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Episode 57 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 57/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 57

Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of OST The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕) - 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 Wind Flower


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Synopsis/Summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 57

Swords is handed to Queen Seon Deok as she decrees

Queen Seon Deok Sangjanggun Kim Yu Shin.

Kim Yu Shin: Yes, Your Majesty!

Kim Yu Shin walks forwards to Queen Seon Deok

Queen Seon Deok: I shall reinstate you as Sangjanggun & confer my sword & accord to you with complete & absolute military authority for this campaign & commands you to protect Silla borders & land & to save Silla from danger

Bi Dam is disappointed that he can’t do that although he gave his assurances

Kim Yu Shin takes the sword from Queen Seon Deok

Kim Yu Shin: Sangjanggun Kim Yu Shin…will stake his life to fulfil with my utmost effort for Your Majesty command! But however Your Majesty that I have been charge on suspicion with involvement with Bo Gya Hoe

Kim Chun Chu tells that Bo Gya Hoe has been deactivated. Kim Yu Shin looks at a smiling Kim Chun Chu as Queen Seon Deok smiles but Bi Dam doesn’t look happy. Al Cheon comes running in that Wyol Ya has enters & waiting In Gang Jeon’s courtyard. Bi Dam looks at Queen Seon Deok to realise that she had a hand at this. Queen Seon Deok meets with Wyol Ya as he step up to hand over the register name list of all Bo Gay Hoe’s members to Queen Seon Deok & kneels before her with his Bo Ya Hoe. Wyol Ya tell her that this is Bo Gya Hoe’s register name list, Wyol Ya said that he swore his allegiance & fidelity to atone his misdeeds by staking his life to Silla & her glory. Lord Sueulbu said that this is Bo Gya Hoe, how can they believe their promise that they will render unyielding fidelity & don’t know whether how long this will stand before the revoke again. Queen Seon Deok said here after they will be a law accord in the future that the Gaya descent register has been discarded, no matter which district of Gaya descent there belong to will no longer exist & the prejudices to typecast you all as Gaya descent & the oppression will no longer be founded. Then for the future generation will never learn or recognise of this oppression. Queen Seon Deok will release all Bo Gya Hoe’s members from confinement. Queen Seon Deok throw the register in the flames & burns the Bo Gya Hoe register as Bi Dam sees it engulf in the flames. Queen Seon Deok declare there is no Gaya & the people of Gaya doesn’t exist as they are all Silla subject & all compeers. Queen Seon Deok asked them now to stake their lives to fight & bring security to save this nation Silla that is theirs to behold that they will harbour their future generation to come. Wyol Ya pledged his allegiance to protect Silla & Queen Seon Deok. Bo Gya Hoe chorus their allegiance to Silla. Kim Yu Shin is taken aback. Queen Seon Deok is pleased with the outcome that she finally has Gaya descent allegiance & fidelity. Bi Dam can’t believe that Queen Seon Deok pull off such a significant mission & furthermore outsmart him. Kim Chun Chu is pleased

It seems that the Sovereign & the future Sovereign know how to play the mind game on their subject & therefore they are the indeed the Ruling class. Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu carried out policy of reducing class and nationality contradictions to secure domestic peace in order to advance to their grandeur ambition. Kim Yu Shin is in sync with that ambition where else Bi Dam is a little in obscurity

Kim Yu Shin with Bi Dam as Bi Dam tell Kim Yu Shin that Queen Seon Deok for the sake to save Kim Yu Shin, risk her life on the face of perilous & vengeance of Bo Gya Hoe. Kim Yu Shin said that Queen Seon Deok has great understanding to the matter that is why she risked her life but it is not to save him. Kim Yu Shin has his doubts that Bi Dam may think it is otherwise for his sake that Queen Seon Deok did what she did then Kim Yu Shin said he really under estimate Bi Dam intelligence abilities that he could think matter as so far fetched. Bi Dam changed the subject that he had heard that the Baekje has the coverage of 80 ri distance pacing

Il Geo is the marching pace of an army per day

Kim Yu Shin confirms that he can’t believe that this is achievable rapidity in that pace that worries him. Bi Dam said that unless the horse are fitted with wings that it is an impossible pace to achieve but Kim Yu Shin said that this is witness in the battlefield. Bi Dam brushes that the rear guard couldn’t estimate the condition on the frontlines to have makes those assumption is baseless. Bi Dam said they must make it clear that this is impossible to begin with. Kim Yu Shin said it is none then why is Bi Dam telling him otherwise that he thought that Bi Dam might not wishes that Kim Yu Shin achieve meritorious merit. Bi Dam said that he personally doesn’t wish to see Kim Yu Shin achieve meritorious merit but however to say the least that he will hate Kim Yu shin even more if Kim Yu Shin were to fail. It is for the sake of Silla & Queen Seon Deok that he gives him some pointers. Bi Dam leaves

Go Do & the other commandant discussing & going through the logistics of the Baekje camps & the most probable area where the small tactical unit might be placed. Joo Bang comes in to give each of them an amulet. Dae Pung asked what is this. Joo Bang said this is “Pyeok Ju Muk. Joo Bang said for their sake, it was very hard to find so many to give them each & asked them to cherish it with them, it may help them to avoid arrows & blades of swords

Pyeok Chu Muk is an amulet or talisman that use to ward or scare off evil spirits. It is bamboo that is been naturally strike by lightning. This amulet are consider mantra that employed for warfare, like diverting enemies arrow or weaponry away from them

Joo Bang pleas to them to return back alive & they must do so & are they clear on that. Go Do holds to his given amulet

Kim Yu Shin with his army as he commands that they will defeat Baekje army & save their nation Silla & let them march as Silla army. Kim Yu Shin’s army cheers & rally their morale. Kim Chun Chu & Bi Dam overseeing this from a distance as Kim Chun Chu smiles while Bi Dam look rather sour. Kim Yu shin arrives in to the battlefield to see casualty as they pass by that look rather grim.

