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Jolin Tsai who was also known as Taiwanese Dancing Queen, was announced as HITO female singer for the fifth time in a row at HITO Pop Music Awards 2007 that was held on 1st. March 2008 on Saturday night in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Besides that this popular well known singer especially from the younger generations also took home few other awards including winning the most popular female singer in number of votes.

Jolin Tsai's profile:
English Name: Jolin Tsai
Chinese Name: Tsai Yi Ling
Cantonese Name: Choi Yee Lam
Birthday: 15th September 1980 (zodiac virgo)
Place of Birth: Taipei, Taiwan
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the monkey
FAmily Members: Parents and elder sister
Spoken Language: Mandarin and English
Hobbies: Watching tv
Celebrities - International: Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise
Male Singer: David Tao
Female singer: Mariah Carey and Wong Fei (Faye Wong)
Flower: Rose
Pet: Dog
Season: Summer
Colours: Black and white
Movie: My Bestfriend's Wedding

As for popular singer Wang Lee Hom, he managed to retain last year's title as Hito male singer. I have been listening to his songs for many years already and he is one of my favourite male artistes.

Wang Lee Hom's Profile:
English Name: Wang Lee Hom (Alexander)
Chinese Name: 王力宏
Date of Birth: 17th May 1976
Place of Birth: Rochester, New York
Ethnicity: Taiwanese
Nationality: American
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac: Dragon
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 150lb
Blood Type: O
Family: Parents, one elder brother and one younger brother
Singer: Stevie Wonder
Animal: Dog
Color: Blue
Sport: Baseball
Food: Japanese cuisine, Peking Duck, Pizza, Coconut, Zonghui Sandwich, Grapefruit Juice
Hobby: Baseball, Music, Drawing, Movie, Drama, etc.
Type of Movie: Science Fiction
Country: Taiwan
Attire: T-shirt & Jeans

Hito Pop Music Awards for the year 2007

The winners of the singing awards went to:

- Hito Male Singer - Leehom Wang
- Hito Female Singer - Jolin Tsai
- Hito Female Group - S.H.E
- Hito Male Group - Lollipop
- Hito Rock Group - May Day
- Hito Great Sound New Comer - One Million Stars
- Hito Composer Singer - Jay Chou & Leehom Wang
- Hito K Female - Stephanie Suen
- Hito K Male - Gary Cao
- Hito Album - Khalil Fong - Love Love Love
- Hito Producer - Stanley Huang

Most Popular Voted New Comer
- One Million StarsVoted Most Popular Rock Group - May Day

Most Popular Voted Group
- Fahrenheit (Fei Lun Hai)

Most Popular Voted Composer Singer
- Yida Wong

Most Popular Voted Female Singer
- Stephanie Suen from Singapore

Most Popular Voted Male Singer
- Show Luo

-HITO Best Song
- Jolin Tsai

HITO DJ Best Album
- Khalil Fong - Love Love Love

HITO Lyricist
- Deserts Chang

HITO Composer
- A-Yue, Chyi Chin

HITO Music Arranger
- Sodagreen- No Moon

HITO Foreign Songs

- Fish Leong and Victor Wong - Way Back into Love-Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend- Linkin Park - What I’ve Done

-HITO Internet Most Popular
- Wang Lee Hom

HITO Music Most Popular
- Lu Guangzhong

HITO Longest Album on Charts
- A-Mei Chang - STAR

-HITO Longest Charting Album
- Jolin Tsai - Agent J

-HITO Television Original Soundtrack
- Hana Kimi

HITO Japanese Songs (sang by:)


Ayumi Hamasaki

Utada Hikaru

HITO Top Ten
1) Tank
2) A-Mei Chang
3) Fish Leong
4) Jay Chow
5) May Day
6) Stephanie Suen
7) Jolin Tsai
8) Show Luo
9) S.H.E
10)Wang Lee Hom and Selina

HITO Singers from overseas
From Hong Kong - Eason Cham
From Singapore - Stephanie Suen
From Malaysia - Fish Leong

Asia Media Award was awarded to: Jay Chou

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T ordered porkchop rice. Started to feel hungry already by just looking at it. RM4.00 per plate.

How does that taste? Good? Yes?? No??

E ordered Yee mee. RM3.50 per plate

F and sapphire blu ordered hokkein mi or another name for this delicacy is "tai luk meen"
RM3.50 per plate.

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Pan Mi Soup for me, she and her

This bowl is my share

Swiss roll as dessert after lunch. Bought from Jusco 1 Utama

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MALAYSIA PROJECT SUPERSTAR SEASON 3 - who were elimintated on 2nd. March 2008 at 10pm


(Hosted by Gary Yap and Cheryl Lee)

Four females and four males who have been eliminated on Sunday, 2nd. March 2008 and they were:-

The list of the contestants left are:-

1) Ellen 徐佩霞
2) Pink 方玲妮
3) Alice 林芯糸
4) San 黄惠珊
5) Kay 郭晓薇
6) Nicole 赖淞凤
7) May May 詹依美
8) Eliza 伊利莎
9) Jac 林伟明
10) Hau 徐仕豪
11) Eddie 赖勇霖
12) Will 郑幸安
13)Elson 戴祺锡
14) Adrian 陈凯旋
15)Cliff 郑至围
16) Kevin 邓凯文

Who will be the next to be eliminated? Let's watch another 8 contestants performing next week on Saturday and Sunday, 8th and 9th March 2008. Date of showing project superstar season 3 on tv8 may change due to the results of 12th General Election on 8th. March 2008.

