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Episode 13 - 64 and Episode 125/Synopsis of Episode 72- 74

Synopsis/Summary Dyesebel Episode 72

Erebus was so angry with what Ariana did to him. But she defended herself that she is just doing this because she loves him and dont want to loose him to Dyesebel which made him more angry.

When Cassandra came to see Fredo, she asked who he was talking to and he told her that it was Dyesebel. He is confused because she both saw Cassandra and Dyesebel at the same time but when he pointed Dyesebel to Cassandra, she is gone. While swimming away, Dyesebel is fearful of what Fredo’s reaction will be when he found out that she is a mermaid. And decided that it is not yet the time to let him know of her secret. What is important is that even though Fredo will not fully trust her that she is Dyesebel, he will not trust Cassandra too much and instead put her in doubt.

Cassandra is in panic trying to tell Fredo that Cassandra and Dyesebel is only one. So it will never happen that there is another Dyesebel because she is Dyesebel.

Meanwhile, Erebus regrets trusting Ariana. But Ariana told her that Dyesebel already loves someone when he told her that he will only love Dyesebel. She added that maybe he can just give his love to her. Erebus asked Ariana what she knows about love because if she does, this will not happen to him. She will think of his happiness and not hers. And adds that he will never love a mermaid like her and shoves her out telling her that he does not want to see her again.

When Cassandra told Fredo to go back with her and he refuses, she leaves him angrily and told him,’Fine, then wait for your Dyesebel!’ She leaves him, while Fredo tries to look for Dyesebel.

Berbola aka Cassandra is very mad at Dyesebel for ruining all her plans, leaving Fredo to doubt her all the more. With this, she intends to do something bad to Dyesebel.

Shiela Mae and Vivian starts to get close and told her that she used to be rich but Lucia stole everything from her even her child and added that Lucia’s daughter is a mermaid.

Lucia on the other hand is very angry because the people that she paid cant still find what she was looking for.

Fredo is starting to doubt Cassandra, when she told him that she love her, he didnt even replied to her but put her hands away from his face where cassandra was touching him.

While Dyesebel is grieving where Banak lies, Bukanding came and forbids her to be there.

Usaro wants Erebus to regret what he did, telling that if not for him Erebus would already been dead and eaten by Piranhas. He already has everything and would have been a King but now he is imprisoned.

Mark was so angry with Shiela Mar that she let a demented person inside his house but Paolo came and defended her. Mark then asks Paolo if it is really pity that he is feeling or maybe he still loves her.

Lucia, Fredo and Cassandra asks Buboy where Dyesebel is but he just shrugs it off and didnt tell them where. And them made a fabulous exit!

Dyesebel asks Bukanding for forgiveness but he was so angry at her that he told her that she is never his sister and that she is just adopted. And he regrets that she became part of his life.

Usaro convinces Erebos to side with Reyna Dyangga.

Dyesebel hopes that Bukanding will forgive her in the future but he just shoves her out.

To further convince Erebos, Usaro told him that no one is there for him now, everyone of his friends deserted him. And that Dyesebel does not love him and never will. In the end, Erebos decided to side with Usaro and Reyna Dyangga.

Dyesebel is very regretful on what happened and how Bukanding is very angry with her. Blaming herself in what happened to Banak.

Lucia hires private investigators to find Vivian and also a mermaid which i think she is referring to her daughter Dyesebel.

Dyesebel talks to Amafura about finding her mother. Amafura told Dyesebel that if she has her white pearl, if in case she gets it back, she will help her find her mother and thus, have Fredo back. Dyesebel promises herself that she will get the white pearl, she lost everything but she will not loose Fredo.

Lucia cries and shouts Dyesebels name in the seashore where she seas a mermaids tail, swimming. She tries to run towards it but Dyesebel just continues to swim farther away.

Synopsis/Summary Dyesebel Episode 73

Gildo is having a hard time because the endorsers want Cassandra to be their model but he cannot make her model the product. The endorsers then made a warning to him that if he cant make Cassandra do it, they’ll pulling out on their agreement.

