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Episode 45 & 46 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 45 & 46/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 45 & 46
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Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of OST The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕) - 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 Wind Flower


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Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 45

Seok Bum escort Se Jong & stabs Se Jong in a pre plan action. Ha Jong calls at his father then as Seok Bum shout that Sangdaedeung Se Jong has an attempted of his life & is down & someone has tried to assassinate Se Jong & he is hurt from being stabbed which stir the commotion further as Seok Bum shouts chaos. Kim Yu Shin looks at the fallen Se Jong

Lord Jujin tells his garrison that His Excellency the Sangdaedeung Se Jong has been stabbed in attempted for his life at Seorabeol & this is declare as a revolt in arms. Lord Jujin said they are called to put out this revolt from further happenings as he orders his garrison to march for the capital Seorabeol has their call of duty to the nation. Lord Jujin’s soldier marching in to Seorabeol

Deok man holds Kim Chun Chu’s hand to tell him that

Deok Man: It is a coup…..Mi Shil’s revolt.

Guards are marching towards the palace with Mi Shil leading the troops. Chil Sook & his men goes to In Gang Jeon where it is King Jinpyeong’s residence where they succumb all guards. Bo Jong comes in as Im Jong asked what is going on has something happened at Yeol Seon Gak. Bio Jong asked them to heed his words that at this moment in front of Yeol Seon Gak the Hwa Baek council is presiding & there is been an attempted on Se Jong’s life. Im Jong asked what is Bo Jong saying that & who dare to do such a thing. Bo Jong names Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon has enter Yeol Seon Gal in arms & an attempt was made at Se Jong’s life. The other Hwa Rang captain asked how is Se Jong as Se Jong tell that Se Jong is being treated for his wounds as Im Jong can’t believe that this is happening as it makes no sense & Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon wouldn’t resort do such a thing to attempt on Se Jong’s life. Bo Jong said that an inquiry will set to investigate the claims & the motives but however the proposal that was conduct by the Hwa Baek council at the moment was a motion in regards to Princess Deok Man’s expel from political & state affairs & wonder if Princess Deok Man the mastermind behinds this attempt. Bo Jong tells the other Hwa Rang captain that Mi Shil has orders that they remain as they are & awaits for orders

So Hwa is serving King Jinpyeong his medication as he herds noises outside. King Jinpyeong asked if there is something happening outside. So Hwa said she will go outside to have a look. Then the Chief Eunuch in his panic calls at King Jinpyeong that something horrible has happened & begs King Jinpyeong that he must hurry to seek a place to hides himself. Dae Nam Bo stops Deok Man & Kim Chun Chu in their track as he greets them & Deok Man asked is anything the matter. Dae Nam Bo said that King Jinpyeong wishes to see her & he will escort Deok Man to In Gang Jeon. Deok Man looks at Kim Chun Chu & then asked how is that Dae Nam Bo is relaying King Jinpyeong’s message to her. Dae Nam Bo said that he will escort her as Dae Nam Bo orders his men to take Deok Man by force

Meanwhile in Yeol Seon Gak, the standoff still persist between Seol Won Rang’s force with Kim Yu Shin’s forces. Seol Won Rang said that they had enter Yeol Seon Gak & disrupt the proceedings of the Hwa Baek meeting & now the suspect perpetrator of attempting the life of Se Jong that Seol Won Rang declare that they are now under arrest of the said crime to answer those accusation. Kim Yu Shin tells Seol Won Rang that none of them here has make an attempted on Se Jong’s life

Seol Won Rang said that an investigation inquiry will justify what the truth & called Kim Yu Shin to laid their arms down & surrender quietly. Al Cheon say it is a entrap & a set up by what it seem to be their schemes & devices

I hope this doesn’t become another episode Admiral Yi Shun Shin where he was ensnare by his political rival & torture & almost to get him executed only to save by the bell with the invasion of Japanese under Hideyoshi in 1592. One of Admiral Yi Shun Chin motto “必死則生 必生則死” says if you want to die, you will live. If you want to live, you will die & means if we bet our lives on this battle, we will get victory and if we avoid this battle, we will be killed by them. Admiral Yi Shin dies in battle in 1598 shot by a stray bullet. I hope this is not the same treatment for Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon. Read up on Admiral Yi Shun Shin after the recent Seoul travel. Sorry for the diversion

Seol Won Rang argues that they did indeed came to Yeol Seon Gak wielding in arms at the Hwa Baek Council. Seol Won Rang order that they are under arrest in the custody of Ministry of Military affairs. Kim Yong Chun steps in & tells Seol Won Rang that how can he arrest Daedeung without King Jinpyeong’s consent. Kim Seo Hyeon concurs that the truth that this is regrettable & unfortunate mishap to have occur here at this grounds but without King Jinpyeong’s consent, wouldn’t putting them under arrest be a breach of nation laws. Kim Yong Chun asked Seol Won Rang to brings King Jinpyeong warrant that is seal by His Majesty until then before Seol Won Rang has any legitimacy to do otherwise, they are not lay their hands on them. Kim Seo Hyeon threaten that should any attempted to take them by force, be sure that it will not be easy to apprehend them. Seol Won Rang said that this is fine that he will take King Jinpyeong’s consent & warrant but until then no one shall leave this premises. Kim Yu Shin looks rather uneasy.

Lord Jujin’s men reports that they have gain control of Seorabeol’s security as Lord Jujin nods in affirmative. Lord Jujin gives a letter to asked his men to relay this letter to Mi Shil at once as his men obey to despatch to Mi Shil. Chil Sook greets Mi Shil at In Gang Jeon & tells that they have gain control of the palace & now all cost is clear for her. Mi Shil brings the written decree for King Jinpyeong as the place maid said that she can’t enter but the palace maid was brush aside by the guards & the doors is open for Mi Shil to enter. As she enters the bed chamber of King Jinpyeong, Chil Sook surprise to see King Jinpyeong missing from his bed & looks for him. Mi Shil tells that King Jinpyeong must be within the confine of In Gang Jeon, all they need is to find for him

King Jinpyeong is in his hideout with Queen Maya & So Hwa. Chief Eunuch discreetly smuggled & brings King Jinpyeong royal seal to him. Queen Maya asked who on earth would attempted on Se Jong & could stabbed him. Chief Eunuch doesn’t know what has happened but at this moment Kim Yong Chun, Kim Seo Hyeon, Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon are having a standoff with Seol Won Rang. So Hwa is shocked whether this is a coup d’etat. King Jinpyeong said that Mi Shil has finally done the ultimate. King Jinpyeong recalls in a flashback where Seol Won Rang comes to King Jinheung’s chamber in the attempted of a coup that Mi Shil tries to stage but ultimately ended with King Jinheung’s passing out of natural causes. Mi Shil asked King Jinheung that he has always mentioned Heaven doesn’t bestow & willed a ruler to the people; but the people do. The person who can able to acquire & united of its people’s heart will able to have heaven’s consent & rules its people & all the ages. Mi Shil telling the dead King Jinheung to take a look at who are the people, it is all her people & not his but Mi Shil’s people & declare that it is now Mi Shil era & her period of age. The young King Jinpyeong witness Mi Shil rages at the dead King Jinheung

King Jinpyeong makes a clear guess & said that Mi Shil is staging a revolt. Queen Maya asked where is Deok Man as So Hwa has no answer to give to the Queen. Meanwhile Deok Man is escorted by Dae Nam Bo as Queen Maya panics to finds where is Deok Man. So Hwa asked the Chief Eunuch whether Deok Man is at Yeol Seon Gak as well. Chief Eunuch honestly doesn’t know where the exact whereabout of princess Deok Man. King Jinpyeong said that the Royal seal must not allow to fall into their hands or else Mi Shil will use this to accuse Deok Man of treason in his name. Queen Maya & So Hwa are shock at the blunt truth. Chief Eunuch said that they will soon finds out the location of the King’s hideout soon. So Hwa tells King Jinpyeong that she will takes the Royal seal & leaves to escape with the seal. King Jinpyeong & Queen Maya looks at So Hwa. So Hwa tells the Royal couple is she not the only person who can able to pull this through. So Hwa has a great resume in escaping the palace with items, e.g. Baby Deok Man. Queen Maya asked how can she escape from the palace. So Hwa said didn’t Queen Maya has mentioned that there is a secret passage way that lead to the outside of the palace wall, is this why the reason that the royal couple use this place as a hide out. King Jinpyeong said that the passageway Mi Shil has knowledge & well aware of the place. So Hwa said to beg for her forgiveness that she will have to ask King Jinpyeong to be the decoy to lure the attention away for the matter. So Hwa experience in the Taklamakan desert has made her street wise. So Hwa nods to asked the Royal couple to have trust in her ability

Mi Shil meets with Ha Jong & Mi Saeng to asked how is Se Jong. Mi Saeng assures his sister that Se Jong is now getting medical attention & it seems there is no major ailment. Mi Shil asked about King Jinpyeong. Ha Jong said that they in the midst of searching for him in the premises & will soon find him whether if he in the vicinity of the palace ground, or fly to the sky or even barrow the ground. Mi Shil said that she prior has mentioned to deploy soldier to secure the access routes of all passageway in In Gang Jeon

Bi Ru is secret passageway & tunnel.

