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Episode 23 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips of including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 17/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 18

Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of 선덕여왕(Queen Seon Deok) OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃(Wind Flower)


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Synopsis/summary of Episode 23

Kim Yu Shin comes running to aid by whacking everybody in sight. Deok Man is surprise of Kim Yu Shin’s appearance. Bi Dam surprise that he came out from his cell & asked him how he did that. Kim Yu Shin comes to Deok Man & tell Bi Dam that after this is over he will kill Bi Dam. Bi Dam said that let them discuss this after this when this is over. Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin ready to engage with Seol Won Rang for Deok Man

Bi Dam: Come let me see it, if you touched this child all of you will perish

Kim Yu Shin: Whoever comes near Deok Man will answer to me……Attack!!!

Seol Won Rang’s men surround them like in a formation. Deok Man is release from her ropes as Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin fights their way through. Kim Yu Shin throws a sword at Deok Man to defend herself but she is so stunned as Kim Yu Shin asked her to stay in focus. Then Seol Won Rang finds that Bi Dam posses the same fighting style as Moon Noh. As Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam grounded most of the men, Seok Bum steps up to confront Kim Yu Shin, who when they were younger Seok Bum had defeated Kim Yu Shin in swordsplay as Seok Bum thinks he has the upper hand & over confident. This time Kim Yu Shin is well ready to anticipate by giving Seok Bum his hacking stroke that Seok Bum loses balance & fells as Kim Yu Shin about to strike, Bo Jong comes to help but Kim Yu Shin had a better hand on Bo Jong as well broke Bo Jong’s blade & cut through his lamellar amour . Seol Won Rang & even Deok Man is surprise at the improve skill of Kim Yu Shin as Kim Yu Shin recalls what Moon Noh said to him to pay attention of focus to his swordsplay skills as he doesn’t realise this true potential

As Seol Won Rang summons more men, Bi Dam asked them to hurry to make a run for it as they are too many to hold back. Seol Won Rang’s men in hot pursuit as Deok Man being drag by Kim Yu Shin & Bi Dam on either hand. Bo Jong order the archer to shoot them in the legs & not aim for the body but the arrows misses the range & continue the pursuit then at the ridge of a ravine, & no turning back as Bo Jong is in pursuit, Bi Dam & Kim Yu Shin holds tight to Deok Man’s hand as they jump off the steep edge of the cliff into the water. It looks like a scene from Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid when they were trapped by the posse & leap off a cliff into raging waters knowing that the “fall will probably kill them” but this is a little mild for standard. Bo Jong & Seok Bum can only look below to see there is no sign of them emerging from the waters, so they have lost them. Seol Won Rang comes & order that they should start searching the flow of the stream for them & leave no place unchecked

Guk San Heun & Dae Pung informs Al Cheon that Kim Yu Shin had both gone missing & that also that Joo Bang & Go Do has disappeared & asked Al Cheon for some direction into the matter. Dae Pung can sense that something amiss might have happened to them. Al Cheon said that this is not the matter that they should stick their nose to meddle in & asked them to go back & wait. Suddenly Princess Cheon Myeong appearance & surprise Al Cheon with her unannounced visit as he mentioned that Eul Jae & Kim Yong Chu is not in the chambers. Princess Cheon Myeong said that her intention to see Al Cheon. Al Cheon dismissed Guk San Heun & Dae Pung to leave

In private, Al Cheon asked Cheon Myeong to state her intentions. Cheon Myeong said she was told that his relationship with Kim Yu Shin is considered close & asked if Al Cheon would help her. Meanwhile Bi Dam has an adrenalin thrill for the jump & the freshness of the water while Kim Yu Shin drags Deok Man to the banks. Deok Man is unconscious as Kim Yu Shin administrated mouth to mouth ventilation then continues with chest compression. Although I might say that his techniques are a little off mark position & did CPR was invented in the 7th century? While Bi Dam enjoys his adrenalin rush & the excitement of the fight with Seo Won Rang’s men, Kim Yu Shin is trying hard to get Deok Man to regain consciousness. Bi Dam realise Deok Man breast wraps as Kim Yu Shin shouts to turn his head away. Deok Man revives consciousness by regurgitating the water out of the stomach as Bi Dam asked whether Deok Man is female. Bi Dam asked Deok Man whether she is a girl & wonders the reason why Deok Man had no strength in wielding her sword. Bi Dam washes his face in the stream & realise that Deok Man was trying with intention to die by commit suicide. Kim Yu Shin asked what is the meaning behind Bi Dam’s remarks as Bi Dam tells Kim Yu Shin that Deok Man has a dagger hidden under her sleeves but she didn’t use it to cut loose her ropes. Kim Yu Shin demands from Deok Man whether Bi Dam remarks is true. Deok Man is silence as the answer is affirmative

Meanwhile Bo Jong & his men comes back empty handed & reports to Seol Won Rang that they had searched everywhere downstream but there is no sign of them. Seol Won Rang orders Bo Jong to take half his men to Yangji village to begin search there. Seol Won Rang said that Bi Dam is said to have been in residence in that village so asked Bo Jong to check that out

