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“Tonight is the most unforgettable night of my life,” the newly crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2008, Nguyen Thuy Lam said.

Nguyen Thuy Trang, was crowned as Miss Universe Vietnam 2008 on May 31, 2008 at Nha Trang's City, Vinpearl Land Resort. Other than being the winner of Miss Vietnam Universe she also won three other titles including Miss Talent Title, Miss Vote and Miss Best Interview beating 17 other contestants.

The new Miss Universe Vietnam for this year is a popular singer and actress who has won the hearts of many people. On the grand "Finale" she was contested in three rounds, including Ao dai, swimsuit and evening gown, for the splendid crown.

After she was crowned Miss Vietnam 2008, Nguyen Thuy Trang won US$12,000 and VND210mil and she will be one of the contestants for Miss Universe 2008 pageant to be held in Nha Trang next month, July 2008.

1st runner-up was Vo Hoang Yen. she won prizes worth VND180mil, and 2nd runner- up was Duong Truong Thien Ly who won prizes worth VND125mil. Besides that she also won Miss Photo title. Both the runner-ups are from HCM City.

Tran Diem Trinh is Miss Sea Tourism while Duong Thuy Linh is Miss Friendly.

11 competitors in the Talent Competition:
Vo Hoang Yen sang a song entitled “When dream comes”
Vu Nguyen Ha Anh sang “Hero” and a folk song
Duong Thuy Linh sang “Top of the world” and the Vietnamese anthem
Doan Thi Nhu Trang sang “The far-away tango”Nguyen Thuy Lam sang “Wild dance”
Duong Truong Thien Ly sang an extract from the opera “Nature Boy”
Dinh Thi Minh Phuong performed an extract from a drama entitled “Dream”
Bui Thi Phuong Thanh performed an extract from a drama entitled “Don’t Leave”
Vu Thi Xuan Ha performed a folk dance
Nguyen Thi Hong Chau performed a peacock dance
Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich read a poem

Questions and answered during Miss Universe Vietnam on May 31, 2008. How the contestants answered:

1. What did you do on Mother’s Day?

Nguyen Thuy Lam: On Mother’s Day, I gave my mom a bouquet of flowers.

My present that day was little compared to the great love I have for my mother.

As a daughter, I always think I should show my love as well as take care of her everyday of my life.

Tonight as I stand on the stage of the Miss Universe Vietnam’s grand finale, this is also a meaningful gift I would love to give to my mother.

She has always wished me success in my life and career.

2. The pageant gave you a chance to visit the Nha Trang SOS Children’s Village for orphans and abandoned children. How did you feel after the visit?

Thien Ly: I was happy to see that the disadvantaged children at the SOS village are taken care of very well and are able to attend school.

However, I was also deeply moved witnessing them live without the love of their parents.

In the future I want to help poor children so that they can live a better life.

3. What is best about your personality?

Hoang Yen: I am always willing to receive advice and comments from others, especially from the audience, to help me improve myself.

I think I am an honest and helpful citizen, who is dutiful and always takes care of my parents.

4. Do you think taking meals with one’s family is important in everyday life?

Bui Thi Phuong Thanh: I think family meals are very important.

Meals are the times in the day when all members of my family gather to talk about the day.

Thanks to the family meal, I know how hard my father tries to support the family and how my mother prepares meals to take care of her beloved family.

It helps us understand each other much better while sharing both our happiness and sadness.

5. Besides your mother, whom do you respect most?

Duong Thuy Linh: My parents are the greatest examples in my life since they are determined to live positively.

Therefore, besides my mom, my dad is the one I respect most.

He is the most powerful, whole-hearted and intelligent man that I have ever met.

He teaches me how to strive for success.

Thanks to his advice and love, I have become a self-motivated person.

(Thank you and credits to: for the information - How the Contestants Answered the 5 questions)

Miss Universe Vietnam Beauty Pageant 2008 was organised by HCM City Television, the Hoan Vu and Cat Tien Sa companies and the sponsors were Calvin Klein Jeans and Laneige.