Kim Seo Hyeon report to Queen Seon Deok that Lord Jujin’s army suffer casualty defeat at Geumseongsan & now retreat to Nam Cheon. Lord Sueulbu said that Nam Cheon is near Amnyangju. Mi Saeng said that after Amnyangju, it will only take an hour to reach Seorabeol if should Amnyangju’s defence line is breach

Amnyangju is Gyeongsan in Gyeongsangbukdo

Ho Jae asked Queen Seon Deok that they must devise a counter plan to fend off this offensive. Then Bi Dam announce his audience. Bi Dam is holding a scroll then kneels before Queen Seon Deok that he is in charge of the nation security have a daring request to ask from Queen Seon Deok for contingency sake. Bi Dam hands the proposal to Queen Seon Deok to read that Bi Dam wants Queen Seon Deok to retreat to establish her residence elsewhere as his advice

Ba Cheon is a uproot or shift or a move to avoid something

Queen Seon Deok queries on the uproot to retreat to shelter residence as she reads the proposal & Bo Dam explains that this are the reports from Ministry of Audit of the Silla current situation that this is what they has gather & has propose a devised counter measure plans. When Daeya fortress was besieged they build 3 defences lines to prevent advancement & the contingency plans for Queen Seon Deok to retreat her to a shelter residence out of Seorabeol. Now that Baekje army is nearing Amnyangju, it will take them 38 period hours to reach Seorabeol

Sik Gyeon is period equivalent to 30 minutes. 38 periods is about 19 hours

Bi Dam said that they have arrange a conceal palace in Yul Po Heon for Queen Seon Deok & her entire administrative court move & shift to that stated residence as for Seorabeol, Bi Dam vouch that he will protect with his Ministry

Yul Po Heun is formerly Ulsan

Kim Seo Hyeon disagree & oppose that Queen Seon Deok can’t leave the capital, if she retreat to shelter somewhere else, it will create a chaos in morale for the people. Mi Saeng said that they are now referring is Amnyangju & if Amnyangju was to be breach there is no guarantee for Queen Seon Deok & Royal Household’s safety. Ha Jong concurs that it will be too late to uproot to any where if Amnyangju is breach. Kim Yong Chun is against that Queen Seon Deok retreat to a shelter residence that she must not leave Seorabeol. Mi Saeng said that Queen Seon Deok must leave to seek shelter as both faction quarrels over to go & not go to & giving Queen Seon Deok a headache

In Amnyangju Shilla Army Camp. Lord Jujin giving Kim Yu Shin the brief of the current situation that this is Baekje camp is but they already locate & investigating the small tactical units but yet still we have to finds out any status on the matter. Kim Yu Shin question whether this distance pace is really as Lord Jujin said their distance pacing is 80 ri & they can emerge from nowhere to sounded an attack but yet they can’t read when they will be mobilise & they still can’t be certain. Wyol Ya asked whether they are really that quick & is it possible that they can have that achievement. Lord Jujin confirm that this is true especially their Commandant of the small tactical unit is swift & remarkable tactician & astonished figure to be reckon. Kim Yu Shin asked whether he is the person who dons a crimson helmet. Lord Jujin confirm that he is indeed that person

Il Gun is distance pacing of a cavalry in a day

Seo Ji comes to look at his men who are wounded & asked what has happened & they replies that there are ghost & demon in Baekje army that they can just appear & vanish at a moment notice before their eyes. Seo Ji asked whether that is possible how can people appear & disappear at will. The soldier affirms & that why they said that they are ghost & demons especially the person in a crimson helmet. Kim Yu Shin reprimand Lord Jujin to said that the words ‘Ghost” must be taboo & not to be mentioned as this only spread fear among the troops morale. Lord Jujin said that he will pay more attention & take heed of the matter. Kim Yu Shin reiterate that in the battlefield that they are all human where can you finds ghosts & demon exist that his can’t be real. Wyol Ya said that their distance pacing is 80 ri that this is not nonsense but a state fact. The eyes witness reports are testifying from their 1st hand experience over the matter. Im Jong comes in to report that the small tactical units has been spotted. Kim Yu Shin asked where the location. Im Jong said that they are moving through Yeongido. Wyol ya said then they are cutting through the passage of Sangyujae. Im Jong said that Sangyujae is now where Go Do is setting up the defence lines

In Sangyujae, Gyebaek in the crimson helmet galloping through. No wonder they can cover 80 ri as they are on horseback. Go Do observe from the ridge & to say that it is him the crimson helmet. Guk San Heun asked how are going to proceed with this. Go Do asked that everybody should charge down there in attack but await his signal. Go Do ambushes Gyebaek with their booby traps as they throw boulder down the ridge as Go Do signal to release the boulders down the slopes then sound the charge & knocking off Baekje victims from their horses & addition more booby traps on the Baekje units from all direction as Go Do’s men charge towards the Baekje unit. Then Gyebaek sounds the retreat as they fled. Guk San Heun asked whether they need to pursue. Go Do said that Kim Yu Shin order them to hold & maintain the defence line. Go Do order to redo the defensive lines

Wyol Ya asked whether they should send reinforcements to Sangyujae. Kim Yu Shin said that they must be lure into to let the small tactical unit to dictate their pacing & it will be futile to pursue to give chase to those tactical units with those paces. At this present moment, that they must able to know what their true establishment that is the most important factor

Then at Sangyujae, Gyebaek & his small tactical units returns to meet with Go & his men as Dae Pung sound the alarm that it is Baekje army. Guk San Heun said how can they appear in that flank. Go Do orders an attack as Gyebaek & his men ride through Go Do & his men. Gyebaek dismount from his horse & his skilled is swift the goes to confront Go Do. Go Do carry the weapon of hammer. This weapon was traditionally used with brute force, as the strength needed to heft such weapons was considerable as Go Do tells that he will engage with Gyebaek & everybody step aside. Go Do takes his brute strength & hurls whack at Gyebaek but Gyebaek matches stroke with Go Do by using leverage to counter & neutralize the attack & overthrow Go Do onto the ground that caught Go Do by surprise & GO Do wonder if he is really not human. Yang Gil, Dae Pung & Guk San Heun calls to a stunned Go Do to retreat as their defenses line has been breach & they has to drag the shell shocked Go Do away

Kim Seo Hyeon reiterate his opposition over Queen Seon Deok uprooting herself from Seorabeol & this will brings down severely the morale of the troops & the population as Kim Yong Chun said that if they learn of the uprooting then this will instill a negative response. Princess Man Myeong tell that she is bold to say this could by any chance perhaps a stratagem from Bi Dam & his faction that conjure this devices. Queen Seon Deok said before they worry about if there is perhaps any deceptive stratagem, their priority is the security & the safety of Silla. Princess Man Myeong show her concern as Queen Seon Deok assures Princess Man Myeong that she will not abandon the capital or her subject to flee for her personal safety but still……

Mi Saeng discuss the logistics that if the Baekje army breaches through Amnyangju, the next will be Yeong Cheon & then after Yeong Cheon, it will be difficult to hold fort for Seorabeol. Yeom Jong said that he has deploy guard to protect the area. Bo Jong said that however Baekje army is 20,000 troop in might & if they breach Yeong Cheon then…Mi Saeng said this is why they need to uproot from the capital & that we must. Ha Jong comes in to agree that they need to convince Queen Seon Deok to uproot to seek shelter of refuge. Ha Jong said that if Kim Yu Shin fails then Queen Seon Deok is uproot from Seorabeol for her safety then the Ministry of Audit will posses Seorabeol then all of this world will be Bi Dam’s. Yeom Jong can’t believe that ha Jong can be so optimistic in this situation. Mi Saeng tell his nephew that this is for the future & it doesn’t concern then at this very moment. The priority to stop Baekje’s advancement. Bo Jong agrees that the fate of Silla depends on this outcome. Ha Jong said that who doesn’t know or denies that the fate of the nation lies on this events. Ha Jong said that there is golden opportunity that can be milked from crisis that Bi Dam can use this crisis to regain their former glory & this they have never taken to account. Bi Dam comes in & overhears Ha Jong then makes his presence know & tells Ha Jong that with the nation in dire consequences, he will not have any other intention of taking opportunity of this present. Ha Jing laughs that Bi dam no need to put up a front for them. Bi Dam expression tell him otherwise as Ha Jong slam his mouth that he understands & will have no further discussion on the matter. Bi Dam is worried for Queen Seon Deok & his ever bothersome faction

