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(Terima kasih dan kredit diberikan kepada sarahdin Channel yang telah meluangkan masanya design dua poster "SINETRON INTAN" ini untuk shinystar)

Sambungan seterusnya kisah sinetron Intan yang bersiaran di Astro Prima pada 9 April 2009 jam 11.00 malam dan siaran ulangannya pada hari keesokannya pada jam 4.00 petang - Episode terkini: Sinopsis Intan terkini: Episode 211

Biodata/Profile Dude Harlino: (Terima kasih dan kredit diberikan kepada sarah untuk poster Dude Harlino)

Nama Lahir: Dude Harlino (Nama Dude adalah singkatan dari "Dua Desember" yaitu tanggal kelahirannya - tanggal kelahirannya)

Tarikh Lahir: 2 Desember 1980 (umur 28)
Tempat Lahir: Indonesia, Jakarta
Tahun aktif: sejak 1999 - sekarang

Biodata/Profile pelakon-pelakon (pemain) sinetron Intan

* Naysila Mirdad sebagai Intan
* Dude Harlino sebagai Rado
* Glenn Alinskie sebagai Ello
* Ingka Noverita sebagai Lila
* Meriam Bellina sebagai Nadine
* Anwar Fuady sebagai Arman
* Mathias Muchus sebagai Ardi
* Ninok Wiryono sebagai Kasih
* Nani Widjaya sebagai Lastri
* Umar Lubis sebagai Dr. Frans
* Rico Tampatty sebagai Fajar
* Indah Indriana sebagai Rena
* Rama Michael sebagai Romi
* Manfreed sebagai Jemmy
* Nunu Datau sebagai Wina
* Salma Paramitha sebagai Bintang
* Alyssa Tardipa sebagai Tiara
* Kevin Julio sebagai Kevin
* Virgo Brody sebagai Mico
* Ricardo Senzienz sebagai Bobby
*Rio Reifan sebagai Dewa

Sambungan kisah sinetron Intan Episode 211

Gambar-gambar dari petikan Intan Episode 211

Rado membaca surat daripada Intan. Rado sedih dan berlinangan airmata setelah membaca surat tersebut. Intan menyewa sebuah rumah bersama Bintang. Apabila Rado sampai di rumah Nadine, Nadine ingatkan Rado ingin memintanya menjaga Bintang. Nadine terkejut setelah membaca surat dari Intan. Nadine yakin Intan pasti dalam keadaan baik kerana selama ini dia tabah menghadapi sebarang cabaran. Terus menonton episode ini bersama shinystar untuk mengetahui kesudahan Episode 211 sambungan sinetron Intan.

Sambungan kisah sinetron Intan Episode 211 Part 1

Sambungan kisah sinetron Intan Episode 211 Part 2

Sambungan kisah sinetron Intan Episode 211 Part 3

Sambungan kisah sinetron Intan Episode 211 Part 4

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American Idol judges for The 8th Season of American Idol are Kara DioGuardi, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest is the host.

Top 8 American Idol Season 8 Results on April 8, 2009:

Group Song: Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Danny Gokey is safe

Matt Giraud is safe

Scott MacIntyre is in the Bottom 3

Allison Iraheta is safe

Lil Rounds is in the Bottom 3

Kellie Pickler performs

Lil Rounds is safe

Anoop Desai is safe

Scott MacIntyre is going home: He has been eliminated during Top 8 American Idol Season 8 results show on April 8, 2009, Wednesday

Top 8 Finalists are back on the stage - American Idol Season 8 on April 7, 2009:

Anoop Desai - True Colors
Danny Gokey - Stand By Me
Allison Iraheta - I Can’t Make You Love Me
Scott MacIntyre - The Search is Over
Matt Giraud - Part-Time Lover
Lil Rounds - What’s Love Got to Do with It
Adam Lambert - Mad World
Kris Allen - All She Wants To Do Is Dance

1. Matt Giraud sings Part-Time Lover

2. Scott MacIntyre sings The Search is Over

3. Allison Iraheta sings I Can’t Make You Love Me

4. Danny Gokey sings Stand By Me

5. Anoop Desai sings True Colors

6. Adam Lambert sings Play Mad World

7. Lil Rounds sings What’s Love Got to Do with It

8. Kris Allen sings All She Wants To Do Is Dance

Top 8 American Idol Season 8 Profile/Biodata:

1. Danny Gokey, 28 (born April 24, 1980) from Milwaukee, Wisconsin – a praise and worship music director who auditioned in Kansas City, Missouri along with best friend Jamar Rogers. Both made it to the Hollywood rounds, but Rogers was eliminated at week's end. Four weeks before the audition, Gokey's wife, Sophia, diagnosed with a congenital heart disease, passed away. His wife had motivated him to try out before she died.

