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In this episode, after Bobby found out that his brother is in critical condition after being stabbed by robbers (Bobby did not know the actual truth that Bosco was stabbed while protecting Michael), he went to asked all those who was in the queue to make phone calls too at the prison to allow him making the call first.

Bobby: Excuse me, my brother.. hospital. Urgent telephone.. Thank you.

Jessica told Bobby that his brother, Bosco is still in a coma. Bobby message to Bosco was no matter what happens never give up, he'll be fine. Although he can't be with his brother, he'll do anything to cure him. He's even willing to donate his liver to Bosco. He told Jessica that Bosco is all he has and they just reunited back and he will not let anything happen to him.

Bosco(Ah Fu) still in critcal condition, at the same time Michael said he will try his best to save Bosco's life(I wonder if he is really sincere at that moment). Hopefully he really meant what he said.

Someone bails Bobby and she is Florence,she is indeed rich as she claimed to be.

Bobby: Is this right? This is a lot of money. You used so much money to bail me out?

Florence: It's nothing. I'm personally bailing you out.

Bobby couldn't believed it when he found out how rich Florence really is. Jessica asked them to rush to the airport as Michael will be leaving with Bosco back to Hong Kong soon. Bobby was a bit too late when he arrived the airport. They already left for Hong Kong. Bobby can't leave Philippines as he is still on bail.

Back to the hospital where Bosco was admitted, the doctor told Bobby although their blood match but due to his bad eating habbits, his liver is not suitable for Bosco. If he insists to donate his liver transplant, it would be dangerous. He was so sad that he can't help his brother at all at that moment.

Michael donated his liver to Bosco, I wonder why it is suitable whereas Bobby was dying to donate his liver to his brother but he couldn't. Bobby and Jessica are so happy that they hug each other after knowing that someone is willing to donate his liver not knowing yet the doner is actually Michael. How will Bobby feel when he knows the truth later?

At the lawyer office discussing about the casino robbery Bobby was framed.

At the dinner Jessica, Bosco and Florence were talking about the casino in Las Vegas left for Florence run over the business after the death of her husband. According to Florence, she helped Bobby for what she did in the past and also Bobby reminds her of her late husband. Another reason is Florence wants to prove back something to Michael for what he said to her.

While they were at church Jessica told Bobby that the doner of the liver is actually Michael. The looks in his face immediately changed. Bobby then make a phone call to Michael and all he could say to his enemy is "thank you".

At the operation theatre. Michael donating liver to Bosco.

While praying at Church, Bobby and Jessica received call from Ah Wing that the operation was successful. You should see how happy both of them were.

Bosco: Thank you master.

Michael: You know about the liver.

Bosco: when I was unconscious, I can still hear things. You said we'll never be separated.

Ah Wing: Can't believe you said something so disgusting. Haha. Sorry! sorry! I won't joke again. Affect both your wound.

Bosco: Thank you master. Without you I would have been dead. I do not know how to repay back you.

Michael: Thought of it, you were the one who saved me first.

Bobby: Are you okay? The wound still hurts?

Bosco: Little bit.

Bobby: Have you eaten?

Bosco: Not yet. Later.

Bobby: Are you used to the hospital food?

Bosco: It's okay.

Bobby: Can you sleep at night?

Bosco: Can. okay. Oh yeah! I know you are concern for me. Thank you.

Bobby: But aren't I your brother?

Bosco: The doctor is here. Gotta hang up. Bye.

The conversation between the two brothers was kinda awkward and seems like they aren't close. They sounded like lack of words in their words.

Michael: Befor going back to Philippines I have something to tell you. I want to apologize to you. I am sure Ah Cheung (Bobby) has already told you about your missing in Las Vegas. Actually it was due to me. I asked a girl (Florence) to distract your brother to lose in a gambling competition but I have never thought due to this you would went missing and due to this caused you to suffer for years. I am sorry.

Bosco: I was thinking if I have not known you, I would have been very angry with you infact I wanted to beat you up. But now, I am not angry at all. Master, I understand well hwo you treat me.

Everything is in the past now, I only remember how happy and how you treat me well. I will not remember what has happened in the past and how you treated brother Cheung. All that I remember is everybody loves me including you, master. You saved my life.

Michael: Thank you.

Tavia visited Bosco and apologized to him for the delay in knowing what has happened to him.

She gave Bosco the paper cranes Bobby had folded for him and told him the rest of the cranes.

Court case: Robbery of the casino. What will happen to Bobby? Will he be found guilty or will he be freed? To be continued...

(Thank you and credits to all sources for the episode of this series)


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