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My lunch and dinner for the day

mi sua soup for lunch

pan mi soup for dinner


Since years ago till now, instant noodles are referred as "fastest menu". Many peole find the idea of eat instant noodles to be convenient, saves much time and money. Instant noodles take the top position in the list of fast meals as it only required very few minutes for the noodles to be cooked and it will make a hot and tasty noodles as a meal for the day.

Instant noodles were originated from Japan and Momofuku Ando, born in Taiwan in 1910 and died at the age of 96 in 2007 was the founder and chairman of Nissin Food Products Co., who was also well known to many people as the inventor of Nissin instant noodles in 1958.

These days most instant noodles are packed together with dried pieces of meat, vegetables, chicken and even shrimps. It also comes with small packets of spices and powder to produce the flavour of the instant noodles. On the packet of each noodles is written the word "flavoured" so I wonder what actually this word means to replace the original meat taste? What are they really made of?

Inside the instant noodles packet, additives in powder form is found in every small packets. It is add in the packets to make the noodles taste good and also as a result for the product to last longer.Additives and powders that can be found in every container or pack of dry noodles simply enrich the taste and make the product last longer.

I used to love instant noodles a lot and eat it quite regularly but now I only eat it when I feel lazy to cook as I am scared of putting that extra kilo in me.

Usually when we cook the instant noodles, we will put the noodles into a pot of boiling water with the powder found in the individual packets and let it cook for about two to three minutes and then it is ready to be eaten or served.

Many people say fast to cook and nice to eat. The additives and powder found in the small packets to make soup/ gravy to the instant noodles can never be boiled in the hot boiling water as it may change it structures in the ingredients and this may cause the soup/gravy to be toxic though I do not know how true it is.

Another reason is lots of wax is coated around the noodles and when we consume that, it will take many days for the body to wash away the wax. For people who has always been taking instant noodles very regularly as their meals, it is better to cook the instant noodles properly.

I used to boil instant noodles like what many people are doing until few years back I try cooking in a better way to cook instant noodles.

Put to boil the instant noodles in a pot of hot water till the noodles is cooked. Put the noodles in a bowl and leave it aside. Pour away the water (containing wax) that cooked the noodles earlier on and put to boil another pot of water. When the water is boiling put the noodles from the bowl in the pot again quickly and strain well before putting it back into the bowl.

Use a strainer to clear the remaining wax water from the noodles. Boil some water enough to make soup for the noodles. Boil the water together with dried vegetables, meat or shrimps found in some packet of the noodles. When the ingredients is cooked, quickly off the gas and put in the powder into the water to make soup. Finally pour the soup on the noodles in the bowl.

For kon lo mi or dry noodles ( if you do not want to use your own recipe in making the gravy) take the noodles out and mix the ingredients found in the packet of the noodles and your dry noodles or kon lo mi is ready to be eaten.

Hope the simple method that I have shared with you will be a little help when cooking instant noodles in a much better way. Happy trying the new method of cooking.

Till another time. Take care.

Soya Sauce Dry Noodles (Kon Lo Mi)

Have you taken your breakfast?
Do pay me a visit and I will cook a meal for you.

This is what I had for breakfast again earlier this morning.
Soya Sauce Dry Noodles or Kon Lo Mi.

Though I have been eating kon lo mi as my first meal most of the days,

I still continue to have it as it is one of my favourite food.

I am never bored with this Soya Sauce Dry Noodles

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