in due course. Kim Yu shin said that he nearly allow his personal sentiment to cloud his judgement, that it is because he is my subordinate that he so concern & asked for Bi Dam understanding. Bi Dam smiles that he has been accused many times by putting people into bad light as well but what can he do, this is what duty calls. Kim Yu Shin said that is was overly anxious that he shouldn’t have come & will leave Bi Dam to carry on his responsibilities & excuse himself. Kim Yu Shin leaves Bi Dam ministry but he is not all that convince

Al Cheon sees Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin asked Al Cheon whether he is comfortable as Commander of the Royal Household guards Al Cheon tells his designation is lackadaisical & there is nothing to rave as time passes like a limp. Kim Yu Shin said that it hears Al Cheon’s grievances that he misses the battlefield & wishes he could return to them. Al Cheon said that what Kim Yu Shin is correct as with Baekje threatening our frontiers, there only assigned him to take charge of security in the capital that it unsettles his urges. Kim Yu Shin said that Al Cheon voice grievance that he had bring up to Queen Seon Deok to be extra caution that he is concealing too much resentment. Al Cheon hisses at Kim Yu Shin as Kim Yu Shin said he was kidding around & leaves

Yeom Jong reports to Bi Dam that all suspects has been arrested & awaiting for questioning. BI Dam asked whether one of them has been locked up. Yeom Jong confirms but he was wondering then finds what is Bi Dam drawing. Bi Dam said that it has been a long while seen he has use this scripts that it is now his memory of it has gone fuzzy

Bi Dam is writing a font called the Oracle Bone script (甲骨文) is one of the oldest known form of the Chinese language. It dates back 4,800 years around the Shang Dynasty (circa BC1200 – 1050). Most of the script was craved on tortoise shell & ox scapulas bones. Paper & Ink wasn’t invented then. Hence the name is called bone script, but it is commonly known as Oracle bone scripts because some of the object these script was craved believe to contain oracles. I do wish that they should observe a proper & correct way in handling the writing brush. It is most definitely not how you hold the current style of a pen

Bi Dam said that it is completed & asked Yeom Jong what does this look like. Yeom Jong see it as said it looks like encrypted code. Bi Dam confirms it & it is these codes are that of the Gaya people frequent use script text for relaying their messages. Yeom Jong asked how did Bi Dam learn & know how to use this script. Bi Dam said that he has once in time commonly used this script. Yeom Jong was surprise

One must understand that Moon Noh is from Gaya. Moon Noh born AD 538 was the son of Princess Mun Hwa Royal Princess of Dae Gaya Royal household (transcript from Hwarang Segi) in Episode 31 then married Lord Geochilbu’s daughter

Bi Dam recalls the time he caught hold of Bo Gya Hoe’s men & was carry a message written in Oracle Bone script & he is surprise that he recognise it was the same script that his teacher & him had used in the encrypted code in their correspondence as he reads Bo Gya Hoe’s name. Bi Dam said to let the game begin

Bi Dam goes to question a Soldier who is suspected who is Jong Geum to the member of Bo Gya Hoe, he put his own oracle bone script note in front of the suspect as he question whether he know a person by the name Chan Gi as Jong Geum doesn’t look too sure as Bi Dam said that in their set up of their so called organisation, there are not aware of one another. Jong Geum asked why he is being question. Bi Dam said that this note was written by Chan Gi. Jong Geum looks at it & asked what is this note all about. Bi Dam smiles that he should know how to read that note, why the charade. Bi Dam asked him to try & read the note. In the next room Chan Gi can’t make out the questioning from next door of Bi Dam discussion trying eavesdropping at the wall & he can’t hear the conversation & it is really frustrating.

This is the days before the CCTV & Sound Mics & of course the famous observation mirror

Bi Dam comes in to his room & tells that the person in the next room Jong Geum has confesses to everything. Bi Dam building a rapport with Chan Gi to say that in their so called organisation they might know the identity of their members. Bi Dam show the timid commandant his own written notes to tell that this was written by Jong Geum & it looks like this is the end of the road & asked him to confess & own up. Timid commandant said he doesn’t understand what Bi Dam is implying. Bi Dam takes the note & tells that the note reads what Jong Geum has confesses. It say “Ga Ya Il Chon”