Kim Yu Shin, Deok Man & Bi Dam finds shelter in the cave as Kim Yu Shin tells Deok Man what a fool she is that she felt that she is not worthwhile & tries to kill herself in a quest but what about Kim Yu Shin’s sentiment & quest in wanting to save Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin asked on what about her mother who died trying to save Deok Man in the desert or what about Princess Cheon Myeong in Seorabeol who is feeling full of concern with fear Deok Man’s welfare & safety or what about Kim Yu Shin who now standing at her side & scolds Deok Man as how could she be so selfish in forgetting about the people who is greatly concern about her. They have come to this present by managing to cheat death many a times. Deok Man stood up to asked what now has she got to show for it & what she is suppose to do now. Deok Man resigns that does he have any way out to how they can overcome this predicament situation. Deok Man walks away as Kim Yu Shin goes after her. Bi Dam asked why what situation demands them to reaction in such a manner

Kim Yu Shin tells her that there is a way that he suggest that they leave Silla together. Things may be fine of they are not in Silla as they would be on the run & asked Deok Man to leave with him. Deok Man asked why should Kim Yu Shin sacrifice himself that he is showing her great empathy towards her. Why it is a great cause that Kim Yu Shin were to give up his father or Silla to go such a distance with her. Deok Man asked if by chance that Kim Yu Shin has a liking for her. Kim Yu Shin is silence as Deok Man continues that it doesn’t make any sense on his reason to leave with her that he doesn’t concern him at all. Deok Man leaves but Kim Yu Shin grab hold of her as Kim Yu Shin answer that he never said he did not like her. Deok Man realise that Kim Yu Shin has develop a liking for her as he leaves. Deok Man follows as Bi Dam looks like a curious audience as the scene unfold before him

Kim Yu Shin went into the cave as Deok Man tells that Kim Yu Shin that she actually know the reason that he must have pitied her at that is all to it. Deok Man would have done the same if she was in his shoes as these times they had grown quite fond acquaintance for each other. Bi Dam comes in to eavesdrop their conversation as Deok Man asked Kim Yu Shin to take back his vow on her. Kim Yu Shin directly tell Deok Man that he has chosen her that he will leave with Deok Man together & that he will. Kim Yu Shin said that back at the cell, he thought he was driving himself crazy as he watched her being led away. He felt that he was useless to d anything& wanted to kill himself being so pathetic. Kim Yu Shin promised that he will never permit the incident to ever happened again & without his permission there will be no one will be allow to bring any harm to Deok Man not even if it is Deok Man herself. Bi Dam is so thrill that it is such a joke that Kim Yu Shin is being so mushy in their love declaration. Meanwhile Seol Won Rang men are scouting the mountain for their whereabouts

In the night, Al Cheon gathers the cadre of Bi Cheon Ji Do and Yonghwa Hyangdo that they are heading for Geumak village & in there they will save Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man as the cadre obey the orders. Al Cheon & Cheon Myeong rides out to Geumak Village. Queen Maya informs King Jinpyeong that Cheon Myeong left the palace, that he took something from her drawers as Queen Maya queried the palace maid & finds that she has apparently left the palace with Al Cheon. King Jinpyeong wonders what Cheon Myeong behaving unpredictable in the situation, & Cheon Myeong has gotten involved in the matter. Queen Maya enquire from Princess Man Myeong whether there is any news from Kim Seo Hyeon. Princess Man that he has heard anything

Kim Yong Chu & Eul Jae comes to report that Cheon Myeong has left Seorabeol. King Jinpyeong that he just hear the news as of now. Kim Yong Chu is concern that if by chance Cheon Myeong is apprehended together with Deok Man then it may pose a problem for them. Eul Jae asked Princess Man Myeong where did Kim Seo Hyeon went as Princess Man Myeong replied that her husband is in Geumak village. Eul Jae can half guess that Cheon Myeong will be heading towards that place. King Jinpyeong orders Kim Yong Chu to send at once Im Jong and his cadre to Geumak village, and seek to find Cheon Myeong immediately, the King Jinpyeong adds that Im Jong & his cadres must find & protect both Deok Man & Kim Yu Shin

Ha Jong is disappointed that Seol Won Rang had lost track of Deok Man. Ha Jong said that it was just a teaser to make them happy when they send words that they had apprehended Deok Man. Se Jong is angry on what Seol Won Rang is doing out there as he is making worried by counting, by counting the eggs before they are hatched that Seol Won Rang is so careless in handling the matter that the delay may cause them risk of dangers & they need to put an end to this matter immediately. Ha Jong concurs. Se Jong said that they already started the battle by declaring the Hwabaek Council, if Seol Won Rang is unable to produce Deok Man it will backfire at their face with great back. Ha Jong said that they must persist in their Hwabaek Council as they still holding So Hwa. Ha Jong suggest that they use the testimony of So Hwa & Chil Sook on the evidence that the twin existed as their trump card. All they have to do is prove that. Mi Shil said that it will not work if they handle the matter that way. Se Jong is impatient that they has to wait for the capture of Deok Man. Mi Shil said in time of this they need hard core substantial evidence to proof their argument & advice caution before they have that evidence, without that they can’t proceed further.

