Saturday, January 12, 2008


This is me taken this morning..

the closeup of me

CHINESE NEW YEAR is just next month and so many people are buying one of these plants home..but I am not because it is so expensive.. cost more than a hundred ringgit each plant.. so I just take a picture of it for remembrance.


Once upon a time I was once very blessed because among so many other teddies I was chosen to be a decoration hp chain by my owner. Never did I ever come across into my mind that I will have to leave my home in such a short period.. Last night I was left with a single arm.. the other side of my arm just broke off like that.. I blamed the factory who made me for not doing a good job. But what can I do, it is fated.. I heard my owner said that she is going to replace me with another teddy that looks exactly like me from tomorrow when she goes outstation.. what is going to happen to me.. don't dump me please.. I will miss her dearly.. so used to be in this home and if ever I am thrown away that is the end of me.. Help! I am helpless.

on the footstool

on the sofa bed

on the computer table where I am still there till tonight.. I can't imagine my fate from tomorrow


Someone help me please.. I am dying. My colour is fading away.. why why why!!! why shower me with too much of water and left me under the hot sun without any shade. I will be gone in no time.. when the rubbish lorry comes I will be placed together with other unwanted horrible smelly rubbish... No, no I don't want to leave this world just yet.. if I ever had to go, do save my little babies... three of them are still fighting for their lives and they can be saved if only anyone hears my cry.


It is has been a long time since I last had a meal at this coffee shop at Jalan Padungan. Know what I like about this old makan shop? Nothing much just that they did not put msg in their food.. And the shop is clean.. One can see they get a A grade from MBKS for hygene and cleanliness.

The makan shop

the shop has been maintaining this grade for a long time already

behind the scene of their kitchen

I ordered sugar cane water at RM1.10.. quite cheap for once in kch

My meal for my early lunch is fried chicken kolo mi.. not salty and just right to be go down the throat and to the stomach for digestion.. want to try some?? uum... costs me RM3.80

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