Friday, February 1, 2008


Best Actor: Moses Chan

Best Actress: Lee Sze Kei

Mainland Audience's Favorite TVB Actor: Raymond Lam

Mainland Audience's Favorite TVB Actress: Gigi Lai

Best Supporting Actor: Louis Yuen

Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen

Most Favorite Male Character: Moses Chan as Dak Dak Dei
Most Favorite Female Character: Susanna Kwan - Sai Kai
Most Improved Male Artist: Amigo Chui
Most Improved Female Artist: Kate Tsui

Best Series: Heart Of Greed
Most Favorite Host: Harlem Yu & Patrick Tang in Foodie 2 Shoes
Best Creativity: Foodie 2 Shoes

Best Variety Show: On The Road
Best Promotion Clip: Drive Of Life

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lydia Shum



Took this pomelo back from Ipoh on 23rd and it is about 10 days after plucking from the tree. It is quite heavy and weighs about 2.8 kg and now the pomelo has a light green rind that becomes mostly yellow when fully ripe. So what I did was I cut the skin into half and start peeling it off from the skin. The interior of the fruit is a coral pink and so it is consider fully ripe.. let me show you how I cut it in the easiest way.

cut the pomelo's skin into half and start peeling

nearly finish taking off already. Left a little bit of work only

taraa.. it is done and I put back in it's skin. haha looks nice yar.

a better and clearer picture of it in half of the skin like putting in a bowl

can see the colour of the pomelo flesh? It is coral pink in colour and it looks like giant grapefruit right!! no wonder it is known as Chinese Grapefruit. No wonder pomelo has sweet flesh and thick spongy rind. Though I dont' really fancy this fruit but I still eat it because of it' juicy-ness. In Malaysia Ipoh is famous of Tambun Pomeloes so do visit Ipoh during this coming festival.


"Murder" is the title of the movie and the story is about the concept of extra-marital relationship. This movie was acted by famous stars like Mallika Shrewat, Imran Hashmi and Ashmit Patel for the leading roles.

The story line of Murder has complete ingredients to suite the requirements of the the people who watch this movie for the purpose of entertainment and quality stuff only. The movie has an impressive storyline. It gives us full value to spent time watching the movie on tv for exactly two hours over astro kirana channel.

Sudhir acted by Ashmit Patel, his wife Simron acted by Mallika Shrewat and their son Kabir live peacefully and happily in foreign land a place named Bangkok. Being occupied with his job as a Computer Engineer he tries his best making a prosperous future for the family, Sudhir negrlects Simron and forgets that his wife needs him physically and mentally. Simron starts feeling of her loneliness badly.

In the beginning of the show, it tells us how the policemen arrested Simron for murdering violently. A twist in the tale then occurs, when one rainy day she happens to meet her ex-boyfriend, Sunny acted by Imran Hashmi on a crowded road under heavy pours of rain showers.

Both Sunny and Simron had been in love before Simron's marriage with Sudhir. The meeting of this couple leads the two to the stage where they can have pleasures but those pleasures can lead to ruining Simron's married life at the same time. Both of them forgetting all the consequences, and out of loneliness this leads them to an affair that they can't control.

Sudhir begins to sense and have a feeling that something weird and not right is happening to his wife. He then hires a private detective who then provides Sudhir with solid proofs of her wife's affair with a man. When he had valid proof about his wife and Sunny, he felt badly hurt and sad especiacially when he saw his wife left Sunny's place one day. He then went straight to Sunny's home where he confronts him. They have a rough fight and ended up Sunny was in a pool of blood... to watch more of the story stay tuned and wait for the repeat of "Murder" on Kirana channel 122 over Astro.

The director of the movie made me glued to my seat till the finale with all his creative ways of filmmaking of this show. Near towards the ending I thought Sudhir would be imprisoned for life for murdering but never did I know the story was not like how I predicted. I am very happy with how the story got catchy as it reaches the end and it was such a good one. This movie really gathers momentum in the second half of the show although the first half may be a little bit slow only.

One thing for sure that I must admit, I hardly take my eyes off the screen even for a minute. Why obviously I have to read the subtitles because I don't understand Hindi language. It was such a good watch that I did not want to move away from my seat. This movie really grabs my attention. However I guess at one time when Sunny's girlfriend shows up all of a sudden makes me wonder why that happen. In conclusion I think "Murder" is one of the most rich entertaining movie this year that I have ever watch on astro channel.

Sypnosis in Malay
Mengesahkan pertemuan dengan kawan lama membuatkan cinta tak kala hubungan dengan suami tidak sehaluan. Ini menyebabkan Sudhir dan Sunny berkonfrantasi. Saksikanlah kisah menarik ini di Astro Kirana (122)

Language of the movie:
HINDI with malay subtitles

Anurag Basu

Mahesh Bhatt

Ashmit Patel, Emraan Hashmi, Mallika Sherawat

Music by :
Anu Malik: Kaho Na Kao and Bheegay Hon Tere


today and you are none other than

I am sending this special birthday wishes
from far across the sea with lace and ribbons
my very special birthday smile
just for you because you are a daughter
that truly shines bright as a star
in the darkness of times

I am so blessed to have you as my daughter
deep within my heart I always know
whenever I need any help
you are always there for me
the bond we share will always be strong
In my eyes you can do no wrong

Knowing you are my daughter
makes me so proud
You, my daughter picked specially for me
by the Lord above on 1st February 1988
thank you God for giving me you
will always love you and treasure you

Also hugs and kisses wrapped in special prayers
happiness and laughter joy beyond compare
Wishing you warm sunshine each day when you awake
happiness within and harmony with every step you take
in everything you do I hope you will have success
I am thinking of you from way across thousand of miles apart

Miss you so much on your birthday today.

this special message is written by sapphire blu on 1st February 2008

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