Yeong Cheon is southeast of Gyeongju (Seorabeol)

Kim Chun Chu advice that Queen Seon Deok goes to the shelter residence to seek refuge, Seorabeol, he will stay behind & hold fort. Queen Seon Deok said that she will not leave, but Kim Chun Chu needs to go to the shelter residence. If Seorabeol were to be breach & come under enemy hands then Kim Chun Chu must take up the command & lead a campaign to regain the capital he must lead their military operation against them. Kim Chun Chu said how can he leave via the back door from here while Queen Seon Deok remain in the capital, this is can’t bring himself to do. Queen Seon Deok said that their army is fighting for their lives on the battlefield, how could they learn or tell them that their Sovereign has fled from Seorabeol. Kim Chun Chu reminds Queen Seon Deok that her body is not of her own property, it belongs to this nation Silla. If Queen Seon Deok is at risk, so will be Silla. Queen Seon Deok reminds that Silla still have Kim Chun Chu. Kim Chun Chu fears that Seorabeol as Queen Seon Deok asked whether Kim Chun Chu has his fears that Seorabeol will fall into Bi Dam sole control. Kim Chun is silent to indicate it is affirmative. Queen Seon Deok assures him that she will be here together with him. Queen Seon Deok tells that she will never leave the Royal Capital. Kim Chun Chu fear that if Seorabeol falls, Queen Seon Deok will go down with the capital

San Tak goes to Bi Dam to tell him that Queen Seon Deok has summons him to see her. Bi Dam tells Bi Dam that she will not leave the capital but instead he must escort Kim Chun Chu to the shelter residence & she will not leave Seorabeol & if by chance perhaps that Seorabeol were to fall then Kim Chun Chu will direct Military operation from there as the base for that. Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam to make preparation for arrangement. Bi Dam tells that he is not Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin for the sake of Silla will do the ultimate to separate Queen Seon Deok & Kim Chun Chu apart for survival chances but he will not being himself to do so & he will separate them apart. Bi Dam doesn’t want to hear another words as he bring his proposal on the plans devised for national emergency & contingency for Queen Seon Deok to uproot herself to the shelter residence, he & his Ministry will take charge & protect Seorabeol. Queen Seon Deok firms herself to said that she is not leaving the capital. Bi Dam asked whether Queen Seon Deok is concern to entrust Bi Dam with the capital that she is uneasy that she doesn’t have any trust on him. Queen Seon Deok said that it is not that. Bi Dam asked for an explanation why she doesn’t look him at the eyes when she is saying matter to him. Bi Dam tells that he was the person who cause his mother Mi Shil’s death & it was merely for Queen Seon Deok’ sake. Queen Seon Deok turns to him with eye contact to asked whether Bi Dam now has resentment for her over the matter. Bi Dam said that Queen Seon Deok has changed

Bi dam said that when they 1st met, that he tried to acquire the medicine by owing you up to the authorities in the exchange for those medicine & that time she extended her gratitude to him. Bi Dam doesn’t care or concern what Queen Seon Deok’s reason was but it was the 1st time he has heard such words in his life. She was the only person who did not scold or reprimand his action. Queen Seon Deok told him that in this world for him is consider insolence but yet you name it as confidence while the world said that it is cruelty that she praised it as courage & supporting Bi Dam throughout & what they rebuke as vulgar deceptive stratagem, She praise them as brilliant strategy. The day he lost his mother, her question on whether he resented her was not filled with blame as it is like now but with embrace filled with compassion.

Queen Seon Deok tell that Bi Dam has enough said. Bi Dam asked why then. Bi Dam asked why does he sincerity seem to be seen as merely a deceptive stratagem that he only wish is to protect Queen Seon Deok but yet Queen Seon Deok takes it as some vulgar mechanic of someone who merely wants to gain control of Seorabeol. Bi Dam said that Queen Seon Deok no longer able to see his sincerity. Bi Dam leaves in disappointment as Queen Seon Deok sighs. Bi Dam leaves & ponders while Queen Seon Deok sits in her chamber to contemplate & recalls Bi Dam that his sincerity can no longer been seen by Queen Seon Deok. Queen Seon Deok recalls her encounters with Bi Dam in their happier moment & times. Queen Seon Deok reads Bi Dam’s proposal

Go Do nursing his wounds back at Amnyangju Shilla Army Camp. Go Do sees Kim Yu Shin & greets Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin takes a look at his wounds & asked whether he is fine. Go Do said he is alright & apologies to Kim Yu shin to asked whether it is the crimson helmet. Go Do said that he was no match for him & he is fearing. Kim Yu Shin asked about the small tactical units. Go Do said that they did not pursue the retreating units as they were rebuilding the defensive lines then suddenly the units reappear again from their rear flanks. Kim Yu Shin queries about the rear flanks then asked how long was the time distance after they disappear & reappear again. Go Do said it was about 1 gak but not more than 2 gak

1 gak is about 15 mins

Wyol Ya asked it is 2 gak. Kim Yu Shin said that they took 2 gak to go around the mountain pass. Wyol Ya asked how can they achieve a round pass under 2 gak & not to mentioned in this mountainous terrain Baek Eui said if this is true then those reports are indeed confirmed truth, that would mean a distance pacing over 90 ri per day. Lord Jujin queries whether this is a possible feat to achieve as they mumbles over the matter when Kim Yu Shin bangs for silence on the floor. Kim Yu Shin points out that this is where they disappear & seeing as there were no reports from their surveillance troops that dispatched there, it can only indicate that they are hiding within these terrain therefore they hall bait them to lure them out of this terrain & vanquish them here. Kim Yu Shin said that giving consideration for skilled horsemanship Baek Eui to be assign to lure them, Baek Eui acknowledge the order

Gi Seung is horsemanship.

