Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yummy Yummy New Year Dish!!!

cooking sting ray assam curry is as easy as ABC..the steps are

cutting the sting ray..

all ready to be cooked..

yup..that's all you need..

and then...like this..

and next..

yay!!it's ready...yummy..

fried tang hoon..delicious..

a wok of fishball and cabbage soup..


simple isn't it?those are the new year dishes for the year 2008...


Woke up at 7.00am this morning and oh nearly forgotten today is no more the year 2007. It has left us for good.. sometimes I just wonder why when we know that time never waits for us we still continue to waste all the precious moments God is giving us. Thats how life goes ya.. human are like that one.. never appreciate anything but then when it's all gone then only start thinking... AIYAA should have done this should have done that.

Everyone is still asleep at home.. I rather stay awake then just to sleep and let time passes just like that for today because I want to try to be a new me like the title of my first post.. Haha i guess I will surely stick back to my oldself again very very soon or that won't sound like me.. I always love planning doing this and that but I never ever succeed in doing almost all the things that i already had in mind. In short never get things right

Oh yeah... anyone know what is the meaning of DON'T EAT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH? To me eating on empty stomach means eat when everyone is sleeping. for instance every one or two hours break each time then when you wake up in the morning you won't be having breakfast on an empty stomach. Is it logic? Lol.

I am getting a bit hungry now talking about eating so will be here again to update my next post soon... keep in touch ya and HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN EVERYBODY... MUSHI MUSHI 2008. I thank you God for today.. God Bless. daa daa....

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