Mi Saeng said that Chil Sook is personally leading the men & see to this himself by securing the access & asked Mi Shil to be rest assured. Seok Bum goes to report to Mi Shil to tells that Kim Yong Chun said that they can put them under arrest without the King Jinpyeong’s decree or consent & they are mounting a vigorous opposition & argument. Mi Saeng is surprise. Seok Bum asked for the next course of action from Mi Shil on how to go about proceeding. Ha Jong said do it the quick way, have them all swipe in a single strike, why waste effort on it. Mi Shil declines as she order Seol Won Rang to wait. Seok Bum acknowledge the command. Mi Shil said that she will personally go & escort King Jinpyeong. Mi Saeng is surprise at Mi Shil action as Mi Shil ask her brother to stay here to await & anticipate the arrival of Princess Deok Man

Joo Bang & Go Do tracking Deok Man & Kim Chun Chu who is being escort by Dae Nam Bo & trying to device a plan. Go Do hides himself behind a very narrow pole as Joo Bang asked what the hell he is doing with the pole & asked him to come to his sense as they attempt to rescue Deok Man & Kim Chun Chu from Dae Nam Bo. GO Do said that it is Dae Nam Bo & it looks like they are being abducted against their will & something of disorder must have happened in Yeol Seon Gak & In Gang Jeon that they are held against their will. Joo Bang puts on his thinking cap & think. Go Do said that Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon & the rest of the Household guards are all gather at Yeol Seon Gak & what they are going to do. Joo Bang thinks what they must do now & Joo Bang recalls Kim Yu Shin telling them before they went to participate for their Bi Jae about their best ability in for Go Do as be it whether in Seorabeol or anywhere else in Silla there is never before that he has seen a person with such mighty strength as Go Do & asked Go Do not to fear, don’t thinks of this as Bi Jae but just a hunting trip. Go Do acknowledge as Kim Yu Shin tells Joo Bang that he is quick on his feet & with clever wits & despite all his lacking, he might need to avoids frontal combat & asked whether Joo Bang understand what he is saying

Joo Bang holds Go Do & tell that be it whether in Seorabeol or anywhere else in Silla there is never before that he has seen a person with such mighty strength as Go Do. GO Do doesn’t understand what is Joo Bang getting at as Joo Bang finished his sentence as not to fear, don’t thinks of this as rescue mission but just a hunting trip. Go Do doesn’t understand what is Joo Bang muttering about

Joo Bang execute his plan as he barges & fall to the ground in front Dae Nam Bo to make a scene as Deok man is surprise to see him. Joo Bang wails that he is in pain as he signal Go Do to make his move. Dae Nam Bo gets the attention of Joo Bang & asked why is Joo Bang blocking the path as Joo Bang greets Princess Deok Man & greets Dae Nam Bo as well. Kim Chun Chu goes into the play by address Joo Bang as Daenangdu & acknowledge his presence as Joo Bang cordially replies to Kim Chun Chu acquaintance as Joo Bang tells that he is so honour that Kim Chun Chu could address him in the official title. Joo Bang tries to approach Deok man but is brush away by Dae Nam Bo who tells that they are now escorting Deok Man & Kim Chun Chu to see the King & asked him to move aside

Joo Bang makes an excuse there people from the Western Regions had come & tells Dae Nam Bo that can he believe that how tall they are as their height is twice as tall as Joo Bang. Go Do comes carrying a log. Dae Nam Bo asked what is Joo Bang muttering about as Joo Bang tells that over there they have pale faces with blues eyes & etc. Dae Nam Bo gets distracted with Go Do carrying a log & asked what is he carrying but Go Do fumbles on Joo Bang’s plans when Dae Nam Bo asked the purpose he is carrying the log. Joo Bang tries to save the situation when Go Do didn’t have the heart to hurt Dae Nam Bo & his men to asked them to see for themselves the people from the Western Region as Joo Bang distract Dae Nam Bo & goes to Deok Man to asked them to make a run for it as Go Do throw the log at them & pin them down as they make their escape & run away. Dae Nam Bo order to give chase. As Deok Man Kim Chun Chu, Go Do & Joo Bang flees but after a while, Go Do couldn’t catch up as Dae Nam Bo is in hot pursuit, Joo Bang asked Deok man & Kim Chun Chu to make a run for it as Go Do block Dae Nam Bo & his men path as Joo Bang sees Go Do being held at blade point by Dae Nam Bo to asked him to move aside as Dae Nam Bo continues with the pursuit as Go Do is being drag away. Joo Bang loses Deok Man but them Kim Chun Chu calls him out from the hidden bushes & comes to hide with them as Dae Nam Bo’s men search else where to look for them

Chief Eunuch escorting King Jinpyeong through the corridors of the passageway as Queen Maya support the ailing King Jinpyeong as So Hwa looks behinds the Royal Couple as Chief Eunuch release the door as King Jinpyeong steps out, Mi Shil & her men came to “greet” the Royal couple. Mi Shil asked what brings King Jinpyeong to this place. King Jinpyeong asked what is the situation in the palace as of now. Mi Shil said that she will escort King Jinpyeong back to In Gang Jeon & she will report the details in full to him. Mi Shil order to escort the King back to his chambers as the Royal is rough handle back to the chambers. Once the scene is clear, So Hwa sneaks out from the door with the Royal seal

Kim Yu Shin & Seol Won Rang are still having a standoff at Yeol Seon Gak & it is getting edgy & tense. Al Cheon asked Kim Seo Hyeon who stabbed Se Jong. Kim Seo Hyeon said that it happened so fast then nobody has a good look who did it. Kim Yong Chun said that it is without a doubt, it is one of the scheme of plots. Kim Yu Shin said if they get arrested with this accusation they will surely end up with crimes of treason on their heads & Princess Deok Man will be accused of being the master mind

Joo Bang takes Deok Man & Kim Chun Chu to a laundry room to be out of sight. Deok Man asked why all of the sudden someone attempt the life of Se Jong during the chaos. Kim Chun Chu said that they fabricate the scheme by their own devices. Joo Bang surprise that they would resort to perhaps do such an act that they stab Se Jong deliberately on intent. Kim Chun Chu said judging that the situation arise from Hwa Baek Council debating on Princess Deok Man’s expulsion of political & state affairs, it will be concluded that Princess Deok Man will be seen as the perpetrator therefore the suspect that she is the mastermind behind the attempt & a revolt. Joo Bang is shock that she will be accuse being the master mind of the revolt that it means being a traitor. Joo bang said that King Jinpyeong is still alive. Deok Man can guess that In Gang Jeon is now under Mi Shil’s control by now that King Jinpyeong might already been under house arrest but whatever it may takes they will have to leave the palace at once

Jo Bang asked didn’t Deok Man see it for herself that the palace is lace with guards, how are they going to leave the palace grounds. Deok man realise when she was at the celestial shrine, she came across a secret passageway as she went in to follow the path & finds there is an exit that leads to the Hwa Rang Hwa Sa Dang (Memorial Hall). Deok Man said there is a way out from the passageway through Hwa Sa Dang at Hwa Rang to the Celestial Shrine (Shin Dang). Kim Chun Chu said that they are so many guards securing the grounds that to go to the Celestial Shrine may prove to be difficult task. Deok Man nods but they must finds a method of way. Joo Bang asked what if they go about doing this way. Deok man asked how. Joo Bang show the array of guards uniforms at the laundry room

Princess Man Myeong meets with Wyol Ya & Seo Ji that they can’t enter the palace. Wyol Ya what is happening over there. There is no communication from Princess Deok Man since she enters the palace> Princess Man Myeong said that Kim Seo Hyeon also hastily went over to the Hwa Baek Council. Seo Ji asked whether they should enter the palace as well. Princess Man Myeong forbids them until they can access the situation in the palace that they must exercise discretion

Bi Dam is surprise that there is an attempted on Se Jong’s life & he is hurt. Yeom Jong said that they still don’t know what the status of the situation on his condition yet but he was indeed got stabbed at Yeol Seon Gak as Yeom Jong asked affirmation from his men who affirms it. BI Dam asked what about & has happened to Princess Deok Man. Yeom Jong’s men said that they don’t have the information on King Jinpyeong or Princess Deok Man current whereabouts as no one is allow to enter or leave the palace grounds. Yeom Jong said that this is upsetting that they should at least know what on earth is going in palace & asked what will Bi Dam do about it as Bi Dam frantic thinking of trying to finds a way & tell Yeom Jong that she must rescue her & leaves immediately as Yeom Jong tries to stop him as Yeom Jong hits his men’s head being so blur to come & follow him to give chase

Soldiers in the palace frantic in their patrolling as So Hwa tries to sneak away then bump straight into Chil Sook as Chil Sook address her. So Hwa then asked what is happening in the palace that the palace is in the state of disarray. Chil Sook is concern for So Hwa & tell her that she should have been in Princess Deok Man’s chamber why is she doing in the proximity of In Gang Jeon. So Hwa knowing that both of them are serving at the opposite sides makes an excuse that she was on her way to deliver King Jinpyeong’s medication & suddenly she saw soldiers storm in & she hid herself & asked what is going on in the palace & using sympathy blackmail on Chil Sook, So Hwa said she is frightened & wants to leave the palace at once. Chil Sook with some hesitation takes So Hwa hands & asked him to come with him this way

