Saturday, February 9, 2008

their performance captured my heart

Just look at the crowd watching the Chinese Acrobats from Shanghai performing their acrobatics. I am speechless. Sharing all this with you.

finished watching their performance over here? I am facinated.. It was amazing how they did it so perfectly well

flying high to the west

It was a happy morning for me as the plane was punctual and I arrived LCCT 15 minutes earlier than the shedule. I thought there was going to be a slight delay but I turned out to be wrong. Even on festival days flights can be punctual too.. Hope whenever I will be flying high the flight will always be on time.

my boarding gate to the west was gate number six. If no rain then gate R or gate 1 where we have to go outdoor using stairs to get in the plane. Since today has been raining and raining non stop we could use gate 6 where I did not have to go outdoor before I could board on the plane. Thank you God for the rain.

MAS office at Kuching International Airport

look at the crowd on third day of CNY at the check in counters

the environment of the airport

which way am I suppose to go.. haha

more handicraft for the passengers to buy as souvenirs

check in counters

that is a big crowd on the queue at AirAsia counters

need any wrapping service, this way so that your luggage and baggage won't get wet

the location of Kuching International Airport

need to buy any fragrance for your loved ones on Valentine's Day

flying home to the west on third day of CNY

Set my alarm clock to 5am last night, no... should be around 1.30 am this morning as I got a plane to catch to the west. It is still raining outside and I pray the rain will stop for me just as I want to get in the car to the airport. Praying hard for the rain to stop soon.

Not much to pack except for few towels that I took to a friend's shop to get names sew on each towels. Isn't that personal? Hope they will like my little gifts a token from my heart to them. Just look at the terrapins? They did not know I am going away for a little while and they are still sleeping soundly. I wonder if terrapings do have dreams of their own too?

Just had prawn noodles before I leave for the airport around 7.30am. Had my things packed in 10 minutes. That's all I need. Just took a hand luggage with me. Hope it does not exceed seven kilos or I will have to check in the bag which I didn't want to.. to collect back the luggage will take quite sometime especially today. During these few days sure many people will be travelling and the airport maybe crowded.

the ninjas are still sleeping holding close on top of each other. Three others are somewhere around there having their own dreams too

prawn mi (har mee) without prawns?? Can't see any prawns in the soup. Have you heard of a bowl of prawn noodle without prawns in it?

packed my things and ready to get in the car soon. Still drizzling out there. Rain rain please go away. Come again another time.

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