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I can't believe the price for the lemang and chicken rendang

As we were walking around hunting for food to take away to have for our dinner when we get back home, we came across a food stall (also belongs to Jusco) infront of Jusco supermarket. We walked nearer to have a good look at the food to purchase.

We told the promoter what we wanted. When we paid at the counter only then we realized how expensive the total of the food. Lemang + 3 pieces of ketupat nasi + 5 pieces of chicken rendang= RM45.00. Wow!! it surely was costly.

However the food tasted nice. The lemang and ketupat nasi that were cut into few pieces were fresh and soft whereas the chicken rendang was mouth watering. Although the food that we bought at that stall was not cheap but it is value for money.

What is lemang?

We always see and hear most malay houses will have lemang during Hari Raya festivals. What is lemang and how is it cooked? Cooking lemang needs lots of skills.

This delicacy comes from glutinous rice with coconut milk that is cooked in long bamboo hollow tubes, that are cooked using open air fire. Banana leaves are used to line in the tube of bamboos before putting in the glutinous rice that is soaked with santan or in English is coconut milk.

Lemang is usually served during the Malay festivals like Hari Raya Puasa and Hari Raya Qorban. It's not easy to cook and sometimes you get those which is overcooked or turned hard at the sides of the cooked glutinous coconut rice . The lemang is normally served with chicken beef rendang or sometimes you can eat together with satay gravy.

Other than lemang, ketupat nasi daun palas is a must that the Malays will cook during Hari Raya. These triangular parcels contain glutinious rice are wrapped in palm leaves fronds called daun palas. So it is called ketupat nasi daun palas.

That is a little that I know of lemang and ketupat nasi daun palas. Thank you so much for dropping by at sapphire blu speaks her mind corner.

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After having our lunch at Shakey's Pizza the four of us went to look for the roadshow of game show "Deal Or No Deal" (English version ) which is very popular at present being aired over NTV 7 every Saturday and Sunday at 8.30pm for an hour. The host of this game show is none other than Non who speaks fluent English. He is also the famous DJ of radio channel "Lite FM".

We were not sure where the roadshow would be so we went to the information counter and they told us where it would be held. We quickly rushed to the place without any longer. Guess who we met there? He was none other than the Host Non of English version "Deal Or No Deal".

I was so happy and excited to see him in person and went straight to him asking to take a few snapshots of him and asked him if he would sign autographs for us. He willingly did it with a happy heart without obligation. He is much more handsome in person compared to when he is hosting "Deal Or No Deal".

I have taken some of the pictures when I was there at the roadshow for you to view.

Non signing autographs for us

Somemore to go

Non writing his full name behind the little bookmark

He is still busy signing the autorgraphs for us. Thank you so much Non.

five of the Revlon Girls

Say cheese!! Non with his natural charming smile

Another snapshot of Non

Full pose of Non

This is Ginny who holds bag number 21. She is photogenic isn't she? She is very friendly too.

Non behind the stage

Another one of him

Non together with the hosts of "The Breakfast Show" of NTV7

I can't remember what they were talking about.

Look at the huge crowd. There are somemore behind there. Can't fit them all in the picture.

Two of the Revlon Girls on stage. Where are the rest?

Five of the gorgeous Revlon Girls on stage during the game show.

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my mushroom soup is here. But where is the spoon?

The spoon is here and so is the garlic bread. Dip the garlic bread in the mushroom soup will taste oomph

Who wants to have the first piece of Shakey's Pizza? Still very hot and crispy.

Yummy!! yummy!! I wish I will know how to make my own pizza someday.

This piece will be mine. What about you? Have you taken your share?

A portion of pizza for you or me?

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Yesterday I took the 9.20am flight back to LCCT. The plane was not full although it was a weekend. Maybe the passengers prefer to take the later flight as the weather in the east was so cooling yesterday morning so they thought maybe they would just take a later flight so that they could get up much later in the morning.

I did not use online check in through the internet as I have always prefered checking in at the counter two hours before the departure time. I arrived the airport at 7.30am and I was the 25th passenger who has checked in. Did not have to queue as there was so much time more before the departure of Air Asia flight AK5203.

This is my boarding pass. Seq. 25 to check in

Yess!! the newly opened Merrybrown is at the departure waiting hall. Whenever I feel hungry maybe I can have something at Merrybrown before I board the plane. This is the first Merrybrown Fastfood in Kuching.

The other side of Merrybrown. Looks nice right!!

More pictures of the departure waiting hall

The place that I need to queue later for boarding is Gate R

This will be the plane AK5203 flying to the west

A closer look at the plane

A full snapshot of Air Asia AK5203

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