Chil Sook takes So Hwa to a room as So Hwa looking around didn’t mind her steps & slip where Chil Sook quickly goes to support her. So Hwa asked what place is this to have an undergrounds substructure like this. Chil Sook said that this is Mi Shil personal study where she can only enter this place of sanctuary to finds solace within herself. Chil Sook said that this is the safest place to be in the whole of the palace grounds. So Hwa express that she which to leave the palace grounds & plea with Chil Sook to take her to escape from the palace. Chil Sook tells her for the time being no one is allow to leave or enter the palace & asked her to remain her on temporary measure as Mi Shil wouldn’t be using this room at the moment. Chil Sook enquires about So Hwa’s injury whether she hurt her legs. So Hwa surprise at Chil Sook concern said that she sprain her ankle why fleeing. Chil Sook asked whether it really hurting as he offer to take a look as So Hwa feels shy & tell him that she is fine. Chil Sook said that he will return later & leave. So Hwa is relief that Chil Sook is gone then to reveal that the Royal Seal is strapped to her ankle which is why she is seen limping

Ha Jong complains to King Jinpyeong that he could allow this to have happened, that something so unacceptable incident to occur at Yeol Seon Gak. Mi Saeng said that Kim Yong Chun, Kim Seo Hyeon, Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon has desecrated the Hwa Baek council by wielding weapons & make an attempt on Se Jong’s life. Ha Jong concurs with his uncles that this is seen as a insurgency. Queen Maya is upset that they can called this to be an insurgency. King Jinpyeong said that it can’t be seen as an insurgency & said that this is all nonsense & he can’t believe it. Mi Shil confirms that it is not clear what has happened but still they can’t denied that there is some certain tendency as of yet as King Jinpyeong asked what is then as Mi Shil continues that the truth is that Se Jong has been stabbed is now a fact & not to mentioned that Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon has enter the Hwa Baek council wielding weapon that seem indeed a truth as King Jinpyeong asked therefore….Mi Shil adds that the propose motion that the Hwa Baek council was debating is on the issue of Princess Deok Man expulsion from state & political affairs, so with this notion laid out in front as fact, it will be certain enough to say that many people would believe with her regrets that the mastermind behind this will be Princess Deok Man. King Jinpyeong raise his voice as therefore what is Mi Shil suggesting that they do here. Mi Saeng said that they should have the warrant of arrest on Princess Deok Man, Al Cheon & Kim Yu Shin so that the truth behind this matter can be reveal to garner whether this is called to be an insurgency

Queen Maya is upset that they are suggesting to arrest Princess Deok Man as ridiculous, is that why at the present that they have the reason to deploy guards stationed heavily at In Gang Jeon. Ha Jong said that the guard are in the palace for the sake of security to give protection to the King & Queen. Queen Maya said why don’t they directly point their sword at them. Mi Shil asked King Jinpyeong to give his Royal consent over the warrant. King Jinpyeong dares Mi Shil & asked what if he refuses to sanction the consent, what will she do about it. Mi Shil said that she suppose she will has to search thoroughly by handling, turning over, or disarranging the palace for the content of where the Royal Seal have been conceal & hidden so sapiently

Dae Nam Bo informs his father that he lost Deok Man & let her gotten away. Dae Nam Bo tells of the sudden appearance of Yonghwa Hyangdo cadres but he assures that Deok Man has not let the vicinity of the palace. Mi Saeng complains is there nothing his son can do. Ha Jong adds that why his cousin can’t do this properly correct. Mi Shil said that 1st & foremost that they need to arrest all Daedeung & people in Yeol Seon Gak & place them in prison. Ha Jong is shock at his mother’s remark as even though without consent of the King or they have found the whereabouts of the Royal seal. Mi Shil said there is no time to waste, Mi Shil will get the King’s imperial decree soon after the matter has been done. Mi Shil asked to deploy all guards & arrest everyone there is in Yeol Seon Gak & furthermore to bring the Royal seal & Deok Man to her. Mi Saeng & Ha Jong acknowledged Mi Shil & leaves. Mi Shil said that aspiration is doesn’t come so easy to realise

Mi Saeng comes out as Seok Bum greets him as Mi Saeng orders that to arrest everyone there is in Yeol Seon Gak. Seok Bum asked whether they receive King Jinpyeong’s consent to an imperial decree. Ha Jong just said that to follow their orders & asked question later & arrest them. Seok Bum acknowledged the order as Seok Bum comes to Yeol Seon Gak to say that an order to arrest them has been given. Seol Won Rang said whether the King has given his consent. Seok Bum hesitates as Deok Chung recalls Seok Bum was the person who stab Se Jong as he was standing behind Seok Bum when he did it as Seok Bum cries out that Se Jong has been stabbed as Deok Chung asked what is about to happened here, what he saw when Seok Bum stabs Se Jong was real. Seok Bum asked why Deok Chung is so blank on his face as Deok Chung brushes off as nothing. Seok Bum said they have orders to arrest them. Seok Bum asked whether king Jinpyeong gave his consent, before he could finished his sentence, Seol Won Rang orders that all the people charged with treason must be apprehended at once. Kim Yong Chun asked for the King’s consent but Seol Won Rang said that they has harm Se Jong & desecrate Hwa Baek council by wielding weapons & order their arrest as Kim Seo Hyeon wants to see the King consent but Seol Won Rang hasten the arrest by order of the arrest without delay. Kim Yong Chun shouts how can they arrest Daedeungs without King’s imperial decree but Seol Won Rang will hear no reason & order the arrest as both parties draw swords at each other. Seol Won Rang signal the archers from the roof top to aim & strike

Seol Won Rang tells Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon to lay down their weapon & surrender while they still have the time & repeats to Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon to lay down their arms. Seol Won Rang about to signal when Kim Yong Chun takes a swords & put it to his neck & threaten of they take him by force, his blood will be stained on their hands. Seol Won Rang asked what Kim Yong Chun is trying to do. Kim Yong Chun orders Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon to leave & tells other not to move a step. Kim Yong Chun said that the falsely accused on the attempt on Se Jong’s life as he doesn’t know what trick or scheme they are plotting but then they will have to end up killing another Daedeungs for it in which it will be Kim Yong Chun. Seol Won Rang wants to raise the signal but it stop by Seok Bum to not to do it, this will only provoke matter to become worsen as they are. Kim Yong Chun shouts & orders at Al Cheon & Kim Yu Shin to leave the premises at once. Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon moved out of the premises then Seok Bum takes the opportunity that Kim Yong Chun was distract to over take him as both party come into combat as they were quickly succumb

Seol Won Rang orders Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon be apprehended. San Tak comes to inform that the staff of 51 of In Gang Jeon is being account for that their whereabouts are known & there is none missing. Mi Shil curious over none are missing as Ha Jong asked what is the matter with the accountability of the number of staff. Mi Shil said that there is none of the staff missing but yet the Royal Seal is missing. Chil Sook recalls that So Hwa said that she came to deliver medication to King Jinpyeong & suddenly she saw the soldier storm in, so she went to hide herself. Mi Saeng said that if there isn’t anyone missing then the Royal Seal must be within the palace ground & being conceal. Mi Saeng asked that thorough search is called for in In Gang Jeon. Mi Shil impatiently tells that they should hasten the search or rummage the whole of In Gang Jeon for the Royal seal & make sure this is done discreetly not to attract attention from outsider. MI Shil’s faction leaves as Chil Sook leaves quickly.

So Hwa is having the Royal seal as she kept it back at her ankle. So Hwa goes to the door only to find that it is bolted from outside as she goes to look into her own set of rummaging for the key to open the doors at the drawers & cabinets then as she rummage, she drop on of the boxes only to finds the document that Seol Won Rang gave Mi Shil, out of curiousity she opens to reads it & gets a shock

If I am not mistaken this is an imperial decree for Seol Won Rang by King Jinheung to killed Mi Shil before his death. I just wonder & finds it strange why Seol Won Rang kept the imperial decree all this while & didn’t destroy it & pass it back to Mi Shil when she asked for it

So Hwa hears noises & return to her seat as she quickly put the imperial decree back to its box. Chil Sook comes in as So Hwa asked what is the progress of the situation outside. Chil Sook asked for the Royal Seal to be given to him. So Hwa is surprise about what Royal Seal. Chil Sook coldly asked that the Royal seal be handed over as So Hwa play oblivion about what he is referring to. Chil Sook is sad that why & how So Hwa has her whole life being make use of by King Jinpyeong & how many times must she risk her life for King Jinpyeong’s sake & his royal command if she should dies for his sake in this attempt, it is alright with her. So Hwa said that this is also applies the same to Chil Sook towards Mi Shil that he will stake his life for Mi Shil’s command & orders. So Hwa said there is none but except to obey. Chil Sook politely asked So Hwa to surrender the Royal seal to him. So Hwa refuse his request. Chil Sook begs So Hwa said that give him the Royal seal as the only way to save her life but So Hwa refuses to surrender the Royal Seal, as she move away, she drop the Royal Seal from her ankle.

