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LATEST RESULTS OF7TOP 5 AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) April 30, 2008 - Who was voted off this week?

This is Top 5 American Idol Season 7 results

Ryan Seacrest, Host of this season American Idol

Judges: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell

5 finalists already performed two songs each on April 29, 2008 and the results of the show was already revealed. Are you anxious to know who was eliminated a moment ago? After about 45 million votes, the results show of American Idol this season started off with the top 5 singing a medley of Neil Diamond songs.

The host of this seaon, Ryan Seacrestintroduces Gina Glocksen and Constantine who are also one of the audience,saying that they will be co-hosting American Idol Extra. Diana DeGarmo, perform hit song from her new single "Right Back Where We Ended" over Reality Channel at 8:00pm ET on Fox during American Idol Extra show, May 1, 2008.

Ryan Seacrest announced that Jason Castro and David Archuleta are both safe.

Next David Cook was called out on the stage. He is also safe.

This means that Syesha Mercado and Brooke White's name haven't been announced yet. They are both in the bottom two. My guess are right this time but who will be eliminated?

Picture of Sysha Mercado and Brooke White in the bottom 2 waiting for the final results of elimination.

Brooke White and Syesha Mercado walked on the "idol" stage and they were sitting down while Natasha Bedingfield performs the song "Pocketful of Sunshine" wearing brown colour blouse with black pants. Next, Ryan introduces Neil Diamond singing to the audience the song "Pretty Amazing Grace".

Picture of Neil Diamond and Natasha Bedingfield

After Neil Diamond's performance, Brooke and Syesha are back on stage with Ryan Seacrest and this is American Idol Top 5 results and the the bottom two for this week are:

- Syeshea Mercado
- Brooke White - was eliminated and couldn't make her way to the Top 4 to perform with the rest of the finalists next week. Ryan Seacrest said, the theme is "Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame week" for next week on May 6, 2008.

More pictures of Brooke White when she was eliminated. (sapphire blu sad to see her leave but every week during the results show one will have to go leaving The Top 2 in the "FINALE". Only The Top 2 will be performing in the Finale so next week it will be another finalist turn to go home.

Brooke White singing one more time during the closing of American Idol Top 5 Results Show on April 30, 2008. See you again Brooke White.

The Top 4 will continue their journey next week after Brooke White was sent home during the results show Jason, David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado.

David Archuleta

David Cook

Jason Castro

Syesha Mercado

Among the four finalists who still remain in the competition Syesha Mercado is the only female finalist left to take the stage next week. Who is your future Idol and who will be the next American Idol Season 7. We will soon have the results in two weeks time. Continue to watch American Idol and the answer to this question will be revealed during the results show.

Till another updates from sapphire blu.


Who is going home today in American Idol Season 7 Top 5 results show on April 30, 2008? The results will be out very soon. Anybody is at risk.

Who are your bottom 2? Who will have to go and leave the "idol" stage?

My bottom two are Syesha Mercado and Brooke White. What about you? Who do you think will have to start packing?

Till another updates about the final results of American Idol Season 7 when the results is out. See you soon.

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