2. Kris Allen - (born June 21, 1985) is a 23-year-old from Conway, Arkansas, auditioned in Louisville, Kentucky. He's best known for his group performance of "I Want You Back" by The Jackson 5 during Hollywood week.

3. Allison Iraheta - (born April 27, 1992) is a 16-year-old from Los Angeles, California, who auditioned in San Francisco, California. In 2006, she won $50,000 and a recording contract after competing in a Telemundo reality show, Quinceanera.

4. Adam Lambert - (born January 29, 1982) is a 27-year-old stage actor from Los Angeles, California, auditioned in San Francisco, California. Before auditioning for American Idol, he was in the touring cast of Wicked. His version of "Some Kind of Wonderful" and "Believe" made him a judge favorite.

5. Scott MacIntyre - 23 (born June 22, 1985) from Scottsdale, Arizona – a pianist who auditioned in Phoenix, Arizona who is almost blind. MacIntyre plays several instruments including the piano. Classically trained, he has been internationally profiled on various TV affiliates such as CNN, national and local news, radio, and print media as pianist, vocalist, and songwriter.

6. Lil Rounds - 24 (born November 14, 1984) from Memphis, Tennessee – auditioned in Kansas City, Missouri. Her house in Memphis was previously destroyed by a tornado on February 5, 2008.

7. Anoop Desai - 22 (born December 20, 1986) from Chapel Hill, North Carolina – a college student who auditioned in Kansas City, Missouri. He impressed the judges when he auditioned in Kansas City. While at school he was one of the lead singers of the UNC Clef Hangers, a vocal group that covered multiple genres of music. He was the 4th-highest vote getter of group 1, getting only 20,000 less than Michael Sarver.

8. Matt Giraud - 23 (born May 11, 1985) from Kalamazoo, Michigan – a dueling pianist who auditioned in Louisville, Kentucky. For his audition he sang "I Don't Want to Be" by Gavin Degraw. His group version of "I Want You Back" and "Georgia on My Mind" made him a judge favorite.




March 10 - Tuesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST
March 11 - Wednesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST - Results

March 17 - Tuesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST
March 18 - Wednesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST - Results

March 24 - Tuesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST
March 25 - Wednesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST - Results

March 31 - Tuesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST
April 1 - Wednesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST - Results

April 7 - Tuesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST
April 8 - Wednesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST - Results

April 21 - Tuesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST
April 22 - Wednesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST - Results

April 28 - Tuesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST
April 29 - Wednesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST - Results


May 5, 2009 - Tuesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST
May 6, 2009 - Wednesday, 8:00 EST, 7:00 CST - Results

There’s no “Idol Gives Back” episode this year in 2009.

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December 13, 2009

Miss World 2009, the 59th Miss World pageant was held on December 12, 2009 at the Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa where Ksenia Sukhinova of Russia crowned her successor, Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino at the end of this event.

Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino has won the coveted crown as Miss World 2009, triumphing out of 112 beautiful and talented young women in the 59th Miss World Final from Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, City of Gold.

As the final duty in her reign, Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova removed the bejeweled crown to place it on the head of her successor as the new Miss World 2009. Taking up her deserved position on the throne, Miss World 2009 was joined by first runner-up Mexico and second runner-up South Africa

Lost for words amid all the excitement and emotion of the event, Gibraltar distilled her tear-filled feelings into a few poignant words: “My time has come. I am living a dream that I pray will never end.”

India was also announced as the winner of the Miss World Beauty With A Purpose Award for her inspirational charity works.

The glittering two-hour spectacular showcased the beauty and talent of 112 of the World’s most incredible young women, who have spent one month enjoying the wonders of South Africa.

Presenters of the show were China’s leading TV presenter Angela Chow, South African TV host Michelle McLean, and Miss World Event Director Steve Douglas. They were joined on stage by very a special guest from India, former Miss World and Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra.

Entertainment came from South African talent was represented by international stage sensation Umoja. Miss World’s own talent was showcased with jaw-dropping performances by Talent Final winners Canada and Sierra Leone, Korea and Norway. The show was screened around the globe, with many countries taking it live to a massive TV audience.

