Friday, February 8, 2008

one meal dish for dinner on second day of CNY

This is my dish for tonight.. did not cook extra dish because I was running late after window shopping at The Spring Shopping Complex and Ta Kiong Supermarket there. The menu: stirfry white cabbage, french beans and chicken meat

at the Spring Shopping Mall on second day of CNY

It was still raining so heavily outside and I had to cancel my plan to Taman Sahabat, Kch. Where is Taman Sahabat? Well it is located at Jalan Song. Taman Sahabat is beautifully well designed with ancient tradional decor when compare to all the other parks in Kuching. Taman Sahabat [China - Malaysia Friendship Park] Kch here was ready built sometime back.

It is built and created to fill up area of land to signify the bond and relationship between the two countries that is China and Malaysia. The whole garden was an average in size and is separated into two parts where the front is being perfected with decorations to symbolizeMalaysia, and the other part with a gigantic huge Laksamana Cheng Ho statue from history where he came to Malacca, sailing in a boat across the lake to built up friendship with Malaysia.

The statue of him can be seen from the other side of the garden, using ancient traditional China decoration and finishing. Oops.. I am suppose to tell you all more about this later and I am writing so long about it already. I think I will just continue the story another time. However I will take more pictures of the Friendship Park or well known over here as Taman Sahabat when I get back from the west.

Since it was still raining, I went to The Spring Shopping Mall instead. On reaching there, car parking was not a trouble because the parking park are spacious and there are lots of parking area to park your vehicles. As I enter the shopping complex I took some picture of them again and here they are:-

isn't that a beautiful Spring (mui fah) plant? It's not real for sure. haha

wow, did not realize MPF Bookstore is already open. It is the only MPH in Kuching so far

picture not clear. Taken from outside of MPH

look at that!! so many people at MPH looking for more books

can't wait for NOKIA shope to be opened

the kids will love this when they come here

look at that!! toys for me?? nah haha I don't play with toys at this age. Some will buy them as collection

Anakku for the cuties little babies.. talking about babies ROB-B-HOOD is a good movie to watch. Not bored watching though I have watched this movie before

more of hair-band and cute nice clips to buy from here

went in to MPH and look at that so crowded. Can hardly find a place to sit

so many types of dictionaries well arranged. Wish I have more of that at home

first time I come across chinese fortune sticks for sale. All the while I thought it is available at the temples only. It comes with a book inside too in English Language.

taken this picture from very far.. Zoom in... "Memory Lane" you are on candid camera

there's still an offer at Parkson but I have nothing to buy for today. Just window shopping

Fila is the name. Can you see.. or is it too far?

Nose - newly opened

Bonia an elegant place to shop for good handbags and luggage bags

I want to buy a pair of good comfort shoes too

the big crowd moving so fast and look at the picture. It is blur because they are walking and walking non stop

more of TA Kiong.. Hope I remember to bring along my Lotus Card to collect points when I purchase anything here

seeing them in a long queue I am feeling hungry too

what else to buy from Ta Kiong.. finally I bought a packet of prawn cracker only to eat when I watch TVB 40th Anniversary which will be aired on ASTRO Wah Lai.

more of mandarin oranges for everyone but definately you have to pay at the counter before you can take them home with u

menu for second day of CNY - two more dishes to warm your stomach

ahha.. as the Chinese continue to celebrate this happy festival, I have more dishes to share with you today on "hoi nin", a chor yee as the cantonese called.

Menu: 1 - fried mini white promfret in sweet sour gravy
2 - KFC chicken ala sapphire blu style

recipe - dish number 1

1) 4 mini white promfret after a good shower under the running water.
2) cornflour.
3) 2 stalks of lemon grass, 4 shallots peeled, one red chilli take out the seeds,
1 tomato - wash clean and cut thinly all the ingredients
4) half a bowl of assam jawa juice mix with a little sugar and soya sauce.
5) oil to fry the fish and cook the sweet sour gravy.

the fourth mini promfret says: oh I am late. I thought I was one of the earliest.
I have to line up at the bottom of my three other friends..sighing.. Luckily there is still a space for me. I wonder when is she going to put on some make up for me.

all four mini promfret say: wah,wah can't believe it.. In such a short time and it's all done. Our whole body is covered with cornflour as makeup before we can go to the ball room called the "DANCING PAN WOK" to dance. "Beautiful aren't we" before and after.

the first two mini promfret say: we look so graceful close to each other in the wok.. two by two together we are. This reminds me of Valentine's Day which is just round the corner. Me and she dancing together in this ballroom.

Dish number 1 - fried mini white promfret in sweet sour sauce

Dish number 2: KFC FRIED CHICKEN ala sapphire blu style

Taraa. The two dishes are ready to serve while it is still with white rice. You can eat the fried chicken together with cut cucumbers or tomatoes. They are healthy and good for your stomach. Cut some chilli padi or mini hot chillies to eat with the sweet sour gravy mini promfret fish. Hope you like the two recipes for the day.

menu for the day by sapphire blu

"hoi nin" on 2nd day of CNY

morning morning, here again with what I had for breakfast. Doing the same old routine like yesterday. This morning i ate sea food noodle to keep my stoamach warm till noon before I start cooking.. you all might laugh when you see what i will be cooking.. I bought mini white promfret fishes from Boulevard the other day and I am going to fry it later. It was RM15 per kilo. Cheap right!!

Today is second day of CNY and its known as "hoi nin" in cantonese means open year. On this day of Chinese New Year it is a visitation to their parents' home of the daughters that are married. Normally and traditionally, most daughters who have been married may not have the opportunity to visit their families so frequently though nowadays it is of a different story.

On this second day or "chor yee", the Chinese will pray to their ancestors as well as to all the gods in their home. It is also believed that "chor yee" is a Happy Birthday of all dogs. They are extra kind to the dogs and won't let them on an empty stomach. They will make sure the dogs are well treated. I do not know how true is it that today is supposed to be a birtday to all dogs but I will just regard it as the truth.. lol. A very " Happy Birthday Crystle" to our dog at home too.

The Cantonese will hold a 'Hoi Nin' prayer in their house to start on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. Sometimes I wonder if it is said chor yee is a "Hoi Nin" day means open year does it really means today only Chinese New Year really gets started. The prayer is done to pray that they'll be blessed with good luck and prosperity in their home for the year. To me, my "hoi nin" day is simple only. I just spend today like how i usually do on normal days. lol.

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