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Episode 59 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 59/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 59 with English subtitles

Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of OST The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕) - 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 Wind Flower


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Summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 59

The secret message forms the raven plume fan reveal its message as Kim Yu Shin reads the secret treaty of the alleged that Tang emissary will preach for the impossibility of a female to rule on the throne then in return the Silla court is to honour Tang Dynasty request of 30,000 troops will be sent in support of Tang Dynasty’s Goguryeo campaign. Kim Chun Chu takes the secret letter from Kim Yu Shin to read who has signed were Tang Emissary Su Ji Yan & Silla Sangdaedeung, Bi Dam, Kim Chun Chu stutters to read Bi Dam’s name on the document. Queen Seon Deok is shock that it could be Bi Dam as Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon is surprised

Meanwhile Bi Dam asked his faction that all the insolence displayed by the Tang emissary that Queen Seon Deok is not fit to rule was orchestrated by their scheme of deceptive stratagems. Yeom Jong confirms that they merely want Bi Dam join their bandwagon with them & be on the same boat as Mi Saeng adds that they take this opportunity & oust & remove Queen Seon Deok from power. Bi Dam is shocked. Lord Jujin agrees that isn’t Bi Dam intention originally to be Sovereign as Yeom Jong said they had now crossed the point of no return. Bi Dam is constipated with rage & he is losing control of his own faction as they now dictates the terms for him

Queen Seon Deok takes hold of the secret message from the raven plume fan & mutter Bi Dam’s name as the truth now settle in for her as she utter how can Bi Dam…..Kim Chun Chu response in rage that this is high treason & asked whether Bi Dam is utilise this chance to make good of using the Tang Emperor’ words to gain the throne. Queen Seon Deok tries to calm the upset Kim Chun Chu who is jumping to conclusions. Kim Chun Chu said that if this isn’t otherwise, why should this written so clearly stated in writing this secret treaty & how can this be explained. Kim Chun Chu said that Bi Dam will not honour to relinquish his political power as what he has promised that behinds Queen Seon Deok’s back, he is conspiring in secret to bring harm to Queen Seon Deok. Kim Chun Chu said that this act can’t be forgiven to pardoned. Bi Dam must be charge & trial by law for his crimes. Queen Seon Deok tell Kim Chun Chu don’t let his upset blinds his sense of reasoning. Kim Chun Chu storms out from the chambers in upset. Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon tries to calls Kim Chun Chu back & went out to chase him. Queen Seon Deok is clearly upset that she is now ridden with suspicion on Bi Dam

Bi Dam tells that they has betray behinds his back then to force him to a standstill & plan to revolt. Lord Sueulbu said that Bi Dam was the first to initiated the betrayal towards them. Bi Dam is shock as Lord Jujin said that Bi Dam has carried them in order to support Queen Seon Deok in played a equal part & was responsible for Queen Seon Deok ascension to the throne & then gave him their utmost trusted Bi Dam that they has agree to support Queen Seon Deok & her implementation in her policy bit now just take a look at them, how are they now being treated with the ill treatment that they are now getting. Lord Sueulbu said that through Queen Seon Deok policy that their private garrison has been revoked how can they take this standing down without any retaliation & let this be seize & be made inoffensive. Ho Jae said that this situation, Bi Dam goes to Queen Seon Deok to make a secret promissory contract to forsake them. Hwang Yun said that this is to tell us that Bi Dam didn’t even convey a word to them. Phil Dan said that this is definitely a betrayal from Bi Dam. Bi Dam said that he has never said to them about his ambition for the throne

Yeom Jong said that matter is not for Bi Dam to decide on his own. Bi Dam is surprised. Bo Jong said that if there is any reason that the secret treaty to the Tang emissary that the Queen Seon Deok has place in house arrest were to fall into Queen Seon Deok’s hands. Mi Saeng said that it due course if this becomes a reality sooner or later, the agreement between Tang emissary & Bi Dam were to be known, in will only take the matter of time. Bi Dam is shock as Hwang Yun said that if that should happened that the content of the secret treat between Bi Dam & the Tang emissary is learned by Queen Seon Deok, what will Bi Dam going to do about that. Ha Jong said that this will be clear evidence to Bi Dam has acted in high treason to usurp the throne, will Bi Dam think that Queen Seon Deok will pardoned Bi Dam for that. Bi Dam now seen belong so transparent as he is being manipulate to play a puppet on the strings for his faction

Bi Dam goes Jowon Jeon & is stop by the Household guards as Bi Dam said that he is here to meet with the Tang Emissary. The household guards said that Queen Seon Deok has place strict order that no one may enter the premises. Bi Dam asked the household guards does he knows who he is that he is Silla Sangdaedeung, he will not allow this situation to deteriorate any further & demands to give him access. The household guards apologise but he can’t let Bi Dam enter

Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon catches up with the upset Kim Chun Chu. Kim Yu Shin asked why is Kim Chun Chu being so impetuous about. Al Cheon said that the situation changes, this will laid a stake in Queen Seon Deok’s & the nation safety & security, she will get behinds this & make her judgment. Then the household guards comes calling for Al Cheon as Al Cheon asked what is the matter. The household guards said that Bi Dam has come to Jowon jeon seeking audience with the Tang emissary. Al Cheon confirm that it is indeed Bi Dam as the household guard affirms he identify Bi Dam. Kim Chun Chu instruct the household guards to permit Bi Dam to see Tang emissary. Al Cheon surprise at Kim Chun Chu’s instruction. Kim Yu Shin said that this matter must refer to Queen Seon Deok for her decision. Kim Chun Chu said that he wants to help along Queen Seon Deok’s “wise” judgement

Bi Dam waiting anxiously for the Tang emissary as the household guards brings the Tang emissary to see him. The Tang emissary complains to Bi Dam how dare they are being treat in such a disrespect manner. Bi Dam asked Tang emissary that the Ouseon must return to him

Ouseon is raven plume feather fan

Tang emissary queries about the Ouseon as Bi Dam asked that it is the Ouseon that Mi Saeng has given to Tang emissary that stated their secret treaty

Mi Saeng is the Yeburyeong which is the Minister of Etiquette & Ceremonies or Rites

