Monday, February 4, 2008

Pomelo says... Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the...

After dinner, went to buy four bottles of white pepper for my cousin in-law and mom.. then as I was about to pay at the counter I come across these four pomeloes for sale at RM3.90 per kilo. My housemate wants to buy but I asked her again. Are you sure you really want to buy that after eating Tambun Pomelo the other day? Then she smiled.. These pomeloes are supposed to be Sabah Pomeloes.. Are they pretty and gorgeous?? Tell me and leave a comment if you happen to stop over at my blog okay!!

splash in the pool after spring cleaning

Hello everybody.. are you ready to celebrate Chinese New Year that is just round the corner? Other than this year Chinese New Year dates for the coming years to celebrate this happy occasion is just here for you all to know..

Animal and Dates for the coming Chinese New Year to come

子 Zi
February 19, 1996
February 7, 2008

丑 Chou
February 7, 1997
January 26, 2009

寅 Yin
January 28, 1998
February 14, 2010

卯 Mao
February 16, 1999
February 3, 2011

辰 Chen
February 5, 2000
January 23, 2012

巳 Si
January 24, 2001
February 10, 2013

午 Wu
February 12, 2002
January 31, 2014

未 Wei
February 1, 2003
February 19, 2015

申 Shen
January 22, 2004
February 8, 2016

酉 You
February 9, 2005
January 28, 2017

戌 Xu
January 29, 2006
February 16, 2018

亥 Hai
February 18, 2007
February 5, 2019

Did our last spring cleaning at home since it's our off day. There is a Cantonese saying "Wash away the dirts on ninyibaat" and so happen today is the the 28th day of month 12. (Now we are quite ready waiting for Chinese New Year. Left two more rooms that need to be cleaned and wiped a bit only then everything will be settled and can see sho many fire works sparkling in the air on 30th night of Chinese Calendar just a night before the first day of Chinese New Year of Spring Festival.

Took a short nap in the afternoon and we went for a splash at Waterpark, Stampark. We were surprised to see so many people at the pool when we reached at around 4.30pm. We thought not many people would be there as they will be busy doing their last minute shopping.

A friend of mine taught me some basic technique on how to swim front crawl the proper way.. my shoulders were quite stiff at first when I tried to do some breathing, I was thinking what is going to happen to my feet? They are going to ( sink! Whoops! ) and then I was thinking again what will happen when I kick "up" I would bend my knee instead. What can I do to get my feet up when I'm swimming?" and my friend answer was: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Now where have I heard that before? If you want to get your feet up, kick "DOWN." If you want your feet to sink, kick up!

There are also a few tips and secrets he told me about there: He said we have to concentrate on the stretch right down to the toenails. Knees tight, but not rigid. Ankles as loose as possible. Toes pointed like a ballerina. We tend to do breathing too much.

He also mentioned the most common problem in learning to swim front Crawl is not breathing.. The problem is breathing too much and with this it is wrong. At most per breath in Front Crawl should be a mouthful of air and not a lungful of air. In short we need to take tiny breaths and that will be good enough.

Taking tiny breaths doesn't require you to keep your head out of the water. When you head stays in the water, your feet don't sink. When your feet don't sink, they become more propulsive and it becomes easier to breathe.

This friend of mine left the pool before I could really master the basic. All he reminded me was just relax and don't feel tension.. and never have thoughts I must reach the destination soon. Never be afraid of the pool water.. have fun splashing in there and everything will be fine..

Ohh did not realize the time was already nearly 7pm and the sky are already dark.. got to find something to eat for dinner. I can't make it to cook a meal at home. So after we had our shower, we just went to the nearest shop that is easily to find a car park. And here we are at Full House Coffee Shop.

The environment of the place is not bad. Clean and have many seats, do not have to wait long for the food

This is the place I will be looking and waiting for the little window to be opened by the cook inside telling, food is ready to be served

I ordered this plum lime juice.. taste is okay okay only and it cost RM1.80

we ordered two dishes and this is supposed to be assam fish curry without veges.

anaother dish is my favourite. Chicken curry with potatoes but the taste will never be never like home cook dish. Home cook dish is of qualility and quantity. If you want quantity outside, you have to pay more then you will get the quantity

white rice to serve with both the curries.. look at the shape of the bowl of rice. Its oval haha I wonder if their bowl is oval when they scoop out the rice?

A List Of Hotel Phone Numbers In Kuala Lumpur

Came back from a vacation in Kuala Lumpur with she and her and I was thinking maybe we should go for another trip soon. I have been looking up for hotel's phone number and I found seventy eight of them. Will plan for another trip there again after Chinese New Year.. must look up for a hotel number to book for the room. However I did not mention here about Sri Petaling Hotel number as we stayed there the last time we went to K. Lumpur and we still remember the number. Here goes the numbers of the many hotels located in K.Lumpur.

