Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Just had dinner and I am feeling quite bored so I just write how my mind speaks. How time flies, Chinese New Year will soon be over. It is already the sixth day and tomorrow is when most people goes to restaurant to have their dinner and eat "yee sang" as it is "yan yat" or humans' day according to my own translation.

An early birthday wish to everybody.. "HAPPY BIRTDAY EVERYBODY' . During Chinese New Year, when comes to the seventh day, a day where the Chinese celebrated it to remember birthdays, "Yan Yat".

Eating yee sang during the Chinese New Year is quite common nowadays. Years ago, we can only find yee sang and presented as a dish but nowadays yee sang is available even before the Chinese New Year and people start eating even during a family reunion dinner or any days of the 15 days of Chinese New Year. This whole word is part of Chinese culture. When the people eat this dish they also call it as "lou sang" means rise up or prosperity.

Some of the simple ways of making yee sang is that it must be very colourful. It consists of around 20 ingredients or so to make this dish. Coloured strips of green yam in red and green, shredded carrots, pickled papaya shredded radish and young ginger that has been dyed in red and green in colour. Crispy strips of fried stuff is also used and added, not to forget the chestnut, small bits of pomelo flesh (optional) and crackers. All the ingredients are then arranged separated from each other on a very big plate.

Thinly sliced raw fish are then put on a separate plate. Add in a little wine, some lime juice and sprinkle dash of five spice powder on the fish. After that transfer back the rearrange the fish strips that are thinly cut on top of the the rest of the stuff on the earlier on big plate. Remember to add in dash of pepper, sesame seed, grounded peanuts, oil and sweet sauce on top of the yee sang. Jelly fish can be used if one does not like to eat raw fish. Some may even add in abalone to it.

Finally gather everyone in the family or those who are having dinner together and toss the Yee Sang high up. Together everyone who are going to eat the yee sang will shout las loud as possible 'lou hei, lou hei' and the louder you say it the better it is, and you will get a better luck... but make sure the Yee Sang doesn't spill out from of the plate. If this happens then your luck will spill out too.

Everyone that is dining together must finish it up for prosperityand longevity during the lou sang. Though tomorrow is only "Yan Yat" i would like to wish everybody an early "Happy Birthday" for tomorrow seventh day of Chinese New Year.

you are invited to a dinner with us


what to eat for lunch again?

Took two black promfrets out from the freezer and I start start thinking what to cook for lunch. Wanted to cook curry but there is not a single tomato or assam jawa in the fridge. Wanted to fry sweet sour fish instead but that dish also need to put tomatoes. Finally I continue with my first idea of cooking fish curry. Just have to cook that dish without certain ingredients and I hope it turn out well.

Recipe for sixth day of CNY dishes are:-

black promfrets
big onions
shallots sliced
red chilli taken the seed out
fish curry powder
soya sauce
chilli boh
young ginger crushed

Hope with this ingredients that I have not tried before will make the curry turn out well

1. cut all the ingredients

2. the curry is about to cook and ready to be serve in a casserole

it turned out well and other ingredients can be used as substitutide if you can't find the actual ones

mince chicken meat
soya sauce
fried shallots

1. crack the egg in a bowl and mix with water

2. lightly beat the egg, with water and mince meat till you get a good mixture. Pour into a container and steam well under low heat for about 20 minutes

3. egg is ready and does it look like a "mini swimming pool" lol. Remember to sprinkle some fried onions and add in a little more soya sauce to the egg

Breakfast for him on sixth day of Chinese New Year

Mi-Sua soup without green vegetables as breakfast for him

This morning I cooked mi-sua soup for his breakfast before taking him to school at 6.45am. Then we went and have breakfast at Seri Mee San coffee shop located at Greentown. We ordered kon-lo bihun mix kuay teow and some fried tofu, fu pei, stuff fishmeat in brinjals and fishballs.

This coffee shop is one of the famous noodle shops in Ipoh and it is fully packed with people during the weekends and it is better to go there and have your breakfast early too even during the weekdays as if you go there after 8.30am do prepare yourself to wait for quite sometime before you can get your order ready or even a seat is difficult to get.

The next time you drop by Ipoh, do remember to have your breakfast at Mee Sun Coffee Shop, Greentown. It is one of my favourite place to have my morning meal there. Might be going there for another breakfast in few days time. Miss eating there eventhough I just came back from there. So you can imagine how delicious and yummy to have your breakfast there.

Edison Chen scandal with the female artistes...when will this put to an end?

I know not much and hear little of Edison Chen scandal with the Hong Kong female artistes. But as time passes by I am hearing and come to know more of the news. I hope there wll be a stop about all this and the news will fade off soon as the aritestes that are involved already had so much regarding it and are mentally hurt about this.

It all happened when a computer laptop was sent for repaired somewhere last year around eight months ago or so. It was said that it all started with the story of Edison Chen who was born in Vancouver, Canada and speaks fluent English compared to Chinese. He is one of the most popoular male artiste, an actor who had acted in a number of movies about seven years ago and he is also a singer who has released many albums. He took his laptop to be repaired and so the story of him continues with other female celebrities......

Edison Chen was one of the cast in Initial D the movie that was in cinema quite sometime back, a few years ago

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