Kim Yu Shin tell that after the descending from the slope of the ridge at its bottom, there is a shallow you will find a shallow pond & pass through that muddy pond then lure them to Hwa Yeong Ridge. Baek Eui acknowledged. Kim Yu shin said together with Deok Chung & Im Jong will waited here to ambush them as they acknowledge Kim Yu Shin’s orders. Kim Yu Shin said that while Im Jong’s infantry army attacks the small tactical unit, Deok Chung & him will target their flanks. Go Do enquire if they are using the terrain of the muddy pond as a deterrent to slow the pace of the small tactical units. Kim Yu Shin said it is not, then Kim Yu Shin orders Lord Jujin to stay back to protect the army camp as Lord Jujin acknowledge. Kim Yu Shin orders them to their indicated battle station. Deok Chung, Baek Eui, Go Do, Im Jong & Lord Jujin leaves the briefing camp but Wyol Ya is left without an assign & queries Kim Yu Shin that why isn’t he been assign. Kim Yu Shin asked whether Wyol Ya is disappointed. Wyol Ya said that Kim Yu Shin’s devise plans are all for the infantry army then how about his Gwoljangno’s garrison. Kim Yu Shin asked for Wyol Ya patience that in the battlefield there is a fine line between victory & defeat that they need to seize the opportunity comes only once, then this is when Wyol Ya & his Gwoljangno garrison will played their part. Wyol Ya understands

Baek Eui & his cavalry meets with the small tactical unit as they spots them. Baek Eui orders to retreat as Baek Eui gallop away, the Baekje units pursue them as they enter the muddy tracks. Kim Yu Shin is waiting in the flanks as they here the horse galloping hoofs as Kim Yu Shin meets with Baek Eui & asked how did it go. Baek Eui replies that the Baekje army have taken the bait & being lure here but during midway, they abandoned pursuit, & they disappear. Im Jong asked whether they has found out that they are waiting for them to be ambushed. Deok Chung asked if it perhaps that the Baekje army are making a round about turn towards their rear flank. Then Kim Yu Shin hears the galloping hoof of the horses. Kim Yu Shin, Im Jong, Deok Chung draw their sword to engage with Gyebaek & his unit as Gyebaek’s unit rides through them. Kim Yu Shin sounds to retreat

At the camp, Im Jong said that it not a distance pace of 80 ri but 90 ri that they are covering, it is because of the Baekje’s army rapid speed that there is impossible to do a counter measure on their advances. Wyol Ya said that they don’t know or can anticipate when they will appear & disappear, so it will be hard & difficult to attack the Baekje’s camp, essence of time is not on longer favourable on their side if this persist longer. Wyol Ya asked for decision as Kim Yu Shin asked whether Baek Eui has return

In Baekje Army. Gyebaek return to his barracks & takes off his crimson helmet as his Commandant informs that the infiltrator that trespass their camp was none other than Kim Yu Shin. Gyebaek said that did they identify him also. The commandant confirms & he is shock that Supreme Commander Kim Yu Shin will infiltrated the enemy’s camp. Gyebaek said if they can apprehend Kim Yu Shin here & breach Amnyangju, Seorabeol will be right at sight. Gyebaek asked whether Silla’s Deok Man has uprooted from the Seorabeol yet. The commandant said that Queen Seon Deok has not left. Gyebaek said for a woman, she is indeed courage is not timid. Commandant asked when will be the time that Gyebaek will have a confront engagement with Kim Yu Shin. Gyebaek said that until Silla Army has not discover the secret behind that 90 ri distance pace per day, Silla will not able to stir away from this trap. Gyebaek said that the next rounds, they shall show the Silla army what 100 ri distance pace is & at that time, Gyebaek will engage Kim Yu Shin to determine whose victory. Someone calls Gyebaek as Gyebaek smiles

Meanwhile at Kim Yu Shin’s camp, Baek Eui returns. Kim Yu Shin said how did it go. Baek Eui reports that they indeed pass through the muddy tracks as planned. Wyol Ya queries about mud. Kim Yu Shin recalls the horses riding through the muddy tracks as Kim Yu Shin tells that they have been swindle to a con. Baek Eui confirms that the horses did go through the muddy tracks. Kim Yu Shin said that this is indeed as he has guess. Im Jong asked Kim Yu Shin what is happening. Then Kim Yu Shin recalls that the unit that attack them has no mud in their horses as Kim Yu Shin could have seen there is no trace of mud on their horses. Kim Yu Shin said how can Baekje throw out such a con to trick them to chisel to believe. Wyol Ya asked Kim Yu Shin what is the explanation to the matter. Kim Yu Shin asked them to summon all ranking officer to the briefing camp

Gun Hwi is Briefing council

Gyebaek is greeted the Crimson helmet soldier who turns out to be a Gyebaek’s imposter that they had trick the Silla army thinking they are the same person. The imposter is bashful over Gyebaek’s introduction that he is poking fun at his expense

Lord Jujin surprise that they are 2 identical small tactical units & asked what is supposed to mean. Kim Yu Shin said that it is indeed that they are dealing with 2 identical units that playing in tandem as a unit that how Baekje army trick us in giving them the illusion that the distance pace is 90 ri a day, that has made them no to have any counter measure on their rapid speed & can’t answer their advances & therefore has inflicted devastated a blow to their army morale & hamper them with fear. This is however a swindle by the Baekje army. The Commandants are upset being trick by Baekje’s deceptive con. Deok Chung has always has his suspicion on the capabilities of the Baekje army that the feat is too impossible but this is all just a trick. Baek Eui asked is that why Kim Yu Shin wanted to test his theory by luring them to the muddy track to proof that his theory was correct. Kim Yu Shin said now they can plan a strategy to counter measure the Baekje army & attack their camp. Kim Yu Shin orders Lord Jujin to cover the bypass routes then attack the camps & burn their supplies. Lord Jujin said that if this is wants Kim Yu Shin has suggested there will at least one of the tandem units which will be waiting there be a high possibility. Kim Yu Shin said that that particular tandem unit will not able to deploy. Lord Jujin doesn’t understand. Kim Yu Shin said that if one unit is being mobilise the other can’t be deploy or else the created illusion that they seek will be lost but until they realise that their secret is expose, they can’t move. Lord Jujin understands. Kim Yu Shin said that they now has the plan to counter attack the small tactical units. Kim Yu Shin orders Im Jong that he will imposter as Kim Yu Shin in the camp. Im Jong is surprise & also order Wyol Ya that this is the moment for Wyol Ya & his Gwoljangno to be mobilise. Wyol Ya said that they has already prepare for readiness. Seo Ji nods in affirmative

Bi Dam goes to see Queen Seon Deok as she overlook Anapji lake. Bi Dam asked whether Queen Seon Deok has made her decision that she must uproot. Queen Seon Deok said that one such day, all would have changed completely when that someone because I was a Royal Princess want to killed me & then there was someone because of wanting to protect her, died before her very eyes & there are aplenty who kneel before her to pay greeting in reverence in respect & encouraged her proceed towards the grandeur aspirations which conform this crown. It was such a day that Bi Dam appeared in front of her. Bi Dam without a single concern for this world just casually address her & she permit Bi Dam to continues to address her in such the manner. It is only Bi Dam that is left that address her as he did formerly before in the past & that is why their relationship has never changed & has maintained. Queen Seon Deok continues that even after she return to the palace, BI Dam brought her flowers, held her hands with his eyes filled with worries for her, caress, even if he has ulterior motives, it doesn’t matter to her, just looking at him that she could feel her own former past in him, it was a great feeling to enjoy. Bi Dam smiles that why is it now that all has changed. Queen Seon Deok said that she doesn’t have a name whether it is a Crown Prince or princess, even the ruffian in the street market has a name but however a Sovereign has no name to bear as his/her own. The sovereign is just “Her Majesty”. Now there is no one who can call her by name. Bi Dam said that he will continue to do it for Queen Seon Deok to call her by name. Queen Seon Deok said that if he calls her by name, it will mean high treason