One has to remember that So Hwa is a really a born klutz. King Jinpyeong & So Hwa goes a long way even before Queen Maya. King Jinpyeong & So Hwa grew up together, although it was master & servant, but King Jinpyeong looks towards her as a sibling & as someone he can trust even his own mother doesn’t render his divine trust. Vice versa, So Hwa will do anything King Jinpyeong tells her to do, this is what loyalty is all about, so the poor love birds of Chil Sook & So Hwa had great admiration for the person they serve even to extent that it will vanquish their own life in that request.

Chil Sook picks up the Royal Seal as So Hwa begs him not to give this to Mi Shil & pleas with him. Chil Sook pushes her away & tell that he will be back soon & leaves. So Hwa tries to follow but get the door shut in front of her & yelling that he can’t do that & fall with dejection. Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon fighting their way through to escape as both Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon fight in tandem to warn off the pursuer as they got on one on one with the guards until they fight themselves corner. Al Cheon tells Kim Yu Shin that he will stay here & hold them back while Kim Yu Shin makes an escape. Kim Yu Shin doesn’t heard none of this as they must stay together & fight this off. Al Cheon tells that Kim Yu Shin must go & rescue Princess Deok Man & asked him to do so at once & quickly. Kim Yu Shin makes a run for it as he opens the palace gate & take a glance at Al Cheon who gave him an affirmative of a nod before running away. Al Cheon runs to shut the gate behind him to face the pursuer then gets a load of blades pointing at him

Ha Jong surprise that they also lost Kim Yu Shin. Mi Saeng said that this happened under the cover of the commotion that Kim Yong Chun threaten his own life & Kim Yu Shin managed to slip. Ha Jong said that Seol Won Rang does his boast his ability that he can do this & that but in reality it all mere rhethoric. Mi Shil trying to control her disappointment in bumbled her faction has done & said that they have now lost both Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man after the evaded capture. Mi Shil asked what is the probability that they will also be able to escape from the palace grounds as well. Mi Saeng assures unless they grow a pairs of wings & fly, it is not possible. It is just the matter of time that they will definitely be apprehended in no time without a doubt. Ha Jong concurs that they have their people controlling & securing the entire palace grounds & surroundings & asked his mother not to worry. Mi Saeng confirms it will be so.

Chil Sook comes & inform that he has brought the Royal seal & show the Royal seal to Mi Shil. MI Shil asked where did Chil Sook finds the Royal seal. Chil Sook said it was at the Royal cellar

Ju Jeon is the Royal cellar or storage house

Mi Shil is glad & takes the Royal Seal & said that this is fine that they now solve all the legality problems at hand according to the law of the nation. Mi Shil asked her brother to draw up the imperial decree of the arrest & their accusation charge of treason of the Daedeung & the people involves & make public. MI Saeng acknowledge his sister’s instruction. Mi Shil then asked Ha Jong to go extract Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yong Chun & Al Cheon for their confession to the charge. They must confess that Princess Deok Man was the master mind behind the revolt. Mi Shil said that also they need to hold court as soon as possible & to summon all government official to court & to Chil Sook to instruct that all Hwa Rang must also made their attendance. Chil Sook acknowledged. Mi Shil tells that make certain that Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man will not be allow to escape from the palace at all cost no matter what

Chil Sook goes to see Seok Bum & orders them to summon all the cadres corps & give the imperial decree to Seok Bum stating that this is an imperial decree for the warrant of princess Deok Man, Deok Chung is now having his suspicion. Mi Saeng asked San Tak to deliver summons for all official to attend court. Ha Jong adds that they all must be presence at court by tomorrow without a do. San Tak acknowledge the instruction & leaves. Mi Saeng said as of now that what is left is that they must finds Princess Deok Man & all aspiration will be accomplished. Ha Jong agrees that she will never able to escape from here

Kim Yu Shin sneaking around the palace ground to evade capture then he notice Chil Sook & Seok Bum & hides himself as he flees he meets with Deok Chung face to face but Deok Chung didn’t reveal Kim Yu Shin’s whereabout & then tells him to use the Western gates to make his escape as an imperial decree has been issue to warrant Princess Deok Man’s arrest. Kim Yu Shin realise that Princess Deok man is not apprehended yet. Deok Chung said that she may not have able to leave the palace grounds. Kim Yu Shin thanked Deok Chung for his information & help & leaves

Chil Sook show the imperial decree to the Hwa Rang captain to inform them that King Jinpyeong has issue an imperial decree that warrant Deok Man’s arrest. Im Jong is surprise there is a arrest warrant for Deok Man. Chil Sook tells that Princess Deok Man has stage an revolt. Phil Dan is shock at the accusation of an insurrection. BO Jong explains that she has master mind to use the household guards & desecrate the Hwa Baek council with violating the sanctuary with arms & then made an attempt on Se Jong’s life. Chil Sook asked all Hwa Rang captains to mobilised their cadre to arrest Princess Deok Man. Deok Chung comes into the Hwa Rang chamber as Bo Jong tells that he was just looking for Deok Chung & inform of the imperial decree to arrest Princess Deok Man & Chil Sook has order to deploy all Hwa Rang cadre for the task. Deok Chung has his doubt on the authenticity of imperial decree

Kim Yu Shin running to finds Deok Man as Deok Man must still be somewhere within the palace grounds…hiding somewhere but then where could it be. Kim Yu Shin recalls a secret passageway at the celestial shrine when he was doing his celestial duties as he has mentioned that at the rear end of the shrine there is something odd, there is no seen door & yet there is draft attracting the smoke towards the wall, which means that there is something hallow behind the wall where the draft can flow through outlet. Kim Yu Shin guess it must be the secret passage way of the celestial shrine & Kim Yu Shin make his way there

Joo Bang, Deok Man & Kim Chun Chu all disguise as soldier making their way to the celestial shrine. Joo bang tells that there may be possible that there are guards securing at the interior of the celestial shrine, so he will proceed to check it out & asked them to wait here. Then Deok Man notice a squad of guards where the captain call out to them & what they are doing there, their orders is to summon to the eastern gate & asked them to hurry back to the line. Deok man acknowledge then asked Kim Chun Chu to run along where the Captain out of curiousity asked them to turn around & asked which squad do that belong to & asked why aren’t they answering. Deok man said that they are heading to the eastern gates as what is ordered. Captain said how many time must he said that, then realise that it is Princess Deok Man & shouts for her as Deok Man kicks his shin & makes a run to the celestial shrine as the Captain shouting in agony pain yelling for her arrest then his rest of his squad comes running. Joo Bang threads into the shrine slowly to scout at the surroundings then hears the commotion outside & realise that it is trouble. Deok man & Kim Chun Chu is corner by guards at all sides as Deok Man draw her sword to face the guards. Joo Bang notice Deok Man & asked how could Deok Man end up in the situation to have let them apprehend her that way. The captain pacify Deok Man to come with them quietly without resistance. Joo bang said that he must escape through the secret passageway. Joo Bang goes to look for the door that leads to the secret passageway & then accidentally found the knob that open the doors to the passageway & enters it as the doors close behind him as he venture the passageway & then tries to find another knob to open another door for access

The captain still pacify Deok Man to return to the palace with them. Deok man order them to move aside. Captain said that her warrant of arrest has been relay to all guards in the palace & asked her to come quietly with them. Deok man draw her sheath & takes a swing at them with her blade & demands that they move aside as this is a command by the Royal Princess. The captain orders that Deok Man be capture. Then Kim Yu Shin comes to order them to halt as he takes down the guards one by one. Deok man is glad to see Kim Yu Shin to her rescue then Kim Yu Shin ward them off as Deok Man calls Kim Yu Shin as Kim Yu Shin asked her whether she is alright & Deok Man confirm that she is unharmed. Kim Yu Shin moves Deok Man to stand back as he deals with the surrounding guards. Kim Yu Shin tells that he has no wish to hurt them & asked them to move aside. The captain of the guards order his men to apprehended them. Kim Yu Shin goes to fend them off as he tells Deok Man to make her escape quickly as Deok Man drags Kim Chun Chu & follow Kim Yu Shin as the guards who are all floored ont ehg round gets up to pursue them

Meanwhile Joo Bang finds the secret passage way leads to many passage way as he doesn’t know which way to go next & panics that Deok man never mentioned that there is so many access routes then makes a guess on which way. Kim Yu Shin fights his way through with Deok man & Kim Chun Chu behinds him as they make a run for it with guards on hot pursuit. Kim Yu shin heads for the gates & tries to succumb the guards. Kim Chun Chu trips & a guard take him hostage at blade point & tell all to stop & asked that the gates been close & gets bolted. The captain said that this is enough, & plea that they lay down their weapon down & give this up. Kim Chun Chu asked Deok man to leave & scream for her to run away. Deok Man contemplate her odds as she drop her swords as Kim Yu Shin throw his weapon in suit & the captain orders her arrest then Bi Dam from the roof top shot arrow at the soldier & scale down with his men to take control of the situation. Deok Man goes to grab a shock Kim Chun Chu away from danger as Bi dam slaughter the guards without mercy. Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man calls on Bi Dam as Bi Dam tells that he is late & to asked Deok Man to accept his apologies as Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam faces the battle of a surrounding forces as Bi Dam’s men uses formation to defeat the palace guards. Bo Jong & Dae Nam Bo comes to give support as they run to the western gate

