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"TEPUK AMAI AMAI BELALANG KUPU KUPU, TEPUK BIAR RAMAI, NANTI MALAM UPAH SUSU..." At night when I thought of this lyrics from "Anak" I felt a little chill. For those of you who have seen this movie you will know what I meant. This morning I did not feel the chill anymore and this song normally sang for babies and toddlers is just like any other normal song to me. I used to sing this song too during my primary school days.

We went to Jusco just now and watched the movie "Anak" at TVG Cinema (Tanjong Golden Village) Kinta City at 11.20am. The duration of the movie is about 90 minutes.

When I listen to the soundtrack theme song "Melankolia" of the movie "Anak", I thought the song was just an average rating to me but after listening it for the 2nd time I begin to like this song. Now I am listening it for few more times already. Melankolia is sang by Ning Baizura and composed by Audi Mok and lyrics by Ab. Samad.

I have a little bit of the synopsis of "Anak" for you. For those who have yet to watch this movie, do invite your family, relatives or friends to watch with you. This movie started screening in the cinema since 21st February 2008.

The story is about Nita, acted by popular Erra Fazira (Erra Fazira is married to Engku Emran in October 2007) and Kay acted by Ida Nerina (she is also one of the cast in "Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam Part 1")

The movie "Anak" is a horror and a bit of thriller movie about Nita, working as a book translator who moved to a new home to start her new life again after experiencing a traumatic past. After moving in, Nita frequently experiences seeing a boy in the house.

When Nita told Kay (who works as a model) her cousin sister about the sightings of the little boy that she kept seeing in the house, Kay tried to convince Nita that it was just her imagination. Before this Nita had always been seeing the same little boy in her dreams and night mares about it.

Kay advises Nita to see a psychiatrist and later on she soon realises that Nita’s trauma is somehow linked to her . The story continues... I like the ending of the story. They finished up the story in a special and unpredictable way. Do not forget to watch this movie to know the ending of the show. This movie is produced by Soong Ai Ling and directed by Barney Lee.

Cerita seram "Anak" adalah sebuah filem yang dibintangi oleh Erra Fazira dan Ida Nerina. Filem arahan Barney Lee ini adalah terbitan "Syarikat penerbitan Box Lite Film". Tema lagu Anak "Melankolia" dinyanikan oleh Ning Baizura yang dikarang oleh Audi Mok dan lirik senikata oleh Ab. Samad.

Cerita ini mengisahkan tentang Nita (dibintangi oleh Erra Fazira) yang ingin memulakan hidup baru di bandar. Nita merupakan seorang gadis ayu yang bekerja sebagai seorang penterjemah buku(translator). Kay (dibintangi oleh Ida Nerina) adalah sepupu kepada Nita. Dia merupakan seorang peragawati terkemuka yang berada di kemuncak kerjayanya.

Semenjak Nita pindah ke rumah sewa barunya, dia mula diganggu oleh seorang budak laki-laki kecil. Gangguan budak kecil ini membuatkan Nita berasa takut dan dia terus memberitahu Kay mengenai tentang apa yang dilihatnya di rumah itu. Kay berasa sukar untuk menerima apa yang dikatakan oleh Nita dan sebaliknya Nita dipujuknya supaya berjumpa dengan pakar psikologi. Dengan ini Nita mula meragui dirinya sendiri dan sering berada dalam perasaan takut dan terganggu.

Sementara itu pula, Kay mendapat tahu Mak Mek telah meninggal dunia setelah membuat satu panggilan. Sewaktu Kay pergi ke pengebumian Mak Mek, dia berasa terkejut apabila mendapati bahawa Mak Mek mumpunyai seorang adik kembar yang bernama Mak Mah. Mak Mah menasihati Kay supaya Kay memberhentikan apa yang diamalkannya sebelum terlambat. Kay cuba menafikannya dan sebaliknya menjawab dengan mengatakan dia tidak faham apa yang dimaksudkan oleh Mak Mah dan beredar dari situ.

Nita kemudiannya menerima nasihat Kay untuk berjumpa dengan seorang pakar psikologi, Doktor Amar yang pada mulanya tidak percaya kepada apa yang diceritakan oleh Nita.

Dalam satu babak yang lain mengisahkan enam bulan yang lalu, Nita dirogol oleh tiga orang lelaki dan dipujuk oleh Kay untuk menggugurkan kandungannya setelah mendapati dirinya mengandung.

