Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Remember I told you guys about my new coleus plant.. well yesterday I invited her to join the rest of the plants in my mini garden.. after joining I can see there is joy in coleus.. that ones used to be dry and was like nobody's child before I bought her at RM6.00 at Garden Friend. The normal price for her was at first RM12.90 then reduce to RM9.00.. though the price has been reduce no one seems to be interested in coleus because she looked dull and her colour was like faded due to lack of sunlight, love and water. She was alone, dry and sad. Those who went to the nursery to buy plants just by passed her and did not even notice her. In coleus heart she wished somebody would take her home quickly to be loved and given water and enough sunlight again. Never she thought I would be her new owner.

I went over and asked Hana the lady who is incharge at the nursery. She told me if I am willing to pay RM6.00 which was a very special price after a good discount price, I could take coleus home.. I was so happy because I had a 50 percent from it. Without thinking any deeper I took coleus from her and brought it home. After taking coleus home I thought of giving her a new home with the rest of my other plants but the weather was not so good and it was raining at that time.. so I left her in her little small old plastic pot and gave her a shower of water. Coleus drank the water quickly and she looked much better and a little fresh..can see she has turned a little prettier too.. her leaves are opened broader not like it used to be when I first saw her.

A happy coleus joined the rest of the plants the following day which was yesterday and now she is living happily filled with love in her new home with the rest of her friends.. continue to stay and grow happily and beautifully coleus dearie.

coleus in her new home

coleus joined the rest of the plants

coleus new neighbour friend, vinca

podopuria bloom too when seeing coleus

another type of coleus and vinca filled with joy too

after living in a new home coleus is growing healthily and there is joy in that plant. continue to be happy yar coleus..

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