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where to eat for dinner on Valentine's Day

Just had dinner half hour ago. My freinds were asking me where will I be having dinner? Can't think of anywhere actually so I just cooked for dinner. One of the dishes that we had was sweet sour chicken.



debone chicken drumsticks
big onions
cornflour to coat the debone chicken before frying
red chilli
sliced young ginger
tomato ketchup
dash of pepper
soya sauce
cucumber (optional)

- coat the debone chicken with cornflour
- deep fry the coated chicken
- wash the wok
- put a tablespoon of oil in the wok
- fry the sliced ginger, quartered big onions, tomatoes, cucumber(optional)
- add in the mixture of tomato and chillie sauce, soya sauce and dash of pepper
- pour in again the deep fried chicken into the wok and stirfry together till fragrant and cooked
- serve on a plate and eat while hot with rice

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it was announced - 8th of March is the 12th Malaysian general election day

As I was preparing the ingredients to cook lunch earlier this morning, I heard from the news that the date for the 12th Malaysian general election day is set on 8th March 2008 and 24th Feb 2008 will be the nomination day.

All this while I thought I would not make it to vote as I have to travel very frequently and I may not be around to vote. However I came to know the election date is going to be 8th of March so let's go and vote together on that day. Undilah kita semua....

I also read about the Malaysian election day is the same day with Nuffnang 1st Anniversary Pajamas party but it will be postpone to 15th March 2008 ... the party time is from 6.30pm to 11pm. Venue is at Borneo Baruk Club, Kuala Lumpur. Dress Code: Anything that you wear to bed.

Three simple dishes for my valentine's day lunch

My Valentine's Day lunch

a wok of black pepper chicken. Can't find a suitable plate to pour on

the soup is still on the stove boiling. How long will it take to boil this pot of ginger chicken soup? 2 hours? 3 hours? All it takes is just 2 and half hours

befor the spinach is cooked it looks a lot but after that when I was about to serve on a plate, I think it is a bit too little. Why did it shrink?

Let's have lunch together.

The 8th day of CNY - HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY and 9th Day of Chinese New Year Festival - The Birthday of Jade Emperor

As many people all over the world celebrate "Valentine's Day" today, almost all the private companies have already started working like any other normal days today. But some people take long days off until after the eighth day or known as The Completion Day and so coincidence today is also in conjunction with valentine's day.

People return back from their holiday vacation and go back to work as usual. Most of the cakes, cookies and mandarin oranges, etc will soon be finished by today.

The eight day of the first lunar month is also the birthday of Yen- Lo Wong in cantonese. Yen-Lo Wong was to be in charge of the first palace of the hell. He sent the death people who died of injustice back to the human world to have a chance to clear up the false charge many times. Then he was demoted to the fifth palace of the hell.

According to the Taoism the 9th day of Chinese New Year is an imporatant day for them. It is a traditional that they celebrate this day. It is the birthday of Tin Gong in cantonese and in English they called it the birthday of Jade Emperor.

It is said that the Jade Emperor lives and governs in the 33rd heaven. This means that he will be the king of heavens. Jade Emperor is a vetarian and to celebrate his birthday, the Chinese prepare three bundles of long noodles, three cups filled with tea, five different kindsof fruit and six different kinds of dry vegetables to worship the Jade Emperor.

Different types of sweet cakes and turtle cake or "mi ku" in hokkein. They prepare the turtle cake as it is believed of a symbol of longevity. Other than that they also prepare five animal sacrifices but nowadays some people will celebrate this day in a more simple way so they do not really prepare the amount of animals so accurately and most people have at least roast pork as offerings. All this food are placed on a different table for the Jade Emperor's guardian soldiers.

So as to show the sincerity before praying to the Jade Emperor, the taoism will take bath on the eight night of Chinese New Year and after they make sure their body is clean, they wait wait for the ceremony to begin at 12 midnight. When the clock struck 12midnight the ceremony will begin. After the ceremony, they will burn the firecrackers. No wonder we can hear the scattered loud sound of fire crackers from midnight onwards.

You will be able to see that some of the temples will be crowded with people since the 8th night of Chinese New Year because they are unable to hod the worship ceremony for this festival event at their house. At the same time, the Chinese will also pray for good luck, prosperity, good health, love, wealth and safety during their visitation to the temple.


french toast as the beginning to celebrate VALENTINE'S DAY

Breakfast for him before he goes to school and not to forget for her before she goes for her driving lesson afterwards

For God so loV ed the world,
That He gA ve
his onL y
BegottE n
T hat whosoever
Believeth I n Him
Should N ot perish,
But have Everlasting life."
John 3:16

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