Tang emissary is surprise that he thought that Bi Dam wants to cover his tracks that is why he came because he has received the plume fan. Bi Dam said that whatever the content of that secret treaty broker between Mi Saeng & Tang emissary is none of his concern or involvement & warns before the matter get nasty to return the Ouseon to him. Tang emissary is appalled on what is Bi Dam implying that he has already convey to send the Ouseon to him & Tang emissary said that it is not because he has receive the Ouseon & that why he is here & now does Bi Dam implied that he has never received the Ouseon at all. Bi Dam is surprise

Yeom Jong asked whether everybody has gather here & informs that Bi Dam is meeting with the Tang emissary. Lord Jujin said that in this stage of situation, BI Dam has no alternative but to comply with them. Ha Jong said that as this situation is as it is, he will needs to accommodate or end up worse as this seriously persists that he believe Bi dam will be wise to settle the matter. Bo Jong said that it is indeed a relief that he originally thought that he might seek Queen Seon Deok’s audience instead to plea his innocence. Lord Sueulbu said it is human to naturally in instinct to be concern with his own safety from the predicaments of danger & risk. Mi Saeng said that it looks like Bi Dam must quickly decide before it is too late as the matter that he has no other alternative left to choose

Bi Dam goes to the household guards & at blade point asked the household guard to confess where & who did he take the Ouseon. Household guards he doesn’t know anything. Bi Dam said that the Tang emissary clearly state that the Ouseon was meant to handed to Bi Dam then threaten the guard with the blade close to the household guard’s neck, to whom the Ouseon was given as the household guard kept silence & Bi dam asked whether he wants to die by silting his throat instead, as Bi Dam swing his swords, the household guard utter it was to Queen Seon Deok. Bi Dam surprise & wants a confirmation as the household guards repeat that the Ouseon was handed to Queen Seon Deok. Bi Dam drops the swords & is stunned

Bi Dam walks away stunned as he looks at his hands & recalls the time when Moon Noh comes to the cave stun to see all the deaths as Bi Dam was young that he killed all the people in the cave with putting poison in their food. Moon Noh is shock that he was responsible for all those deaths that because they stole for him therefore they need to die. After that day, Moon Noh reject his contact with Bi Dam as Bi Dam trembles with his hands. Bi Dam’s faction is putting a tail on him.

Lord Jujin said that no matter what the situation arises that they still need to have Bi Dam. Lord Sueulbu that they need to hold onto Bi Dam & they need to force him to act. Ho Jae concurs that Bi Dam is after all the offspring of Mi Shil & King Jinji & in this situation he is now Sangdaedeung & without any direct lineage to Queen Seon Deok, he was entrusted to control Ministry of Audit for a long time & also under the patronage of Queen Seon Deok, he also cumulate political powers. MI Saeng in addition that Mi Shil has left her will that her faction must do & follow Bi Dam’s bidding that why she gave in. Ha Jong agrees that if it wasn’t for his mother will, they wouldn’t have just follow & adhere Bi Dam to lead them. Bo Jong concurs that this fact Bi Dam is really well aware. Now they have awaited the right moment for Bi Dam to lean on in support is not towards Queen Seon Deok but them. Everybody nods in affirmative on what it has been said

The surveillance comes back to Yeom Jong to inform that Bi Dam has……Yeom Jong & everyone is surprise. Bo Dam goes to In Gang jeon to ask that his presence be announce. Yeom Jong what to confirm that BI Dam really has gone to In Gang Jeon. The surveillance said that he has now reached In Gang Jeon. Ha Jong asked wouldn’t it be perhaps he is surrender himself to Queen Seon Deok. Lord Sueulbu said how can this be possible, it doesn’t any sense to risk his life, that now they can’t do anything about it. Mi Saeng said that Bi Dam doesn’t have the right sense of focus to understand his dire situation & yet will do exactly that. Lord Jujin said how are they going to counter & solve this matter. Lord Sueulbu said Queen Seon Deok will issue arrest warrant for them. Yeom Jong tell Bo Jong to deploy the garrison immediately. Bo Jong understand & leaves. Bi Dam faction is rather uneasy in their expression

Queen Seon Deok is informs that Bi Dam met with the Tang emissary. Kim Chun Chu confirm that Bi Dam defy Queen Seon Deok’s order even knowing for the fact & this is proof to confirmed that that he did has prior agreement with the Tang emissary & the charges against him is proven correct. Bi Dam announces his arrival. Al Cheon said that he will go & meet Bi Dam. Queen Seon Deok said that it si not necessary & that Bi Dam may enter the chambers. Kim Chun Chu object but Queen Seon Deok permit Bi Dam to enter

Ha Jong, Mi Saeng & Yeom Jong outside In Gang Jeon to finds that Bi Dam has entered In gang Jeon. Bi Dam comes in & greets Queen Seon Deok. Bi dam could see Kim Yu Shin, Kim Chun Chu faces are really tense. Bo Jong gathered his garrison as the Garrison commandant said that they are all assembled & asked what is their instruction. Bo Jong orders that to prepare for the horses & stand guard by near Ji Pyeong Gate, Gwi Jeong Gate & Seon Yu Gate & asked whether they understand his instruction. The garrison acknowledge & dispatch to their position

Bi Dam can sense the tension in the silence. Queen Seon Deok showed Bi Dam the Ouseon. Queen Seon Deok cordially tells that this was meant to deliver to Bi Dam. Queen Seon Deok sees it as a form of bribery from the Tang emissary for Bi Dam to appease the current situation. Bi Dam interrupts……as Queen Seon Deok is rather uneasy.

Bo Jong informs Yeom Jong that the garrison are standing by on their assign position & asked whether the situation in In Gang Jeon is still quiet. Yeom Jong said there is nothing yet. Ha Jong complains that Bi Dam is indeed an idiot. Mi Saeng said that Bi Dam must not do it. Bi Dam confess to Queen Seon Deok that there is a allege secret treaty that is written under his name as the nobility has found out about his promissory contract to Queen Seon Deok that he will relinquish his political power after once Queen Seon Deok’s passing, so Mi Saeng, Hajong, Lord Jujin & Lord Sueulbu they devices this scheme, it is because it is all known in their full knowledge. BI Dam said that the content is written by them because they feel threaten. Kim Chun Chu asked therefore Bi Dam now claims there is no involvement with the Tang emissary & this was just the Nobility deceptive stratagem. Bi Dam affirms it. Kim Chun Chu said that the content in the Ouseon has signed with Bi Dam’s name & this gave the Tang emissary the ammunition to come daringly to Silla court & disrespectfully belittle Queen Seon Deok that Bi Dam comes here to explain to them & asked them to except to believe that it is all the nobles doing & it is their ploy. Queen Seon Deok said that he believe Bi Dam. Bi Dam is surprise as Kim Chun Chu objects. Queen Seon Deok said that she personally doesn’t lay her suspicion as Kim Yu Shin debates that the truth that the matter has come to this treacherous situation. IB Dam assures them that he will settle this matter once & for all as this all occur because of him. Bi Dam said that he will suppress them & end this debate & let them be the judge of the matter. Bi dam tells Queen Seon Deok that he will settle the matter & asked for her trust of his ability to do so