The Mayor of Johannesburg was also in attendance to see the new Miss World crowned and to receive the thanks of the contestants for helping make their stay in the City of Gold such a memorable one. The Miss World flag was handed over to Vietnam, hosts of Miss World 2010.

Official judges at the Miss World 2009 Final were:

-Julia Morley, Miss World Limited Chairman and Chairman of the Judges
-Priyanka Chopra, Miss World 2000 and Bollywood superstar
-Zhang Zi Lin, Miss World 2007. The international face of L’Oreal
-Mike Dixon, West End and Broadway award-winner musical director
-JJ Schoeman, Leading South African designer
-Lindiwe Mahlangu-Kwele, CEO Johannesburg Tourism Company
-Graham Cooke, MD World Travel Group
-Warren Batchelor, Executive Producer, Miss World 2009

After the Final, the contestants attended the Coronation Gala, where they dined with family and new friends from around the world.


Miss World 2009: Gibraltar
1st Runner-Up: Mexico
2nd Runner-Up: South Africa
3rd Runner-Up: France
4th Runner-Up: Canada
5th Runner-Up: Panama
6th Runner-Up: Colombia

The Top 7

-South Africa

The Official Top 16

-Japan (Sports Winner)
-Canada (Talent Winner)
-Sierra Leone (Talent Winner)
-Mexico (Top Model Winner)
-Gibraltar (Beach Beauty Winner)
-India (Beauty with a Purpose Winner)
-South Africa

Semi Finalists:
Brazil, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Martinique, Poland, Vietnam

Continental Queens of Beauty

Queen of Europe: Gibraltar
Queen of Americas: Mexico
Queen of Africa: South Africa
Queen of Asia/Oceania: Korea
Queen of Caribbean: Barbados

Do click here to view more pictures of Miss World 2009 held on December 12, 2009

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News on December 13,2009

Miss World 2009 - Kaiane Aldorino Profile/Biodata

Name: Kaiane Aldorino
Date of Birth: July 8, 1986 (1986-07-08) (age 23)
Place of Birth: Gibraltar
Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 8+1⁄2 in)
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Title: Miss Gibraltar 2009
Miss World 2009
Miss World Europe
Miss World Beach Beauty 2009


Miss Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino, is crowned Miss World 2009 at the finals pageant in Johannesburg. (Photo: EPA)

Miss Aldorino, 22, said she "had no words" to describe her feelings following her win at a glitzy awards ceremony in Johannesburg, South Africa. However she did manage to say she was "really happy".

Miss England, otherwise known as Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, 22, a soldier in the Royal Anglian Regiment, failed to make it through in the sports heat after spraining her ankle during training.

"I'm sad to say none of us UK girls made it through to the final round, but I never expected to even be here," she said.

"There are a few tears here backstage and some of the girls are not talking to anyone."

L/Cpl Hodge was drafted in to compete in the contest last month after the original Miss England winner Rachel Christie relinquished her title following her arrest over an alleged nightclub brawl.

But the soldier was magnanimous in defeat, praising Miss Aldorino.

She said: "I was so proud to represent England in Miss World in front of two billion viewers; I'm chuffed to bits for Miss Gibraltar, the winner.

"She is a real natural beauty who wasn't expecting to win at all."

She added: "I've enjoyed every minute of it and looking forward to my six months' reign as Miss England when I get back, as I want to use my title to promote the British Army. Well done Gibraltar!"

Also taking part in the finals in Johannesburg were Miss Scotland - Katharine Brown, Miss Wales - Lucy Whitehouse, and Miss Ireland - Laura Patterson.

L/Cpl Hodge, who was first runner-up in the 2009 national contest, was promoted after Miss Christie, 21, stepped down as she wanted to concentrate on clearing her name, the Miss England organisers said.

She was given five weeks' leave from her duties to represent England in South Africa.

Since arriving in Johannesburg she reached the last 20 in the Miss World talent round in the run-up to the final but then suffered the injury.

She explained: "I was so disappointed not to make the final in the sports round as it involved an assault course - I saw that round as my best chance, being a soldier."

After being named Miss England, L/Cpl Hodge told how she hoped her role as an all-action beauty queen would be positive for young people who only saw digitally enhanced models in the media.

She has already served in Iraq but said she was hoping to join comrades on the frontline in Afghanistan after stepping down as Miss England in July next year.