Ga Ya Il Chon means that Gaya united under one existence

Bi Dam said that Gaya is one front

Queen Seon Deok with Kim Yu Shin as she praised him for being magnificent. Everybody has praise excellence & outstanding for Kim Yu Shin & his army for great achievement. Kim Yu Shin said that it is from his colleagues in his cadre corps that backbone of the army & contribute a steadfast resolve in effort. Kim Yu Shin said that in honest truth, there is nothing excellent about him. Queen Seon Deok has notice that all of them has gone through great changes especially Go Do Hyungnim that become what he is now, it could have never been imagine before. Kim Yu Shin concurs that Go Do constantly come up with matter that surprises him. In the battlefield, Go Do achievement & contribution are massive. Queen Seon Deok smiles as she enquire about Wyol Ya & Seo Ji. Kim Yu Shin said that they now ready to lead & command their own garrison to battle & it will not be a problem. Kim Yu Shin tells that they could be future candidates to take on as Supreme Commander.

Queen Seon Deok has her doubts that Kim Yu Shin has place too much trust in them. Kim Yu Shin agrees that if he can’t give his divine trust in this comrades of arms, how would he able to entrust his life to them in the field of battle. Queen Seon Deok asked indeed it is so. Kim Yu Shin asked whether Queen Seon Deok doesn’t shared same opinion to the matter Is that not the case. Queen Seon Deok said how could that be

Queen Seon Deok: I, Deok Man has the utmost & steadfast trust in Lord Yu Shin

Jong Geum is put with another suspect as he asked perhaps he is….when Jong Geum hushes him to keep quiet from talking. Jong Geum marked the Yuk Ran Gwi as the suspect recognise as the 6 egg turtle as Jong Geum nods as the suspect asked Jong Geum what on earth is happening

Yuk Ran Gwi is Gaya’s state emblem. Yuk Ran Gwi is the state emblem according to a legend recorded in the Samguk Yusa, in the year AD 42, 6 eggs descended from the heaven with message that they would be kings. Six boys were born, and within 12 days they grew mature. One of them, named Suro, became the king of Geumgwan Gaya, and the other five founded the other five Gayas, namely Daegaya, Seongsan Gaya, Ara Gaya, Goryeong Gaya & Sogaya. So the representation that the symbol that look like a turtle holding 6 eggs within it symbolise the 6 Gayas. Wyol Ya belongs to Daegaya, while Kim Yu Shin’s family comes from Geumgwan Gaya. This was from Episode 26

Jong Geum asked the suspect which branch of Bo Gya Hoe’s organisation does the suspect belongs to. The suspect replies East Market. The suspect has no knowledge on is happening here & not clear what is going on. Jong Geum said that they must alert other members that evade the arrest to notify about their predicament. The suspect said that one of them should escape from here. The suspect has an idea & asked if this will work. Then the suspect whisper to Jong Geum his plan. Jong Geum said that it is worth a try

Then Jong Geum tells the guard that it is over & asked the gate to be open, then the suspect looks like has been con, as the suspect gets a shock to see Bi Dam & Yeom Jong praising Jong Geum that he had done well. Jong Geum is a mole place by Yeom Jong as a bait & lure the suspect from revealing the truth. Bi Dam confront the suspect to asked didn’t he told them he doesn’t have any knowledge & invited him to start a fresh with the questioning. Suspect knew that he been duped

Kim Yu Shin leaves Queen Seon Deok as she looks at him at a distance with Al Cheon at her side. Al Cheon tells that Kim Yu Shin is someone to entrust faith in that Kim Yu Shin had matured to be of a great posture & his army is the core of their nation. Each time he recalls the battle of Ah Mak fortress that the essence of time pay testimonial to a person

The battle of Ah Mak fortress was mentioned in Episode 10

Queen Seon Deok tells Al Cheon that she will go to the Ministry of Audit. Al Cheon is surprise of her destination as she should be going to retire in her chambers & what is the reason. Queen Seon Deok said that she must meet with Bi Dam. Meanwhile Bi Dam comes out from the questioning session as Yeom Jong asked how can going to g about this. Bi Dam tells that he must meet with Queen Seon Deok & leaves

Kim Seo Hyeon with his family voicing that Bi Dam & his Ministry of Audit is now the talk of the town for idle gossips & rumours. Princess Man Myeong adds that it is especially of late & most of it is filled with grievances & resentment. Kim Yu Shin said that Queen Seon Deok initially from the beginning the reason for Queen Seon Deok to placed Bi Dam in charge of Ministry of Audit was to pull all Mi Shil’s manpower resource to efficient use & also to act as a monitoring device to suppress them. Kim Seo Hyeon said that whether it has successful suppress them or they have absorbed & incorporate to become Bi Dam’s faction, it is still have yet to seen or proven. Kim Yu Shin said that the method of their operations will perhaps will arouse public’s misunderstanding but however Kim Yu Shin assures his parent that Bi Dam doesn’t hold ulterior motive in matter. Then Go Do announce his arrival that he wants to see Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin invites him in & wonder why the late visit. Go Do, Dae Pung & Guk San Heun comes in to bow in greeting but looks rather hasten. Go Do informs that Lieutenant Chan Gi has been arrest by Ministry of Audit