Bi Dam leaves In Gang Jeon that he is pleased that Queen Seon Deok has give her trust to him, then he finds Yeom Jong, Ha Jong, Bo Jong & Mi Saeng comes to approach him with their garrison. Yeom Jong asked that IB Dam has gone in to see Queen Seon Deok as Bi Jong asked what is the purpose that Bi Dam has gone to In Gang jeon. Ha Jong asked whether perhaps he hasn’t done something foolish & that he already persuaded. Mi Saeng asked whether perhaps Bi Dam has managed to appease Queen Seon Deok’s suspicion with his explanation to clear up the misunderstanding & asked whether he did that

Bi Dam orders to assemble everyone. Bi Dam tells his faction that the Ouseon in now in Queen Seon Deok possession. Mi Saeng asked whether Queen Seon Deok found out about everything. IB Dam said that she doesn’t know as yet still. Bi Dam’s faction is relieved. Queen Seon Deok doesn’t know how to the method on how read the message, so she thinks that it is a bribe from the Tang emissary for Bi Dam but Bi Dam warns that if ever this to be repeat itself without his knowledge to make this illegal treaty then Bi Dam will not even bother to report this or go through to Queen Seon Deok, he will terminate their lives with his own hands & asked whether he is clear on his remarks. Lord Jujin insist that Bi Dam has made a promissory contract with Queen Seon Deok without their knowledge. Bi Dam laughs at the promissory contract that he relinquished his political power after Queen Seon Deok passing & asked will he…Ha Jong then asked what is it then. The promissory contract written on paper that get devours by flames will that be feasible to be take to account. Yeom Jong said that Bi Dam is only here in attempting to give them assurance. Bi Dam said that if the people presence don’t have any trust in him then it is best there is no need to give their trust & they can just stop their support but then they will have to finds another suitable candidate for their political ambition to succeed, if there isn’t any, then they must trust Bi Dam to take his lead & follow obediently. Bi Dam gave them a stern advice that as of now, he will not tolerate or permit any single deceptive plot that is done behind his back or anyone to question his decision & asked them whether they are clear with his statement

Kim Chun Chu tells that he is pessimism over Bi Dam’s capability to able handle or settled the matter. It is because of the promissory contract with Queen Seon Deok that Bi Dam compare to their trust in him that Bi Dam on the contrary has lost the trust & confidence of his own faction. Kim Chun Chu said that they might believe in Bi Dam but his faction will no longer render their trust to him therefore they must

That is why you must eradicate Bi Dam & his faction all together. Queen Seon Deok said that Bi dam is under her command that she has been entrust Bi Dam to portray as the villain to expedite of her stratagems. For the sake of for her he is willing to bear the responsibility for being a villain, this time he is also volunteers to become one today, this pains her to see. Queen Seon Deok said that it is not her intention that she wish to make use of Bi Dam but this is politics that they are dealing & the manipulation towards his devotion to Queen Seon Deok who is a sovereign is now use against his weakness. Queen Seon Deok asked why Kim Chun Chu wouldn’t shed some compassion for him. Queen Seon Deok said that why Kim Chun Chu can’t recognise that she & Bi Dam whether it is with intend or not seems to be for them an obstacles to the Unification & their own personal aspiration. Kim Chun Chu said that he recognise & acknowledge it but however he feels no sentiments of compassion whatsoever. Kim Chun Chu said towards Bi Dam, her mother is behinds the death of his grandfather, his father & his mother, she killed them & now the people that he has nurture in his faction are none other than the former faction of Mi Shil

This is the 1st time Kim Chun Chu has admits his bitterness for the death of his family members cause by Mi Shil

Queen Seon Deok tries to console Kim Chun Chu as he continues that Bi Dam fidelity for Queen Seon Deok apparent to be seen that the fact that it is undeniable truth that he is seen as my political adversary without a doubt. Kim Chun Chu looks rather steadfast in his perspective

Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong whether he finally deployed the troops able to help them, for contingency. Yeom Jong said that it is the case as the garrison disbands. Bi Dam asked Yeom Jong to come closer & tell that each of them has got twine & twist in involvement on the other to each other. Yeom Jong asked what is Bi Dam implying to suggest. Bi Dam said that they must pledge their unyielding fidelity to him that he wish to have since they are about to walk on the same path, everything they must follow with him. Yeom Jong understands & leaves. Bi Dam calls San Tak as San Tak approaches Bi Dam. Bi Dam order the hour of Sul, discreetly gather 10 of ministry of Audit officers to form a squad. San Tak asked the referral to level discreet. Bi Dam tells that no one must learn about this. San Tak acknowledge the order

Queen Seon Deok gets a visit from the Royal Physician. The Royal Physician said that it time to take his diagnostic of her as she sighs. The Royal Physician finished with Queen Seon Deok & leaves the chamber when Al Cheon enquires why the Royal Physician frequent visit of late to In Gang Jeon. The Royal Physician hesitates & tells that Queen Seon Deok is finding hard to sleep at nights, so he is coming daily. Al Cheon asked if this is the only ailment that the Queen has or is there something else. Royal Physician confirm that it is just that. Royal Physician leaves

Bi Dam giving each a letter to the member of the courier & instruct that they must hand deliver this letter to the recipient that is address to on the letters he has passed to them & reminds them that they need to do their delivery in stealth & act caution at all times. The squad acknowledge & leaves with their assignment. San Tak comes in to tell that the squad Bi Dam has requested had been prepared. Bi Dam said to asked them to do a surveillance on the 10 courier men that just left with San Tak men trailing them to observe & verify where & whom the letter will be delivered & asked if San Tak understand his instruction. San Tak acknowledged & leaves

Yeom Jong residence, are is taking census & asking people for their name & height. A man name Il Do about 6 cheok. The courier went in

6 cheok is approx. 180cm.