Meanwhile Joo bang is very lost in the maze of passageway then leans on the wall out of tiredness only to find it is a revolving door & falls in. Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam fighting their way through that even Deok Man has to render her fighting skill with the palace guards. Bi Dam takes Deok Man & Kim Chun Chu away as Kim Yu Shin fends off the guards. Bi Dam gets to the gates & opens it as Yeom Jong prepare their escape with horses as he greets Deok Man & Kim Chun Chu & Kim Yu Shin manage to come & asked them to hasten to leave on horseback. Deok Man asked what about Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin said that he will soon follow suit behind them & asked them to go. Deok man insist Kim Yu Shin to come with them. Bo Jong shouts that they must not escape & order what they are standing there for, apprehend them at once. Kim Yu Shin tells Bi Dam that he must protect Princess Deok Man at all cost & close the doors as Deok Man call out for him to asked what is she trying to think that he is doing now. Kim Yu Shin said that her survival is their debellation. Deok Man doesn’t want to heed it. Kim Yu Shin said that to asked her to survive & come to him one day to save him. Kim Yu Shin tells what is Bi Dam standing there for, escort Princess Deok man to safety as Bi Dam drags Deok Man & Kim Yu Shin closes & bolt the gates while Deok Man shouting for Kim Yu Shin to open the gates as Kim Yu Shin tells them that no one will pass through this gates as he carry on fight while Deok Man shouting for Kim Yu Shin outside the locked gate. Bi Dam drag a reluctant Deok Man on horseback as Kim Chun Chu is carrying by Yeom Jong on his horse as they make their escape with Deok Man looking back in a glance. The story continues...


Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 46

Deok Man call out for him to asked what is she trying to think that he is doing now. Kim Yu Shin said that her survival is their debellation. Deok Man doesn’t want to heed it. Kim Yu Shin said that to asked her to survive & come to him one day to save him. Kim Yu Shin tells what is Bi Dam standing there for, escort Princess Deok man to safety as Bi Dam drags Deok Man & Kim Yu Shin closes & bolt the gates while Deok Man shouting for Kim Yu Shin to open the gates as Kim Yu Shin tells them that no one will pass through this gates as he carry on fight while Deok Man shouting for Kim Yu Shin outside the locked gate. Bi Dam drag a reluctant Deok Man on horseback as Kim Chun Chu is carrying by Yeom Jong on his horse as they make their escape with Deok Man looking back in a glance

Kim Yu Shin fights through the guards as Bo Jong & Dae Nam Bo can’t only shout to stop & apprehended Kim Yu Shin as Kim Yu Shin hold out the guards as Kim Yu Shin’s resistance diminished as the guards were able to succumbs with addition numbers. Seol Won Rang comes to the scene && asked what they are doing standing there shouting order & go to arrest Kim Yu Shin. Kim Yu Shin asked the Hwa Rang captain to adhere to his words that the proprietor of Hwa Rang is Princess Deok Man & the Princess has been force to escape from the palace due to false malicious accusation place on her. The incident at Yeol Seon Gak was nothing but a fabricate plot to discriminate her & there is nothing whatsoever to do with Princess Deok Man. Seol Won Rang said that Kim Yu Shin is the traitor, don’t let his words influence their better judgement & adhere to the King’s imperial decree & asked what they are waiting for & arrest Kim Yu Shin. Bo Jong & Dae Nam Bo acknowledge the order while the other Hwa Rang captain has now has their doubts over the actuality of the matter. Bo Jong & Dae Nam Bo takes on Kim Yu Shin but the guards went on their formation & succumb Kim Yu Shin & pin him down. Seol Won Rang asked them to open the gate & go after Princess Deok Man as the soldier goes after Deok Man

Meanwhile Joo Bang still can’t find the access route out of the maze of passageway then bumble into a revolving wall as he leans on it & only to fall into Mi Shil’s basement study & So Hwa surprise to see him “drop by” & he too. Joo Bang address So Hwa & asked how did that she is here & So Hwa asked why would he be here & through the “wall”. Joo Bang asked what place is this as So Hwa tell that this is Mi Shil private study under her chambers. Joo Bang said what heavens that she has the luxury to own a private basement. Joo Bang enquire about King Jinpyeong’s status but then Joo Bang suggest that first & foremost they must escape from here. So Hwa asked whether he knows the way out of here. Joo Bang said that there is a passageway from her that goes through beyond the palace ground that according to Princess Deok Man that there is a passage way that leads from the celestial shrine to Hwa Sa Dang (Hwa Rang Memorial Hall) but it seems on the way, it is also connect to Mi Shil’s chamber & Joo Bang tells they are most certain that they will able to exit from her through Hwa Sa Dang that they will be safe. Joo Bang takes her but So Hwa asked him to wait as she takes King Jinheung’s imperial decree & hold it close to her & leaves. Joo Bang wonders why So Hwa is so cautious as he leads her out through the revolving wall

Mi Shil express upset that what Seol Won Rang has reported that Princess Deok Man & “Yu Shini” has left the palace

Go Hyun Jung makes a mistake in her dialogue to say Deok Man & Kim Yu Shin has escape from the palace but then the fact that it will be Chun Chu who escape from the palace & not Kim Yu Shin. I assume that the drama has so many Kims around that it is easy to make mistakes & that the error that was not detected or was but couldn’t do anything to rectify the error until it is too late. It is usually detect on the editing floor, obviously it was too important to snip out or they have nothing to fall back on

Mi Saeng asked what were all those soldier & Hwa Rang doing that they could allow such folly & bungled to allow them to escape. Seol Won Rang reports that Bi Dam & his men suddenly made an appearance. Mi Shil is surprise as Mi Saeng asked his sister why is Bi Dam still alive. Seol Won Rang said that Yeom Jong must have disregards her orders to do otherwise. Mi Saeng queries that Mi Shil ahs met with Yeom Jong & how could Bi Dam appear to be alive. Seol Won Rang said that it will look like Bi Dam never went away for that suggested excursion by Yeom Jong. Mi Saeng is blur with Seol Won Rang exchange of conversation over the matter of an “excursion” & asked what are they blabbering about right now. Seol Won Rang said that Yeom Jong has bewrayed us. Mi Saeng asked his sister for some answers over this matter & asked what is going on here as Bi Dam was suppose to be killed but Mi Shil is silence about the matter. Ha Jong comes in & in panic as he asked what on earth is going on to have let Princess Deok Man escape from the palace. Now they know the situation become dire for them. Mi Shil looks constipated with upset. Mi Shil said that this is the fault on her side but however it is just one Princess who has escape & all that is. As of now in this palace there is this Mi Shil who is remaining & therefore stand all authority belongs to her. Mi Shil tells her faction to proceed & execute to 2nd phase of their plan. Ha Jong asked his mother that she wants to call the court to be in session tomorrow & Mi Shil confirms it as so & therefore Mi Saeng & Ha Jong will have to summon all governing official of the land to attend court & make sure attendance is compulsory. Mi Saeng acknowledge his sister instruction

Deok man analysis the present status that Mi Shil in actual fact might have been their “de facto” Ruler for decades but alas she would never able to gain the throne on her own merits & if she doesn’t utilise plots such as this, her only change to governance & to establish her own dynastic rule will be through an insurgency as the only alternative. Deok Man tells that no matter what the situation it is, she is still is the posterity & off spring of King Jinpyeong progenitor therefore she has the substantial legitimacy in that claim over Mi Shil & the power of potency will be with her. Kim Chun Chu concurs this is why King Yu Shin has mention that her survival is their debellation. Bi Dam asked therefore, Deok Man affirms that from here onwards time is of the essence is in their favour while Mi Shil tells her faction that as of this matter the essence of time has elude them. If they should fail in apprehend Deok Man soon, Silla will that be split into 2 domain of powers. Mi Shil tells that Seol Won Rang & Chil Sook at whatever the cost is to apprehend Deok Man before she starts to cumulate her potency & before the nation has the 2nd domain of power be established, we must do away with her

Yeom Jong said that if this is so, should they finds a place of harboured go to that would be their best option. Kim Chun Chu concurs that for the sake of their future plans of governance, they need to harbour a secure place as far as possible. Deok Man asked of the opinion from Bi Dam over the matter but Bi Dam shakes his head as Deok Man does concurs she will not but with what Kim Yu Shin has said is as correct. Her escape from the palace is the best debellation is accurate to the tense & hence their cause will not seize. Bi Dam said that Mi Shil will be the person getting edgy & irritable. Mi Shil has concocted this ploy to deceive that this is done in the course of justice & has frame Princess Deok Man as a traitor in order to overtake the palace. Bi Dam said for that she needs to require the necessary prior condition is that in apprehending Deok Man to justify her cause in this one time surprise attack. Deok Man said however Mi Shil failed in apprehending her therefore her surprise offensive to hold on to authority is deem failed & from this onwards, essence of time is in her favour. Kim Chun Chu is not so optimistic & he doesn’t deny the fact but Mi Shil will not lose everything & will do in all her power to seek for Deok Man the quickest possible, this is why it is best that they flee to find a safe harbour & not to be capture & be accuse by her adversary’s heedless charges

Deok Man: There will be none to harbour refuge in. I will flee to harbour. Mi Shil & I will contend this to the very end….as in now or in Seorabeol…Help me in this

