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CJ7 - a fantasy movie to be in cinema on 7th Feb 2008 first day of CNY

Do not forget to watch a fantasy movie title: CJ7 a movie that is written, produce, directs and acted by:
Stephen Chow to be released in cinema from tomorrow on 7th February 2008, first day of Chinese New Year.

Picture taken from: NST online

where am I?

Mork says: Let me out. Help me someone please!!

Mork says: A little bit more and I am free. Why isn't anyone here yet. Where are you?

Mork says: At last I am free but where am I? I am lost.

eight ninjas want to have reunion meal too

Mork has been staying with me for exactly a year today.. I still remember clearly when I took him back from the Aquatic shop together with the late Mindy who has gone home to be with the Lord last year. Mork was still so tiny and small then. Cutie and adorable he was. Now he has grown much bigger but still consider not too big for his age. He is still cute and attracts my attention most of the time for his naughtiness as he sometimes acts like a big bully during feeding time. He is leader of the seven other ninjas.

Mork says: I am so clean and fresh again after a short bath under the running tap and now I am hungry. Where is my reunion meal?

The rest of the ninjas whispering to each other: Lets make loud noise by scratching at the wall of our home to get more attention.

The ninjas: Yes!! yes!! she heard us.. now we can have a good nice meal. Let's go see who is the fastest to get the food.

The eight ninjas (terappins) are enjoying their meal after fasting for three days.. I will feed them once in three days so that they do not grow too huge in size.

spring flowers need a shower too

It has been a year since I last washed the spring flower that I bought from Green Gallery. After I had my lunch I soaked them in the water and shower them with a big tub of water. Then I left them to dry on the tub before i create my own design flower arrangement. I am never good at flower arrangement but I tried to get the best design I can in simple spring flower arrangement for Chinese New Year (spring festival) that is just a day away.

this flower arrangement is design by: sapphire blu at

sapphire blu has more for you on Chinese New Year Eve...

At last I finished cooking for the day. Here are two more dishes to share during Chinese New Year Eve:

Recipe: Stiryfry Cauliflower With Mix Vegetables

mince chicken breast meat
french beans
prawns (optional)
button mushroom
chopped garlic
oyster sauce
soya sauce
cornflour mix water for sauce thickening

the amount of the ingredients depends on how much you need to cook

first of all cut all the needed ingredients and placed them in a bowl or on a plate so that it is more convenient to cook later on

the vegetables are nearly cooked and ready to be served on a plate for a meal

served on a plate and is ready to call for a meal

lotus root soup boiled with chicken, groundnuts, red dates, kei chi (red seeds), salt to taste. Simmer the soup for more than an hour.

after the soup is cooked pour it in a bowl and served with your other dishes and rice. Enjoy your meal.

another menu to share with

Hi, hi I am back with another recipe for reunion dinner.

recipe: stingray fry with kunyit (yellow ginger)

a medium size piece of stingray cut into pieces
a small piece of kunyit
a small piece of ginger
a rice bowl of shallots
few dried chillies soaked in water
soya sauce
a pinch of sugar
belacan stock
2 lemon grass

1. Blend well the shallots, lemon grass, ginger, dried chillies and kunyit.
2. Heat up wok with two tablespoon of oil
3. Put in the blended ingredients and fry till fragrant
4. Add in some belacan stock and a pinch of sugar
5. Add the stingray in the wok and fry till nearly cooked
6. Add in soya sauce to taste
7. When the stingray is cooked, serve on a plate and garnish well with fried shallots (optional)

pamper my stomach with thong yuen

I said a no no to myself when I woke up lazily this morning and wanted to go back to sleep again. Rushed myself to the shower room and had a splash on myself. I am no more sleepy but very fresh already instead. Today is just a day before Chinese New Year and it is known as a reunion day.. Everybody will be sitting together and have a meal together especially during night time for Reunion Dinner.

I had "thong yuen" for breakfast. In english it is called glunious rice ball with fillings inside. The chinese believe eating this dessert for this festival season is a reunion for the family. Normally it is eaten with ginger in plain sugar water.

Hoever, this morning I ate "Thong yuen" cooked in red bean soup in cantonese "dai hong dai zi' which means a bright future. Nowadays this type of dessert is simple to make by yourself as it is in many ready packages that are being sold in most supermarkets and hypermarkets. Have a good yummy breakfast and pampering your stomach with thong yuen will be a good idea too.

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