Il Do asked whether they are being sent to the mines in Geumjeongsan as the census said that they are indeed & asked for the next person’s details that is Il Seon

Geumjeongsan is a mountain in the city of Busan

Lord Jujin is surprise that Bi Dam what a written personal assurance from them stating their allegiance. Yeom Jong explains that Bi Dam wants to be definite & precise on matters. Lord Sueulbu asked whether that they can really certain of Bi Dam’s sincerity. Mi Saeng concurs that they must at this moment observe what he is trying to do & whether Bi Dam & them are on the same wave length. Ho Jae said that of Bi Dam should have any orientation thoughts that defer from them. Yeom Jong continues that it will be extremely dangerous. If Bi Dam can’t ascend to the throne, the next succeeding Sovereign will be none other than Kim Chun Chu will surely to happen & unavoidable. Mi Saeng said that if that disaster were to happened then they are as good as dead

Queen Seon Deok had during Chil Sook’s revolt has spare their lives, it is Kim Chun Chu who voiced the strongest of protest & objection. Mi Saeng concurs that Kim Chun Chu has definitely harboured in agitation to avenge for Princess Cheon Myeong’s death & will want them to pay with their lives. Ha Jong agrees that Kim Chun Chu will surely expedite his revenge that if Kim Chun Chu was to ascend the throne then they will be the 1st to have their lives terminated that they mustn’t allow this to happen or they never survive this ordeal. Lord Sueulbu said that they are fate & destiny are in no better position than them. Lord Jujin said that if Kim Chun Chu was to ascend the throne then Kim Yu Shin, Kim Yong Chun & Kim Seo Hyeon, this 3 person will hold the monopoly in political power in court. Yeom Jong agrees that it will definitely become firm & unshaken political power base. Lord Sueulbu that Kim Yu Shin has always preach the grand aspiration of the Unification, with the unshaken political power base & the wars campaign will not see any ceasing. Phil Dan said on the contrary the political influence of the nobility class like them will be gravely weakened. Ha Jong said that they must do something about it. The other nods in affirmative. Yeom Jong then tell them that the matter is how can they force Bi Dam to abide to their interest. Ha Jong said there is no other alternative. Mi Saeng agrees then now they must stakes their lives on the matter.

Lord Jujin said the 1st & foremost is to contact all the private garrison in the Ministry of Military Affairs to transfer back the command to them & they should be prepare to rise up to the occasion when it arise. Ho Jae said that they must have some contingency plans on the matter laid out. Mi Saeng asked Yeom Jong on the progress of the recruitment of mercenaries. Yeom Jong assures Mi Saeng that it is progressing well, it is proceeding in stealth. The courier comes in to see Yeom Jong & hands Yeom Bi Dam’s letter & said that Bi Dam has 10 of these letters by Ministry of Audit courier to be send for delivery to the 10 provincial administration. Yeom Jong finds it odd & opens the letter & reads as Ha Jong asked what is the content. Yeom Jong said that he has invite them for an invitation to come to Seorabeol for a stay soon. Lord Jujin queries about Seorabeol. Yeom Jong confirms as he tell the courier that they has acknowledge & understand & asked the courier to deliver the letter as requested. Yeom Jong said that they must find out when they are expected to come

Ha Jong is suspicious whether Bi Dam is perhaps scheming behinds their back on something. Lord Jujin asked no matter what happens, they should proceed with what has been originally planned without any fuss & asked Mi Saeng to hasten the preparation for it. Mi Saeng confirmed that he will do so at once

Bi Dam waits for San Tak feedback as he comes in to report that out of the 10 courier send by Bi Dam, only 3 has directly send their assigned letters, the rest of them that they has put on surveillance enter Yeom Jong residence. Bi Dam confirms that 7 out of 10 of them are Yeom Jong’s people & on his payroll. Then Bi dam asked who are the 3 who are not. San Tak names Han Su, Jeong Tak & Gang So. Bi Dam acknowledge & tell San Tak for future courier assignment to use them only. San Tak acknowledge & leaves as he was about to leave, he tells bi dam that it seems that Yeom Jong is now recruiting miners in his residence. Bi Dam is raise with curiousity over the recruitment of miners & as they were interview they are asking question whether they can wield a sword or have martial arts skills those kind of questions. Bi dam asked is it indeed. San Tak said that it doesn’t look like they are apply a job as a miner. Bi Dam realise something amiss & asked San Tak to do surveillance on where these recruited men will be heading to. San Tak acknowledge & will do so at once

Kim Yu Shin returns to Ministry of Military Affairs where the soldier are practicing as he asked the practice to halt as he leave order for Baek Eui & Im Jong that they will use the transfer garrison from Lords Jujin, Hojae & Sueulbu’s private garrison as Kim Yu Shin has out his written orders & asked them that they need to followed what is written & deploy them accordingly in the frontlines & trained them for battle readiness. They acknowledge Kim Yu Shin orders. Go Do comes to report as Kim Yu Shin asked what is the situation & is there any oddity. Go Do reports that Yeom Jong’s residence & his merchant are recruiting miners to Geumjeongsan. Guk San Heun said but however the numbers are massive by now they has recruit over a thousand. Kim Yu Shin queries about the numbers & asked are they really recruited for the Geumjeongsan mining. Guk San Heun said there is indeed mines to be found in Geumjeongsan. Kim Yu Shin acknowledged but insist that they continue with their surveillances on the matter. Go Do & Guk San Heun acknowledge & leaves

The miners are in Geumjeongsan pondering on what they are suppose to prospect that they are giving a wage of 10 nyang per miner & it is 10 nyang for three months of mining, it is a wonderful that it feels like it is godsend as they thinks of what they are going to do with that money as the miners said that he will buy some agriculture lands to cultivate. Hwang Yun comes to asked for the miner’s attention & assembled. Hwang Yun asked the miner to come follow him as they need to go to a location. The miners followed Hwang Yun’s lead. Yang Gil & Dae Pung are steps behinds the miners monitoring their whereabouts as Hwang Yun asked the miners to follow him & the miners acknowledge Hwang Yun instruction. Yang Gil & Dae Pung follow closely but finds that they have company of assailants blocking their path from continue with their observation. Dae Pung asked who are they, but they only attack Yang Gil & Dae Pung as they tries to fend the assailants off & wins the confrontation with some assailant making an escape. Yang Gil & Dae Pung went back to the path only to finds that they lost track of Hwang Yun & the miners. Dae Pung goes to check on one of the corpse to finds the identification that there are officers of Ministry of Audit. Dae Pung goes to check on the rest of the corpse to see if they has similar carried identification & confirmed that they are indeed officers of Ministry of Audit. Dae Pung said that they must inform Go Do immediately about the matter.

