Saturday, January 5, 2008


Calling calling everyone..WELCOME to Boulevard Shopping Complex at 4 miles. It is newly open since 19th December 2007 just a week before Christmas. Some of the shops are not ready yet and still under renovation. Since this Boulevard has been opened to the public along Jalan Datuk Tawi SLI has been jamed and packed with vehicles daily. They are also going to built a 19 storeys hotel next to it soon. Other then that they are also building a place for entertainment including a cineplex and bowling centre.. the building is in progress now.

a two levels of spacious car park

one of the entrance to Boulevard

some of the shops still under renovation

many people in a queue to apply for Boulevard Farmily Card. All members are entitled to a 5 percent discount for non promotional items.

many customers are excited to go in the shops

ladies department

gents department

more tshirts and clothings at gents department

my favourite place.. swim suits... i want, i want to buy.

outside Boulevard departmental store.. looks clean and nice.

Oh gosh... towels.. they are so nice and i longed to get one set for myself

wow... towels for anyone? I am gonna go crazy when i see this... dunno which one to grab. The colours are so sweet and cool.

I have one of this at home for my christmas present.. I am gonna take it whenever I go on vacation..

taken from outside the departmental store.

world of cartoons.. one of the rare ones in Cats City

and oh... my.. world of Babies too.. babies are just as blessed as anybody to have this.


Boulevard Hypermarket.. need to do any marketing just come here and you'll find what you need.

fresh fishes for you to choose

fruits fruits good for you

please queue... nobody cuts the queue

bakery for bread lovers

this is all that I have bought throughout my four hours shopping there.

BOULEVARD BUILDING FROM OUTSIDE.. Know why it looks dark and blurr.. well.. it has been raining and raining for the past 36 hours non stop.. do pray for sunshine again..

At last I can have my lunch at FOOD AVENUE.. guess how much is this nasi campur?? Let me tell you... it cost RM4.

Dinner time will be next.. daaa till another time and God Bless.

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