Friday, January 11, 2008


Yam Rice?
What type of menu is that? Want to learn how to boil yam rice for your meal? Actually I am also trying to figure out how to cook YAM RICE.

What is needed to boil yam rice?
chopped garlic
mushroom cut thinly.. optional actually
yam cut into cubes
chinese sausages
mince chicken drumstick or breastmeat
young ginger cut thinly
soya sauce

oyster sauce
dark soya sauce

fry the garlic, young ginger and thinly cut mushroom till fragrant

add in the mince chicken and stirfry till half cooked

add in the cubes of yam and continue to stirfry

add in water and oyster sauce and stirfry again to prevent from sticking

add in dark soya sauce and the rest of the ingredients and stirfry till cooked

add the stir fry ingredients to the pot of boiled rice and close a while till well cooked and it is ready to be served

ABC soup as an extra dish to go with yam rice

jom makan makan. It is lunch hour.


Raining days are going away soon and sunny days are on the way.. what a warm weather.. the 8 ninjas are whispering among themselves.. Let us have a good shower and it is fun to play with the water says Mork.. now how do we get to take bath as it is impossible for us to walk to the basin and open the tap on our own..Err let me think. Well I am the oldest here Mork said to the rest and I will try to get some attention from our owner. Now how do I do that.. after a while Mork made some noise and he really got the attention.. And in no time.. all the 8 ninjas were taken to the basin at the wet kitchen and were given a good cold shower under the running tap of water.

It is so fun to be bathed and scrubbed of the dirt from their shells.. We want to have more of the cooling water... we love water.. after bathing, all the 8 ninjas were put under the hot sunny sun for a while to get more vitamin D.

yay... at last we can play with the water.. just like a mini's my turn.. no it's mine..

after being washed and bathed we are left to play among ourselves for a little while

it's so fun to play racing game with our owner ... see who can walk faster to our owner.

Let us out please Mork says and followed by the rest.

Anyone there?? Hello!! Howdy!! Hi hi....!! mushi mushi!! we want to get some sun. Quick quick let us out..

Yess.. yess we are having a good sun bathing back in our container under the sunlight of the wet kitchen. We want to have more of the sun.. it is so warm and makes our shells stronger. When our shells are stronger we can have some ninja fight.

hey guys I think I am about to climb to the top of our home.. I feel so high up on the bridge.. do join me... anyone there?? can you hear me... Hello!!!

Fun time is over and we are all back in our place where we are usually put.. On the makan table. Now is our nap time.. Sweet dreams everyone.

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