Su Gam is a rank of a Lieutenant

Kim Yu Shin is surprise by the news. Guk San Heun said that Chan Gi has just came back fresh from the battlefield but however what is going on, this is really unfair treatment. GO Do said that Ministry of Audit is get too out of hand with their tactics. Dae Pung said that Kim Yu Shin must act & he can’t stand by & sit idle to watch this matter happening without stepping in. Guk San Heun said that it is not solely Ministry of Military affairs but there is from Ministry of Rites and Taxation, the Royal Cuisine, the Provincial Governors’ Administration…they have pull up as many people without giving account to the law. Kim Seo Hyeon said that he will attend court & investigate the detail over the matter

Wyol Ya is inform that people like Chan Gi, Jong Geum, Ilju, Do Geon, Yong Ha…has been all arrested as the informer confirms that they are now being held in the Ministry of Audit for questioning. Wyol Ya asked what crime was they being apprehended for. Informer has no idea but the people who are arrested seems to be….Wyol Ya asked whether it is in regards to when Seo Ji was being held by them, he only thought it was a just mistake. Informer acknowledge but then as this situation has come to this stage, wouldn’t it by now has found out something or rather. Wyol Ya understands & asked the informer to be extra caution. Wyol Ya walking then finds that he is surrounded by the officer of Ministry of Audit as Yeom Jong comes in

The disgruntle former Hwa Rang Captain to voice their complaint with Kim Yu Shin as Kim Yu Shin asked whether it is in regards Ministry of Audit. Deok Chung confirms & said that Bi Dam is abuse his power of office & it has now exceed the limited of tolerance. Al Cheon cadre said as he sees it, that Bi Dam might be doing this to suppress with Kim Yu Shin increasing influence. Deok Chung said that Queen Seon Deok must be brought to understand this situation & asked whether Kim Yu Shin should relay & make know to Queen Seon Deok about this oppressing matter. Im Jong concurs before the matter get out of hand that they need to hasten to curb it

Kim Yu Shin walks out to see Queen Seon Deok when he sees Wyol Ya being surrounded by Yeom Jong & the officer from Ministry of Audit as Wyol Ya is upset for being held up. Yeom Jong showing the badge of Ministry of Audit that asked whether he is refusing to adhere to Ministry of Audit. Wyol Ya said that he is the Hwa jang Gun in the Ministry of Military Affairs, if he wants to arrest him then asked Auditor General to come personally to warrant his arrest. Yeom Jong asked Wyol Ya to please comply to the instructions

Hwa Jang Gun is the rank of Brigadier General

Kim Yu Shin step in to asked what is going on there. Wyol Ya greets Kim Yu Shin. Yeom Jong said that they have a warrant issue by Bi Dam to escort Wyol Ya to the Ministry of Audit for investigation. Kim Yu Shin asked what is the offense that Wyol Ya has committed. Yeom Jong said that he is no position to divulge any further details & therefore can’t answer that query. Wyol Ya voice his complaints that which world where is such matter can allow this to happened. Yeom Jong said that this is the law & if Wyol Ya defy the law then he will has to be impede in front of Queen Seon Deok. Yeom Jong vouched that Ministry of Audit has never proven the innocents as guilty & assures them if they investigate & finds there is nothing of any wrongdoing them what possible can happened

Joo bang with Kim Chun Chu telling that Ministry of Audit having a field day last night arresting people from this Ministry to that Ministry & the atmosphere in the palace is in total chaos especially many of them came from the Ministry of Military Affairs. Joo Bang said that the friction of this incident has cause Ministry of Audit & Ministry of Military Affairs to worsen with anxiety. Kim Chun Chu said that they don’t know the source of where the reason lies in conducting this exercise but without Queen Seon Deok’s consent, Ministry of Audit will never done matter on its own devices

