Thursday, January 24, 2008


This is the first time Crystle been to this blog of mine.. got some funny pictures of her.. actually she don't like to take pictures at all just that we gave a force like those pictures below and she is already starting to have fun. And her mind is talking to us too...happy viewing

stop biting you nuts.. can't you see who you are biting.. owner also you bite.. you have the brain of ?????

dancing queen you are the dancing queen.. I am the dancing queen.. Crystle Crystle can she really dance..

what a romantic time Crystle is having, dancing with human

I don't want to take any more pictures so I am not going to open my beautiful sparkling eyes says Crystle

don't dream that you can strangle me with such gentle touch

you want to choke me to death with your hand.. no way that is not the way.. crystle sigh

that is much better must love me like this.. Crystle is the censor of the home

if you observe me clearly and slowly you will soon find that what a beautiful teeth I have.. that is what Crystle thinks..

how about this type of smile.. can capture the heart of other stray dogs?

just woke up from a cat nap.. stretching is a good way of exercise and a new way to get much taller

I smell nice fragrant yumm yumm food.. anybody home to serve me some food.. of all food me Crystle the censor dog loves chicken nothing but plain chicken with rice and soup

scary eyes.. i wonder if Crystle is ever afraid of the dark. Try her..

wait wait give me some tibits if anyone thinks of playing with me.. Crystle is none other than just a silly dog who always dreams of food


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