Mi Shil states that furthermore, Chil Sook currently believes that So Hwa is in the hands of King Jinpyeong & if Chil Sook were to find out that they are the ones who is holding So Hwa, she can’t predict what Chil Sook’s reaction will be. Mi Saeng is angry that Seol Won Rang failed to capture Deok Man & lost sight of her. Seo Ri reiterate that is why that instead of trying to capture Deok Man, they should just kill her instead when the opportunity was there. Chil Sook asked for So Hwa & her whereabouts. Mi Saeng tells him that they are still trying to find So Hwa. Chil Sook is worried what of King Jinpyeong gets to So Hwa 1st, then it may impose a great obstacle for Mi Shil. Chil Sook asked that So Hwa needs to be found as soon as possible

Abbot Wyol Cheon is checking pulse for So Hwa as Joo Bang begs Abbot Wyol Cheon that they really do not know anything as they are just mere lowly servants. Go Do asked that their hand be untied their hancuff. Abbot Wyol Cheon tells that he is also just a mere astronomer & physician as Abbot Wyol Cheon leaves as Joo Bang & Go Do begs for their release. Then Joo Bang picks pocket Abbot Wyol Cheon & finds that the key don’t fit their handcuff, then Joo Bang is frustrated that each time they pick pocket the Abbot; that the keys don’t open their handcuff

Abbot Wyol Cheon is inform that Mi Shil wants immediate results. Abbot Wyol Cheon said that So Hwa’s case is not the same with Chil Sook & treating her for a cure is not easy. Mi Shil’s men asked Abbot Wyol Cheon to tried harder with effort as it is a matter of great urgency. Abbot Wyol Cheon goes to his room only to find an arrow shot into his room with a note. Abbot Wyol Cheon read the note & realise that this is from people of Gaya. Mi Shil’s men comes to check on the commotion as Abbot Wyol Cheon brushes it as nothing & asked the man to leave. Does Abbot Wyol Cheon have any relationship to the Gaya Confederacy

Cheon Myeong confronts Kim Seo Hyeon to ask whether he came her acting on Eul Jae’s orders & what Eul Jae has promised Kim Seo Hyeon in return of that barter. Cheon Myeong said that whatever it may be, it will never materialise as the Royal wedding between her & Kim Yu Shin will not occur & threaten Kim Seo Hyeon that whatever few people of Gaya left in Seorabeol will never able to set foot in the capital. Kim Seo Hyeon bows to Cheon Myeong’s reprimand as Cheon Myeong asked if he believe that Mi Shil is capable of such treat then Kim Seo Hyeon should try going again Cheon Myeong. Cheon Myeong said that Kim Seo Hyeon is not giving any consideration to King Jinpyeong’s feeling, he is no better than Mi Shil. Kim Seo Hyeon apologise for his folly. Cheon Myeong orders that Kim Seo Hyeon retrieve his order & to rescue Deok Man without harm. Kim Seo Hyeon obeys

Deok Man ponders as she looks at King Jinheung’s dagger on Kim Yu Shin words that he had chosen her over his family & country & plans to leave Silla with her. Deok Man question if it is alright to do so with Kim Yu Shin & what she is suppose to do now. Kim Yu Shin is doing his own set of pondering in thoughts. Bi Dam comes after collecting firewood & asked whether he is leaving Silla or not. Bi Dam embrace Kim Yu Shin that he will run away together with Deok Man. Bi Dam asked whether Kim Yu Shin likes Deok Man. Kim Yu Shin is not friendly as since Bi Dam help them in their escape, he will tolerate Bi Dam for the time being & chase him away

Kim Yu Shin notices Seol Won Rang’s men & grabs Bi Dam to hide from sight. Kim Yu Shin inform that Seol Won Rang’s men has came this way searching for them. Bi Dam said they are like blood hound so persistent. Kim Yu Shin said that they need to leave her at once. Bi Dam stops him to say that this place is safe as they will not able to detect from outside. Bi Dam asked them to stay here for a while as he goes to Yangji village to see if he can hire a boat. Kim Yu Shin asked whether Bi Dam can get them a boat to escape. Bi Dam said that a few moment ago Kim Yu Shin tried to chase him away & couldn’t care less about him. Bi Dam said the just have to plead with his teacher. Kim Yu Shin asked them for Bi Dam a favour. Bi Dam asked on condition that Deok Man & Kim Yu Shin able to take him with them. Kim Yu Shin agrees & asked him to go to Yangji village. Bi Dam said that it will not be now as he is certain that they are also searching through Yangji village, because Bi Dam did mentioned that he was residing in that. Bi Dam asked them to give some trust to him & wait for him at the cave as he will go outside to check on the situation. Kim Yu Shin holds Bi Dam to asked him to be careful out there, especially avoid those who has the same uniform as them in red & violet garment. Bi Dam understands & leaves

Cheon Myeong discloses Al Cheon the secret & he is surprise. Cheon Myeong tells that there is not many people that this is disclose but the reason she is letting Al Cheon know on this, it is because from now onwards he must risk & put his life on the line as collateral & without realising or detect that actual reason Al Cheon may not put his life as risk. Al Cheon apologise that he will regards that he has never heard this & will erase from memory. Al Cheon tells that he once owed Deok Man a debt for saving his life & a bosom friendship with Kim Yu Shin therefore he does have sufficient reason to risk his life on the line for them. Kim Seo Hyeon comes in to report that Seol won Rang & his men has made their move to Yangji village & tells Cheon Myeong that the village is suffering a plague & Kim Yu Shin’s whereabout is there