Mi Shil asked Seol Won Rang to extract the confession from Kim Seo Hyeon, Kim Yong Chun Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon over Princess Deok Man is the master mind on the attempted on Se Jong’s life before it goes situation is beyond their control, just eliminate them. Seol Won Rang acknowledge as Mi Shil adds that Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon is most likely know the whereabouts of Princess Deok Man & asked Seol Won Rang to use all method in the book to extract that information. Mi Shil orders Chil Sook to extract from Bi Dam’s men that was capture to extract Deok Man probable location. Chil Sook concurs as he has plans to do so. Mi Shil said that she will stamp the Royal Seal of King Jinpyeong to the imperial decree that warrant the arrest of princess Deok Man to notify to all the nation

Cho Bu Ryeong is a warrant of arrest

Mi Shil said however, during the process of it Deok Man must die in progress of it as according to the law of the land that Deok Man dies while resisting the course of justice, this is how Deok Man will meet her ultimate end. San Tak informs that all have now been lock up in prison cells. Chil Sook said that to guard them well & proceed with prior instruction. Chil Sook goes to the basement only to find So Hwa has gone from site & he gets upset

Dae Pung, Guk San Heun & Go Do are all being interrogated with torture to extract confession by Seok Bum as Seok Bum tell if they wish to live, they need to confess that they were following Princess Deok Man’s orders to stage the insurgency. Go Do asked to have his life spare. Seok Bum grabs Go Do’s collar & tells that he is the Royal Imperial Household Guard under Princess Deok Man’s household, did Go Do stabbed Se Jong under Princess Deok Man’s orders. Go Do said they didn’t as Guk San Hein said they didn’t received such orders

Si Wi Bu is Royal Imperial household guards

Dae Pung concurs that the soldier were blocking the entrance to Yeol Seon Gak. Al Cheon’s cadre just asked them to just killed them all & end this matter. Seok Bum can’t get anything out of them & he will see how persistence they are with their tongues as he asked the interrogation to continues as they started to torture by branding with hot iron as Go Do screams in pain. Meanwhile Al Cheon & Kim Yu Shin is strung up as Seol Won Rang is overseeing their interrogation. Kim Yu Shin asked if this deceit is sufficient to make them confess. Al Cheon said that Seol Won Rang was one of the attributes member of the Hwa Rang how could Seol Won Rang commit to such deplore deceptive stratagems & contemptible actions. Seol Won Rang agrees that it is indeed seen as deplore deceptive stratagems & contemptible actions but are they all the same trying to help someone to the path of the throne & it is pre-eminence in hegemonism is what necessitates, can they be comparing on virtues of moral & pinciples

Bae Yeob is hegemonism

Kim Yu Shin said that Seol Won Rang may not preach that theory but he does conform to the practices for the sake the sake of this people & country, it is the path he will walk. Seol Won Rang laughs as he signal for branding as Al Cheon gets a taste of branding with the hot iron. Kim Yu Shin asked what are they doing as Seol Won Rang wants to know Princess Deok Man’s whereabouts & if Kim Yu Shin doesn’t disclose her whereabout then it will be the beginning of Al Cheon’s demise as Seol Won Rang asked the torturer to ends more brand to Al Cheon. Kim Yu Shin screams for it to halt & asked SeolW on Rang to kill him instead & asked him to stop

Then Ha Jong has to interrogate Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yong Chun & asked them why is wrong with them being so stubborn & asked them to listen that King Jinpyeong has gave his consent in his imperial decree to warrant the arrest of Princess Deok Man. Ha Jong asked Kim Yong Chun to conceit. Kim Yong Chun said that this imperial decree was force out from King Jinpyeong by them & he is fully aware of it. Then Ha Jong goes to Kim Seo Hyeon & address him as in law that he doesn’t really want to see his daughter become a window & loses her husband. If Kim Seo Hyeon is so stubborn in persistence then it is most certain that Kim Yu Shin will be dead as the result & Ha Jong will lose a good son in law in the process. Kim Yong Chun asked Ha Jong to shut up his irascible mouth of his at once. Ha Jong is being patient to pacify Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yong Chun to make life easy for them that they need to state that Princess Deok Man’s order & they are not aware of it to the people & they were just mere pawns. Ha Jong said that they just need to make that statement. Kim Seo Hyeon said that Ha Jong is really abhorrent piece of manner. Ha Jong is upset that he can’t get to their sense that they are being stubborn that he has enough of pacifying & doesn’t care whether they are in law or relatives, this will spell their demise & also to Kim Yu Shin & tells why they are so stubborn in their pertinacious

Princess Man Myeong goes to Se Jong to seek his help that he can allow this to happened & reminds that they are join by marital ties & how can they be treat as such. Kim Yu Shin’s wife plea with her grandfather for her husband’s life. She tells Se Jong that he is aware that Kim Yu Shin will never retort to do such an act. Se Jong said that Kim Seo Hyeon, Kim Yu Shin, Kim Yong Chun & Al Cheon need not meet their demise. They only need to do away with Princess Deok Man. Princess Man Myeong is shock at Se Jong reply in the solution. Se Jong suggest that in order to do so, the both of the ladies must gamble their lives on a stake to convince Kim Seo Hyeon & Kim Yu Shin otherwise. Se Jong asked Princess Man Myeong whether she understand & has he made himself clear on the matter. Se Jong feels his wounds

Kim Yu Shin tries to called Al Cheon to wake up to consciousness & tell him that he must not die & he just can’t but Al Cheon pass out. Chil Sook said that Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon will not break down with interrogation with torture, we can break them either do they have extract any confession from them

Chu Guk is interrogation by torture.

San Tak comes & informs that he has done exactly as Chil Sook instruction. Chil Sook acknowledge & continue with the observation & report back to him. San Tak understands & leaves

Bi Dam tells Deok Man that she can’t do this how can she personally venture this perilous & vulnerable place. Deok Man asked Bi Dam to come & stake his life to protect her. Deok Man also tells Yeom Jong to do the same to protect Kim Chun Chu & asked whether they are all clear on the matter. Yeom Jong understands. Deok Man said that if they don’t make the 1st move then the Royal Household will be doom & in jeopardy. Deok Man tells that she is aware that it is against Kim Chun Chu own principles but that it is now require from them is the firmness of purpose & self possession & Deok Man. Kim Chun Chu agrees to adhere to Deok Man’s wishes. Deok Man tells that Mi Shil doesn’t fear or apprehensive of the fact that she can’t locate us but the fact that there is a possibility of reciprocation from us. Deok Man asked at nightfall to deploy all men to awaits for instruction & we must certain that they are action fit & readiness to execute the plans

Phil Dan gets an arrow courier message strike to his house, where he reads the message & pass it to his father to read as Deok Man sends out notices or flyers of the same message, as Im Jong gets the same message from the arrow courier. Baek Eui gets a copy then Deok Chung also gets a copy of the arrow courier

Deok Man: I am posterity & off spring of King Jinpyeong progenitor, Princess Deok Man, may every governing official & people of this great nation Silla mark & take heed my words. For staging an insurgency & force to confine His majesty to house arrest & under false de jure obtain possession of the Royal Seal, commanded that Se Ju Mi Shil be arrested

Lord Jujin in his tent where Bi Dam casually comes in & place his blade at Lord Jujin’s neck. Deok Man stroll in as Lord Jujin address her & asked why is she doing this. Deok Man wants to know what promissory agreement that Mi Shil has make with Lord Jujin. Lord Jujin tells that there is 5,000 elite soldier out there, if he were to give a shout, they may never escape for here alive. Deok Man smiles that it may be so after Lord Jujin already surrender his head & it is rolling on the table then after it could be them next. Deok Man repeats her question on what promissory did Lord Jujin make with Mi Shil. Lord Jujin doesn’t answer as Deok Man asked Bi Dam to threaten his cold steel nearer to Lord Jujin’s neck. Lord Jujin said it is 10,000 seok of land in Sangju & a seat as Daedeung at Hwa Baek council. Deok Man smiles that his remuneration for assisting Mi Shil to the throne is merely amount to some land & promoted ranks at Hwa Baek council. Lord Jujin surprise that Mi Shil aspires for the throne. Deok Man confirm that Mi Shil indeed. Lord Jujin looks at Bi Dam who give his an affirmative nod. Deok Man said that Mi Shil is all out to do anything to ascend the throne therefore Lord Jujin could have request for a larger remuneration that what he been offered. Deok Man said if she was Mi Shil her offer would have been larger than what has been offer on the table & she thinks that Lord Jujin deserve more that he has been offered. Deok Man tells that since he is providing military support for Mi Shil right to ascend the throne, he should be entitled for a large remuneration for his rendered service. Deok Man tells Lord Jujin if he now feels that he is dissatisfy & inadequate with the offer made by Mi Shil, why don’t Lord Jujin give Deok Man a chance to do some trading over the matter. Lord Jujin is surprise that Deok Man is here to do business. Bi Dam tells that Princess Deok Man is very proficient in field of trading. Deok Man asked Bi Dam to knock Lord Jujin unconscious