Kim Yu Shin queries about an ambush. Guk San Hein informs Kim Yu Shin that Yang Gil & Dae Pung was ambush during their surveillance mission on the miners. Kim Chun Chu asked they didn’t attacked the miners but instead they did so with Yang Gil & Dae Pung who was trailing them after being hold up by them, Yang Gil & Dae Pung lost sight of the miners. Go Do confirms. Kim Yu shin said whether they indentify the assailant’s faces. Go Do gave the Ministry of Audit’s badge & tell that assailant were carrying these badges but however they can’t confirm whether they are Yeom Jong subordinates or it is Bi Dam subordinates who has send them. Bi Dam comes in to confirm that they are his subordinates. Bi Dam said that this matter was given by Queen Seon Deok for him to find settlement. Kim Yu Shin said that still they can’t stand idle to allow Bi Dam to settle this alone. Bi Dam said that he is not in the happiest of mood & as they may know when Bi Dam is in a foul mood he will not able to control his sentiments therefore Bi dam request to leave this matter alone for him. There will be a right time when he require the assistance of the Ministry of Military Affairs, he will request for it. Kim Chun Chu said that it will be as so, but however let hasten the “right time” for the matter. Kim Chun Chu tells that he is patience has limitation. Bi Dam acknowledged & leaves

Queen Seon Deok is given a demonstration of the fire power of the Gwoljangno as Seo Ji leads the demonstration to show the arrow contraption fire projectile power with a target of 300 paces. Seo Ji order to load the arrows & fire at the target. Queen Seon Deok is marvelled at the results that it can now reach the target of 300 paces. The commandant said that it is still not able fully expedite & accurately shot on the target & needs to improve on the projectile power. Queen Seon Deok said that even it is so, it is a great achievement. Al Cheon agrees that if they can manage the accuracy to shot the target at that distance, this will bring them a great advantage in weaponry engagement. Queen Seon Deok said that this Gwoljangno garrison’s advantage & power in shown efficiency that other cross bow. Queen Seon Deok praise that this weaponry origin from Gaya Confederacy is indeed outstanding. Wyol ya gracious thanks Queen Seon Deok for her praise. Queen Seon Deok assures Wyol Ya that she will give her full support on the development of all his weaponry experiments & asked him to continue in those developments. Wyol ya said that he will do his utmost best not to disappoint Queen Seon Deok & also Wyol ya to show their fidelity & allegiance to Royal Household, the Gaya Confederacy Royal charters to Kim Chun Chu….Queen Seon Deok said that it is not the right time to convey this matter to Kim Chun Chu as Kim Chun Chu might be overly eager to rush onto matter to have it finished, as Unification is a battle of politics & Queen Seon Deok know that Wyol Ya understands her intention. Wyol Ya knows & understand. Wyol Ya promised that he will prepare this well for readiness. Queen Seon Deok asked them to pay attention on their utmost effort to this matter on the developments & she is glad that Wyol ya has made his decision to do so. Wyol Ya thanked her graciously

Queen Seon Deok goes the Administrator of Agriculture that for the moment the country will focus on weaponry development & there wouldn’t be any production of agriculture tool & order them that they will have to make use with the agriculture tool that they have been distributed. Administrator of Agriculture acknowledged & understands that they will do their best with whatever they have as they are going into a war campaign. Queen Seon Deok asked about the progress of the bean cultivation. Administrator of Agriculture said that the cultivation of bean has helps in rejuvenate the fertility of the soil for the barren lands. Queen Seon Deok said that she is glad to hear of it as she will confer them to cultivate the increase fertile land proportion in their country. Administrator of Agriculture & the farmer thanks Queen Seon Deok for the bestowed lands & they chorus that they wish Queen Seon Deok long & prosperous longevity, as the Administrator of Agriculture wishes that Queen Seon Deok’s benevolence grows in reputation as Queen Seon Deok acknowledge

Queen Seon Deok return to the palace as Al Cheon tells her that the population are feel the stability & finds blessing in their lives is due to Queen Seon Deok’s benevolence & prudent. Queen Seon Deok calls Al Cheon that he is the only person who is aware of her each & every plans. Queen Seon Deok trust that Al Cheon is tight lipped about matter that she believe that it will never leak out & in the future perhaps that something were to happen to her then Al Cheon will make a judgment decision, & convey these plans to her rightful successor & those who needs to be told. Al Cheon is surprise that how could Queen Seon Deok made such a statement about something were to happen to her. Queen Seon Deok just brushes as nothing as this is for the future & they don’t know what may lies ahead. Al Cheon asked why is Queen Seon Deok looking rather anxious & unsettled. Queen Seon Deok asked Al Cheon to summon Kim Yu Shin & Kim Chun Chu to see her. Al Cheon advice that Queen Seon Deok must rest. Queen Seon Deok said that she is fine & asked him to do as she had instructed to asked them to come. Al Cheon looks rather concern. San Tak goes to see Bi Dam as he asked whether they has been contacted. San Tak said that they can set off. San Tak & Bi Dam set off to somewhere

Queen Seon Deok gave a book each to Kim Yu Shin & Kim Chun Chu as Kim Yu Shin asked what is this book. Queen Seon Deok said that it is a list of matter that they need to do & that she has combined & guideline all the details into a book in order to achieve the Unification of the 3 kingdom. Queen Seon Deok said that for the moment their focus is on Baekje & asked that Kim Yu Shin & Kim Chun Chu can’t just focus as far as our boundary or anything that is liable to be short term & this is why Queen Seon Deok has made the Ministry of military affairs to concentrate on the development of weaponry, intelligence gathering & the formation of spy network. Kim Yu Shin agrees that he has thought that the they approach to each Kingdom must be tailor customs to their terrain & their military must be versatile in different training & various intelligence gathering to gain benefits & a upper hand & he will send her a full report on the proposal.