Kim Chun Chu later Kim Taejong Muyeol was said to be a great diplomat having his travels span from China to Japan. Kim Chun Chu is a person who takes his time & patience to see how matter unfolds itself as he tends to wait & see. In times like this Kim Chun Chu exceedingly cautious in his later years, calculating not win all of his battles, but he win those that counted. He may also a calculating political gambler & furthermore, Kim Chun Chu may be a man who seemed to have a sweeping vision & the ability to win a game-slowly but steadily, and with no doubt in the outcome as discuss his argument with Joo Bang. This personality reading of the Kim Chun Chu in this drama is entirely mine

Joo Bang said let that they sense & speculate that they were operating on Queen Seon Deok’s consent that they didn’t acted in rogue. Kim Chun Chu said that the matter lies that Ministry of Audit as not acted against their boundary of responsibility & it will be the same situation that Kim Yu Shin will have to face. The problem may lies that if they both parties can’t finds any misdemeanour & didn’t go against their principles why is it creating a sense of disagreement in the atmosphere. Joo Bang asked what matter of reasoning & consideration did Queen Seon Deok had to had give her approval of consent. Kim Chun Chu asked Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin to whom her balance of trust will tilt its balance to

Yeom Jong escorting Wyol Ya when Go Do & Im Jong block their passage as Yeom Jong calls his enforcement. Al Cheon cadre asked how is that they are arresting Wyol Ya. Yeom Jong asked Im Jong are they interfering with the business of Ministry of Audit. Im Jong asked to convey to them what is the reason for this to say it to let them comprehend. Im Jong queries why the many arrest of personnel from the Ministry of Military Affairs last night that includes Seo Ji & now Wyol Ya & asked what are they scheming behind the scenes. Yeom Jong question “scheme”. Go Do scream for an explanation from Yeom Jong what charges are their colleagues in for. Go Do only gets a shout at name called Go Do a hog & what with that attitude of his. Go Do is upset as said he is also Commandant & it government ranking they are on par. Yeom Jong shouts at Go Do as Go Do want to land his fist at Yeom Jong when Kim Yu Shin walks in to asked them to stop & stand down & asked them to leave this place at once. Im Jong persist but Kim Yu Shin assures them that he will have a word with Bi Dam over the matter. It is wrong that they taking matter withy their own hands & order them to be dismiss. Im Jong & Go do obey & leaves

Kim Yu Shin with Bi Dam & tells him that the atmosphere in the place is stirring up grievance & resentment against Bi Dam & his Ministry, does he understand. Bi Dam said that monitoring & audit, this method has always created & naturally will have incurs resentment among the people. Kim Yu Shin queries what charge is Wyol Ya being charge for. Bi Dam said no matter which office or portfolio, he has managed matter correctly & in fairness. BI Dam will not use personal friendship to do otherwise in favours to the Ministry of military affairs. Kim Yu Shin argues that they are the army who just came back from the battlefield & have Bi Dam give any consideration what this does to the his army’s morale. BI Dam queries army morale or is it not Yu Shin’s army’s morale. Bi Dam said that he is doing under Queen Seon Deok’s consent, if he doubtful that Kim Yu Shin may refer this matter to Queen Seon Deok & asked her personally to appease his doubts to the matter

Queen Seon Deok in her moments of contemplating & meditating as Al Cheon comes in to say Kim Yu Shin announce his arrival & will like to seek audience. Queen Seon Deok asked he may enter as Al Cheon leaves to escort Kim Yu Shin in. Queen Seon Deok tells that he is here. Kim Yu Shin to forgive his insolence but Wyol Ya has been arrested by Ministry of Audit. The Ministry of Audit has said that they acted upon Queen Seon Deok’s consent. Kim Yu Shin dare to asked Queen Seon Deok why did Wyol Ya deserve to warrant for his arrest & on what charges. Kim Yu Shin said that if his subordinates has committed an offense that it is naturally that he should be the person to be held accountability. Kim Yu Shin asked Queen Seon Deok what is Wyol Ya being charge for & his suspicion that warrant his arrest. Kim Yu Shin said that Wyol Ya is a ranking officer in the Silla army that just return from war

Queen Seon Deok: Wyol Ya… must forsake him….No….you need …Gaya forsake…Gaya discard

Kim Yu Shin is taken aback as Al Cheon looks at Kim Yu Shin

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty what have you just implied in saying this?

Queen Seon Deok gets up from her seat & turns to Kim Yu Shin

Queen Seon Deok: Lord Yu Shin. I have already decree & established laws prohibiting by law to prejudice & discriminate against people of Gaya descend & render favours the Gaya descendants to accord them with important administrative posting & designation & then return them their former land rights & makes extra consideration on their suffering during those time & exempted levies from them to better their quality of life….Were you not aware of that?

