Tuesday, February 5, 2008

what is happening to me

What am I to have for dinner? Thought maybe I would just have something from this hawker place. When I got down from the car and as I look at the shop there I think I am not so hungry already afterall.. What is happening to sapphire blu this evening.. Normally by this time she is already full and her stomach is already waiting to get digested.

Since I did not have the appetite to eat anything I just went back home. Maybe I should just have a cup of tea and biscuits for dinner tonight.

where am I heading to?

Which direction am I heading to? Where am I going to shop for more of my last minute shopping list for Chinese New Year ? So I just follow where my heart desires to go.. in the end I ended up in Kenyalang Park and there were so many cars but I was blessed to get a parking lot there.

There are not as much variety as last year or maybe am I just too early.. the last time I went there during Chinese New Year season was at night. Finally I didn't manage to buy anything at all there where I always buy my favourite artistes latest cds. Last month I went there to buy two sets of artiste group Fei Lun Hai latest albums and today I have nothing to buy from there..

Was feeling a bit hungry so I thought maybe I could buy some cakes to eat but when I look at the cakes I was not hungry anymore. Could it be I ate too much mandarin oranges before I went out and though I was hungry I did not feel like eating anything. Stomach filling with too much air?

Though I did not buy anything from there I managed taking some pictures of the environment in the evening at Kenyalang Park and here they are, I have already downloaded for your view. My apologies for the blur pictures taken due to hungry but not too hungry I guess. lol

a special reunion dish to share with...


Bought this packet of mushroom from Boulevard Hypermarket the other day so I thought I will just share a recipe of Chicken Drumsticks Braised Mushroom with you for reunion dinner tomorrow. Happy trying this this but I am sure most of you already know well how to cook this dish.


1 thumb-size young ginger, smashed or sliced thinly
chicken drumsticks, cut into bite-size pieces
dried mushrooms to your desire of liking, soaked to soften

Seasoning for chicken:
light soy sauce

to fry and braise:
tbsp oil
dark soya sauce
a pinch of castor sugar
oyster sauce premium LKK brand or any other brand
some chopped garlic
chopped shallots
cornflour mixture for thickening

Method of cooking

Marinate the chicken drumsticks that have been cut to pieces with light soy sauce and pepper and leave aside for an hour or so. Heat oil until hot and fry shallots and garlic until lightly golden. Add ginger the smashed young ginger and fry until fragrant. Add in the marinated chicken and mushrooms and stir-fry for few minutes then add in oyster sauce, dash of pepper, soya sauce and dark soya sauce to taste. Bring to a boil. Cover and cook over a low heat for an hour or until the mushroom and chicken is cooked and tender. Thicken with corn flour mixture.

from the wok to the bowl. Happy trying out this recipe

till my next dish for reunion dinner

A special Chinese New Year Message from me to you

Hope this coming Chinese New Year which is from 7th February 2008, Thursday to 21st February 2008, also a Thursday brings the gift of happiness, prosperity and laughter to you and everyone that you know. Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai. May the year of Rat brings all that you wish for. A very special CNY wish for you from...

and my lunch will be....

Took me an hour or so to cook these two dish. A very long time indeed for just two simple dishes. Can't blame me I am in holiday mood and my thinking is already on the way to tv and astro channels waiting to watch for the nice movies and entertainment shows that I have earlier updated. The menu for my lunch just now are TAUCU TOFU FRIED MINCE MEAT AND SAMBAL BELACAN KANGKUNG SAPPHIRE'S STYLE

a special big thank you for those who drop by....

My favourite Valentine's cute teddy picture for this year. Sapphire Blu giving you this heart of appreciation and a big thank you for all of you who drop by to read my blog.

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