Monday, January 7, 2008


Got up lazily as the weather was so cooling and the bed was so cozy. Have been eating noodles for the past days so I thought maybe half boiled egg with fibre bread is good for a change.. After eating I fed the 8 ninjas who were waiting to be fed hungrily.. if you happen to read my few days back blog you will realized the last time they had their meal was 1? 2? no it was 3 days back ago. I purposely feed them every few days once so that when it is vacation time there is no need to be afraid if they ever feel hungry.

My breakfast - half boiled egg with fibre bread good for body system

the 8 ninjas rushing to grab their breakfast

they are eating and hunting their food hungrily

No more already.. can you see them coming nearer in a group hoping to have more.. they never ever had enough though how much you feed them.. I guess if you feed them the whole bottle of food they will try their best to finish all up.

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