(Thank you and credits to: OnlyU001 Channel for the video clips of Miss Universe Vietnam 2008 - Hoa hậu Hoàn vũ Việt Nam 2008 )

Miss Universe Vietnam 2008 profile:

Name: Nguyen Thuy Trang
Other names: Thuy Lam
Profession: singer, actress
Height: 170cm
Title: Miss Universe Vietnam 2008, Miss Talent, Miss Vote, Miss Best Interview

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Ching-wan meets Cho again when he was taking his mother for a walk at the hospital.

Cheung saw Ching-wan took a ride home in Cho's car. Cheung and Wan talking about what Cheung bought.

Ching-wan told Cheung Cho took her back. She told him she met him at the olf folks home. Wan noticed from Cheung's expression, he was a bit jealous but he told her he was not and he trusted her since she is his girlfriend.

I thought Cho wouldn't see them together but instead he just watched them for far and I guess he still have feelings for her from the expression of his face.

Cho, Fu and Chan at the golf course. Cho asked Chan where his girlfriend is. Chan told Cho that he met a girl at the casino and gave her a branded handbag.

Chan further mentioned that the girl already accepted his invitation to go out with him and will be coming to see them at the golf course. He asked if both of them mind. Fu shakes his head and Cho said no he wouldn't mind as he did not bother about the casino relationship among the staff there.

Fu was indeed surprised and felt upset seeing the girl was Mei but he didn't show it to her.

Mei took a long the handbag Chan gave her. She said he gave it as a present to her so she must take it along.

Cho realized Fu is not feeling really good about the whole situtation.

At Japanese Restaurant. Wondering what Chan whisper to Mei.

Mei told Fu that Mr. Chan got other plans with her after dinner. Instead, Fu replied her that he thought she already knew this was going to happen. Mei asked her not to look down on her and said she is cheap. She asked Fu to help her out.

Fu: We are going off now as we already have Karoke singging appointment.
Chan: You leave first as Mimi is not going off yet.
(Cho helped them out by asking Chan to accompany him) Chan: Fu you please help to take Mimi back for me?
Fu: No problem. Okay! So we go now. Bye.

Cho asked Mei to report to him whatever Fu does daily. Why did Cho asked Mei to do that for? I am starting to wonder. Naive Mei thought Cho is just being caring for Fu. She agreed to report to Cho whatever Fu has been doing daily and said that she won't let Fu finds out about it. Isn't she being silly? In return Cho paid Mei money. Guess what, Mei is just being greedy and she accepted the money.

Another scene, shows Fu bought some stuff for Mei's family and they are really happy about it. Mei asked Fu to further on their relationship other than just being friends. Fu thought Mei going to tell him she wants to be his girlfriend, instead she said she wanted to be his manager. What a joke. This surprised Fu.

Fu started to reports his daily routine to Mei the following day.

Mei insisted Fu tells her further what is on his mind other than his routine. He denied. But Mei said she knows he has been lying. She forces him to say it out and in the end Fu said he has a crush on her ever since the first time he met her. But he kept it to himself as he was afraid she would reject him until now she forced him to say and he revealed.

Mei expression after knowing the truth. She ran off after Fu told her about his feelings towards her. At home, Mei thought about how she first met Fu. She told herself she can't fell inlove with Fu after accepting Cho's money. But she fells for Fu too. What is going to happen next?

Mei happy to see Fu at the door.

Fu arrived Hong Kong but he stayed in a grand expensive hotel instead of staying with Cheung.

Fu gives his brother, Cheung and Wan's family a treat at an expensive restaurant. At the same time while at the restaurant they were talking about those days where they took care of Fu by letting him stay at the place where Cheung is staying now.

This trip back to Hong Kong, seems that Fu and Cheung relationship is drifting apart. Cheung told Wan could be due to influenced by Cho but Wan asked him to concentrate on the competition instead.

Bobby match for the first round was with World Gambler Rank 4. He don't look too confident in this game.

Cheung was sweating due to nervous during the game and he took out the red undies out of his pocket to wipe his sweat on his face which Ching-wan has earlier put it in. Was that really suppose to be good luck to him? When the family members asked Ching-wan about it, she said that she didn't know Cheung would take it out to use.Cheung felt really embarrassed about it when everyone saw it.

Cheung lost in the first round. But this also means that he did not have to face Cho yet in the second round. Will they meet again after the next round of the competition?

Episode 26 ends here. To be continued...

(Thank you and credits to all sources for this episode of the series)

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