Usaro tries to convince Reyna Dyangga to let Usaro go and that his brother is now on their side. And that he can be of use because he knows where Amafura and Bukanding are hiding. Also, he has communication with Dyesebel.

Gildo approached Fredo and blamed him that he is the reason why their major account will be lost. He is not doing anything to convince Cassandra to model for them. Fredo realized that Gildo is very obsessed with Cassandra and asked him if he likes her. Gildo told Fredo that if that will be the case, what can he do about it. Fredo told him that Cassandra is his and that Gildo can never have her. And to further irritate Gildo, he asked him to give the company a favor and resign. When he left him, Gildo said to himself that Cassandra will be his.

Ariana asks Erebus if it was true that he will be Reyna Dyangga’s ally and admitted it to be true. He now believes that even if he sacrificed everything for his love for Dyesebel, she will never notice it. Ariana told him again how much she loves him and told him that she will do everything for him to learn to love her.

Mark reprimanded Sheila Mae for buying expensive food so when he left, Paolo told her that they are so poor that they can’t afford those that she bought as they are not rich. Which she finally understood.

Erebus was able to escape, he was just tricking Ariana. Usaro found out from Ariana that they had been tricked. While Erebus went to the cave where Amafura and Bukanding are hiding.

Isabel found Ava at the seashore, apparently, Ava is looking for her daughter when she saw Dyesebel’s tail swimming away. She tried to call the mermaid but cant hear her. When people wanted to catch and hurt the mermaid for being cursed she became angry with them and told them that its not the mermaid’s fault. The people thinks that she is demented. Then she cried and cried, thats when Isabel aka Dyesebel found her. She asked if there is anything wrong but she just denied it and continued crying. Both of them went home together.

Reyna Dyangga was very angry when she found out that Erebus has escaped. She told Usaro that it is all his fault and from now on, Erebus will be her kingdom’s enemy.

Erebus told Amafura and Bukanding how he escaped. He told them that he used Ariana’s love to escape. He asked her to get the key to his cell because he wants to hug her but it was all a trick, he locked her up. But before that, he told her that he will never love her because she is the reason why Banak died and Bukanding and Dyesebel’s relationship as brother and sisters was severed. And even if she did not want it to happen, it did happened. And lastly, he told her that he might as well die than to love someone like her. And then left her inside his cell.

Isabel and Ava arrived together. They were welcomed by Cassandra. When Ava left, Isabel confronted Cassandra and told her she knows that she is Berbola and that she stole Amafura’s pearl. Cassandra told her that it doesn’t matter because even if she told Fredo about it, he will not believe her. They tried to choke each other with their hands when Ava called Isabel to clean something.

Erebus tells Amafura that Dyesebel might be suffering right now because of Banak’s death and Bukanding’s anger to her and hope that he might be able to help her. Amafura told him that it is possible for him to go to where Dyesebel is and to have feet.

Isabel and Buboy plans on how to make Berbola sleep and take the white pearl back but they were overheard by Lola Felicia who asked who they plan to fall asleep. But they told her that it was only Buboy so that he’ll still grow. Then they acted like they wanted to sleep, while Lola Felicia is suspicious of them.

Meanwhile Berbola told Sosira using the mirror how Dyesebel already knows that she is Berbola and that she plans to kill Dyesebel.

Synopsis/Summary Dyesebel Episode 74

Sheila Mae cooked for Paolo’s family, although the meal is salty, everyone appreciated it, Mark still taunted her cooking. When Sheila Mae went to the kitchen, Mark asked Paolo on how long will she be staying with them. He even reminded him about how her father put him in jail but his mother told him to just stop saying anything and eat.

Fredo confronted Isabel about her going out but not asking for permission. He told her that his father, Ava and even Cassandra want her out of the house but she still keep doing things to annoy them. He even told her that he is the only one preventing them to kick her out. But Isabel just told him that she just wants to tell him the truth that Cassandra is lying and then she started to cry. He just became angrier and told her that maybe he is making a fool of himself for defending her and then told her to leave.