Seol Won Rang ransacking the village as Seok Bum brings the Village head to see Seol Won Rang as he question where is the people who are dressed in Nang DS uniform. The Village head said that the village is practically being abandoned by the plague why are they doing this to his village. Seok Bum asked whether they need to destroy the whole village before he will talk to them. Village Head tell them the truth as he has no knowledge. Seol Won Rang question about the whereabouts of the a physician. Village head said he doesn’t know about the physician whereabout as he just disappear suddenly & firmly tells that he has no knowledge at all

Seo Ri is praying & then hit a divine revelation in the stars of the clashes between constellation of Gemini & Pisces

Cheon Jun is Celestial Wine Cup is one of the part of the “Well” or literally the Jing Xiu in Chinese is the Constellation of Gemini. It is one of the 28 mansion of the Chinese constellation. It is one of the 7 southern lunar mansions of the Vermilion Bird. Well have 19 asterisms

Buk Rak Sa Mun is known as Dark Warrior or North Emperor in the Chinese astronomy. It is part of the northern part of the constellation of Pisces

Seo Ri goes to Mi Shil to advice that they need to kill Deok Man instead of apprehending her & insist Mi Shil kills Deok Man. If they attempts to bring Deok Man alive that it may end up ruined Mi Shil’s master plan. If Mi Shil doesn’t seize this opportunity her master plan may not succeed. Mi Shil thinks that Seo Ri is now getting old with occupation hazard as Seo Ri is vexed over trifling matters brushes her to leave. Seo Ri reminds why Mi Shil is so vent in becoming the Queen that Seo Ri had told her a long time ago that despite Mi Shil having everything that she can’t be Queen. Mi Shil said that she do own everything including heaven’s divinity & what more is there to become with those paltry twin princesses & what so great about those nonsensical prophecies that Mi Shil doesn’t give a care less about the matter. Seo Ri is shocked that Mi Shil has become so bold even to define heaven’s providence. Seo Ri has something up her sleeves as she informs Mi Saeng that Seo Ri wants to kill Deok Man without his sister’s knowledge. Seo Ri said that she has to act on it as the Constellation of Gemini will breach onto the

Constellation of Pisces, as Mi Saeng realise that Constellation of Pisces means & represent his sister’s birth. Seo Ri tells the Constellation of Gemini is represents the birth of the twin Princesses in which the Princess were borne under the constellation. Mi Saeng realise that it is a bad omen for Mi Shil if the constellation clashes, therefore Deok Man needs to be killed in order not to have it happened. Mi Saeng believes & trust Seo Ri loyalty & her words, that he will carry out this task to kill Deok Man. Mi Saeng goes to his son Dae Nam Bo for the sake of Mi Shil he must complete & accomplished this mission. Seo Ri said that this mission defer differently with what Mi Shil wishes & asked whether Dae Nam Bo willing to execute & fulfil his mission with his life. Dae Nam Bo asked what is his mission as Mi Saeng asked him that his mission require the use of poison arrow that he has to prepare those arrows to have Deok Man killed. Dae Nam Bo said that Mi Shil had orders them to bring Deok Man alive but Seo Ri interrupts that Deok Man must killed at all cost as Deok Man will be the person that will destine to destroy Mi Shil. Mi Saeng gives courage to his son to do their bidding

Seol Won Rang still patrolling Yangji Village as Bo Jong tells that it seems that as there is no sign of them here. Seol Won Rang orders to leave guards in the village as for now in waiting for any sign of them emerging while they gather to reassign their search for them. Meanwhile Bi Dam observing Seol Won Rang’s men as they leave & relief that the wretches had finally left. One of the villagers asked that if they stay here, will they still going to able to find out where the Moon Noh had gone to as Bi Dam said t wait. Then Bi Dam is shocked to find that the villager is wearing Kim Yu Shin’s lamellar armour & nearly hits him with his shoes as he had asked to villager to hold on to it & not to wear it on himself. The villager couldn’t resist the leather

Kim Seo Hyeon comes to report to Cheon Myeong on the on goings. Kim Seo Hyeon said that Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man didn’t emerge at Yangji village but after a fruitless search, Seol Won Rang had packed up his men but left 2 guards at the village. Cheon Myeong is now anxious to where in the world did Deok Man has gone to then. Kim Seo Hyeon had no answers for her as Cheon Myeong asked whether he was certain that Deok Man and Kim Yu Shin were indeed there where he 1st presumed. Kim Seo Hyeon affirms that according to the local villagers in Yangji that they came there a few days ago, & were helping out a physician who was treating patients in that village. Cheon Myeong asked about the whereabouts of the physician. Kim Seo Hyeon said that it looks like the physician went into hiding after the Seol Won Rang’s soldiers appeared. Cheon Myeong could estimate that from tomorrow Seol Won Rang will certainly launch a large scale search party. Kim Seo Hyeon concurs that it may be so. Cheon Myeong orders Kim Seo Hyeon to send a message to the palace immediately & have the palace to send reinforcement as support