Queen Seon Deok tells Kim Chun Chu that the political climate in China is rapidly evolving & increasing expansion & since he grew up in China, he must acquired significant knowledge in that country & be the main focus of his effort in instilling diplomacy ties with China. Kim Chun Chu acknowledged. Queen Seon Deok said that the Unification of the 3 kingdom is a hard fought battle endurance & patience which may take ten or a hundred years to be accomplished. It will not be resolve with just strategy or military power but the patience & endurance of one’s population. Queen Seon Deok asked whether she has made it clear for them. Kim Yu Shin & Kim Chun Chu understands. Queen Seon Deok is determined to path finds the unification

Bi Dam & San Tak arrives in the cave as San Tak looks at the map & tells Bi Dam that this is the place. Bi Dam asked whether this is really a mine. San Tak said that it seems to be like one. Bi Dam asked San Tak to enter in & see what is in there. Then as they enter the cave, San Tak said there is a light on the horizon. Bi dam runs towards the lighted cave & shock to see military exercise practices overseas by Ho Jae, Phil Dan, Hwang Yun & Seon Yeol. San Tak said to Bi Dam that they are suppose to recruit miner & why are they doing military exercise. Bi dam asked whether he has nurture his faction to become as such that they has come to this stage

Kim Yu Shin takes Queen Seon Deok’s proposal for the unification to read when Bi Dam comes calling. Kim Yu Shin asked what brings Bi Dam here so late in the night. Bi Dam said that this is the “right time” Bi Dam asked Kim Yu Shin to give him 1,000 elite troops from his Ministry of military Affairs for tomorrow night. Kim Yu Shin queries on the number & asked whether Queen Seon Deok has given her consent. Bi Dam shakes his head that he wants to solve this matter prior before reporting it to Queen Seon Deok. Kim Yu Shin said that he is asking to lend troops from Ministry of Military Affairs. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin aware that Queen Seon Deok wish for Bi Dam to have settle this quickly. Kim Yu Shin agrees. Bi dam express gladness & leaves & tells San Tak that tomorrow night they will attack both Yeom Jong’s residence & Geumjeongsan mine. Bi Dam asked San Tak to gather the men for deployment at the Hours of Hae. San Tak acknowledge

Hour of Hae is the hour of the pig is between 9 to11.

Bi Dam then said to himself that it will be tomorrow that he will abide according Queen Seon Deok’s wishes & settle this matter once & for all. Bi Dam hopes Queen Seon Deok will place her faith in him. Ha Jong assures them not to worry & trust that Mi Saeng is on top of the matter as Mi Saeng comes in & Ha Jong greets him. Yeom Jong asked how did it go. MI Saeng answers that isn’t this one of his expertise of specialty of his as the all laughs. Ha Jong concurs that no one can surpass in Seorabeol that Mi Saeng in those capabilities & when the boat arrives tomorrow in Seorabeol, what is it about to happened. Bo Jong said that they will wait for tomorrow to see what is spectacular about it when the ship comes to port with the doctrine

A mysterious unmanned ship floating & carrying at important chest coming to dock at the harbour as the navy goes up on the ship only to finds a chest with a letter. The court await for this mysterious document. Lord Sueulbu discuss that this is a auspicious moment. Queen Seon Deok announce her arrival as she comes in to take her seat. Queen Seon Deok asked what is this mysterious doctrine that stir all this commotion. Lord Jujin pass a report to Bi Dam as Bi dam has the report to Queen Seon Deok to read. Lord Jujin said that the report was send by the Governor of Gurahwa County that an unmanned ship float into the harboured in Sapo carried a chest

Sapo is Taehwa River is a 46 km river that flow to Ulsan bay into the Sea of Japan

Gurahwa county in formerly Ulsan

Queen Seon Deok has to sit down in a thud over the matter as she said that the ship in Gurahwa county has an unmanned ship that float to the harbour carry a chest. Lord Jujin confirms that the chest with the doctrine is being brought to Seorabeol. Lord Sueulbu said that this is the same incident that happened during the reign of Kin Jinheung & it inaugurate Hwangnyongsa. Ho Jae concurs that it is an auspicious occurrence. Phil Dan said that it is fortune for the Royal Household as Hwang Yun concurs that they should be jubilant. The court chorus that it is auspicious. But Queen Seon Deok is rather anxious

Go Do meets with Joo Bang as Go Do asked that Joo bang is here to take a closer look at the chest as Joo bang said it goes the same for them as they leave, Dae Pung asked what is this all about. Joo Bang explains that King Jinheung wanted to build a palace south of the dragon shrine when he was building it that a Hwang Rong has said to have appeared

Rong Gong is Dragon Shrine to honour the Dragon King of the sea, is one of the 8 class deities who worship & protect Buddha & its law & represent the lords or guardian of the four seas

Hwang Rong is Yellow Dragon is considered the fifth lord of the seas, & bearer of imperial authority

Korean legend speaks of the great King Munmu, who on his deathbed wished to become a “Dragon of the East Sea in order to protect Korea

Joo Bang confirms that it was read that palace couldn’t build affirms but instead a Buddhist temple was build on the site. Guk San Heun said that this is why the temple he probably built is now named Hwangnyongsa

Hwangnyongsa is literally Yellow Dragon temple

Joo Bang said that in that time Buddhism only being recognised as state religion for just 30 years that they were lacking in experience, construction technology & manpower that they built that temple. The population gets to know the happenings from storytellers that an unmanned ship has enter Gurahwa county carry a chest on board then they look inside to finds a doctrine from Ashoka the Great of Maurya Dynasty that was sent 8 centuries ago. The population exclaims that it is so old

Seo Cheon Chuk Guk is Maurya Dynasty

Ashoka the Great (BC273-232) is an Indian emperor of Maurya dynasty an ancient Indian Dynasty

Then the story teller telling that it is more astonish that there is more astonish that they founds 57,000 geun of copper & 30,000 pun of gold & not to mentioned silk paintings of Buddha enclose in it Ashoka the Great tried his best to create a statue of Buddha with all that but in the end he failed & threw it to the water & set it sailing. Wyol ya asked that Ashoka the Great wished for any country where that ship docks to build a Sakyamuni Buddha statue that is 1 jang & 6 cheok in height. Kim Seo Hyeon express his doubts on the strange events

