Thursday, January 24, 2008


After checking in at Sri Petaling Hotel we went to 1 Utama.. it was quite a long journey from the hotel.. we were facinated by the Chinese New Year decorations with so many pots of Bunga Kekwa as decoration along the shops. Where ever I go I just snap and snap for pictures..

guess whose hand is this.. just a rough guess and the clue is this hand belongs to her.

oh what is happening to my fingers.. the picture of mickey the mouse turn out blurrrrrrrr. I think I must be feeling hungry and that is why my fingers started to shiver.

This minnie girlfriend of mickey picture is much clearer..she is very pretty and clever to pose also

see this beautiful long evening dress.. so cantik. wonder how much is the rental.

yo... what is the guy doing so hygenic but look at his hidden hands without gloves..what's the point right..

both she and her dinner for the night.. I can't show my dinner because I was too hungry that I finished my chicken curry hot plate rice before I remember to take a picture of it.

After watching some acrobatics performance at their stage there which you can visit to see some pictures of it.


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