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The Host of So You Think You Can Dance Season 4: Cat Deelay

The Judges: Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe

The Top 20 dancers have already been announced and they will be performing on Wednesday, June 11 2008 at 8:00–10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX. Two of them will be eliminated on the first live results show on Thursday, June 12 2008 at 9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT.

On Wednesday, Jun 18, 2008 Top 18 dancers will perform at the same time on Fox and two more will be eliminated on June 19 2008. Who will have to pack their bags home and who will remain. Do not forget to watch So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 next week.

(Thank you and credits to: kelxk3l Channel for the video clips of The Top 20 of So You Think You Can Dance Season 4)

Top 20 contestants are:

1. Rayven Armijo (28) is a Contemporary/Ballet dancer from La Puente, CA.

2. Comfort Fedoke (20) is a Hip-Hop dancer raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Courtney Galiano (19) is a Contemporary dancer from Commack, NY.

4. Susie Garcia (25) is a Latin/Salsa dancer born in Miami, FL.

5. Chelsie Hightower (18) is a Latin dancer born in Las Vegas, NV, and raised in Orem, UT.

6. Jessica King (23) is a Contemporary dancer from Myrtle Beach, SC, where she was born and raised.

7. Kourtni Lind (18) is a Jazz/Contemporary dancer from Forest Lake, MN, currently living in Sherman Oaks, CA.

8. Kherington Payne (18) is a Contemporary/Jazz dancer from Placentia, CA.

9. Katee Shean (20) is a Contemporary dancer from San Jose, CA.

10. Chelsea Traille (23) is a Jazz Funk and Contemporary dancer born in Houston, TX, currently living in Flower Mound, TX.

11. Joshua Allen (19) is a Hip Hop/Popping dancer from Fort Worth, TX

12. Jamie Bayard (22) is a West Coast Swing dancer from Palm Springs, CA, currently living in Norwalk, CA.

13. Stephen “Twitch” Boss (25) is a Freestyle dancer from Montgomery, AL.

14. Marquis Cunningham (18) is a Lyrical/Contemporary dancer born in Cumberland, NC, and raised in Cape Coral, FL.

15. Matt Dorame (22) is a Contemporary dancer from Glendale, AZ.

16. Chris Jarosz (21) is a Lyrical/Contemporary dancer from Gaithersburg, MD, currently living in Dallas, TX.

17. Thayne Jasperson (27) is a Contemporary dancer who grew up in Springville, UT.

18. Mark Kanemura (24) is a Contemporary dancer born and raised in Honolulu, HI.

19. Gev Manoukian (21) is a Hip Hop/Break dancer originally from Kazakhstan and now living in Centerville, UT.

20. Will Wingfield (21) is a Contemporary dancer from Nashville, TN.

The Pussycat Dolls will also be performing their new hit single, "When I Grow Up" live on June 11, 2008 from So You Think You Can Dance stage. Who is your favourite contestants? Do not forget to tune in and watch So You Think You Can Dance, next Wednesday, June 11, 2008 at 8pm on FOX.

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Episode 27 of Dicey Business. The story continues... Will Cheung wins?

Cheung apologies for not doing well in the competition and he is much afraid not everytime the luck will be on him.

Fu continues to stand on Cho's side although news has been spreading around that Cho robbed the casino. He did not want to believe what is heard and told Cho that he will help him win the competition.

Cheung gave Ching-wan a good close hug at his home before the competition starts.

Fu said to himself he has to stay calm throughout the game. Finally Cheung won in the game this round and he is in the top 16.

A small celebration for his success to proceed to the next round.

Chan told Cho that Cheung is lucky to go through to the next round. Chan told Cho that Cheung won't make it after the next round. They are up to something again. Seems like Fu does not treat Cheung as his own brother. Cho told Fu that Cheung has improved a lot in his gambling game and said that 20 years ago he depends on luck but now after gaining experienced he plays a better game.

What is this? Did I hear wrongly? Fu asked Cho if anything can prevent him from his brother to win. What a character he has.

The boss of Onisac soon found out the truth about Cho involved in his casino's robbery. His boss is very disappointed with what Cho has done.

Cho's boss said if he could he would have chosen to believe in Cho but from the evidence and proof he no longer trust Cho any longer. His boss told him that throughout Cho's service he has given the best to Onisac and also the worst. Ronald told Cho that they are no longer interested in the Macau casino partnership with him and Chan. He was asked to leave.

This is the beginning of Michael losing up. Before this incident earlier on, he has lost one round of game during the competition.

An angry Chan after he found out Onisac has cancelled to partnership with him.

Fu and Ah Wing was also asked to leave and Chan said he does not want to see them again too.

Cho told Fu that he has to win the next day competition. His only hope is to win in the competition and said if he ever loses then it will cause him have nothing and he will lose up everything.

Back in the hotel, Fu recalls what Cho told him and he plans to help him out.

Ah Wing wants Cho tells him whether he really did involve in the casino robbery. He needs Cho to tell him himself but instead, Cho said he has to go in for the competition already.

Cho receives a call from Fu saying that Cho will win as he is going to help him with a plan.

The game begins. Looks like the game is on Cheung's side at the moment. But oops.. there is an emergency call for both Cho and Cheung.

The call is from Mei saying that Fu has complicated with his health and has been admitted to the emergency room at the hospital. When Cheung hears about it he wanted to rush to the hospital as nothing is more important than his brother, Fu. Will he give up on the game and see Fu?

Cheung went back to the competition room but can he concentrate the game when his mind is worrying about Fu. During the game, Cheung realized Cho cheated. He changed card. Oops it was just a trick from Cho. Cho did not cheat. Cheung loses in this round. In the final game with Cho and Cheung, the japanese lady helped Cheung to win.

I am so happy Cheung wins. Thanks to the good hearted japanese lady. I guess she helped Cheung cos she does not want to face Cho in the next round.

Cho lost the game.

At the hospital, Mei said Fu skip eating the medicine after the operation. Fu gave an excuse said the medicine he left it in Philippines. Due to helping Cho he is willing to suffer and be hospitalised and risk his life. He asked who won the game?

Although Fu congratulate his brother for winning and will be in the Finale round, deep inside him, he is disappointed that his master, Cho lost.

Ching-wan went back to the hotel where Fu stays to pack his clothings to the hospital and found out that Fu lied saying he forgot to take his medicine back to Hong Kong from Philippines.

Ching-wan asked Cho why is he not anxious about Fu in hospital. Ching-wan asked if Cho already know the whole situation about Fu in hospital. She asked if Cho was the one who told Fu not to eat the medicine on time, but Cho said no he did not asked him to do that. He said Fu did not want Cheung to win the competition. She asked Cho is it winning is that important to him until he uses this way? He said everybody can say whatever they want but Ching-wan has no right to say that. Ching-wan asked Cho to explain why she can't but Cho walked away and left the hotel.

Ching-wan showed Cheung the medicine. Cheung finally knows why Ah Fu did not eat the medicine on time. Cheung wonders why Fu willing to sacrifice for the sake of helping Cho. He is willing to risk his life for him. Cheung still wonders why and what makes him do that.

Cho calls Fu at the hospital. Mei answered the call and said Fu is okay. Cho asked Mei to take care of Fu for him. He asked Mei to inform Fu he will visit him later.

The "Finale" of the game begins.

episode 27 of 35 ends here. To be continued.. will Cheung wins?

(Thank you and credits to the source of this episode of the series)

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