Sovereign were only given posthumous names or temple name by their successors, as in Queen Seon Deok. Temple names or(廟號) are commonly used when naming most Korean royalty. They should not be confused with era name of reign. In comparison posthumous names, the use of temple names is more exclusive. Both titles were given after death to Sovereign, but unlike the often elaborate posthumous name, a temple name always consists of only two characters. The adjective is chosen to reflect the circumstances of the Sovereign’s reign like in Seon Deok (善德) Seon means “Good” & Deok means “virtue” The vocabulary overlap with that of posthumous titles’ adjectives, but for the Sovereign, the temple name’s adjective character usually does not repeat as one of the many adjective characters in his posthumous name.

Queen Seon Deok said that even if it is Bi Dam’s love for her that he wants to call her by name but the world will only see this as an act treachery. Queen Seon Deok asked why did she changed is that from the moment that she has lost her name, Bi Dam can only become nothing more than her one of her influential subjects. It is because she needs to figure out her suspicion that Bi Dam’s aspiration to be King or fathom out that Bi Dam will become another or the next Mi Shil, each time she needs to speculate & make assumption of that suspicion as Queen Seon Deok tell BI Dam that it is indeed hard for her to endure. Bi Dam tries to touches Queen Seon Deok, he hesitates but turns Queen Seon Deok around as Queen Seon Deok tells does he realise how much she wants to trust Bi Dam & want his support, does he understands. Bi Dam holds Queen Seon Deok’s hand then he leaves Queen Seon Deok with her thoughts as he looks at her at a distance

Bi Dam kneeling in front of Mi Shil’s shrine as Queen Seon Deok comes into the shrine & greet her. Queen Seon Deok said that Bi Dam must stay at her side but not as the person who constantly apply pressure or makes her anxious or the people who drive her to loneliness but the person who wink at her, send her picked flowers & laughter & giggle beside her, hold her hand to calms her nerves & anxiety as Queen Seon Deok tells Bi Dam that he must be that person. Queen Seon Deok confess that she has block to control it, avoid it on purpose & intentionally be cold hearted towards him that because Sovereign can’t have emotional sentiments. Queen Seon Deok wants BI dam to just treat like ordinary as a person should or as a woman needs to be & she will like that. Queen Seon Deok asked Bi Dam to love her like a woman, it is fine for her but she asked whether this can really be possible. Bi Dam melts that Queen Seon Deok has confess her real sentiments towards him. Bi Dam hugs & embrace Queen Seon Deok fondly, ironically in front of Mi Shil’s altar as Queen Seon Deok returns his embrace but we wonder if she is indeed sincere about her affections. Queen Seon Deok has told Seol Won Rang before that she will never invest her sentiment onto people

Queen Seon Deok announce his arrival as she takes her seat. Queen Seon Deok decrees that to strengthen the nation expansion & to deal with the problem arise in the country. The court adhere to Queen Seon Deok’s command. Queen Seon Deok reads that she will remove Kim Yong Chun as Sangdaedeung. Kim Yong Chun is shock as she continues that she decrees that Bi dam be the next Sangdaedeung. Kim Chun Chu is surprise as Queen Seon Deok continues as long as the war campaign continues all garrison forces of Lord Jujin, Lord Sueulbu, Ho Jae, Hwang Yun & Seon Yeol will be all transferred under Bi Dam’s command. Queen Seon Deok finished reading her decree & she announce that she will remain her with Bi Dam in Seorabeol to encourage the troops morale & maintain operation in resist the enemy advancement & save Silla. Bi Dam is please while Kim Chun Chu looks rather shock

Queen Seon Deok then apologies to Kim Yong Chun for his removal. Kim Yong Chun said he doesn’t mind as the priority is foremost to handle the matter of the war campaign. Queen Seon Deok agrees that at present that they are severely shortage of military support. Kim Yong Chun said that if Queen Seon Deok asked the nobles to transfer of command of their garrison under Bi Dam command there wouldn’t be any opposition or protest & it will be assent from the nobility. Queen Seon Deok is pleased that Kim Yong Chun understanding over the matter. Kim Yu Shin asked whether Queen Seon Deok have trust in Bi Dam. Queen Seon Deok gave a quick reply that she trust him. Queen Seon Deok emphasis that she have trust in Bi dam, Kim Yu Shin & even Kim Chun Chu, her trust in their ability & capability. Queen Seon Deok said that she will never forsake Bi Dam, Kim Yu Shin or any other person of the matter of fact, she will carry on not to give them up. Queen Seon Deok said that once need to think of gaining & forsaking people is as severe in importance as to that of gaining & losing a country & comparing to any matter in facts that consideration must be taken to account that Kim Chun Chu must be prepared to embrace someone.

Ha Jong asked that Bi Dam as Bi Dam as Sangdaedeung. Mi Saeng said that this is one of Queen Seon Deok’s deceptive stratagems. Bo Jong question that it is a stratagem. Queen Seon Deok said that she decree Bi dam to that post as Sangdaedeung to appease his anxiety then transfer all the nobility’s private garrison under his command as Yeom Jong said in the same time the control of the nobility will be under Bi Dam & thus keeping an eye on them. MI Saeng said that is indeed. Ha Jong said that this is killing 2 birds with a stone

Il Jeon Seong Ju (一箭雙雕) is the Chinese idiom will be Shooting 2 eagles with one arrow

Ha Jong said that Bi Dam is quite scary at times, but Queen Seon Deok is 2nd to none. Phil Dan, Lord Sueulbu, Ho Jae, Hwang Yun & Seon Yeol are discussing whether their private garrison to be transfer to Bi Dam’s command. Lord Sueulbu said that they can’t refuse in the state of war but to adhere to the decree. Hwang Yun said that however if they transfer to Bi Dam’s command. Seon Yeol said that Bi Dam is now the newly appointed Sangdaedeung, they don’t see of any problem that may arise. Phil Dan said that they will adhere to the decree & continues with their observation on the situation

Bi Dam in Mi Shil’s shrine kneeling before her altar in his Sangdaedeung official robes telling his mother that she has worried about him gaining a county in order to posses someone & also love means to requisite his all without holding back. Bi Dam said that he no longer wants to do that now as he doesn’t want to snatch away but to contribute to give, not to hold but to let go that to achieve something together with that someone whether it is the path of kingship or a everlasting ambition that in front of her tears, these are just petty whims & notion