Kim Yu Shin: I am well aware. But…why do you need to bring up that remark by saying…

Queen Seon Deok: My Silla subject has been render equality & fairness from my reign, as long as during my reign; I will proceed with this agenda. But however….why is it…..

Kim Yu Shin: Wouldn’t it be perhaps…perhaps….Your Majesty……

Queen Seon Deok: Therefore…why is it….. Bo Gya Hoe is still active in their underground resistance activities

Kim Yu shin is shock

Queen Seon Deok: Did you affirm that it has been deactivate & absorb into army under Ministry of Military affairs?

Kim Yu Shin: Then the people who are arrested last night by Ministry of Audit…..all of them

Queen Seon Deok: Yes. They were all Bo Gya Hoe’s organisation members, planted as moles. The leader of their organisation of course none other than Wyol Ya

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty!

Queen Seon Deok: Lord Yu Shin……Gaya….You must…please forsake

Meanwhile Mi Shil’s faction is analyse the situation as Ha Jong asked what if Kim Yu Shin really forsake Gaya & what then. Seol Won Rang guess that Kim Yu Shin will never able to discard Gaya. Mi Saeng said that Kim Yu Shin foundation base that got his so far is the base & foundation of Gaya & on the contrary to asked him to discard Gaya now or even to neglect Wyol Ya who been arrest & not do a thing, in accords to Kim Yu Shin character & mannerism, it is highly unlikely he will do otherwise, he will in for a hard time. Seol Won Rang concurs that Gaya in the past was Kim Yu Shin mighty arsenal but now it is a arsenal that may backfire on him. Gaya descent are a group of destitute, how did she learn of it that it is still active. Seol Won Rang said for a people who has gone through being trampled for so long & then finds that they have been treated otherwise may stir up an uneasiness among them as they feel no sense of security but however to appease the uneasiness by deactivate the underground resistance is indeed not easy to realise. Ha Jong said that Bi Dam is indeed a frightening person to be reckon with. Bo Gya Hoe will be seen as a threat to national security, so it will justify his action in the matter of principle the he can do a personal attack on Kim Yu Shin. Ha Jong said that Bi Dam gradually resemble someone, the person that he now dearly miss. Seol Won Rang said that he too can see the resemblances. Mi Saeng said to Seol Won Rang asked will this stratagem succeed . Seol Won Rang said that Bi Dam handle this matter & play on the pretext that Kim Yu Shin will never forsake Gaya & then they have to see how Kim Yu Shin reacts, they just need to wait & watch

Return to Queen Seon Deok & Kim Yu Shin

Queen Seon Deok: Are you clear on the matter? Lord Yu Shin?

Kim Yu Shin kneels in front of Queen Seon Deok

Al Cheon: Sangjanggun?

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty…..If that is indeed the truth, then Wyol Ya has committed high treason but however…..for the long time that the Gaya descend has been harass & opress & treated with prejudice & discrimination, this is why he has deep innate anxiety & uneasiness that has reap this result & that he will never incite other intent

Queen Seon Deok looks at Kim Yu Shin

Kim Yu Shin: Your Majesty!…..Your Majesty….I dare to beg you…..the people of Gaya….

Queen Seon Deok is upset

Queen Seon Deok: The people of Gaya!!!!!…..In this world where on earth now comes the people of Gaya that you are in referral……Everybody can only be people of Silla….therefore my subject

KIm Yu SHin makes a drastic blunder

Kim Yu Shin: Your….. Majesty!…..Your Majesty!

Queen Seon Deok: Bi Dam!

Bi Dam comes to answer Queen Seon Deok call

Bi Dam: Yes.

As Bi Dam approaches

Bi Dam: Yes, Your Majesty….Did you want to see me?

Queen Seon Deok: How is the progress went?

Bi Dam; We have found Bo Gya Hoe new establishment & their leader is Wyol Ya. They have reveal themselves & w are eradicating Bo Gya Hoe’s moles from all Ministries

Bi Dam looks at the kneeling Kim Yu Shin

Bi Dam: Your Majesty….Auditor General wishes to raise a suggestion…if Wyol Ya is Bo Gya Hoe’s leader…it is adamant that we have to investigate Supreme Commander Kim Yu Shin’s relationship with him to find about the truth.

Kim Yu Shin looks at Bi Dam as Bi Dam smiles

Bi Dam: May Your Majesty accede to your imperial consent for our investigation in regards the Supreme Commander.

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