The soldier, whose parents live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, added: "We are taught in training that we are first and foremost a soldier.

"When I am a soldier I have my hair scraped back and no make-up."

She was given an award by her unit in the Royal Anglian Regiment for her actions during a posting in Basra and has earned the nickname "Combat Barbie" L/Cpl Hodge.

First runner-up was Miss Mexico, Perla Beltran Acosta, while Miss South Africa, Tatum Keshwar, was the second runner-up.
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Video clips of The New Miss World 2009 - Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino


Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino - the new Miss World 2009


Johannesburg, Dec 12, 2009 (THAINDIAN NEWS) History was created today in Johannesburg, when for the first time ever in the 59 years of the pageant’s history the Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino was crowned the Miss World 2009. The 59th Miss World 2009 had a total of 112 contestants competing for the crown.

The winner Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino looked very pretty in a regal gown that showed off her beautiful body. The brown-eyed Kaiane Aldorino is just 22 years old and her star sign is Cancer. She is fluent in Spanish and English. She is an out-going person who enjoys traveling with her friends and family. She was also crowned as the Miss World Beach Beauty.

During her reign as the Miss World 2009, Kaiane Aldorino will be busy for the next one year traveling and doing social work in different countries. She will also crown the winner of the Miss World 2010 pageant, which is supposed to take place in Vietnam.

The first runner up of the Miss World 2009 is the Mexican beauty Perla Judith Beltrán Acosta. She was born on September 30, 1986. She was born in Culiacan. Her mother is the reason that she started taking part in beauty pageants. Perla Beltrán won the Miss World Top Model fast track event and award. She also got the title of Miss World Americas.

The second runner up of the pageant was none other than the local beauty queen of South Africa Tatum Keshwar. She was born on December 14, 1983 in Durban, South Africa. By profession she is a model, and has her roots in the ethnicities of Black African, White and Indian groups. She studied at the Mowat Park Girls High. Tatum has got a Psychology Degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Her hobbies are to do yoga, model, reading and working out in the gym.


Source: (Thank you and credits to for the pictures)

Miss World 2009, the 59th Miss World pageant, was held on December 12, 2009 at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. 112 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown, marking the biggest turnout in the pageant's history. Miss World 2008, Ksenia Sukhinova of Russia, crowned her successor, Kaiane Aldorino of Gibraltar, at the end of the event.

Miss Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino has won the Miss World crown for 2009, defeating 111 other hopefuls at a glittering ceremony in South Africa.

"Thank you South Africa, this is the most wonderful moment of my life," said a tearful Aldorino, a 22-year-old human resources clerk.

Confetti rained down on the stage as the beauty from the tiny British territory of fewer than 30,000 people accepted the crown in Midrand, north of Johannesburg, on Saturday.

Mexico's Perla Beltran came second, with South African entry Tatum Keshwar taking third place.

African drums, gumboot dancers, choirs and a local pop band performed during the pageant, which was broadcast to an estimated one billion viewers around the world.

"The build up to this event has been phenomenal, the girls have had a time of their lives in South Africa," said Chinese television presenter Angela Chow, who hosted the show.

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Among the disappointed contestants was Miss England, a soldier dubbed "Combat Barbie" by the British media.

Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge, a 22-year-old who has served in Iraq, was granted leave from the military for the one-month tour of South Africa, where before the live broadcast the contestants competed in sports, a talent showcase, and of course the swimsuit competition.

Also losing out was Miss Indonesia, Kerenina Sunny Halim, who was the subject of a last-minute legal battle with a South African weekly that reported on her public comments about her ties to an American religious cult.

According to a report by the weekly Mail and Guardian, Halim belongs to The Family International, which has been mired in child and sexual abuse allegations by former members.

The 23-year-old Halim told the Jakarta Globe she's a member of the church, for which she did humanitarian work after the Asian tsunami in 2004, the Mail and Guardian said.

Organisers lost a court battle to quash the story early on Saturday.

"This was a blatant attempt by Miss World Ltd to intimidate us by threatening damages running into hundreds of millions of pounds sterling," said Mail and Guardian editor Nic Dawes.

"I have offered the pageant organisers right of reply in our newspaper and on our website, which they have yet to take up," said Dawes.

But organisers didn't let the incident affect the glittering ceremony, where reigning Miss World Ksenia Sukhinova, 22, from Russia handed over the crown.

Organisers say the title pays recognition to beauty queens who have made a difference in people's lives through charitable works in their home countries.

