Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I heard from from tv news just now that the famous entertainer/artiste Lydia Shum Din-Ha won't be buried in Hong Kong but will be taken back to be buried in Vancouver, Canada where her family stays. It is a wish of Lydia herself before she died that she wanted to be buried in Vancouver.

Her body will be buried beside her mother who has passed away in January 2008. A memorial service will be held in Coliseum, Hong Kong on 2 March 2008, for Lydia Shum to the public so that her fans, friends and the public are able to pay their last respect to her on that day.

Lydia Shum Din-Ha passed away on 19th February 2008 at 8.38am and her death saddened his fans and people who loves her and those who have been watching her entertaining shows. "Fun Lok Kam Siu" (Enjoy Yourself Tonight) will be showing every Saturday over Astro Channel 311 Wah Lai Toi for rememberance the of her.

However it will never be the same again to me though I like watching that entertainment show hosted by Lydia Shum as her name and her happy smiling face will only stay as memories.

Do not forget to watch FOREVER REMEMBRANCE OF LYDIA SUM over Astro Channel 311 Wah Lai Toi tonight at 10.30pm to 12.30am.


Steamed Eggs

Whenever I steam egg
I will think of the pool.
Just like to feel the splash of water in the pool


Assam fish is one of my favourite dishes


The other day I hurt my palm when I cut the nian gao.
It was so hard and I had problem cutting it
and today the same thing happened.
I have to use my inner strength in cantonese "am lek"
as I cut them into pieces.
Finally I managed to sliced them.
These are the steps of how I prepared the nian gao to be fried.

Simple Chee Cheong Fan for breakfast from the market

This is what I had for breakfast. Chee Cheong Fan with curry gravy. Bought it from the market early in the morning just now at the market. Cost RM1.50 per packet. I seldom get to eat chee cheong fan that are cooked this way from the east. Though it is consider a simple breakfast but it really warmth my stomach before I start doing the house chores later. Till another update.


Woke up early this morning so I asked F & E to follow me to the market. Have not really decided on what to cook for today. On the way to the market in a little corner of my mind I was still thinking of Lydia Shum who has passed away.

We talked about her cheerful laughter and her loud high-pitched voice when she was on tv during her Hong Kong entertainment programmes which are so entertaining to us. It was just not long when I last saw her special appearance on Phua Chu Kang sitcom over NTV7.

I have seen her acting since I was very young and those were the happy moments watching her acting and entertaining on tv. I am going to miss her and her name will always be in memory. It will never be the same without her appearance on Hong Kong TV shows.

We reached the market around 6.50am and we start shopping for our stuff to cook. I have taken some of the pictures of the environment of the wet market.

We left the market around 7.15am. We did a quick marketing as T has to rush for work later. Till another time. Thank you for those who drop by here and do leave a comment for me before you leave my blog.

MAY LYDIA SHUM REST IN PEACE - she will never be forgotten

When I heard and read of the news about Lydia Shum's death, the first thing that came into my mind was we can never see her jolly happy face with her laughter that made everyone felt like want to laugh together with her. It was also said that many people from Hong Kong grew up laughter with her.

Lydia Shum is famous with her trademark special dark-rimmed glasses, whoever sees her on tv will remember those glasses that she wore. She started acting as a child actress at a very young age when she was only 13 years old. She has been an entertainer,artiste,comedian, etc. for many years and today she is no more with us. She has passed away at the Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong yesterday at 8.38am.

May you rest in peace Lydia.
We are going to miss you
and your happy cheerful face will always be remembered.
It will never be the same again without you
when we watch the Hong Kong entertainment programmes.
You will always be remembered
by many people and never be forgotten.

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