1 geun is about 222g

1 pun is about 0.3g

1 jang & 6 cheok is about 4.8m in height

Jang Yuk Yeo Rae is Sakyamuni Buddha

Wyol Ya asked Princess Man Myeong that what she is implying to say that this is an auspicious occurrences & if this did indeed happened exactly during King Jinheung’s reign, it must be. Kim Seo Hyeon said that this what the people are saying & praising about Queen Seon Deok. The chest makes its way to the court. In the court Lord Jujin reiterate that would this suggest that Queen Seon Deok reign is being compare with King Jinheung the Great’s & it is a great moment. Lord Sueulbu concurs that her reign is blessed with glory & honour for Silla. Then the chest announce its arrival to the courts as Kim Seo Hyeon brings it forwards to Queen Seon Deok & hands it to Bi Dam to read. As Bi Dam opens it to read, he is shock & hands starts to trembled. Lord Jujin & Lord Sueulbu look rather expected that they already know what it is about

It is strange that Ashoka the Great can write Chinese character doctrine

Kim Chun Chu snatch the doctrine off Bi Dam trembling hands as Kim Chun Chu reds it & Queen Seon Deok asked what is the content in the doctrine & asked it to be read, as Kim Chun Chu is stalling, Queen Seon Deok repeat to have it read aloud


Joo Bang: According to that doctrine from the ship Sangdaedeung Bi Dam should become our next ruler

Kim Chun Chu: Instigating public sentiment this way is an affront against our nation

Kim Yu Shin: It will only mean Lord Chun Chu & Bi Dam will tussle for the ascension of the throne.

Kim Chun Chu: I am sorry , Bi Dam. You & and your faction …..

Yeom Jong: No matter what, we must get rid of him

Kim Chun Chu …..are all an obstacles to me & this you need to relinquish from this earth

Bi Dam: So you are really going for it?…….That’s it?!

Seo Ji: Quickly Shoot! Protect Lord Chun Chu!

Queen Seon Deok: We must definitely must find the perpetrator behind this!

Bi Dam: Why do you say that…as if you were going to suddenly leave?

Queen Seon Deok: It is time for you to go. Quick leave

Bi Dam: I must meet Her Majesty.

Al Cheon: She has order not to permit anyone in.

Queen Seon Deok: Forsake Bi Dam is that what you are implying

Wyol Ya: Apprehend all criminals.

Bi Dam: There is no time to waste……Just come get some.

Yeom Jong: I don’t think I would be a match.

Bi Da: Tell me……Who is it?

Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 59

Previously: Continue from Episode 58:

The crow's feather fan reveals a compact whereby the Tang envoys will proclaim the impossibility of a woman king to the Silla court and in return Silla will provide 30000 troops in Tang's war against Goguryo. ChunChu reads "prime minister" in that letter.

BiDam's conference
BiDam demands to know whether the Tang's envoys' disrespect towards the queen were his faction's doing. YeomJong confirms and says that it was to align BiDam's interests with those of his faction while....MiSaeng adds .... forcing her majesty out of the throne. JuJin adds didn't BiDam desire to be king? YeomJong says there is no turning back now.

A stunned DeokMan is at a loss for words. ChunChu says this is high treason. BiDam is trying to use the words of the Tang emperor to become king. That is the only explanation for the secret letter. He stabbed her in the back while promising in her face to relinquish power. He demands that she punish BiDam. DeokMan warns ChunChu not to jump to conclusions. An indignant ChunChu leaves with YuShin and AlCheon running to restrain him.

BiDam says they are trying to force him into a corner so that he would rebel. His faction says that BiDam is the one who betrayed them first. JuJin says they have helped the queen to her throne and they supported the queen because they believed BiDam had their interest at heart but look what happened to them now. in return for their support and trust they have lost their private armies and now BiDam abandons them like this? BiDam protests that he has never publicly announced that he wanted to be king. YeomJong says that particular decision is not for BiDam alone. BoJong reminds BiDam that the envoys are under arrest on her majesty's orders. MiSaeng says it is merely a matter of time before details of the secret pact between BiDam and the Tang envoys reach the queen's ears. They say the queen will have evidence of his treason. Will she let him live?

Envoys' prison
BiDam visits the envoys. AlCheon's guards refuse him entry.

YuShin and AlCheon run after ChunChu. They ask him not to act so rashly. Once the situation becomes clearer, her majesty will use her wisdom to settle the matter. AlCheon's man runs in and informs them the prime minister is trying to see the envoys. ChunChu says to let him see the envoys. When YuShin and AlCheon protest at the contravention of her majesty's orders, ChunChu says he is merely trying to help her decide.

Envoys' prison
The envoys are brought in to see BiDam. The indignant envoys demand to know why they are treated in this manner. BiDam demands the crow feather fan. The envoy asks whether BiDam intends to weasle out of the deal. BiDam informs the envoy that whatever understanding the envoys have with the minister of rites (MiSaeng), he (BiDam) has nothing to do with it. So give him the fan before worse things happen to them. Envoy says he has already sent the fan. he thought BiDam came to see him after reading it.

BiDam faction
YeomJong heads the meeting. He reports BiDam is meeting with the Tang envoys. JuJni says now that things have come to this, there is nothing lord BiDam can do. He has the most to lose should the situation worsen. BoJong was worried that BiDam would go visit the queen. It is human nature to worry about one's own safety if one is in a fix. MiSaeng is worried that BiDam might not be aware of this principle. He must realize there is nothing else he can do.

BiDam and guard
BiDam asks the guard (at knife point) who has the fan. The guard says he gave it to her majesty. Shocked, BiDam drops the sword.

Palace guarden
BiDam is trembling. He recalls the day he poisoned the villagers, and Munno's reaction to his confession. Later when he tried to hold Munno's hand, Munno had rejected him. BiDam is followed by a spy.

BiDam's Faction
JuJin says they need BiDam on their side. He is the son of JinJi and MiShil. He is the prime minister when the queen has no son. He has gathered supporters while he was the minister of audit. And MiShil's last order had been that all in her faction support him. Which they did. They agree that it is about time for BiDam to realize that he must rely on the members of his faction and not on her majesty. BiDam's tail comes in and says "The prime minister... the prime minister..."

Palace. DeokMan's hall
BiDam asks to be announced

BiDam's faction
They are stunned to realize BiDam went to see the queen. They wonder whether he would confess all to the queen. He might lose his neck. MiSaeng says BiDam does not have full use of his faculties. It is just possible that he would confess all. They realize in that case the order to arrest them all will come down. YeomJong asks BoJong to prepare the troops. BoJong acknowledges.

ChunChu has reported to the queen that BiDam met with the envoys. ChunChu says this is an acknowledgment of the allegations. BiDam is announced. DaeokMan will see him over the objections of ChunChu and AlCheon. BiDam comes in.