Agora Hotel +603 2142 81332.
Alison Genesis Hotel +603 2412 00003.
Ancasa Hotel +603 2026 60604.
Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre +603 2117 80005.
Boulevard Hotel +603 2295 80006.
Brisdale International Hotel +603 2694 88337.
Capitol Hotel +603 2143 70008.
Carcosa Seri Negara +603 2282 18889.
Cardogan Hotel +603 2144 488310.
Cititel +603 2296 118811.
City Villa Hotel +603 2692 607712.
Concorde Hotel +603 2144 220013.
Corona Inn +603 2144 388814.
Coronade Hotel +603 2148 688815.
Corus Hotel +603 2161 888816.
Crown Princess Hotel +603 2162 552217.
Crown Regency Hotel +603 2162 388818.
Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur +603 2148 232219.
Dorsett Regency Hotel +603 2715 100020.
Duta Vista +603 2095 202021.
Dynasty Hotel +603 4043 777722.
Equatorial Hotel +603 2161 777723.
Federal Hotel +603 2148 916624.
Fortuna Hotel +603 2181 911125.
Furama Hotel +603 2070 177726.
Grand Central Hotel +603 4041 301127.
Grand Centrepoint Hotel +603 2693 398828.
Grand Continental Hotel +603 2639 933329.
Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur +603 2711 886630.
Grand Olympic Hotel +603 2078 788831.
Grand Pacific Hotel +603 4042 217732.
Grand Plaza Park Royal Kuala Lumpur Hotel +603 2142 558833.
Grand Seasons Hotel +603 2697 888834.
Hotel Nova +603 2143 181835.
Hilton KL +603 2264 226436.
Hotel Istana +603 2141 998837.
JW Marriott Hotel +603 2715 900038.
Katari Hotel +603 2031 777739.
Kuala Lumpur International Hotel +603 2697 883340.
Le Meridien KL +603 2263 788841.
Malaya Hotel +603 2072 772242.
Malaysia Hotel +603 2142 803343.
Mandarin Court Hotel +603 2273 993344.
Mandarin Oriental Hotel +603 2380 888845.
Mandarin Pacific Hotel +603 2070 300046.
Media Kuala Lumpur +603 2142 833347.
Micasa All Suite Hotel +603 2179 800048.
Midah Hotel KL +603 2273 999949. Mirama Hotel +603 2148 912250. New World Hotel +603 2163 618851.
Nikko Hotel +603 2161 111152.
Pacific Regency Hotel +603 2026 221153.
Pan Pacific Hotel +603 4042 555554.
Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur +603 2170 888855.
Puduraya Hotel +603 2072 100056.
Quality Hotel +603 2693 923357.
Radius International KL +603 2715 388858.
Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel +603 2162 223359.
Residence Hotel +603 2693 333360.
Ritz Cariton Kuala Lumpur Hotel +603 2142 800061.
Ritz Garden Hotel +603 2273 811862.
Shangri La Hotel +603 2032 238863. Shen Court Ritz Hotel Apartment +603 9282 777764. Sheraton Imperial +603 2717 990065. Stanford Hotel +603 2691 983366.
Swiss Garden Hotel +603 2141 333367.
Swiss Inn Hotel +603 2072 333368.
The Ascott Kuala Lumpur +603 2142 686869.
The Heritage Station Hotel +603 2273 558870.
The Legend Hotel +603 4042 988871.
The Lodge +603 2142 012272.
The Plaza Hotel +603 2698 225573.
The Regent of Kuala Lumpur +603 2141 800074.
The Royale Bintang +603 2143 989875.
The Westin KL +603 2731 833376. Tiara Inn +603 2143 555577.
Vistana Hotel +603 4042 800078.
Wenworth Hotel +603 9283 3888
Le Meridien KL +603 22637888

nearly forgotten about lunch.....

This morning after breakfast I did some spring cleaning in my computer room and as I was clearing, I did not realize how time flies and it will be soon lunch time. Normally my stomach will call me to remind me when the meal time is but today maybe the alarm clock of my stomach has gone haywire and forgot when is meal time or maybe it wants to let me on a diet a bit so that I can eat more mandarin oranges and Bak kwa during the first day of Chinese New Year.

Luckily I remember to look at the clock when I was mopping. Oh... it was already pass 12 noon and I got to have my lunch.. but then what am I going to eat? Another question occured in my mind again. Feeling lazy to go out for my meal, made up my mind to have something simple and easy to prepare again. It is none other than mi-sua for the day.

mince chicken meat
eggs optional
fried shallots
meat ball
siu pak choy or sawi
sabah mi sua
nutriplus chicken hotdog
chilli padi to eat when served

step number 1

step number 2

step number 3

step number 4

step number 5

step number 6 - a bowl of nice mi-sua to be eaten soon

chilli padi to go with mi-sua

whenever I speak my mind....

This is where I have been playing my simulation Sims2 EA Game and cracking my head on what to write in my blog whenever I have any time and this is also my place to listen to songs. Will update my speakers to a better quality sound system when the time comes.

the wall paper is wow!! wow!! Looks gorgeous

a clearer nearer view of my monitor

front view

clearer view of my work place

what a comfort seat to rest on spending time infront of the monitor screen


not much time to cook any other food so this morning I just ate this noodle. No hard work and fast so if anyone of you who are busy out there just cook simple kon lo mi before you go out. My next update is coming up real soon about where I usually update my blog.

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