Saturday, January 19, 2008


I'm home, I'm home again from vacation.. guess where I have been for the past three days.. me, she and her went on vacation to none other than Kuala Lumpur the place that I will lay my foot on nearly every month. However, during our three nights and two days stay there.. all I can say is, it was an enjoyable stay and the three of us went on makan makan jalan jalan and beli beli whenever we can. We stayed at Sri Petaling Hotel. The hotel is considered ok ok ler but best of all was I love the location of the hotel as we do not have to look out for food.. the makan stall is just opposite the hotel and the price was reasonable.. not too expensive and not too cheap... ok ok ler. Actually I have taken so many pictures of the places we have been too, just that I am lazy to upload them now but I can assure all of you who drop by here can view the many many pictures taken in no time, from 24th January onwards.. wait yar.. transport from the place where we stayed was never a problem and we used the star and putra LRT throughout our jalan jalan there. All I can say here is we really had a good time throughout our vacation and now we are looking to go there again soon.. I already save up my first coin for our next trip there.. where is it again?? haha of course Kuala Lumpur.. see you soon BEAUTIFUL CITY GIRL, named KL.

That's all for now.. till I upload the pictures for you all to view in days to come.. sabar menanti. Taraa. God Bless.

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