BoJong reviews his troops. He orders them to ready the horses and to stand by at the various gates.

The queen presents the fan to BiDam. She says it was from the envoys to the prime minister. She says it seems the envoys wanted to meet the prime minister to bribe him. BiDam says "your majesty...."

BoJong replies the troops are all standing by. There is no movement from the palace. MiSaeng says, "No BiDam, you cannot. You cannot".

BiDam confesses the fan contains a secret pact. He says it is a secret letter sent to the envoys in his name. His faction had discovered his promise to relinquish all power upon her death. MiSaeng, HaJong, JuJin, SuHealBu, all of them had found out about it. He says the contents of that promise must have threatened their interests. ChunChu asks whether they are the ones who plotted all this, and the prime minister was not involved.
ChunChu: The prime minister's name is on the fan and on that basis the envoys insulted the queen. It was all to undermine BiDam. You expect us to believe this?
DeokMan: I believe.
BiDam; Your majesty.
ChunChu: Your majesty!
DeokMan: I have not even a trace of suspicion.
ChunChu: But your majesty, it is true that treason has been committed.
BiDam: I shall resolve this. This happened because of me. I will bring them under control and settle the matter. Your servant BiDam vows to do this, so please leave it to me.

BiDam exits interview with a smile. He sees troops marching on the palace led by YeomJong, HaJong, BoJong, and MiSaeng. YeomJong asks whether he visited the queen. They ask why he went there. He didn't do anything silly, did he? MiSaeng says if there was a misunderstanding with her majesty, BiDam would have sorted it out. He asks them all to meet.

He announces that her majesty had been in possession of the fan. He tells a relieved faction that she does not yet know of the contents. Because she couldn't unravel the mystery of the fan, she thinks it is a bribe. However, if they try anything like this behind his back ever again, whether it concerns her majesty or not, he will personally dispose of them. JuJin still protests the secret vow BiDam made with her majesty. BiDam asks them whether he truly will relinquish all power after her majesty's death. This BiDam will not be held back by a piece of paper that can be burned away. YeomJong wonders whether BiDam means this or these words are just meant to keep them quiet. BiDam says if they do not believe him, they simply have to find another person to lead them. If there is no replacement, then they should simply trust him and follow his orders. From now on, he will not forgive any plotting behind his back or any second guessing of his decisions.

ChunChu says BiDam is not able to resolve this matter. He says it is BiDam who lost trust because of this secret promise. Even if their side trusts BiDam, BiDam's own faction will no longer trust him. Therefore she must eliminate BiDam and his entire faction.
DeokMan: BiDam obeyed my commands and carried out my dirty work. For my sake, he carried out the dirty work, and in the present crisis he volunteered to carry out unpleasant duties. I am heartbroken. Even though I had no intention of using him, because of politics, because he is in love with the queen, I am taking complete advantage of his love for me. Then how is it that you do not have even the slightest compassion for him? Why do you refuse to acknowledge that BiDam and I, whether we want to or not, are becoming sacrificial lambs for all your sakes, and for the sake of the great task of unification?
ChunChu: I acknowledge it. However, I have no compassion. BiDam's mother has murdered my grandfather, my father, and my mother. The people who follow him right now are the people who used to follow MiShil.
DeokMan: ChunChu.
ChunChu: And although BiDam's faithfulness to your majesty is behind question, it is also an immovable fact that he is my political adversary.

BiDam:You even had time to call in the troops?
YeomJong: Nothing was guaranteed.
BiDam: Since you bound me, I must now bind you.
YeomJong: What do you mean?
BiDam: Go to all of them and bring back their vows of loyalty towards me. If this is something we have to do, we must all do it together.
YeomJong: I understand
BiDam: SanTa.
Santa: Yes prime minister?
BiDam: Tonight at 7PM, order the ten commanders of the ministry of audit to a secret conference.
SanTa: Secrectly?
BiDam: Indeed. Let no one know.

A doctor comes in to examine DeokMan. AlCheon wants to know why the doctor comes to see the queen so frequently. The doctor says it is because her majesty cannot sleep at night. AlCheon asks whether that is all. The doctor says yes.

BiDam hands out letters to his ten commanders. He says the recipients of the letters are on the envelopes so make sure they are delivered in secret. They all shout YES and leave. BiDam then tells SanTa to take his soldiers and trail the ten messengers and see where they actually go. Two messengers go to a house where two of BiDam's supporters are recruiting men. One of the recruits is sent to a mine.

YeomJong and nobles
YeomJong is asking for their vows of loyalty to BiDam and wants them to use their real names on the papers. BiDam wants to be certain. They are reluctant to trust BiDam. They say BiDam did indicate that he had aligned his interest with theirs but if he has other plans... YeomJong says things are dangerous. If they cannot place BiDam on the throne, the throne will go to ChunChu. MiSaeng says if that happens, his side are all dead. BoJong agrees, observing that when her majesty spared their lives after Chilsuk's rebellion, ChunChu raised objections. MiSaeng says yes, ChunChu was trying to execute them all in revenge for his mother. HaJong says if ChunChu goes on the throne, they will be the first to die. The nobles agree that they are not necessarily in a different boat. If ChunChu gets the throne, then political power will go to YongChun, SeoHyeon and YuShin. Furthermore, ChunChu will also pursue unification. In that case, war will continue and the power of the throne will continue to increase, and the power of the nobles will weaken. YeomJong says the problem is, how do you bind BiDam to them? HaJong says there is now only one recourse. MiSaeng agrees, in the next plan they must all stake their lives. JuJin says he will set up a notification system so that when the time comes and the word goes out, the nobles' private troops, who are currently serving in the ministry of arms, will come over to their side. MiSeang asks about the new recruits. YeomJong says the recruitment is taking place in secrecy. Messengers deliver letter to YeomJong. He says BiDam gave the letter to ten commanders in the audit department and ordered them to deliver them to provincial authorities in secret. YeomJong opens the letter. It is a letter asking the provincial authority to visit Serabol. YeomJong returns the letter to the courier and tells him to deliver it to the proper recipient. He orders the the courier to find out when they intend to visit. HaJong wonders if BiDam is up to no good. JuJin says they should get back to their original plan and he asks MiSaeng to continue with his task.

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The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 59

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 59 Part 1

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The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 59 Part 3

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The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 59 Part 5

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 59 Part 6

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