Thursday, January 24, 2008


I have been trying so hard to upload pictures of the places we have been to during our vacation in Kuala Lumpur last week.. at last I did it.. I managed to show you all some of the picutres today. Have fun reading.

The king size bed of the hotel we stayed in.. SRI PETALING..

The toiletries were like so perfect but all these were not given to us. We had to take our own stuff to use... they only gave us some liquid like mango juice to bathe.

Look at the colour of the towels given.. They are old and yellowish but that did not give us any worries because we never use towels that are given by hotels.. we always use our own towels for safety sake.

The good thing is two bottles of water were given throughout our two nights stay there but look at one of the bottles.. can you spot the difference?

The hotel did not provide any Astro channels but at least there is a tv there so that we can watch the few local channels when we were bored.


Fiona said... only posted the hotel pictures. mana yang lain? hahahahaha

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