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Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) - 齊歡暢 Chai Foon-Cheung
Jessica Hsuan (宣 萱) - 李青雲 Li Ching-Wan
Michael Miu (苗僑偉) - 喬正初 Kiu Ching-Cho
Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) - 齊歡樂/張來富 Chai Foon-Lok (Cheung Loi Foo - Chai Foon -Cheung's long lost younger brother)
Tavia Yeung (楊 怡) - 譚珠美
Benz Hui Shiu Hung (許紹雄) - 周福榮

Episode 19:

Cheung was caught for hiding in the boot recording their conversation

Cho caught Cheung hiding in the car boot. The next scene Cheung was taken to a cruise ship and was beaten up.

When Cho (Michael) heard that Ko Ming asked his men to tie Cheung (Bobby) up and drown him with heavy stuff on his body, he went on beating up Cheung violently instead (maybe Cho thought this way is better than having Cheung drowned with heavy stuff on him) After that Cheung was seen dropped into the ocean during the fight. I wonder if Cheung could survive in the ocean after being beaten up helplessly. After that scene Cheung was not seen throughout the whole episode.

Bosco asks Ronald to do him a favour whether he could date Tavia once? Ronald was surprised why Bosco asked him to date Tavia when Bosco himself is interested in her but Bosco denied and said they are just friends. Ronald said he would fulfil Bosco favour if Bosco could win him over something.

Bosco decides that they play cards game that whoever gets the higher card will win. The first card Bosco pulled out was the Ace of Spades. Ronald said that one was not counted and went for a few more rounds. The wins still went to Bosco.

In the end Ronald gave up and said the wins went to Bosco when every card Bosco took was higher than him. He did not care how he did it and agreed to date Tavia once.

At another scene, Bosco went out socialising well with his other colleagues.While they were playing cards, Michael found out that Bosco has the talent in memorising the cards well. Oh no, I guess from then on after this Michael will be using him after he knew Bosco has memorising skills. Will the innocent Bosco continue to believe and put his trust in Michael? The episode continues...

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English Title (TVB DRAMA 20 EPISODES): Life Art
Cantonese Title: Se Yi Yan Sang
Mandarin Title: 写意人生(xie yi ren sheng)
Vietnamese Title: Cuoc Doi Tuoi Dep
Length: 20 episodes (Cantonese) - 15 tapes (Vietnamese)
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Release Date: March 2007 (Cantonese) - April 2007 (Viet)
Genre: Modern Drama/Enlightenment/Romance
Broadcast Network in Malaysia: Wah Lai Toi
Air Time: Weekdays: Monday to Friday Channel 311 9.30pm to 10.30pm
Opening theme song: Live an Enjoyable Life (活得寫意) by Kevin Cheng


Gigi Lai Chi as Yam Chi Wah
Kevin Cheng Ka Wing as Fong Chi ChungAstrid Chan
Paul Chun as Yam Ching Chuen ( Gigi Lai's father)
Evergreen Mak
Ben Wong
Natalie Tong as Fong Chi ManYvonne Lam
Kathy Yuen
Josephine Shum
Vinci Wong
Sam Ho Yan
Queenie Chu
Matthew Ko
Felix Lok
Chan Hung Lit

Character's Intro:

Gigi Lai Character in this drama:

In Life Art, Gigi’s image is one of gentleness and innocence. She will be dressed in a simple white dress with minimal make-up through out the whole series. In this show it tells that her character is the love to paint in her and do calligraphy. Unfortunately an accident occured and this causes her having to lose using her right hand. She goes through a lot of difficulties due to this incident. Gigi has to find the strength to move on and through her determination, she strives to use her left hand to paint and draw, and eventually she becomes a famous cartoonist.

Kevin's Character:

Kevin plays the role of an IT executive in this series. Due to the nature of his job, which also influences the way he lives his life, everything is fast-paced. As a result, he doesn’t know how to relax or enjoy life until he meets Lai’s father, acted by veteran actor Paul Chun Pui. In a character trait most of us can relate to, Kevin is also Western-educated and doesn’t know Mandarin. But because the company he works for is taken over by a Chinese company and my boss is Mandarin-speaking, he have to take lessons from Paul Chun. From him he learns to slow down and take notice of people and things around. Kevin later learns that Gigi (Chi Wah) is the beloved daughter of his own calligraphy and painting teacher, Paul Chun (Yam Ching Chuen).
Paul Chun Character:

Paul Chun's role in this drama series is Gigi Lai’s dad. He teaches Kevin how to live and enjoy life while teaching him Mandarin.
Natalie Tong Character:

Natalie Tong plays the role of Kevin's younger sister, a rebel whose outlook, behaviour and mannerisms are reflective of Hong Kong’s younger generation. (apathetic attitude towards their family and society.