"Charity work is integral to the Miss World ethos and part of the brief to contenders in each country is that they volunteer their time or fundraise for charity," said pageant owner Julia Morley.

In 1951, Sweden's Kiki Hakansson became the first Miss World; then-unknown Halle Berry represented America in 1986 and became a runner-up before going on to become an Oscar-winning actress.

Venezuela and India have produced the most Miss Worlds, with five title holders each.


Continental Queens of Beauty

* Beauty Queen of Africa: Tatum Keshwar (South Africa)
* Beauty Queen of Americas: Perla Beltrán (Mexico)
* Beauty Queen of Asia & Oceania: Trần Thị Hương Giang (Vietnam)
* Beauty Queen of Caribbean: Ingrid Littré (Martinique)
* Beauty Queen of Europe: Kaiane Aldorino (Gibraltar)

Fast Track


The Miss World Sports took place at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, South Africa on November 18, 2009

* Winner: Japan
* 1st runner-up: Jamaica
* 2nd runner-up: Hungary
* Top 6 finalists: India, Latvia, Venezuela
* Top 12 semifinalists: Australia, Gibraltar, Puerto Rico, Sierra Leone, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay


The Miss World Talent took place at Victoria Theatre, Johannesburg, South Africa at on November 22, 2009.

* Winners (tied): Canada, Sierra Leone
* 1st runner-up: Korea
* 2nd runner-up: Norway
* 3rd runner-up: Australia
* Top 22 finalists: Albania, Bahamas, Barbados, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Gibraltar, Guyana, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mauritius, Serbia, Spain, Suriname, Thailand, Zimbabwe

Beach Beauty

The Miss World Beach Beauty took place at Valley of the Pools, Zimbali Resort, Kwazulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa on November 25, 2009.

* Winner: Gibraltar
* 1st runner-up: Panama
* 2nd runner-up: Scotland
* 3rd runner-up: France
* 4th runner-up: Bolivia
* Top 12 finalists: Barbados, Indonesia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Vietnam, Zimbabwe
* Top 20 semifinalists: Croatia, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Korea, Namibia, United States, Uruguay

Top Model

The Miss World Top Model took place at Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, South Africa on November 28, 2009. The event held together with the Miss World Dress Designer Final.[14]

* Winner: Mexico
* 1st runner-up: Vietnam
* 2nd runner-up: Martinique
* Top 12 finalists: Barbados, France, Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, Panama, Scotland, South Africa, Turkey

Beauty with a Purpose

* Winner: India
* Finalists: Barbados, Guatemala

Special Award
Best World Dress Designer

The Miss World Dress Designer took place at Turbine Hall, Johannesburg, South Africa on November 28, 2009. The event held together with the Top Model Final.

* Winner: Sierra Leone
* 1st runner-up: South Africa
* 2nd runner-up: Jamaica
* Top 12 finalists: Barbados, China PR, France, Italy, Korea, Moldova, Panama, Puerto Rico, Turkey

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Photo: Fábio Nunes: Vivian Noronha Cia (2008's 1st runner-up), Tamara Almeida (Miss World Brazil 2008), and Anelize Garcia (2008's 2nd runner-up)
Courtesy of Miss World Brazil Organization

Angra dos Reis, BRAZIL - The fabulous Novo Frade Hotel, in Angra dos Reis, will host the 2009 Miss World Brazil pageant. Over 40 beauties representing Brazilian states and islands, will compete for the crown and the right to represent Brazil in Miss World 2009, in South Africa.

Located in one of the most beautiful and charming spots on the Brazilian coast, the resort offers a variety of outdoor activities, an amazing beauty spa, and all the comfort a top-of-the-line hotel can offer to its guests.

Starting on June 28, forty of the most beautiful women in Brazil will be competing in a variety of preliminary events, including sports and modeling competitions, and the Beach Beauty contest, which will take place on the shores of the hotel's exclusive and spectacular beach.

The winner will be crowned on July 4 on a nationwide televised event. She will be crowned by Tamara Almeida, Miss World Brazil 2008, and will then get ready to compete in Miss World 2009. The new Brazilian titleholder will also serve as an ambassador for the NGO Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon, promoting environment protection in Brazil and abroad.

Among the many prizes Miss Brazil 2009 will receive, is a full scholarship from one of Brazil's most reputable private universities: Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz, in São Paulo. The prize, which will assure the winner a career, is worth up to R$ 120.000,00.

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