Recollection of scene with Mi Shil & Bi Dam

In Baekje Gyebaek’s camp. The commandant asked if they use this valley to attack, it will only leave them with just a single route to escape as the 2nd commandant said not to mentioned they is the possibility that it will be ambushed by the enemy infantry, it will spell defeat for them. Gyebaek said that the enemy will never laid the ambush on this terrain but mostly in this area where they laid their ambush. The shooting range of the infantry will be too far a distance for them to aim & hence there will not be a problem. Gyebaek orders the attack for Amnyangju & apprehend Kim Yu Shin

Then the attack on Amnyangju as they sounded that it is Yu Shin’s army as Kim Yu Shin engage with Baekje army at Amnyangju to a one for one combat . Im Jong imposter as Kim Yu Shin & Deok Chung fights as the imposter Gyebaek call off his troop to fall back & withdraw as the Silla army of Im Jong & Deok Chung order a pursue. Then the Baekje messenger rides to tell Gyebaek that Kim Yu Shin is chasing the small tactical units. The imposter is Gabaek & they are heading to Chil Mi Jae. Gyebaek is confidence that this will do as they shall attack Silla army camp. Gyebaek army acknowledge as Gyebaek mount his horse at put on his famous crimson helmet & rides to Silla camp. Nightfall as the Baekje army sneak into the Silla camp secure the area & Gyebaek rides in only to finds that the camp is empty when they went in to search & attack & the report return to say there is no one in the camp. Gyebaek asked what is going on here then a fleeting of fire arrow projectile towards them & taking the Baekje army as Gyebaek sees his army being shot down by the arrows. Kim Yu Shin & his army surrounds Gyebaek as he sound his command

Kim Yu Shin: Baekje army!…….Wipe them all

Silla army roars & attacks

Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 57 and Preview of Episode 58

Towards the end of the love scene, when DeokMan confesses her love to BiDam, I used "fond" instead of love, but DeokMan used the word "like". I think as a queen she had to show restraint and I think she meant to say "love"

Episode 58 Preview from MBC.com (this is in text)

비담에게 편제되어 있는 사병을 병부에 귀속시키라는 덕만의 명령에 비담은 기쁜 마
음으로 병부를 귀속시켜 병력을 더욱 강화하겠다고 답한다. 그러나 이를 지켜보는
미생, 하종 등은 덕만의 명에 불만을 품는다. 한편, 덕만은 술잔을 나누며 유신, 비
담, 알천은 자신에게 꼭 필요하다며 간절한 마음을 전하는데...

When DeokMan orders that the troops serving BiDam be brought under the command of the army, BiDam joyfully replies that he will increase the nation's power by bringing the army under control. However, MiSaeng, and HaJong are discontented with DeokMan's orders. DeokMan entertains YuShin, BiDam and AlCheon and earnestly tells them they are important to her....

Preview of 58 from Episode 57

1. SeonDeok: Nothing can compare to the great achievement of Lord YuSHin in saving the heavenly kingdom.
2. SeoHyeon: Her majesty personally visited the Bogyahoe for the sake of lord YuShin. No one shall oppose her will.
3. SeonDeok: I intend to marry
ManMyeong: It is worrisome that your majesty's marriage will disrupt the line of succession
YuSHin: I beg your pardon, your majesty
4. ChunChu: People change. BiDam now has his own personal power base.
5. YeomJong: This way, you can exchange secret letters with the Tang envoy
6. SeonDeok: The emperor of Tang (cannot hear but sounds like) has no objections.
Envoy: You are ruled by a woman. Your neighboring countries look upon you with contempt.
SeonDeok: Lock them up in the JoWon Jeon. And sever diplomatic relations with Tang.
7. YuShin: Your duties must not cause suffering to her majesty.
SeonDeok: BiDam could end up gathering all the power bases.
SeonDeok: The soldiers serving under the prime minister will revert to the command of the army and will become a special unit.
8. JuJin: The troops are already training under the command of the prime minister, BiDam.
9 ChunChu: Political power cannot be shifted through personal will.
10 SeonDeok: Kill BiDam.

Previous Episode: Episode 56

SeonDeok: Lord high general Kim YuShin.
Kim YuShin: Yes your majesty.

SeonDeok: I re-institute YuShin to the office of lord high general. In this war, I delegate upon you all the royal authority and supreme command of the army. Therefore go and reclaim the territories of the heavenly kingdom save the heavenly kingdom.

YuShin accepts SeonDeok's sword

YuShin: lord high general YuShin, will give you my complete devotion. However, your majesty, I am a criminal still under suspicion because of the Bogyahoe.

ChunChu: The Bogyahoe has been dissolved.

BiDam and YuShin are shocked.

AlCheon arrives and announces that WolYa has entered the training grounds. BiDam and YuShin do not know what to make of the news. SeonDeok is pleased.

Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 57

Training Grounds
WolYa hands over the directory of the Bogyahoe to SeonDeok and the Bogyahoe troops kneel. WolYa vows to wash his sins with his life. When a minister says that the Bogyahoe cannot be trusted, SeonDeok announces that their family registers have been purged. No matter what regulations are passed in the future, nobody will be able to tell that they are from Gaya. Even if you wanted to discriminate against them, you would not know who they are. After one generation, even they will not know that they are from Gaya. She announces that she will free all the members of the Bogyahoe who are currently under arrest by the department of audit and then throws the directory into the fire. She says there is no more Gaya. There are only people of the heavenly kingdom. She commands the Bogyahoe to fight to save themselves, to fight to save the heavenly kingdom, the heavenly kingdom that will be home to their descendants. WolYa vows to defend the kingdom with his life. The Bogyahoe repeat the vow.

BiDam and YuShin
BiDam tells a skeptical YuShin that her majesty risked her life to save him. YuShin tells BiDam if he truly believes that, his powers of reasoning has become more deteriorated of late. BiDam says the rumors are that the BaekJe cavalry can travel 80 Ri in a day. YuShin agrees. BiDam says that is impossible unless their horses grow wings. YuShin agrees, but since it was experienced first hand in the field of battle... BiDam says what is impossible is still impossible. YuShin asks why BiDam is telling him this, since BiDam could not possibly want YuShin to become a hero. BiDam agrees that he does not want YuShin to return a hero. However, he dislikes the thought of YuShin's defeat even more. He exhorts YuShin to achieve victory for the sake of the country and for the sake of her majesty.

Gobo and officers discussing tactics
JokBang pays a visit. He hands them pieces of wood from a Jujube tree that was hit by lightening. It is said to ward evil spirits. JokBang, with great difficulty, has obtained these for his friends because they will deflect arrows and swords. He asks them to return alive.

YuShin and WolYa review troops
YuShin vows to defeat BaekJe and save the kingdom. The troops cheer.

Field of battle
YuShin encounters defeated Silla army.

SeoHyeon announces the defeat of JuJin's army and their retreat to within a days march of Serabol. HoJe asks SeonDeok to make contingency plans.