Deok Man leaves & returns to the hide out. Bi Dam sits with her & asked whether she needs to takes personal risk by executing the meeting with Lord Jujin. Deok Man relay the story that King Jinheung was once bitten by a tiger, his response was not remove his arm from the tiger’s mouth but to push it deeper to its throat. Bi Dam adds that to remove his hands from the grip would inflict severed injury instead push deeper to the windpipe by slitting & rupture its throat thus kill the tiger. Deok Man said that it is exactly the same situation she is facing at this moment. Deok Man still not certain whether Lord Jujin is Mi Shil’s windpipe that is able to slit & rupture but until she is certain she will continues to push deeper towards the throat to find that windpipe. Deok Man said that Wyol Ya is Bo Gya Hoe’s hideout & tells Bi Dam to go discreetly to contact him then makes plans to combine their men’s effort to devise a plan for Kim Yu Shin & Al Cheon’s rescue. When Bi Dam goes, take Kim Chun Chu along with him, Bi Dam asked what is the purpose of taking Kim Chun Chu with him. Deok Man said on contingency between Kim Chun Chu & her, one of them must stay alive. Bi Dam understands

The nobles are gathering at the palace by the summons to court. Mi Shil stamped the imperial decree in front of King Jinpyeong & hands it in front of him. Queen Maya asked Mi Shil to kill them. Mi Shil tells that it is still not the right time yet. King Jinpyeong asked what is it that she you want. Mi Shil looks at the throne & mentioned she wants the throne. King Jinpyeong laughs that she has waited only now to crave for the throne. Mi Shil is surprise. King Jinpyeong said that if she craved to become the sovereign much earlier then he would have never abandoned Deok Man or he would have lost Cheon Myeong either, then Mi Shil wouldn’t have force to give up her own son either but as of now, Mi Shil is only craving for the throne may already prove too late to do so. Mi Shil agrees that it may be true that it is already too late. King Jinpyeong said that it was never been Mi Shil’s aspiration but yet as of now, she is planning to acclaim someone else aspiration as her own. King Jinpyeong has a seizure of cough as Queen Maya goes to her husband. Mi Shil leaves as she said what else can she do, that is her dream that she now fervidly aspire to have is to have the aspiration of becoming the Queen Regnant of this nation. King Jinpyeong is already hemoptysis maybe he is suffering from consumption

The Nobles gather as Mi Shil announce her arrival as the nobles greet her presence & she reads the imperial decree

Mi Shil: After we have finished interrogate the Pungwolju, we have found that Princess Deok Man was the master mind in the conspiracy to assassinate the Sangdaedeung. Therefore Royal princess she may be; His Majesty issued an imperial decree that strongly condemn any insurgency to the state that shakes the core of foundation of this nation hence, not only we shall put more effort into the arrest of Her Royal Highness, but any & all official that commiserate with the Princess will eradicated from power. Therefore from this moment there is a formation & the establish of the Ministry of Emergency Council

Bal Bun Seak Won is eradicate all roots of commiserate

Wi Guk Bu is the Ministry of Emergency Council

The nobles are shock that a Ministry of Emergency Council is being set up to administrate the country. Mi Shil tells that the Council will consist of Se Jong, Seol Won Rang & lastly the keeper of the Royal Seal, Mi Shil, the 3 of them as members will be the set up under King Jinpyeong’s direct control & sit above the Hwa Baek council in authority. In addition Mi Shil tells that the council will investigate the alleged commiserate that may threaten national security. Meanwhile the King Jinpyeong is unwell so a Military Governor will be appointed to act on his behalf that interim his rule & the King has decree that Mi Shil will take that position

Wi Guk Bu Ryeol is the Military Governor of the Ministry of Emergency Council

Lord Jujin knows the truth & recalls of what Deok Man has told him that Mi Shil aspire to ascend the throne. Other nobles then said that Mi Shil has scheme this plot all along. One of the noble voiced a question that Mi Shil might confirm one of their queries for them. Mi Shil agrees to answer & asked what it may be the question. The nobles asked how can they know the extent of the King Jinpyeong’s illness & he would like to have the confirmation whether the imperial decree was indeed sign by him as Mi Shil asked him to continue. The nobles said that Royal seal had been stamped on the imperial decree but Princess Deok Man is only & sole posterity & off spring of King Jinpyeong progenitor & not to mentioned she is a Seonggol bloodline. Mi Shil is constipated with upset over the mentioned of Seonggol. Mi Shil signal Bo Jong who slash the noble in a single strike of blow with his blade & fall dead on the floor.

Mi Shil goes to sit in the throne & tells the court that pardon her lack of propriety & she will now tell them frankly for the situation slightly resent her. Mi Shil raise her upset that for all this while what have you have done that this Mi Shil has to laden with the responsibility of the nation affairs while the nobles are selfish trying to cumulate their wealth & assets that she has serve under 3 Kings & has preserve the security of this nation. Mi Shil then asked if only & sole posterity & off spring of King Jinpyeong progenitor, princess Deok Man did anything for the security of the nation King Jinpyeong. Mi Shil said that it was never & it is this Mi Shil that she has preserves this nation with her heart & soul. Mi Shil dare them to say otherwise to say their peace, so speak now or else hold their peace. Mi Shil said if there isn’t any voice, then asked them not to bring out the subject of Seonggol in front of her & then she as the Military Governor of the Ministry of Emergency Council,

Mi Shil: Seju Mi Shil the Military Governor of the Ministry of Emergency Council, decree state of emergency over the land declares on behalf of the King…martial law & habeas corpus to all its people of the nation. Mi Shil tells that a clauses of the decree for a gathering no less than 5 people is prohibited with Seorabeol with the exception of military officials, & carrying weapons will not be allowed. Mi Shil asked whether she is clear on it. Then notice are being put on the surrounding wall of the city as the people goes to the notice board to read on the declare martial law as Person 1 said the atmosphere & the environment in the market place suddenly got to be blur & this is strange while person 2 asked whether they has seen the notice that was put up last night as person 1 enquire on what notice last night as he recalls that it was a notice out up by signed by Princess Deok as other mentioned that Princess Deok Man signed the notices. Person 1 affirms that it is a notice to asked the nation to arrest Mi Shil as those crowded are shock & find it strange as Mi Shil is doing the same to Princess Deok Man that warrant her arrest on behalf of the King & likewise with Princess Deok Man on Mi Shil.

Habeas corpus is when a writ or legal action that a ruling governances is at all times entitled to have an account, why the liberty of any of his subjects is restrained, wherever that restraint may be inflicted

I like the background music that has the taste of O Fortuna by Carl Orff

Then the soldier comes to arrest those people for illegal assembly for less than 5 people as didn’t they read the notice & they are now disobey martial law clauses as the people are drag away. Seol Won Rang meets with Seok Bum & Baek Eui & tell them that he has offer them position as official in the Ministry of military Affairs

Sa is official

Seok Bum thanks Seol Won Rang with gratitude. Seol Won Rang said that from here onwards Seok Bum will command the soldier & observe the all governing official movement. Baek Eui acknowledged. Seol Won Rang asked whether there is any abnormal at Hwa Rang. Seok Bum said there is nothing to report of any suspicion as Seol Won Rang asked him to continue with the surveillance & if there is any brew of dissatisfaction to report immediately. Seok Bum acknowledged. Baek Eui query on the content of the order that they need to do surveillance on all official & asked whether did King Jinpyeong really gave his Royal consent to asked them to do so. King Jinpyeong has not been seen in public lately. Seok Bum said that they are Mi Shil’s order & never once that she has not done matter outside the boundary of justice & righteousness

Hwang Yun the Hwa Rang captain of the slain noble asked what is that supposed to mean & what happened to his father. Im Jong said that this is what he has heard. Phil Dan said that his father participate in court & how can he meet his demise. Im Jong said he doesn’t know the detail with certainty but he must hasten to see this for himself. Then Hwang Yun leaves to confirm. Then another Hwa Rang asked whether they are aware of anything amiss as Phil Dan asked what reference is he referring to. The Hwa Rang captain asked didn’t Lord Jujin also deploy his soldier as Phil Dan defend his father that something amiss has happened in Seorabeol therefore it is his duty for his soldier in Sangju to be deploy where needed. Deok Chung question whether Phil Dan is sure that they were deploy after the incident or did they move before it with prior knowledge. Phil Dan is upset that Deok Chung is provoking doubts over the matter. Phil Dan asked that his father is also a Daedeung in Hwa Baek council. Deok Chung tells that his father seems to have no knowledge of the matter. Im Jong asked perhaps this is by chance as the other asked him to continue as Im Jong asked whether they have receive an arrow courier with a message. Deok Chung said that Im Jong too has receive such message & wants to confirm it with him as Im Jong affirms it & so is the rest of the Hwa Rang captain present. Deok Chung said that he has never witness Mi Shil act outside the boundary of virtue of justice & righteousness but in regards to the attempt on Se Jong’s life, he believes that it was a ploy for the Hwa Baek council to expel Princess Deok Man from deliberating on state & political affairs but however as another Hwa Rang captain said there is something suspicious as not only on what happened to Hwang Yun’s father but it seem that there is too many unexplained occurrences that is happening of late. Deok Chung concurs that the insurgency at Yeol Seon Gak & the attempted on Se Jong’s life are all driven by determined & modify factors of evidence but they isn’t any clear cut evidence to justify the. Ho Jae still not his return to the Seorabeol as he is visiting his father in Yangju jeong

Yangju jeong is currently Yangsan, which is in Gyeongsangnam Bu

Phil Dan said that in this time they wish that some debate & argument on this matter could be discuss to justify the facts

Ho Jae is visiting his father in Yangju jeon where his father is the governor. Ho Jae’s father tells that this is what Mi Shil has sent to him. Ho Jae reads it & said that this is a warrant of arrest of Princess Deok Man

Ho Jae’s father is the Commander of Yangju Garrison

Ho Jae’s father said at the same time he also receive a letter from Princess Deok Man that arrive as Ho Jae reads Deok man’s letter & surprise that it state to arrest Mi Shil. So both letter contradict each other. Ho Jae’s father said that Mi Shil has wrote to him that no matter what happens not to be vacillate in any way during this time but then now at the same moment he has receive conflicting letter from Princess Deok Man to say otherwise & asked suggestion from his son on what they should do. Ho Jae asked how can something be happening. Ho Jae father sign over their irresolute in proceeding in matters. Ho Jae holds up both the letters.