Al Cheon asked his scout at Yangji village where Seol Won Rang’s men are as the scout replies that they now residing in physician’s clinic. Guk San Heun & Dae Pung comes to greet them as Al Cheon asked if they found information about the physician. Guk San Heung said that the physician came & went like a wind & no one has any knowledge on his whereabouts but Dae Pung adds that the villagers said he is not the kind to just abandon his patients behind, so they is a chance that someone has send him a message

Al Cheon notice a strange woman carrying the baby run pass them as Cheon Myeong asked what is the matter as Al Cheon goes to check out his suspicion & asked the Tong Hwa Hyangdo cadres to stand guard for Cheon Myeong while he takes his cadre to go & investigate. Bi Dam also notices the strange woman & recognises her as Sang Chul’s wife. Bi Dam said there is no reason why Moon Noh had left sick patient. The villager asked whether Bi Dam needs to follow the strange woman as Bi Dam said to follow & see what it unfolds for them then they finds that she been follow behind closely by Al Cheon. Bi Dam asked who are they as he recalls Kim Yu Shin saying that the must be cautious of the uniform of red and violet but this people are wearing yellow instead. Bi Dam said that they will follow Al Cheon

The strange woman running carrying her infant as Al Cheon tracks her then follow by Bi Dam. Al Cheon realise that they been follow ambushed Bi Dam & asked who is Bi Dam & why are they following Al Cheon as Bi Dam asked who is Al Cheon instead. Al Cheon wanted to reprimand Bi Dam & finds that Bi Dam is wearing Kim Yu Shin lamellar armour & asked that this armour belongs to a Hwa Rang. Al Cheon question where did Bi Dam got that armour. Bi Dam said he barter chicken for that. Al Cheon asked from whom he barter that armour from. Bi Dam asked if there are many colours to these uniforms as Kim Yu Shin only mentioned red or violet & didn’t speak nothing about yellow. Al Cheon asked what Bi Dam is trying to imply as he queries Bi Dam where he got that lamellar armour from. Bi Dam said that Kim Yu Shin was wearing blue colour uniform. There realise it is the colours of Yonghwa Hyang Do. Al Cheon question whether Kim Yu Shin was the person who told Bi Dam to be cautious of those that are wearing red and violet uniforms. Bi Dam said that the person was named Kim Yu Shin

Al Cheon asked whether Kim Yu Shin has a cadre beside him. Bi Dam asked whether Deok Man is a man or a woman. Al Cheon wants to know where they are. Bi Dam asked whether they are friend or foe as they are wearing yellow. Al Cheon said that they are here to help Kim Yu Shin. Bi Dam asked how can he able to trust Al Cheon’s sincerity. Al Cheon demands as Cheon Myeong comes to asked what ids the matter. Then Bi Dam sees Yonghwa Hyangdo cadre wearing the blue uniforms; the same as Deok Man & Kim Yu Shin then concluded that they are the same party of people. Bi Dam takes Cheon Myeong & Al Cheon with him then at the entrance of the cave Bi Dam ambush & seizes Guk San Heun & Dae Pung’s swords. Al Cheon demands what is Bi Dam trying to do. Bi Dam has an issue of doubt in trusting Al Cheon. Pointing the blade at Guk san Heun & Dae Pung, Bi Dam asked them to shout their names. Deok Man hears Guk San Heun shouting his name louder & louder as she wakes Kim Yu Shin that she hears Guk San Heun calling his name. Then Dae Pung shouts his name loudly as Kim Yu Shin hears it. Deok Man said that they must have come for them. Deok Man goes out but Kim Yu Shin stops her & caution that they still no sure whether it could be a trap. Cheon Myeong asked what is Bi Dam trying to achieve here as the shouts might arouse the other group’s attention who in the midst of searching the area. Bi Dam said that Cheon Myeong looks upset as Cheon Myeong assure that they are here to help Kim Yu Shin

Kim Yu Shin calls out to Cheon Myeong as Bi Dam lower his blades as Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man greets Cheon Myeong. Deok Man greet her sister as Princess Cheon Myeong embraces Deok Man in console as Bi Dam realise that Cheon Myeong is Princess. Dae Nam Bo comes to Seol Won Rang in Yangji Village as Seol Won Rang thinks that Mi Shil sends him as Dae Nam Bo is an aide close to Mi Shil. Seol Won Rang admits that his miscalculation & over confidence has ended up in failure. Dae Nam Bo said that Mi Shil is anxious with worry. Seol Won Rang believes that he is certain that Deok Man & Kim Yu Shin has not left the mountain region in this area as of yet. Seol Won Rang orders his men to leave just a unit her while other split to units of 100 men & commence to search the areas of Mt. Jeul Ji. Bo Jong said that they already made plans & Dae Nam Bo just followed their lead. Seol Won Rang said that they must capture Deok Man alive at all cost, it may be difficult that it is a must that they do so. Bo Jong & Seok Bum acknowledge the order while Dae Nam Bo had a different agenda.