BiDam enters. BiDam says SeonDeok should move the court to a safer place. He says his department had made contingency plans for various emergencies. In his opinion, should fort DaeYa fall, she should move the court to a safer place. He says given the BaekJe cavalry's mobility, should AmRangJu fall to BaekJe, BaekJe's army will arrive at Serabol within 36 half-hours (18 hours). They have prepared a hidden palace at YolPoRyong, so please move the court there. He vows to stay behind and defend Serabol. SeoHyeon says if she moves the court, the peasants will panic. But MiSang and HaJong says the defensive line at AbrangJu is too close to Serabol and SeonDeok's safety is in doubt. She should move the court. YongChun also says she must remain. BiDam's faction ask her to take refuge. YongChun's faction want her to remain.

JuJin gives a status report to YuShin. YuShin is worried about the independent division. JuJin says they are so mobile, you cannot predict where or when they will strike. Further, until they actually move, you cannot determine their location. Furthermore, their red helmet leader is an incredible warrior.

The wounded soldiers say the BaekJe calvary is like a demon. They were right in front of them, but they disappeared and reappeared behind them. Especially the red helmet.

JuJin, YuShin
YuShin warns JuJin not to refer to the enemy as demons. He says that a single word can frighten the troops. YuShin says the enemy are men. WolYa says their mobility is no illusion. People have experienced it first hand. ImJong announces the appearance of the independent division. They were moving towards Yong-Gi-Kol. They are moving towards GoDo's defensive line.

GoDo says at his signal, they will all attack. GoDo attacks them. The enemy retreat. When asked whether they should give chase, GoDo says no. YuShin had ordered them to take defensive positions and not move an inch. He orders them to prepare the defenses once more.

Command Tent
WolYa wants to send reinforcements to GoDo. YuShin says it is no use. You should not go pursuing an enemy with high mobility. YuShin says they must discover their true composition.

BaekJe troops appear behind them. GoDo takes on the red helmet. The red helmet throws GoDo. GoDo thinks to himself the red helmet is not human. GoDo's friends take GoDo and retreat.

SeoHyeon and YongChun plead with SeonDeok not to take refuge. If she were to do so, it iwll demoralize the army and panic the citizenry. ManMyeon adds it can be a plot by BiDam and his faction.

MiSang, BoJong, YeomJong
They are discussing the defensive lines. They need to get the queen to move. HaJong agrees. He says if YuShin is defeated and the queen has taken refuge, BiDam will control Serabol and thus gain power. MiSaneg says that comes later. They must first defeat BaekJe. HaJong says a crisis is the mother of opportunity. He says BiDam is trying to use this crisis to gain power for their faction. BiDam overhears all. BiDam warns HaJong that this BiDam will not use a national emergency to gain power.

ChunChu and SeonDeok
ChunChu advises SeonDeok to take refuge. SeonDeok refuses and asks ChunChu to take refuge instead. SeonDeok says should Serabol fall, ChunChu must direct the war effort. ChunChu says he cannot leave Serabol while SeonDeok is here. SeonDeok says the soldiers of Silla are risking their lives in the front lines. She cannot tell them that she left the capital for her safety. ChunChu says SeonDeok's body no longer belongs to her. Her safety is the kingdom's safety. SeonDeok says she still has ChunChu. Is ChunChu afraid that BiDam would take over Serabol? She tells him not to worry. She vows to stay.

BiDam is summoned to the queen.

SeonDeok, BiDam
SeonDeok tells BiDam she will not take refuge, she cannot leave Serabol. She asks BiDam to take ChunChu to safety. Should Serabol fall, ChunChu will take command. She asks BiDam to make plans to that effect.
BiDam: Your majesty. I am not YuShin. For the heavenly kingdom, YuShin can separate your majesty from lord ChunChu. But for me, this is impossible. I cannot separate you.
SeonDeok: BiDam...
BiDam: (presenting a plan) This was an emergency plan prepared by the department of audit. Your majesty should take refuge in a safe place. I, and my department will defend Serabol.
SeonDeok: I will not leave
BiDam: Are you afraid to entrust Serabol to me? Do you find it impossible to trust me?
SeonDeok: No it is not like that.
BiDam: Then why? Then why do you not meet my eyes? For your majesty's sake, I am the one who drove MiShil to death.
SeonDeok: So. Are you blaming me?
BiDam: You have changed. When we first met, I was about to turn you in so that I could obtain medicine. And at that point, you thanked me. You thanked me. It did not matter why your majesty said that. It was the first time in my life that anyone has thanked me. You were the only person in the world who did not curse me for my actions. When the world called me insolent, you said I was confident, when the world called me cruel, you said that I was courageous. When the world condemned me as a scoundrel, you praised me as a great strategist. The day I lost my mother, you just embraced me out of pity. And now you ask me whether I blame you?
SeonDeok: Stop. Please stop.
BiDam: So why? Why at this point, has my sincerity become a ploy, and my desire to protect you become an ambition to take over Serabol? Can you no longer see my true feelings?

BiDam leaves

SeonDeok (recalling BiDam's words): Can you no longer see my tree feelings? (She recalls BiDam rescuing her). (memory) Sometimes you are so childlike. Are you so truly happy? (BiDam replies) Because the princess trusts me.

(DeokMan after MiShil's death): But you could have told me.
(BiDam): So I tell you, and you have no further use for me.

(She remembers all the times they embraced).

She looks at the plan BiDam submitted.

AprangJu-headquarters of Silla
GoDo is nursing his wounds. YuShin pays a visit. GoDo says he was no match for the red helmet. He says after the independent division retreated, they did not gave chase. They were reassembling their defenses when the independent division appeared from their rear. It took more than 15 minutes but less than 30.

Silla command post
YuShin tells his commanders the BaekJe cavalry was able to go around the mountain in less than half an hour. If that is true, the BaekJe cavelry can move 90 Ri in a day. They commanders are shocked. YuShin sets a trap for the BaekJe army. BakUi will command the Silla Cavalry and lead the BaekJe cavalry to YuShin who will have three commanders to attack the BaekJe cavalry. GoDo asks whether the mud is to reduce the mobility of the BaekJe cavalry. YuShin says no, but declines to explain further. He dismisses his commanders. WolYa, who has not been given any orders, calls out to YuShin.

WolYa asks why YuShin did not give him any duties. YuShin asks whether WolYa feels slighted. WolYa says the best defense against cavalry is archers. WolYa's crossbowmen... YuShin asks him to be patient. YuShin says that in battle, a critical moment comes only once. It is at that critical moment when WolYa will be called.

BakUi and Silla Cavalry
They sight the BaekJe independent division. BakUi gives the order to retreat. The pursuing BaekJe cavalry pass through mud.

YuShin and troops lie in wait. They spot the retreating BakUi heading towards them. BakUi says they were leading the BaekJe troops here but they gave up in the middle and disappeared. They are wondering if the BaekJe troops will go around the mountain and attack them from behind. BaekJe troops appear from behind and attack them. YuShin notices the attacking troops do not have mud on the horses. YuShin orders his men to retreat.

