Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jade Chicken Curry - New Invention Recipe By Sapphire Blu

The long awaiting live telecast of the Oscar Awards 2008 that was shown in many countries was finally over yesterday and the winner of the Best Motion Picture of the year is "No Country For Old Man" I have not seen that movie yet so far. For those of you who have seen the movie, do tell me more about it.

This evening I have invented a new recipe for you to try out.

The menu is: Jade Chicken Curry

- 3 chicken drumsticks chopped into pieces (marinate with soya sauce and pepper) leave aside the marinated chicken about half an hour in the fridge.
- 3 potatoes peeled and cut to wedges (or in cubes)
- 1 large onion cut into cubes
- 3 to 4 shallots chopped finely
- a small portion of button mushroom sliced thinly
- 1 red chilli cut to few pieces
- 1 small portion of ginger sliced thinly or crushed
- a pinch of salt and sugar

Blended ingredients:
- some shallots skin peeled
- daun limau purut (发疯柑叶)
- 2 stalks of lemon grass (take only the bottom portion)
- 2 to 3 green chillies cut and seed taken out
small quantity of garlic skin peeled

Ingredients are cut and put on individual plates

Heat up wok and fry the cut ingredients such
as red chilli, big onion and shallots

add in potatoes and fry again

add in the chicken marinated chicken drumsticks
and button mushrooms.
Continue to fry till a little fragrant

Add in the pounded ingredients and a little water to cook.

Do not let the curry gravy to dry up.
Continue another half a rice bowl of water into the wok
and cook until the potatoes and chicken are tender

When everything is cooked, get ready a bowl

Served the Jade Chicken Curry in a bowl and eat with white rice or noodle

Hope you like this newly invented recipe prepared by Sapphire Blu just for you. Happy trying out this new recipe.

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