Selepas Nita menggugurkan kandungannya, Nita pengsan akibat pendarahan yang masih belum berhenti dan dihantar ke hospital. Semasa dia dirawat di hospital, Nita diberitahu oleh seorang doktor lain yang dia tidak boleh mengandung lagi selepas itu akibat cedera yang berlaku di leher rahim.

Semenjak itu, terdapat banyak kejadian pelik yang berlaku dengan kemunculan seorang budak kecil dan seterusnya pembunuhan yang kejam juga terjadi. Hidup Nita dan Kay semakin terancam.

Untuk mengetahui mengapa budak kecil itu sering muncul dalam hidup mereka jangan lupa untuk menonton "Anak" dengan keluarga atau rakan-rakan anda. Anak mula ditayang di pawagam pada 21hb. Feb 2008. Selamat menonton.

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It has been quite sometime since we last ate "heong piah" or "heong peang" in cantonese. I do not know what is it called in English. All I know is the word "heong' means fragrant and "piah" means biscuits. Can I call it fragrant biscuits then when I recommend this heong piah to foreigners?

This evening, we dropped by Yee Hup Bakery and we purchased two packet of it at RM6.00 each. The price for heong piah used to cost RM3 each packet and they used coconut shell to fire the oven to bake the biscuits. However now they are using electric oven instead.

I still prefer the taste of heong piah when I used to buy it many years ago. Somehow the taste of it was tastier and more fragrant then. If any of you happen to drop by Ipoh, do stop over at Yee Hup Bakery and buy some when you are on your way going back home. Other than heong piah, there are many other biscuits that are sold there too.

I have taken few pictures of Yee Hup hiong piah for you to have a better view and from one of the pictures taken you can see they also sell many other varieties of biscuits too.

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There are some more fried chicken young ginger from lunch so I thought maybe I would just add one more dish to it. Menu: Fried chinese sausage omelate egg. Although it was just a simple meal for dinner but we are satisfied as eating home cook dishes is always healthier. Agree?

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Crystle always wait patiently for her breakfast. She has two meals a day. One in the morning where she usually drinks milk and sometimes a piece of bread is added in her milk.
At times dogs' biscuits are added in it too.

Breakfast is so important to Crystle that if we forget to feed her she will make noise. Maybe it means it is the first meal of the day and she must have it.

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BREAKFAST IS IMPORTANT - Please do not skip breakfast

Have you taken your breakfast this morning? It is the first meal of the day and it is the most important meal of the day. Do not ever think of skipping breakfast. Studies has showed that kids who take their breakfast do better in school.

If we think further, this goes same to the adults when they eat breakfast as their first meal before going to work as they will feel and perform better at work as well. Whether you are at home, office, school or even on the road, it is not a good idea to skip this first meal.

I used to skipped breakfast before. I used to feel tired easily and my brains and body system was like running low on fuel. Whenever I felt tired, I just grabbed a cup of tea or ate sugar candy thinking it might boost up my energy again so that I can continue with my work.

It really worked on me for a few minutes or so but then before lunch time I was already feeling so hungry. I ended up making unhealthy choices at lunch like taking oily food and unhealthy diet to stop being so hungry.

Eating a good breakfast sets the good tone for the rest of the day so why skip breakfast?

Eating breakfast with food containing some protein and fibre is a great idea of having a healthy breakfast. Protein can be found in meat, eggs, beans or soya whereas fibre is found in whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Some people like to eat hard boiled egg, an orange and a bowl of cereal with low fat milk. This is one of a good example of healthy breakfast. However, do stay away from ssugary cereal, syrups or pastries as they will leave you hungry and tired within a couple of hours.

Both fibre and protein will satisfy your hunger and will keep you feeling full until the second meal that is lunch time. If you don't feel good and do not want to have a full feeling after breakfast, just split your breakfast up into two smaller meals and this will solve you from being hungry before lunch time.

Do remember that eating a healthy breakfast is the best way to start off your day, and pamper yourself by eating a healthy breakfast. When you do this and not skipping breakfast, in no time you will notice that a much better you is felt through the morning and the rest of the day.

I have taken a few snapshots from a Malay stall selling nasi lemak and fried bihun. I understand that eating too much of this as my first meal is not a very healthy diet as the first meal of the day but I just can't resist buying them at the stall just now. The food there looked so tasty.

Since I do not eat these type of food so frequently, I thought it might be alright, so I just bought some of the food there for myself and family at home.

Eating these food as breakfast may not be so healthy but once in a while for a change is okay for you provided if you continue to do exercise regularly.

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