Dae Nam Bo asked his cadre to divide the Duk Si poison arrow among them

Poison arrow in ancient Chinese comes from the plant Aconite. The plant in its fresh form is highly poisonous. The poison comes from the toxic alkaloid aconitine. Aconitine is found in the whole plant but is mainly concentrated in the root. Symptoms of poisoning include tingling, numbness of the tongue and mouth, nausea & vomiting, laboured in breathing, a weak and irregular pulse, and cold, clammy skin. It is said that even the smallest amounts of aconitine inside the mouth cause burning, tingling, and numbness. As little as 2 mg of aconitine can cause death in as little as 4 hours, which may be one reason why aconite is often chosen by people attempting suicide by poison. It is still until the present day has declared all species of aconite “unfit for human consumption. Aconitum carmichaeli is used in traditional Chinese medicine It is called Fu Zi in Mandarin or Szechuan Aconite. This herb is used to treat rheumatism, bruises, arthritis, acute hypothermia, diarrhoea, & impotence. The herb is very hot and has a sweet, spicy taste. The main function of Fu Zi is to warm the interior. It also works to restore collapsed yang, warm Kidney fire, warm the Kidney and spleen, drive out the cold, warm the meridians, and relieve pain. Fu Zi is also used by traditional Chinese herbalists in conditions marked by deficient Kidney and Spleen yang or in conditions with early morning diarrhoea or lack of appetite. Aconitum carmichaeli also contains the toxic alkaloid aconitine. After cooking the herb, the alkaloid is converted to aconine, which is not as toxic. This herb is poisonous. When it is properly prepared as recommended by a Chinese medicine practitioner, there are rarely any adverse effects. Chinese pharmacies do not sell raw, untreated aconite, as the plant should be dried and then brewed for long periods of time. There have been, however, cases of aconite poisoning reported in Asian countries, including some that ended in the patient’s death from heart arrhythmias. It appears that most of these cases are due either to the herbalist’s prescribing a larger dose of aconite than is needed, or to the patient’s attempting to prepare the remedy at home. It is use with caution as it is extremely toxic.

Dae Nam Bo said that the unit are being dispatched out that his cadre must come with him immediately & be with his at all time. One of Dae Nam Bo cadre asked whether they have to kill Deok Man. Dae Nam Bo confirm that they need to do the assassination without anybody’s knowledge

Al Cheon gathers the cadres & asked them to search every corner of the mountain & find out the movement in the vicinity as the cadre leaves for the search. It seems the whole population of the Hwa Rang cadre corps are up in that mountain. Kim Yu Shin pacing outside a Chogajip (thatcher roof house) as Deok Man & Cheon Myeong has a private moment. Cheon Myeong notices that Deok Man doesn’t look well. Deok Man asked why Cheon Myeong had come all the way here. Cheon Myeong tell Deok Man to leave Silla. Cheon Myeong said that she, their mother, their father would wanted to help but don’t have the ability or the capability to do anything as they don’t have the political strength & stand powerless. Cheon Myeong said that she knew their dire situation all this while & that it has never bother here but not until now it vexed her so much that they had never even have the chance to become sisters & siblings for example like other sisters, they have yet to fight over clothes or tossing rings here and there as all girls will do, & saying either you want to or I want to go next. They haven’t even got the chance to argue & bickers about petty things. Deok Man said even if they grew up together like other sisters, Deok Man is sure that Cheon Myeong will give in to her in everything. Deok Man said that she just would just pouted & said that she want this or that. Deok Man asked Cheong Myeong not to feel laden with guilt for her sake as Cheon Myeong had done all she can for Deok Man & she will never harbour any resentment towards Cheon Myeong. Cheon Myeong is choked with tears

Cheon Myeong present Deok Man a package to asked her to unwrap it & see. Deok Man unwraps it to fond female clothings as Cheon Myeong tell Deok Man that this was made by Queen Maya their mother for Deok Man despite never having seen Deok Man & made it exactly like Cheon Myeong’s. Queen Maya after meeting with Deok Man. Queen Maya went to her closet & dug deep from where she hid it & told Cheon Myeong that her mother needs to clothed & help to wear this clothes on her daughter. Cheon Myeong said that their mother can only mutter repeats of these words & can’t able do to anything about it. Cheon Myeong asked Deok Man to try it on to see if it fits as she too wish to see Deok Man wear the clothes their mother had made for them. Deok Man touches the fabric of the clothes

Cheon Myeong comes out as Kim Yu Shin greets her. Cheong Myeong has asked Deok Man to leave Silla as in this In this world of theirs; can’t able to find a family where a father, a mother of whom unable to give protection to the life of their family member. Cheon Myeong is sick with nausea at the sight of this happening before her that she can no longer able to endures nor tolerate that she really as of now wants to see the end of Mi Shil. Cheon Myeong turns to Kim Yu Shin as he kneels before her as Kim Yu Shin asked for forgiveness from Princess Cheon Myeong that he may no longer able to stand by her side anymore as he had vowed. Kim Yu Shin tells Cheon Myeong that he is leaving with Deok Man & to protect her & to take care of her. Cheon Myeong is taken aback by Kim Yu Shin’s declaration.