Mi Shil tells Lord Jujin she wish to express her gratefulness that if it was not for his support of military assistance, Princess Deok Man’s faction would have brought great harm to Se Jong. Lord Jujin was polite that he just surrounding the palace with his garrison of soldiers awaiting for orders. Mi Shil said that it is not that he must realise how much support that he render to her cause. Seol Won Rang concurs & propose that Lord Jujin be given a post as Daedeung in the Hwa Baek council & summon him to Seorabeol to take office. Mi Shil agrees that it is of course. Lord Jujin said that his command is in Sangju jeong. Mi Shil tells that don’t all the nobility in Seorabeol share the same situation with Lord Jujin, their asset & soldier are all deploy in their province but resides in Seorabeol. Lord Jujin has to hesitates to agrees that it is so. Mi Shil orders Seol Won Rang to have this arrange at once. Seol Won Rang acknowledge as Lord Jujin has been given reality check of his worst nightmare

Phil Dan meets with his father who has just return from Mi Shil. Lord Jujin said that he has been promoted to high rank of Daedeung. Phil Dan said then this will make his father need to move in to Seorabeol, what will happen to the garrison. Lord Jujin said that the Seorabeol has declare martial law & possession to carry weapon is prohibited. The garrison will definitely has to return to its garrison quarters in Sangju Jeong. Phil Dan means that would as Lord Jujin realise that Mi Shil has dissect or amputate whatever military stronghold he has from him. Lord Jujin recalls Deok Man telling that Mi Shil will clearly do whatever it takes to ascend the throne. Lord Jujin utter Princess Deok Man

Mi Shil tell that they must summon anyone with a stronghold of military within the near proximity of Seorabeol to combined their troop under their command. Seol Won Rang concurs that they need to isolate the nobles from their soldiers. Mi Shil tells no matter what they will have the sentiment to follow certain tides of events & they need to continues this present course to sustain their authority then we would able to force the King to abdicate his throne soon after

Seon Wi is allow to abdicate or give up the throne .

Mi Shil said that the matter now with Deok Man….the sole problem to this matter is Deok Man. Seol Won Rang said that Chil Sook has found a idea to solve this matter, they just need to wait to see the yield from it

Stretcher bearers disposing & throwing corpses into a mass grave pit. One of them is Yeom Jong men who fake his death & slip away when he thinks the coast is clear, only to be observe by San Tak & Chil Sook who asked San Tank , if that is the person. San Tak explains that he is Yeom Jong’s men & went unconscious while interrogating & with Chil Sook prior instruction San Tak pretends to assume him to be dead & proceed to process him as dead so that he become a lure for them to follow. Chil Sook whether their artful deceit have been detect by Yeom Jong’s men. San Tak said that it was done with any flaw & perfect right to the dot. Chil Sook & San Tak follows with their surveillance as he may head to see Yeom Jong who is surprise to see his men, Gi Cheon & how is he doing here as Go Cheon as he faints & collapse. Yeom Jong’s men goes to the aide of their colleagues but Yeom Jong asked them to check outside to see him anyone is tailing him. Yeom Jong went to have a look but finds no one as San Tak & Chil Sook took refuge on the roof top

Seo Ji asked Wyol Ya if there is no other alternative that a break out from prison in order in helping them escape but however he voice that it is of a great risk & vulnerable. Wyol Ya said they must rescue Al Cheon & Al Cheon & those who are detain at all cost

Pheo Yul break out of prison by laying siege

Wyol Ya’s men heard some rustle & asked who goes there. Joo Bang recognise Joo Bang & glad as he asked So Hwa to come out of hiding. Wyol Ya goes to Joo Bang where Seo Ji recognised Joo Bang. Wyol ya looks at So Hwa. In the camp, Joo Bang wallop his meal quickly. So Hwa holding to the letter she took from Mi Shil basement study. Bi Dam & Kim Chun Chu is in attendance as So Hwa asked where is Princess Deok Man gone to. Kim Chun Chu smiles to asked So Hwa to have something to eat then Bi Dam will take So Hwa to Princess Deok Man. Bi Dam asked So Hwa to eat. Bi Dam finds that So Hwa is clinging to the letter tightly as she eats her meal & wonder what it may be

Deok Man glad to see So Hwa & address her as Mother. Deok man asked how is King Jinpyeong & where is King Jinpyeong. So Hwa replies that King Jinpyeong is….as Deok Man is fill with concern. Yeom Jong give Wyol Ya a plan & asked how is this, will this work. Wyol Ya reads it as Yeom Jong asked whether this plan is worth a try. Wyol Ya said that it is worth a take as an option. Seo Ji concurs that this seems to be the best to go about it looking at it. Yeom Jong said it is what it is. Wyol Ya said that this is fine & they will execute this plan immediately by tonight. Wyol Ya & Seo Ji leaves but it is being observes by Chil Sook & San Tak on their movement. Wyol Ya & Seo Ji with their men lies dead among the corpse in the grave pit as San Tak asked what are they doing. The stretcher bearer came with their daily load of corpses to be dispose, Wyol Ya & his men killed the stretcher bearer & then takes on their clothes. San Tak asked whether they should make their move but Chil Sook signal him to wait & observe what they are going to do next. Wyol Ya & his men takes the cart back to the prison in diguise

Chil Sook report to Mi Shil & Mi Shil is surprise that Wyol Ya & his men has filter in, in order to stage a rescue for Al Cheon & Kim Yu Shin. Chil Sook said they are under disguise as stretcher bearers. Mi Shil asked how many are they. Chil Sook answers there are 6. Mi Shil will give Kim Yu Shin to release & become the lure. Chil Sook understands

The guards comes to take Kim Yu Shin away as Kim Yu Shin glances at the unconscious Al Cheon. One of the cadre came in dead as they shout that someone has died. Then Kim Yu Shin is also throws in the prison cell with Go Do & the rest of the cadre. Go Do asked whether Kim Yu Shin is still alive as they yell that someone had died here as all cell starts that there is someone who had died in their cell. The Prison Captain comes & shout at them to be silent. The Captain asked “stretcher bearer” to go into the cells to check & verify the bodies whether they has expire or not. Seo Ji goes into Go Do’s cell to check on the pulse of a recent decease cadre then tap Dae Pung who is upset but then recognise Seo Ji’s eyes & so did Go Do as Seo Ji signal them to hush & not be alarm. Seo Ji shout that there is dead here. The captain order all corpses to be brought out from the cells put into the cart. Wyol Ya comes in & the cadre recognise Wyol Ya as Wyol Ya hushes them from being alarm

Yeom Jong comes in to see Deok Man to tell that Wyol Ya & his men has penetrate into the prison is successful. Deok Man acknowledge it. Seo Ji tells the Captain who came to inspect the corpses that is loaded in the cart as he asked whether they have verify the count as 4 corpses as he went through the counts. The captain takes a look at the unconscious Kim Yu Shin & seeing the reaction of Seo Ji & Wyol Ya let them pass & asked them to cart them away. Wyol Ya & Seo Ji take charge of Kim Yu Shin’s cart.

I like Seo Ji having to put on a Gyeongsang accent, the same accent as San Tak

As they leave the guard house, the soldier halt them to asked what is in the cart. Seo Ji replied that they are corpses as the soldier takes a look at them & disgust with the sight let them pass through quickly as they left with hasten. Chil Sook all this while have been in surveillance on each step of their movement. San Tak & his men are all prepare to make their attack as Kim Yu Shin is acting as a lure to find Princess Deok Man. Chil Sook signal for San Tak to make their move as Sa Tak move in tandem with Wyol Ya & Seo Ji. Wyol Ya takes Kim Yu Shin to a safe place & then tries to call out to Kim Yu Shin to wake up & regain his conscious. Wyol Ya & Seo Ji support Kim Yu Shin as they rode back to the hide out. Kim Yu Shin by now could dismount from his horse on his own. San Tak & his men has the hide out surrounded. San Tak whether he should take a squad of soldiers to continue to pursue them. Chil Sook tells not to disperse their force & what really important in their agenda is Princess Deok Man. Chil Sook order that the hide out be surrounded by their men. San Tak acknowledge & give his order to his men to surround the premises as his men surrounds the area. The story continues...

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 45

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 45 Part 1

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 45 Part 2

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The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 45 Part 5

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 45 Part 6

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 46

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 46 Part 1

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 46 Part 2

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 46 Part 3

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 46 Part 4

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 46 Part 5

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 46 Part 6

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