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Dicey Business: Episode 22 of 35 - Tuesday June 3, 2008 over Astro Wah Lai Toi Channel 311 at 8.00pm to 9.00pm

Bobby asked Jessica's family for a loan as he wants to sneak back to Hong Kong. Although they told him it would be dangerous but they gather to help him out. However Jessica called her Granny and asked them not to give him a loan or she will never talk to them again.

Then they thought of an idea how to help Bobby out. Jessica's granny gave Bobby some money with an excuse ask him to buy nutritious food. But all of us know why she gave him the money.

Then the rest of the family helped Bobby by giving other reasons too. Bobby was touched by how they treated him and he told them how appreciate he is. They are indeed good neighbours.

In Philippines:

Michael reminds Bosco to stay calm no matter what happens later on.

The Top Two finalist going to compete each other in the "Finale" round.

Something happened and Bosco was late in turning up so he couldn't memorise the cards when it was being shuffled.

Time being Bobby was stopped by Jessica from entering the casino room. But Bobby locked her up in a store room instead.

Oh no.. is Bosco going to lose by the way he is playing? Bosco got very nervous throughout the game.

Michael confronts Bobby with an angry feeling when he sees him at the casino game room. He told Bobby that Bosco will not believe what Bobby going to say as he trusted Michael. If he wants to reveal that he is the brother he may do so after the game, said Michael to Bobby. Bobby had no choice but to follow Michael in and continue watching the game till the very end.

The game continues: Who will win?

Bosco won the game. Wow, unbelievable although he did not have the chance to memorise the cards in the beginning, finally he won too. A fair game.

An angry Ko Ming couldn't believe his ears upon hearing Bosco winning.

Ah Wing wished Bobby was around to witness Bosco's winning.

Without looking and realizing Bobby there, Bosco gave Michael a good hug and thank him for his success. (I really can't understand why Bosco did not see Bobby there)

Poor Jessica, Bobby let her out at last and shared the happiness with her of Bosco's (Ah Fu) winning. But Jessica said Bobby was like not really happy about it the way he describe of Bosco's winning. It was like a sadness in him. Jessica's guess was that Bosco did not regard him as a brother.

Bobby said he did not reveal to Bosco he is his brother yet. He was sad that as Bosco walked towards him just now, he did not greet him but instead went and gave Michael a hug. Bobby told Jessica that the first person his brother thank was Michael. But he did not blame him for that as Michael is Bosco's "Si Fu" (master). Bobby is happy enough seeing Bosco so happy and he didn't blame him for anything at all.

Bobby told Jessica: This is the happiest moment for Bosco and Bobby does not want to spoil the fun and mood in Bosco. He has always wanted Bosco to follow his steps but at this moment if he is selfish then he isn't a good elder brother. Bobby said he will wait Bosco at the hostel.

The celebration and award presentation to Bosco for being the champion. What a happy moment for Bosco.

As Bosco was having a good time, Bobby continue to wait for Bosco to return home to tell him about his relationship with Bosco. Will Bosco accept him as his brother?

While waiting for Bosco, Florence gave Bobby a call about her cancel shedule to Philippines was due to a big business involved lots of cash. But is she telling the truth or she really can help Bobby in a near future and she is actually rich as she claims to be?

Bobby told Jessica about Florence (Lam Siu Yan) called him.

Bobby told Jessica no matter what happens he is going to let Bosco know about the truth of his family

The following day Jessica arranged for an appointment for Bosco and Bobby. Bobby congratulate Bosco on his winning success.

Bobby said "Your Dad's name is Chai Tai-tung and your mom is Chu Sin-ching. Your name is Chai Fook-lok not Cheung Lai-fu, you are not an orphan. You have a dad,a mom and an elder brother."

Bosco: "What are you talking about?

Bobby: "The four of you lived in Mongkok before. Everyone loved you.But you were lost in an accident in Vegas. After that your parents kept on looking for you. They spent a lot of time and effort as well as money to hire a private detective to look for you. Finally they found out that you were kidnapped by someone in USA. Subsequently you were sold in China. At last brother Pau bought you and turned you into a beggar boy. I am sure you know very well what happened after that incident."

Bosco: "Who are you and why should I believe in what you have said?"

Bobby: "Do you remember I asked you before who gave you this pack of cards? Actually your elder brother made you this pack of cards when you were three years old. He even said it is tailor made for the younger brother of the King of Gambling."

Bobby: "The picture on it was you when you were three years old and I made you this pack of cards."

Bosco: "You.. you are ... you are my..

Bobby: "I know I can never make it up to you, I am sorry." "Actually I want to tell you the truth a long time ago but I didn't have the chance to do so. It's all my fault. If it was not due to my fault you wouldn't have suffered so much during your childhood. I am sorry.

Bobby: "Mom and dad missed you so much when they died. They have wanted so much to find you. So just blame me alone and don't be angry at that. I am telling you your family background. I am not expecting you to forgive me. I did not expect you to call me your elder brother. I just want you to remember your name is Chai Foon-lok. Remember!" "You are Chai Foon-lok, your name is Chai Foon-lok, remeber!"

I wonder if Bosco can take all this and believe what Bobby said. Even if Bosco believed can he forgive his brother just yet?

Bosco: "He's really my brother, he's my brother."

Another scene shows Michael wrote a cheque for Ko Ming to run away. Finally Ko Ming gave Michael the master copy of him cheating while at a gambling game once on the night he dated Jessica just before they were separated.

Michael: "You have watched so many movies,you should have known it is pay back time. You are too greedy. You have cheated Mr. Chan before and how can you do it again? I just used your tricks on you. The movie has come to it's ending now."

Ko Ming: "Kiu Ching-cho(Michael) I will kill you."

Bosco went forward and protected Michael and he was stabbed instead.

Ko Ming: No.. cut it out, let me go..

Michael is such a crook.

All the snakes and those pests were thrown onto Ko Ming. The cover of the wooden box was then closed, nailed and Ko Ming was buried alive. However later on he was thrown out of the car by someone and who can the person be? Michael? The police found heroin in Ko Ming's pocket. Huh. how evil can that be. Ko Ming was later arrested.

Meanwhile Bosco is in critical condition.

Ah Wing and Jessica visited Bobby who is in prison and told him about Bosco's critical condition. Jessica told him that Bosco's liver is wounded. Now he suffers from acute hepatic failure. He is in ICU and in critical condition.

To be continued...

(Thank you and credits to all sources for the episode of this series)

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