YuShin's HQ
ImJong says they calculate the BaekJe's independent division to move at 90 Ri per day. Since they cannot estimate the speed of the BaekJe cavalry, they cannot make plans. WolYa says they cannot predict when and where they will be attacked so they cannot make plans. But they can not sit there forever. YuShin asks whether BakUi has returned.

BaekJe GyeBaek's HQ
The red helmet removes his mask. It is Gyebaek. He says the spy who visited them was none other than Kim YuShin. His general says he was also shocked that a high-general would come into an enemy camp as a spy. Gyebaek says if they can catch YuShin and take AmYangJu, the way to Serabol is open. He is told that DeokMan did not take refuge. he says for a woman, she is courageous. His commander asks Gyebaek when he intends to finish with YuShin. Gyebaek answers that as long as YuShin cannot solve the mystery of the 90Ri per day speed, the Silla army will always be in a state of confusion. He says the next battle, he will demonstrate 100 Ri per day. After that, he will finish with YuShin. Geybaek has a visitor.

BakUi returns to report. BakUi reports that he is certain the enemy traversed the mud field. YuShin observes that in that case the enemy would have been covered in mud. BakUi concurs, BakUi has seen it himself. YuShin is pleased. ImJong asks what the lord high-general is up to. YuShin recalls the clean horses of the attacking army. YuShin wonders how they could have all been fooled by such a simple ploy. WolYa asks for an explanation. YuShin calls a conference.

The visitor is also in a red helmet. He takes off his mask. Gyebaek welcomes the commander of the independent division, General Gyebaek. The other commander asks Gyebaek not to tease him. They all laugh.

YuShin tells his commanders there are two independent divisions. They made the Silla army believe that there is only one independent division in order to confuse them. The commanders groan. Because they could not determine the speed of the BaekJe cavalry, the commanders could not make battle plans, and the soldiers lost their morale. But it was all a trick. BakUi now realizes why YuShin asked him to lead them through a mud field.

YuShin makes plans to attack. He asks lord JuJin to attack. When JuJin protests that he would be attacked by one of the twin independent divisions to his north, YuShin says that division will not attack him. He says when one of the independent division is on the move, its twin must stay put. That is the only way they can give the illusion there is only one. Until that secret is out, they will not move. YuShin announces that they will now destroy the real independent division. YuShin says ImJong will act as YuShin's double. He calls out WolYa. He says it is now the Gaya's turn. WolYa says they are prepared.

The queen by herself
BiDam: Are you resolved? You must take refuge...
DeokMan: One upon a time, everything was simple. Then..... Some, when they discovered that I was a princess, tried to kill me. Others, in order to protect me, died in front of my eyes. And the rest knelt before me, paid me homage and advised me to race towards the great deed. Then one day, you appeared. As if nothing mattered, you spoke to me in a familiar tone. I told you to continue to do so. You at least, treated me as my old self. So with you at least, I recalled the simple life of old. Even after I entered the palace, you brought me flowers; and with a worried look in your eyes, you held my hand and you touched me. It did not matter if you had other reasons. When I looked at you, I could feel myself of old. I was happy.
BiDam: So why? Why did you change?
BeokMan:Because I have no name. The Crown Prince, the princess, even the mobs in the streets have names. But kings have no name. I am simply "her majesty". Now, no one can call me by my name.
BiDam: I will. I will call you by your name.
DeokMan: To call me by my name is treason. Even if you call out my name because you love me, the world will say it is treason. Why did I change? Because the moment I lost my name, you became just one of my many subjects who possesses a base of power. Because I must be a king who considers your motives and suspect you. Because I must always discern and suspect whether you will turn out to be another MiShil. But BiDam. (DeokMan cries) Do you know how painful that is? (BiDam reaches out to her) Do you know how much I want to trust you, how must I want to lean on you?

BiDam walks away from DeokMan
BiDam at MiShil's temple, DeokMan comes in
BiDam: Your majesty
DeokMan: I need you. Not the ones who always urge me, always make me tense, always make me lonely. But you, who winks at me, who brings me flowers me, who fusses over me, who steadies my shaking hand, BiDam. I need you. I tried to suppress it. I tried to block it. Deliberately. I did it deliberately. Because they all said these feelings are not fit for a king.
BiDam: Your majesty
DeokMan: Only you see me aa a human, a woman. However, I like that. You, who loves me as a woman. I am fond of you. However, I wonder, if I should.

BiDam reaches out to her and embraces her and she returns his embrace.

The queen is announced
DeokMan announces a royal edict in the time of crisis. She dismisses YongChun as prime minister and appoints BiDam as prime minister. During the time of crisis, she confiscates the troops under JuJin, HoJe and others and places them under the command of the prime minister. She announces she will remain in Serabol with the prime minister to guard the kingdom.

DeokMan's quarters
DeokMan apologizes to YongChun. YongChun says not to worry. DeokMan says they are in dire need of troops. YongChun says if the edict is to place the troops under BiDam, the nobles will not resist. ChunChu asks whether DeokMan trusts BiDam. DeokMan says she does. She says she trusts in the abilities of BiDam, YuShin, and ChunChu. She says she intends to keep YuShin and BiDam. She will not give up on anyboday. She advises ChunChu to give as much consideration to obtaining and dismissing men as if he were obtaining and abandoning entire nations.

HaJong, MiSaeng, BoJong, YeomJong
HaJong is impressed. MiSaeng says it is a clever ploy by the queen. In order to calm BiDam's insecurity, she elevated him to prime minister and gave him the nobles troops. And she is restraining the nobles by tying them under BiDam. This is killing two birds with one stone. HaJong is impressed with the queen.

They wonder whether it is safe to follow the queens orders and surrender all their household troops to BiDam. They say since it is under BiDam, and since he is prime minister, they do not anticipate any harm.

BiDam at MiShil's alter
He says she worried that he wanted to take possession of a kingdom in order to gain a person. And she said love is to take everything. He will no longer do so. He will no longer take but give, he will no longer obtain but discard, to be together.

The commanders object to Geybaek's plan. There is only one road and if there are enemy archers, it will be defeat. He says there shouldn't be a problem. They will now penetrate the defensive line at AmRanJu and capture YuShin.

BaekJe and Silla battle. Red helmet notices YuShin. He says he will lure Yushin and calls a retreat. Fake YuSHin calls a pursuit. (sorry my audio is corrupt at this point).

Gyebaek attacks the Silla camp at AbRangJu. But tents are empty. They are then attacked by YuShin's troops.

Source of synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 57: (Thank you and credits to msrshin: http://www.soompi.com)

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 57

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Source of synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 57: (Thank you and credits to msrshin: http://www.soompi.com)

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(Thank you and credits to http://www.indosiar.com, http://www.koreanmovie.com, http://www.dramastyle.com, http://www.viikii.net/, http://en.wikipedia.org and all sources for the information and videos)


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