Deok Man comes awkwardly out still in her male top knot wearing Queen Maya tailored clothes. Kim Yu Shin quickly stood up at the sight of Deok Man in a dress. Cheon Myeong tells that Deok Man looks pretty in the dress but why Deok Man didn’t do anything with her hair. If Deok Man is dressed to be a Princess then she should have the hair style that is befitting that dress. Cheon Myeong goes into the thatcher house as Kim Yu Shin scan Deok Man from head to toe. Deok Man tell Kim Yu Shin that she had been in men’s clothes for so long, so that is why the awkwardness that she is not fit being a Princess. Kim Yu Shin said that he had convey to Cheon Myeong that that he will be leaving together with Deok Man. Deok Man said that Cheon Myeong will be ridden with sadness. Deok Man said that Kim Yu Shin may not be aware but she know all so very well how much trust Cheon Myeong rides on Kim Yu Shin for confidence

Cheon Myeong style Deok Man’s hair for her. Cheon Myeong asked whether Deok Man can able to address her as Unnie for just once as she wish to hear her said it to her. But Deok Man tries but hesitates then pushes the excuse that she will definitely address Cheon Myeong as Unnie the next time. Cheon Myeong is disappointed as she said to herself when will there be the next time for that opportunity. Deok Man tells that in regards to Kim Yu Shin, Deok Man will return Kim Yu Shin to Cheon Myeong’s side to serve her that Deok Man knows how important Kim Yu Shin is to Cheon Myeong & she knows how important asset is Kim Yu Shin for Silla. Deok Man just want Kim Yu shin until she leaves Silla for she fears being afraid & lonely but she will be fine after she leaves Silla as Cheon Myeong is left with all the troubles & problems. In comparison Deok Man has lesser things to worry than Cheon Myeong but Cheon Myeong may feel more of the loneliness because this place is a very lonely place to be. Cheon Myeong had always needs to walk through the darkness alone. This is why she definitely needs to return Kim Yu Shin back to Cheon Myeong

Cheon Myeong comes forward to Deok Man & holds her hands & tells that she will not have Kim Yu Shin as Deok Man can leave with Kim Yu Shin & so they can live & make a life together. Cheon Myeong tells Deok Man that King Jinpyeong who abandoned & gave her up; for a mother & sister who couldn’t do anything or have the power to protect Deok Man, Cheon Myeong asked Deok Man to just forget about everything about Silla & lives a normal life & to live like a woman. Cheon Myeong tries to say something but hesitates & asked Deok Man to have a happy life as a woman & she must do so. Cheon Myeong said that Deok Man must live in happiness for her as well. Deok Man said to herself whether it is alright that she can leave with Kim Yu Shin together.

Al Cheon looking at the distance at the 2 sisters as Kim Yu Shin approaches Al Cheon to asked Al Cheon to look after Cheon Myeong for him as he plans to leave Silla with Deok Man. Al Cheon tells Kim Yu Shin before they arrived here, the Royal wedding has been decided between Kim Yu Shin & Princess Cheon Myeong. It is because Kim Yu Shin had told Cheon Myeong that he is leaving, she didn’t mentioned or bring up the matter & asked Kim Yu Shin to reconsider of Cheon Myeong’s heartfelt feeling & her situation. Kim Yu Shin knows the reason why his father came here, that he must have had a discussion Eul Jae that he had barter Deok Man’s life for the Royal wedding

Even if there was an agreement. Al Cheon said that although that this was the arrangement of between Eul Jae & Kim Seo Hyeon but they can’t deny what Cheon Myeong’s feeling for Kim Yu Shin is. Kim Yu Shin understands but does Al Cheon understand what his heartfelt feeling is as of now. Kim Yu Shin said that he is the person who don’t defer or divert in action on what his heart feels. Bi Dam also watching the 2 sisters at the distance as Cheon Myeong stroking Deok Man’s hair

Bo Jong goes on their search for Deok Man & Kim Yu Shin as Guk San Heun & Dae Pung are also tracking their movement as Seol Won Rang’s men is everywhere in the area as they run back to report as Dae Nam Bo tracks Guk San Heun & Dae Pung & follows them. Guk San Heun & Dae Pung makes a report that Seol Won Rang’s men have spread out their search, Dae Pung said that the search party are carrying rabbit’s feces. Deok Man is already changed into her Nang Do uniform

Do Pyan – Rabbit dung. Dried rabbit dung works like charcoal, it is flammable due to the grass blend content & makes good smoke alarms

Kim Yu Shin said that they are planning to use the dung send up smoke signal once their location is being discovered. Kim Yu Shin asked whether Guk San Heun & Dae Pung had asked Bi Dam for directions of the area. Guk San Heun said that Bi Dam advise the best route is through water way rather that track road that may seem shorter. Dae Pung said since the forest is naturally dark & finding them may be a difficult task, even discover, capture is not so easily. Cheon Myeong said then a boat must be prepared. Al Cheon had made arrangement for the boat as they speak & the route they must take is being brief.

