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Third season of Heroes "Villains." The new season starting from Monday, September 22 (8:00-9:00 pm. ET) with an hour-long compilation show that will lead into an all new, two-hour premiere (9:00-11:00 p.m. ET). Episode 1 to 7

Title: Heroes Season 3
Genre: Drama
Science fiction
Created by: Tim Kring


David Anders
Kristen Bell
Santiago Cabrera
Jack Coleman
Tawny Cypress
Dana Davis
Noah Gray-Cabey
Greg Grunberg
Ali Larter
James Kyson Lee
Masi Oka
Hayden Panettiere
Adrian Pasdar
Zachary Quinto
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Dania Ramírez
Leonard Roberts
Cristine Rose[1]
Milo Ventimiglia

Country of origin: United States
Language: English
No. of episodes: 36 episodes

Casts if Season 3 Heroes

List of Characters:

- Hiro Nakamura
- Niki Sanders
- Micah Sanders
- D.L. Hawkins
- Peter Petrelli
- Nathan Petrelli
- Claire Bennet
- Mohinder Suresh
- Matt Parkman
- Isaac Mendez
- Simone Deveaux
- Mr. Bennet (H.R.G.)
- Jessica Sanders

Other characters:

- Charlie Andrews
- Claude
- The Haitian
- Audrey Hanson
- Eden McCain
- Ando Masahashi
- Ted Sprague
- Chandra Suresh
- Sylar - Zach

Claire Bennet - Hayden Panettiere
A high school cheerleader who has a regenerative ability. She is Noah Bennet's adopted daughter, as well as Nathan Petrelli's biological daughter. Like Adam Monroe, she is unable to die.

Noah Bennet -Jack Coleman
Bennet works with and then against the Primatech Paper Company, a cover operation for an organization that investigates people with superhuman abilities. He is Claire's adoptive father and has no known superpowers.

Elle Bishop -Kristen Bell
Elle is the sociopathic daughter of Robert Bishop, the head of The Company. She has the power of electric manipulation.

Monica Dawson - Dana Davis
D.L.'s niece and Micah's cousin. Monica can replicate any physical motion she witnesses.

Simone Deveaux - Tawny Cypress
Simone is an art dealer and gallery owner whose skepticism and complicated romantic life are tested. She has no superpowers.

D.L. Hawkins - Leonard Roberts
An escaped convict and former gang leader with the power to alter his physical tangibility and phase through solid objects. D.L. is Niki's husband and Micah's father.

Maya Herrera -Dania Ramírez
When stressed, Maya can create a deadly illness which is fatal to those around her. Her twin brother Alejandro is not only immune to Maya's power, but can also reverse the effect. Wanted for murder in Central America, she is on the run in the United States.

Ando Masahashi -James Kyson Lee
Ando is Hiro's friend, co-worker, and traveling companion. He has no known superpower.

Isaac Mendez - Santiago Cabrera
An artist living in New York who can paint future events during precognitive trances, Isaac also writes and illustrates the comic book 9th Wonders!, which has been shown to depict the futures of a number of characters, as well.

Adam Monroe -David Anders
Monroe is an Englishman who originates in the role of legendary warrior Kensei Takezo in feudal Japan. Monroe, like Claire Bennet, has a spontaneous regenerative ability, which has made him effectively immortal.

Hiro Nakamura - Masi Oka
Hiro is a programmer from Osaka with the ability to manipulate the space-time continuum, and thus seemingly stop, slow, or accelerate time, as well as travel to anywhere in the world be it past, present or future. He is convinced that he is a hero who can use his gift to help those in need around the world.

Matt Parkman -Greg Grunberg
Parkman possesses the ability to hear other people's thoughts and manipulate their minds. Originally a married LAPD Police Officer, he is now divorced and working as an NYPD detective, and has assumed the shared responsibility of guarding Molly Walker alongside Mohinder Suresh.

Angela Petrelli - Cristine Rose
Angela, who has the ability of precognitive dreams, is a founder of The Company and mother of Peter and Nathan Petrelli.

Nathan Petrelli - Adrian Pasdar
Nathan, who is able to fly, was given the job of junior Senator from New York by the governor after he turned down his successful election as Congressman of New York. He is the biological father of Claire Bennett.

Peter Petrelli - Milo Ventimiglia
A hospice nurse for Simone Deveaux's father at the beginning of the series, Peter is what is described as an Empath and the most powerful of all those with abilities. His ability allows him to absorb the powers of others he has been near without having to touch them, and replicate any and all of these powers at will any time after he has absorbed them.

Micah Sanders - Noah Gray-Cabey
A child prodigy and technopath, Micah has the ability to "talk" to electrical devices, giving him control of machines and electronic devices. He is D.L. and Niki's son, and Monica's cousin.

Niki Sanders
Jessica Sanders
Tracy Strauss

Ali Larter
As Niki Sanders: An internet stripper from Las Vegas who has no powers herself, but whose other personalities display powers, one of which she later gains. Niki is D.L.'s wife and Micah's mother. As Jessica Sanders: A heartless assassin with pinpoint sharpshooting accuracy and powers of superhuman strength, which later on transfers to Niki. As Tracy Strauss: A lascivious assistant to the governor of New York. Tracy possesses the ability of cryokinesis. Gina: Has no known powers. The connection, if any between all four of Larter's characters has not been made clear.

Mohinder Suresh -Sendhil Ramamurthy
Suresh is a professor of genetics from Chennai, India who travels to New York to investigate the death of his father, Chandra. Through his investigations, he comes into contact with people his father listed as possessing superhuman abilities. Upon discovering a way to give anyone abilities, Mohinder unpredictably gives himself the ability of heightened senses.

Sylar - Zachary Quinto
Sylar's initial power is intuitive aptitude; he can see how everything works and can repair or build anything. He seeks out other individuals with abilities, and studies their brain to find the location of their power. In doing so he acquires that individuals power. He has multiple acquired abilities.
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Season 3 Heroes:

Heroes is an American science fiction television drama series created by Tim Kring, which first premiered on NBC on September 25, 2006.

Season three opened with two one-hour episodes, airing on Monday, September 22, 2008 on the NBC network in the US and on Global in Canada. Season 3 will premiere in Ireland on Channel 6 on Monday September 29 at 9:30pm and in the UK on BBC Two and BBC HD on Wednesday 1 October at 9:00pm.

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