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WORLD'S OLDEST DOG: Otto, a dachshund cross terrier will be 21 years old in February 2010

World's oldest dog: Otto, a dachshund cross terrier, who will be 21 in February, has been recognised by Guinness World Records

Owners Lynn and Peter Jones, from Shrewsbury, entered him for the title with Guinness World Records after learning of the death last month of the previous title holder, a 21-year-old dachshundcross in New York called Chanel.

Otto's claim to the record was approved this week and Mr and Mrs Jones were presented with the certificate as a surprise while taking part in filming for the November 4 edition of Channel 4's Paul O'Grady Show about elderly dogs.

Mrs Jones, 53, has owned Otto since he was six weeks old. She and her husband, 68, a retired sales manager, who have been married for eight years, estimate Otto's age in 'dog years' - where one human year equates to seven for a canine - at 145.

They attribute his longevity to 'plenty of love, plenty of good food and regular check-ups at the vets'.

Otto has arthritis, which somewhat limits his activities, but the couple say he is still sprightly.

'He doesn't really like walkies any more,' Mrs Jones said. 'He gets about ten yards down the road then looks back over his shoulder as if to say "I want to go home". But he's still playful. He can still jump all over people when they come round.'

By early evening, however, Otto is ready for bed. Often this means Mrs Jones has to sleep in the spare room because Otto likes to be tucked up next to her husband.

The oldest dog on record was Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, who lived to 29 years and five months before having to be put down in 1939.


Former record holder: Chanel, 21, with her owner, Denice Shaughnessy, from New York State. The white-haired dachshund died in September.

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