Cheon Myeong asked Guk San Heun & Dae Pung to take the track road & block the path. Guk San Heun & Dae Pung leaves. Cheon Myeong said that they must prevent them from discovery Deok Man’s whereabout at all cost. Cheon Myeong looks at Deok Man’s princess clothes folded on the table. Guk San Heun & Dae Pung leaves the thatcher house. Meanwhile Dae Nam Bo & his cadre already found the location of where Deok Man is hiding as he surveillance the thatcher house. Deok Man bids farewell to Cheon Myeong with embraces, it pains those who witness the emotions of the sister’s parting.

Sinopsis Drama Asia (Korea)The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 23
Tayang: 11-Dec-2009 16:30 WIB

Berbeda dengan Yushin (Uhm Tae-woong) yang hanya bersenjatakan tongkat kayu, Bidam (Kim Nam-gil) dengan pedangnya tidak segan-segan membunuh lawan-lawannya. Namun yang paling membuat Seolwon (Jun Noh-min) kaget, Bidam memiliki jurus yang sama persis dengan Munno (Jung Ho-bin).

Meremehkan Yushin yang saat remaja sering dikalahkan, Seokpum (Hong Kyung-in) dan belakangan Bojong (Baek Do-bin) ternyata mampu dikalahkan oleh sang yunior. Begitu ada kesempaan, Bidam langsung mengajak Yushin dan Deokman (Lee Yo-won) untuk melarikan diri.

Berhasil lolos setelah melompat ke dalam air terjun, Yushin sangat kecewa saat Bidam memberitahunya kalau Deokman berniat bunuh diri. Namun saat ditegur, Deokman dengan marah menyebut sudah tidak ada lagi jalan keluar dari masalah yang dihadapinya. Siapa sangka, Yushin menyebut bahwa ia siap pergi sejauh mungkin dari Shilla dan meninggalkan semuanya demi Deokman.

Ditemani oleh Alcheon (Lee Seung-hyo), Putri Cheonmyeong (Park Ye-jin) menyusul Kim Seohyeon (Ju Sung-mo) ke desa Gunmak. Begitu bertemu muka, ia langsung bisa menebak kalau ayah Yushin itu sudah bekerja sama dengan Eule (Shin Goo). Dengan marah, ia meminta Kim Seohyeon mengubah perintahnya supaya Deokman bisa ditemukan dengan selamat.

Gagalnya penangkapan Deokman membuat kubu Mishil (Go Hyeon-jeong) berang, namun wanita itu tetap ngotot supaya putri bungsu Raja Jinpyeong (Jo Min-ki) itu ditangkap dalam keadaan hidup. Oleh Pendeta Seori (Song Ok-sook), Mishil kembali diingatkan bahwa ramalan bintang menunjukkan bahwa kehadiran dua putri kembar hanya akan membuatnya berada dalam kesulitan.

Untuk kesekian kalinya peringatan itu diabaikan oleh Mishil, sehingga Seori memutuskan untuk bicara dengan Misaeng (Jung Wong-in). Begitu mendengar kalau kehadiran putri kembar bakal mengancam Mishil, Misaeng mengutus salah seorang putranya Daenambo (Ryu Sang-wook) untuk menghabisi Deokman.

Saat tengah melacak keberadaan Deokman, secara tidak sengaja Alcheon melihat gerak-gerik seorang wanita yang mencurigakan. Saat diikuti, wanita tersebut secara tidak sengaja mempertemukannya dengan Bidam dan salah seorang penduduk desa.

Begitu ditodong pedang, Bidam langsung teringat oleh peringatan Yushin tentang warna ikat kepala hwarang yang harus dihindari. Mendengar Alcheon menyebut dirinya rekan Yushin, ditambah kemunculan Goksaheun (Jun Young-bin) dan Daepung (Park Young-seo) yang memakai kostum klan Kembang Naga, ia memutuskan membawa mereka ke tempat persembunyian.

Siapa sangka di tengah jalan Bidam berubah pikiran, dengan satu gerakan cepat ia merebut dan menghunuskan pedang ke arah Goksaheun dan Daepung. Suara adu mulut antara Bidam dan Putri Cheonmyeong terdengar oleh Deokman dan Yushin, yang langsung keluar dari persembunyiannya.

Di gubuk terpencil, Putri Cheonmyeong dengan sedih meminta Deokman untuk pergi sejauh mungkin dari Seorabol sambil minta maaf karena dirinya dan keluarga raja tidak mampu melindungi gadis malang itu. Sebelum pergi, Deokman diminta untuk mengganti pakaiannya dengan gaun yang sama persis dengan yang dikenakan Putri Cheonmyeong.

Begitu Deokman muncul, Putri Cheonmyeong langsung meneteskan air mata terharu. Sambil menyisir rambut Deokman, sang putri berpesan supaya adiknya bisa hidup bahagia bersama Yushin. Deokman hanya tersenyum tipis saat Putri Cheonmyeong meminta dirinya memanggil kakak, dan menyebut bakal menggunakan panggilan itu bila keduanya bertemu lagi.

Sementara itu, Goksaheun dan Daepung terus mengamati gerak-gerik pasukan Seolwon dan melaporkannya pada Alcheon. Keduanya tidak sadar kalau mereka diikuti oleh Daenambo, yang tanpa sepengetahuan atasannya mengemban misi rahasia dari Misaeng. Tidak ada yang sadar bahwa aksinya bakal mengubah sejarah.

The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 23

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