Practice calligraphy, practice painting, practice character
Understand logic, understand principles, understand life

Youthful, talented, and handsome IT technician Fong Ji Chung (Kevin Cheng Ka Wing) by chance becomes acquainted with the talented, intelligent, and elegant writer and illustrator for children's books, Yam Chi Wah (Gigi Lai Chi). He later learns that Chi Wah is the beloved daughter of his own calligraphy and painting teacher, Yam Ching Chuen (Paul Chun Pui). Furthermore, Ji Chung discovers that this pair of father and daughter is very distant; it's as if they're restraining themselves, afraid of overstepping barriers.

Ji Chung continues to receive gains and losses in fame and fortune. With love as well, he encounters frustration and defeat. Something that's against anyone's wishes happens to Chuen, which causes the relationship among Ji Chung, Chi Wah, and Ching Chuen to make a new progression...

Will the ice-bound feelings between a father and daughter be able to make a breakthrough? Will Ji Chung's true feelings for Chi Wah be enough to move her? Obtaining enlightenment from the Chinese culture unites people, making it possible to experience a truly "artful" [enjoyable] life...


English name: Gigi Lai Chi
Chinese name: Lai Chi 黎姿
Date of Birth: 1 October 1971
Occupation: TVB actress
Family: Father, mother + younger brother
What She Likes: Dancing
Favorite People: Parents
Favorite Singers - Bands: Madonna; Bananarama
Favorite Music Type: Lambada
Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Chocolate ("Maltesers")
Favorite Fruit: Oranges (Gigi does not like eating lychees)
Favorite Instant Noodle: Nissan Demae Ramen
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Color: White, any light colors

Gigi Lai's (Filmography and TV Series)

The Gem of Life (2008) (upcoming TV series)
The Ultimate Crime Fighter (2007) (TV series)
Life Art (2007) (TV series)
The Dance of Passion (2006) (TV series)
The Charm Beneath (2005) (TV series)
Healing Hands III (2005) (TV series)
Shades Of Truth (2004) (TV series)
War and Beauty (2004) (TV series)
Riches to Stitches (2004)
Fate Twisters (2003)
Doomed to Oblivion (2003)
The Dark Side of My Mind (2003)
Devil Face, Angel Heart (2002) - Wendy
A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession (2002)
For Bad Boys Only (2000)
Okinawa Rendez-vous (2000) - Sandy
Young and Dangerous 6: Born to Be King (2000) - Rong Yu
For Bad Boys Only (2000)
Fist Power (2000) - Hung
Black Blood (2000)
The Legend of the Flying Swordsman (2000) - Cher
Man Wanted 3 (2000)
Queenie & King the Lovers (2000) - Eliza
Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement (2000) - Nancy
To Where He Belongs (2000)
The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (2000)
A Wicked Ghost (1999) - Cessy
The Accident (1999)
Troublesome Night 6 (1999) - Kwok Siu Heung
Ninth Happiness (1998)
Haunted Mansion (1998) - Ah Gi
The Three Lustketeers (1998)
Theft Under the Sun (1997) - Fai-fai
24 Hours Ghost Story (1997) - Siu Wan
All's Well, Ends Well 1997 (1997) - Gigi
Destination: 9th Heaven (1997) - Mona Chin
Cause We Are So Young (1997) - Mimi
The Criminal Investigator II (1996) (TV series) - Tammy
Street of Fury (1996) - Yi
Till Death Do We Laugh (1996) - Mill
Young and Dangerous 3 (1996) - Smartie/Stammer
Young and Dangerous 2 (1996) - Smartie/Stammer
Young and Dangerous (1996) - Smartie/Stammer
To Live and Die in Tsimshatsui (1994) - Moon
Heroes from Shaolin (1993)
Kung Fu Cult Master (1993) - Chow Chi Yu
Secret Signs (1992) - Jackie
A Wicked Ghost (1992)
Wong Fei Hung Returns (1992)
Lung tik tin hon (1992) (TV series) - Chok Nga-Yan
Queen of Gamble (1991) - Linda
Queen of Gambler (1991)
Spiritual Trinity (1991) - Hsiu-Shuan
Queen of the Underworld (1991)
Dragon in Jail (1990) - Winnie Sung
United We Stand (1986)
The Family Strikes Back (1986)
Happy Ghost II (1985) - Student

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