Wednesday, February 13, 2008

eating yee sang at neighbour's house

After dinner, I was so full that I felt lazy to do anything. just want to have a good rest on the sofa seat after spending sometime in the kitchen just now. Then they said to me" lets go to neighbour's house but which neighbour's? I said err.. lazy leh.. why not another day. They said why not tonight as other nights got other friends' house to visit too. Then i said "okay, lets go then"

Off we went to hse No. 16, and called out loud as we arrived. "Auntie Chin, are you home, san nin fai lok". She answered happily from inside the house. "yess, yess, I am home". Then we asked her again "have you any other guests with you there"? She said, "no no.. just come in.

She invited us to take a seat as she went in to the kitchen to prepare some yee sang for us to eat together. Wow having yee sang at her house? So nice of her. Was so glad and thank God for the many blessings.

In my earlier posts I thought I will be celebrating "YAN YAT" like any other normal days, eating can food sardine and one or two other dishes. Indeed came to a surprise for us as we thought today is already the seventh day of Chinese New Year althought it is "Humans' Day" we will only be served cookies,candies,drinks or mandarin oranges like what people usually do when guests are invited after so many days during the Chinese New Year.

This is how the yee sang is being prepared by my neighbour.










taraa.. all the ingredients are well arranged on the big round plate

there are the nine of us having "lou sang" together. As we lift up our chopsticks we said out as loud as we could with all the nicest words that we could remember

this is my share of yee sang. Looks delicious right!! Frankly speaking I think throughout my life this is the first time I have tasted such a yummy yee sang

start eating the yee sang already. Hope i can have my second helping.. too nice already cant stop praising how nice and tasty it is

about to finish already.. I took the big plate of yee sang and eat the remainder of the yee sang

this is my neighbour who prepared the wonderful delicious,yummy and tasty yee sang. She is such a good cook.. I told her as we were leaving to go back to our home after eating. "auntie Chin, next year nin chor chat, Yan Yat day we come again can"? She answered happily, "you are most welcome, do come again".

We then thank her for all her hard work preparing yee sang for us and said Good Night to her and with extra words, "hope everything you wish for will come true, whatever you do will come to success". We left the house and arrived back home around 10.10pm. Today is one of my happiest moment of the seven days of Chinese New Year, because I had a chance to taste the most delicious yee sang all my life during the Chinese New Year.


by: sapphire blu


Many people will be going out to restaurants for their "Yan Yat" celebration.. As for me I just have my dinner like any other ordinary days. My lunch is this dish and my dinner are that dishes. Let's see what I have for you all here.


serve with chilli padi would make the rice taste nicer


fried cabbage and white cabbage mix ( bao choy and wong nga pak )

sardine... we did not eat yee sang instead we ate sardine. We still managed to eat fish but it was in can. It has been a long time since we had that dish

fried dark sauce chicken. It is still in the wok and the oil is really hot. Try putting a finger in and see what happens. haha

dark soya chicken is cooked and served on a plate

three dishes on "Yan Yat" day without "Yee Sang". The most important thing to celebrate this day is HARMONY in the family

Hope you will enjoy reading my updates for today. Wishing all of you "Happy Humans" Day. May you have prosperity and good health now and always.

do you think I am a blog addict?

as you prepare yourself for tomorrow's Valentine's Day, I wish all of you an early "HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY". Why do I give such and early wish. I am afraid the line might be congested and you may delay in receiving this special message from me. As you receive the message do spend sometime to take the quiz below:- don't forget to let me know your result.

74%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


A Bouquet of Blue Valentine Roses from me to you on 14th of February 2008

Where am I going to dine tomorrow night? The answer is eating at home. I have not decided of what to cook yet to celebrate tomorrow Valentine's Day but definately it won't be candle light for two. However it is not important where we are going to dine tomorrow. To me, Valentine's Day is just like any other usual day. Most important thing of all is we always pray for those who we care for around us and ask God to keep them safe.

I have a little prayer for all of you on Valentine's Day.

My dear all,
I prayed to the Lord today and asked that He will bless you with His love and watch over you everyday. May this message from my blog give you courage, strength, comfort and good health. Amen.

celebrating 7th day of Chinese New Year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY. Today is also known as "YAN YAT' DAY. I will just cook normal dishes like any other normal days today. haha. What does "yee sang" means? To me it means "raw fish" from direct translation to english. Yee means fish and sang means raw. In Bahasa Malaysia is ikan mentah. haha. It also means "Lou Sang" for prosperity and good luck.

Once upon a time, the Chinese used to celebrated this day with the family members only on the seventh day each year of Chinese New Year but nowadays there are so many places selling yee sang, restaurants and even the supermarkets. You can also make your own yee sang recipe. Yee sang contains around twenty or so with colourful ingredients. However, I do not know how to make yee sang as there are lots of preparation involved though people say it is easy to make.

When the people who are dining together eat yee sang they will call out as loud as they can with good words for prosperity as a start of the year. There is also a saying that the higher you toss the food the better luck it will be for the year. The tradition of eating yee sang started many many years ago.

Guess that would be about all for now as I have to rush to make breakfast for them. Left over curry gravy with toast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN.

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