Saturday, February 16, 2008

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eating char koay teow and katsu don at JUSCO

Had fried koay teow just now at Jusco food court. Does not really taste good as it was oily though I asked them not to put so much oil. Luckily I mentioned less oil or the koay teow would turn out like in a pool of oil. After eating I was not feeling too well so we went home early. Received a call from a friend saying they are coming over for visiting but I told her that we will be going to their house instead tomorrow when I get much better. I think my nausea is caused by too much eating. I have been putting on weight these days and hope the eating fever will soon be over for me. Will make some tea to wash away the oil from my body system.

F and E ordered Katsu Don. Can see the yummy menu just above here? Do try Katsu Don when you eat at Jusco food court

mandarin oranges, mandarin oranges when are you going to be on offer?

just look at those big stack of mandarin oranges? It's from one of the supermarkets here. There are many more stacks that I did not snap. I was wondering why the supermarket ordered and display so many boxes and it is not on offer for people to buy since the Chinese New Year is coming to an end soon in five days time. The price for one box of that oranges is not cheap and what if they can't finish selling? I am still wondering maybe they will put a good discount for people to buy on "Chap Goh Meh" which is the Lantern Festival and at the same time it is believed that the girls that are not married yet will throw mandarin oranges in the sea or river to get a good husband in future.

soup pan mi, charsiew rice - lunch at Greentown Corner

Since today is supposed to be Eating Day for Chinese New Year, I decided just to eat out and not to cook at home. The weather was so hot out there and we were a bit lazy to go far so we just drop by Greentown Corner coffee shop to have our lunch.. Parking space was not a problem but as we entered the shop, oh ... there was not even a single empty table and we waited a short while before we could get seats. God answered our prayer very fast and we managed to get our seats. I asked her to order pan mi soup for me and tung kwa longan herbal tea with little eyes but I think the waiter did not understand what is little eyes and when the drinks arrived they turned out to be lots of eyes in the drinks. We did not mind anyway because of the humid hot weather and ice drink would be nourishing to our throat. All the three plates of food that we ordered are tasty and not expensive around RM3 something. After lunch we went over to fetch E from her friend's house then we went home straight away as E.L. needs to go to a youth meeting at 2.30pm

T ordered charsiew rice

F ordered kon lo pan mi

as for sapphire that's me it is pan mi soup

and each of us ordered tung kwa longan herbal tea.

Remember to eat breakfast. It is the first and most important meal for the day

I thought of skipping breakfast in the morning today as I had too much of fried nian gao with yam last night, but when I heard people saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day I decided to eat breakfast.
For those who always skip breakfast, do remember to take breakfast from tomorrow onwards. It is okay when we take oily breakfast once in a while but the best way to keep our self in good health it is a good idea eating healthy nutrition breakfast to start off your day.
Remember to be good to yourself. Pamper your stomach with nutritious healthy meal. We will soon notice how good it is and how much better you will feel through out the day when you do not skip breakfast. Whatever your breakfast consists of, you can still get the energy and benefits of nutrition from your daily breakfast.

Went over to nearby walking distance coffee shop to have our breakfast. This stall has opened back businness since the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. I know the owner of this shop. She was introduced to me by my god daughter's mother years back. She told me this year when she opened back for business, there are not as many people as used to be during the Chinese New Year. I just wonder why because she has been selling many types of noodles and they are all tasty. Maybe nowadays there are a lot of stalls around housing estates. I like to come here and have my breakfast other than Seri Mee San in Greentown. This friend of mine sells hakka mi, curry noodles, assam laksa , kon lo and soup noodles with "chap liu"such as the ones I have taken pictures below here. All of the "chap liu" are made by herself. She is good at it and I salute her.

eat with soup

it is already cooked. Eat it immediately when served. They are still crispy tho.

more of the stuffed "chap liu"

kon lo mi with fried chap liu on the plate itself

or it can be eaten with the "chap liu" separated in a bowl of soup

want to try eating from this stall? It's worth a try and you will want to come here again .

On the 10th day of Chinese New Year... EATING DAY

Woke up early and today he told me he has school cross country. So I just woke up together with him. Not much to do today as I intend to take a day rest. Have already done so much cooking for the past days of Chinese New Year.

As 9th day of the Chinese New Year was the Jade of Emperor's birthday celebration, there are still lots of food that was left over from the birthday's ceremony, the taiosm mostly the hokkiens' will eat and give to neighbours and friends the balance all the food such as roast pork, cakes, fruits, etc. and this is also known as the Eating Day.

There is little that I can say what people will do today. Some guests still continue to pay visits to their friends and relatives. In the west here not much fireworks and fire crackers are heard blown in the sky compared to the east. Will be updating again if there are anything that I come across later. Time being take care and thank you once again for those who has been dropping by.

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