Thursday, January 24, 2008


For those of you who have not been to Jusco in Perak let me tell you the location.. actually it is situated in Ipoh Garden, Ipoh.. haha i crap sure and of course everyone knows where this Jusco is situated.
Lets have a short mini tour to Jusco

nowadays crocs have many new design.. this is one of the latest one I assume

wow look at that swim suit.. so nice and cutie.. wish I could have one of that but too bad with the size of me I can only wear Large size so that design won't look good on me cause only S or M size is nice for that design

can see the pink corner one?? well I just bought one last week but mine is blue colour.. was looking high and low for it and in the end yip yip hooray I found it and I will treasure it.. must not get any scratch on the swim suit but how do I do that

more swim suits for those who loves to swim

wow.. so cantik.. new design

year of mickey and minnie the mouse year 2008

lets shop in Jusco like never before

the beautifully decorated stage for Chinese New Year

got performance also

legend story by great dancers dunnoe from where


Fiona said...

after new year we can never get to see the decos. so we must treasure the pictures

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