Amafura and Erebus went to Osteria, the place is where the Mother of Pearl lives. She is the one who gave Amafura the powerful white pearl. Mother of Pearl asked why Amafura came back to her original form but Amafura told her that someone stole her pearl. The queen/mother of pearl declined to give her another one but Erebus asked her that he is hoping that she can help him have feet so that he can help her beloved which is on land. Amafura added that Erebus wants to go after and help his beloved even if she already have someone she loves. The Mother of Pearl was convinced but told him there will be a condition.

Paolo sees Sheila Mae fetching water. She told him that she wants to earn money that is why she is doing this. Paolo told her that she doesn’t have to do that but she insists on it and told him that she wants to have a hard-earned money for herself. After she finished her job, Paolo asks her to change her clothes because he is taking him out.

Fredo talks to his friend about Cassandra and Isabel. He told him that he don’t know what to do with both of them. Cassandra wants to throw Isabel out but he can’t do that to her. His friend told him that maybe Cassandra is already jealous of Isabel so he should really throw her out. He added that he should pick one of them and no matter what happens, eventually one of them will have to go.

Cassandra tries to stab Isabel at the back with a knife while she was cooking. Fortunately, Isabel saw her at the reflection of the cover of the casserole. She was able to defend herself against Cassandra and she started to retaliate to her. Cassandra is no match to her but she got hold of the magical comb which can help Isabel to get back the white pearl from her.

Erebus emerges from the sea BUT! WITH TWO FEET! And yes guys! He’s BARE NAKED!!! WOOT! NICE BODY! While walking at the seashore three girls saw him, he even greet them “Magandang alon,” which means fine day or fine wave (nice greeting from the sea!), where the mesmerized girls greets him back! If it was me, i’ll be speechless and have his picture taken! LOL! Anyways, he stumbles and sees Amafura. She turned into a turtle. The Queen of Pearl tried to get her back to what she was before the pearl was stolen but she failed and she turned into a turtle. But Amafura told him that it is fine with her because she is already bored in the sea and wants to see Luneta! Erebus told her that before anything else, they should find Dyesebel. And then, the girls crowded at the bare and naked Erebus.

Cassandra saw the magic comb and told her that she will never let Dyesebel make Fredo know that she is a mermaid. Dyesebel asked for the magic comb back and told her that if she cannot prove that Cassandra is Berbola, it is much better to ruin Cassandra’s face so she cannot use it. Cassandra said sarcastically, “Really?,” then broke the comb into two. Dyesebel became very angry with what Cassandra did. So when Cassandra threw the broken comb into her, Dyesebel attacked and slashed Cassandra’s face. She pushed her in the toilet and told her that Cassandra’s face is hers and she can do anything with it. And she will make sure that Fredo will never recognize her. She slashed her face again. Ava heard Cassandra’s scream and saw what was happening, she called Fredo. When Fredo came, he was shocked with what is happening. He stopped Isabel and carried Cassandra out. Before he left he asked Isabel angrily, “What did you do?!”. Isabel told him that she was just defending herself. But he did not listen to her. Even Ava told her that she lies and even slapped her. She told her that if anything happens to her she’s going to take her to prison.

Shiela Mae and Paolo was going home after their date. She appreciates it very much and even asks to have a takeout only at a carinderia.

The doctor told Fredo that Cassandra is fine but with the cut that she had she might have a scar plus she has minor bruises all over her body.

Isabel told Lola Felicia that she is just defending herself because Cassandra wants to stab her with the knife. Buboy told her that Fredo will still believe Cassandra. Lola Felicia told them that that cannot be prevented because he saw Isabel holding the knife and will think that it is Isabel who has bad intentions. Isabel dont know what to do and what she will do to make Fredo believe her. She starts to cry and tells everyone that she is already defeated, she never will win against Cassandra and will never get Fredo back. Back at the hospital Fredo’s friend told him it was a pity because Cassandra’s face is ruined and it is all Fredo’s fault because he always let Isabel have her way that she is now brave enough to do this. Meanwhile, Ava called the police to have Isabel locked up.

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Dyesebel Episode 125 - without subtitles

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