Sunday, February 3, 2008

I am dreaming of mandarin oranges

Bought this beautiful basket with pink netting cover from Pasar Seni,sometime back.. Took it all the way home from Pasar Seni, Central Market Kuala Lumpur by bus to the north then took back to Kuala Lumpur Central Bus Station and finally flew the basket to the east and now it is filled with many sweet lokam or mandarin oranges. How gorgeous the basket looks like now, don't you agree?

Eu Yan Sang mandarin oranges. RM. 9.90 each only. There are eight each in a bucket

one bucket for you and one bucket for me. One bucket of Eu Yan Sang mandarin oranges for everyone.

Actually this bucket of mandarin oranges is not for myself though I like the packing very much. I bought if for a friend as a Chinese New Year gift and I may buy one of it for myself too.

It is believed that eating mandarin oranges can reduce the risk of liver cancer, heart disease or suffering a stroke and other diseases. But I do not know how true it is.. Just take mandarin orange one a day during this Chinese New Year. It may benefit you.


Sapphire Blu at work with her menu for a good simple meal tonight

Ingredients are:-

A packet of hor fan (in cantonese), kway teow (in hokkien) or flat noodles (in english)
taugeh or nga choy about 40 cents
1 piece of fish cake cut thinly
50 cents sawi or choy sam
half a bowl of chicken breast meat cut thinly
garlic and half a chilli chopped finely together
half chilli cut thinly to garnish on top when serving
soya sauce
dark soya sauce
oyster sauce
sambal belacan

cut all the ingredients

fry the chopped garlic with chilli together

add in fish cake, chicken meat and stirfry together till half cook

put in the cut sawi and pour a little oyster sauce and dark soya sauce and stirfry a little while

mix together the taugeh and stirfry again till fragrant

lastly put in the flat noodle or hor fan in as well and continue to fry. Mix the kuay teow with the other ingredients well. Then add in a bit more of dark soya sauce and water, then fry them together till cooked.

just before the char kway teow is served on a plate add in some sambal belacan and pepper and stirfry well.

lastly serve the char kway teow on an oval plate and dinner is ready

recipe by: sapphire blu


Early this morning as I on the computer, one my telefone jack to connect to the internet splitter just soften and breaks. Oops!! how am I suppose to connect the line. I will never be able to go online as today is a Sunday and many shops are closed and I wouldn't want to go to The Spring or Parkson as the traffic there will be so heavy and jam.. all for the sake one telephone jack? No way. So I told myself, it's okay no internet today. I will just have to stick to the tv whole day long and continue to do that the whole night long till my eyes turn red and tired.

After we had our lunch at Jalan Song, I entered a hardware shop that is about to close for the day. I just simply asked the shop owner there if they have a telephone jack knowing it is really quite impossible because I have asked them before last the time and they did not have any of those jacks. What a surprise to me when he told me that day stocks just came yesterday. I was so glad and Praise the Lord. At last I can go home and continue to speak my mind again. He is always good to me at all times and to all of us too .. God is a caring God. He knows even before we ask from Him. Thank you God for your many blessings to me and others.

Bought a new jack just now at RM3.50. Actually the price of it is not really important as long as I can go online with that thing.. Without it I maybe napping now or my eyes would be glued to the tv instead of updating and share with you all. Got to go and cut ingredients for dinner tonight.. be right back after dinner. Don't go away as I will be here real soon.


Black Pepper Fillet rice for me and Mee Jawa for them

Drove all the way to Jalan Song Singapore Chicken Rice Shop in the end when we couldn't make up our mind on where to have lunch. First we wanted to eat at Hui Sing then we changed our mind and wanted to have fast food instead. Fast food?? Sure many people today because it is a Sunday. Then we also thought of going to Crown Plaza but we cancelled our plan to go there too for unknown reason. Where to eat?? After thinking and thinking for so long as she continue to drive then all of a sudden we said together..." Singapore Chicken Rice Shop" and that was where we ended up for our lunch.


At last I finished doing marketing for Chinese New Year. From the two pictures here, they are what I have bought this morning. Nowadays I hardly go to 3rd mile market to buy vegetables, poultry or seafood and whenever we need to do our marketing, Boulevard Hypermarket is the place. There are so many fresh products available there and imagine how nice it is to be able to shop your stuff to cook from an air con place?

We can hardly experienced having air con at the wet market outside there. One of the rare place that I have known of is at the wet market that is situated at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Jalan Abang Haji Openg, Kuala Lumpur.

So the next time anyone thinks of doing marketing, Jusco wet market or any other hypermarket will be a good idea to go. However at many times the normal wet market out there would be a good convenient place as certain things really need to get it from there. Happy shopping for those who has yet to do their marketing for this coming Chinese New Year.

Bought some fishes back. They are black promfret, stingray, mini white promfret and ikan jama merokok. I do not know what is it call in English.


Morning everyone. Have you all taken you brekfast yet? Just had mine and the menu for today is simple half boiled egg taken with a sausage plain bun that I bought from the bakery yesterday.

Normally when we prepare to boil half boil egg it must be from the room temperature. However if it is taken from the fridge just wash under running water. Put the eggs in a stainless steel mug with cover or a big bowl. Boil a pot of water and when the water comes to a vigorous boil pour it over the eggs and cover well with the cover. Leave five to seven minutes and your eggs are ready to eat with bread or toast.

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