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Sambungan Putri Salju pada 25 September 2008, 2.30 petang:

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Putri Salju Bahagian 7

Putri Salju Bahagian 8

Putri Salju Bahagian 9

Putri Salju Bahagian 10

Putri Salju - 11 (Putri Salju berakhir di sini)

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Moonlight Resonance - English Theme Song - Talk To Me lyrics:

You talk to me
You speak with me
Don't sink before you rise baby
Don't fade away
You hesitate
You seem to wait
For all the time we had
Feels like a world away
Who's to say
We'll be ok
We're gonna make it through the night
Don't wanna wake up in this state
I just want us both to smile
Cause we're the same
And i know that we'll never change
Look i bought your favourite ice cream
I dont wanna see it melt away
If you walk out now
I don't know if we're gonna be the same
Baby just talk with me
Cause i want you to stay here with me
I want you to stay here with me

Moonlight Resonance episode 31 to 40 sypnois:

Episode 31

- Sum asks Shum out to talk things over, and states that she will withdraw from the relationship while Shum says that he will break up with Lam.
- Sa reveals that she will return to Portugal with Chi and Ho Ma suggests throwing a farewell party for them. During the party, the family helps Sa to reconcile with Ka Mei and Ho Ma decides to hire Chi to help out in the shop so that Sa and her family can continue to stay in Hong Kong.
- Joe Bau advises Yuen (Chris Lai) not to trust Hung completely, only to be chided by the latter.
- Ka and the siblings go to Joe Bau's house and demand that Hung give up the position of CEO to Yuen, and surprisingly, Hung agrees without hesitation. They then proceeds to Ho Ma's house to celebrate and Joe Bau reveals that he finally feels very relieved.
- Ka sees Ka Mei being pestered by someone called Jimmy for money who claims to be Ronald's(Ka Mei's illegitimate son) biological father.
- In actual fact, Yuen has been bribed by Hung and he follows Hung to meet up with Kiang, and obeys every word she says.

Episode 32

Ka Mei goes to Ka's house to return the money but faints upon leaving. Ka then carries Ka Mei and sends her to the hospital, but he too is hospitalized due to heart muscle cramps.
- Ka Mei visits Ka and kisses him romantically before leaving.
- Shum sells away his car and house and attempts to give this sum of money to Lam but Lam refuses, making Shum even more guilty.
- Hao receives a message from Shum saying that the latter is intending to return to America with Lam and Hao informs Sum about this. Sum then rushes to the airport and sobs uncontrollably upon seeing Shum giving up their relationship.
- Yuet finds out that Jimmy is not Ronald's biological son and confronts Ka Mei, chiding her for not learning from the past incident. Ka Mei meets up with Ka and states that reconciliation is not possible anymore.
- Kiang brings Hung to offer prayers to his deceased wife, whom he said told him to make up to Hung. Yuen suggests to Hung to temporarily stop buying Kiang's units for the time being, and Kiang slaps him.

Episode 33

- Joe Bau(Ha Yu) confronts Yuen(Chris Lai) as to why is the latter betraying him. Joe Hau finds out that Yuen is under the control of Hung(Michelle Yim) because Hung has evidence of Yuen involved in a hit-and-run car accident as well as evidence of Yuen bribing the officials in Thailand. Yuen begs Joe Bau for forgiveness.

Episode 34

- Upon careful consideration, Joe Bau decides to reveal the truth about Yuen being controlled by Hung, so as to prevent Yuen from manipulated any further.
- Joe Bau administers his authority as the rightful owner of the shop and stops the meeting from continuing. He then fires those employees who are in favor of Hung; openly turning against Hung.
- Ho Ma(Lee Sze Kei) assures Yuen that no matter what happens and even if he needs to go to jail, the whole family would be behind him.
- Joe Bau have problems with his eyes again, and lands up in the hospital. Hung seizes the chance and holds a meeting with the rest of the shareholders. She decides to transfer 50% of the business' shares to Kiang's(Hung's ex-husband) company on the pretext of expanding into the Mainland market.
- Grandma(Lee Heung Kam) leaves the hospital on her own and arrives at the office to stop the meeting from proceeding anrganizes a promotional function for the mooncake business and it is very successful. However in the midst of the function, Ka suddenly feels contractions from his heart muscles and faints. He is then sent to the hospital, leaving Ho Ma and Yuet(Tavia Yeung) extremely worried.

Episode 35

- Ka Mei(Kate Tsui) discovers that the baby in her womb is not Yuen's and aborts it. She is then instigated by Hung to push all the blame to Ho Ma, claiming that Ho Ma caused her miscarriage.
- Sa(Susanna Kwan) is struck by her own conscience and whips out a cane and begins lashing it at Ka Mei, the perpetual liar. Sa feels very guilty and shameful for all the lies that Ka Mei had spun which had hurt Ho Ma.

Episode 36

- Sum(Linda Chung) wants Hao(Raymond Lam) to make her another Princess Athena cake but Hao makes one which has both their faces on it only instead.
- Just when Sum wants to complain about the cake, Hao confesses that he made the cake in symbolism of their future.
- Touched by Hao's words, Sum and Hao kisses romantically.

Episode 37

- All the children return to Joe Bau's house to have dinner together as a family, only to be interrupted by Hung.
- Hung reveals that her lawyer will appeal to the court to let Joe Bau have only 10% of the business shares.
- Angered, Ka and Grandma gives Hung a fright just when she is not paying attention and the two strikes their palms together in joy.
- Grandma faints for no apparent reason one day at home and falls into coma.
- Grandma awakens and tells the doctor that she only want to see Hung. She wants Hung to accept 3 conditions or Hung would have to bear unforeseen consequences and Hung agrees.
- Just when Grandma says she want to meet the Hao and the rest of the family, Hung lies that they have yet to arrive.

Episodes 38-40

- The laywsuit to fight for the business shares officially starts but Joe Bau's side keep ending up at an disadvantage due to various happenings.
- Hung uses Ka Mei and Chi(Sa's husband) to accuse Ho Ma and Joe Bau of having an affair, and Ho Ma is titled the third party instead.
- Hung bribes the witness, resulting in Joe Bau and co. only getting 20% of the business shares but he is able to reunite with Ho Ma and family.
- Hung is still unsatisfied and appeals. She instigates Ka Mei to expose the incident where Yuen knocked down someone in Thailand and also reveals a shocking secret about Grandma when she was in hospital.
- Meanwhile, Yuet and Ka finally ends up together but Ka faints in front of Yuet suddenly.
- Sum states that she will be marrying Shum and plans to use Hung's shares to set up a medical institution.

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