Sunday, March 9, 2008

What is keropok lekor?

I saw a stall selling keropok lekor at Giant just now so I bought R3 for us to eat as dessert after dinner. It can be taken anytime of the day whenever you like it. What is actually keropok lekor? It is a famous snack produced from the east coast in Seberang Takir,Terengganu, made of fish meat that is ground to a paste mixture with sago, flour and other ingredients.

It comes in two types, the long chewy ones are called keropok lekor which is white and thin whereas the crispy ones are called keropok keping, It would be very tasty if you you dip keropok lekor with some chilli sauce.

There are two ways to eat keropok lekor. You can either deep fried or eaten boiled. However if you don't like the fishy smell then it is better to take the deep fried ones. Some people just prefered it boiled as it doesn't require any oil to cook at all.

Keropok Keping are made of larger tubes shaped and sliced into very thin slices. After that they are dried under the sun to make them storagable. You will need to fry the keropok keping before consumption. You can either eat keropok keping just like dat or dip with some chilli sauce.

Nowadays many malay stalls including night markets are selling this popular keropok lekor from Terengganu. Do try some when you come across any of the stalls selling.


Anyone can guess how much is this plate of pisang goreng? Still don't know the answer? The answer is RM2. Cheap right!! Bought from a nearby stall here.

Eating at Woolley Food Court, Ipoh Garden

What!! seems that I did not cook again today. So busy updating about the results of the 12th General Elections for Malaysia which took place yesterday throughout Malaysia.

Slept at around 2.30am as I couldn't continue updating due to some internet problem.So I went upstairs to bed dissappointed and tug myself to bed soon after.

My hp alarm rang at 5.40am. That was really a few hours sleep only but I couldn't understand why I was alert and fresh as though I have slept for hours the night before. I had a quick shower and on the computer and continue with the election results updates.

Never did I realized it was already 10am and I quickly rushed myself doing the laundry and went for lunch with my family.
The same old question again arise. Where to eat. Woolley Food Court?

Everybody agreed so we started our journey to Woolley in Ipoh Garden. Woolley, woolley here we come.


We ordered wanton mi, kai si hor fan (shredded chicken koay teow soup) and popiah. What is your favourite food?

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