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Episode 20 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips of including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

Sinopsis dan video klip Drama Asia (Korea)- The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 17/ Synopsis and video clips of The Great Queen Seon Deok of Episode 18

Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of 선덕여왕(Queen Seon Deok) OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃(Wind Flower)


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Synopsis/summary of Episode 20

Queen Maya anxious looking around as she yearn to wait for a girl to showed up then turns to Deok Man

Queen Maya: I had already done all that you have instructed me to do. I have already diverted all attention elsewhere & deceive & tricked everybody & to have come here alone. Where is the owner of the Soyeobdo dagger, where is that girl?

Deok Man about to reveal when something caught her surprise. It is Cheon Myeong as she approaches them. Deok Man greets Cheon Min with a stammer. Queen Maya is surprise that Cheon Myeong knew where they were. Cheon Yeong calls out to her mother & Deok Man. Deok Man although she knows that insubordination that she insists she must know the truth. Then Deok Man wants to reveals nit interrupts by Cheon Myeong. Cheon Myeong tries to dissuade Deok Man insistence but Deok Man want to know no matter what it is, who she really is & whose child she is & what is actually going on

Cheon Myeong: This is mother……Mother….Deok Man is….a woman…

Deok Man realise that Cheon Myeong knew her gender as Queen Maya looks puzzled at Deok Man in a Nang Do’s uniform.

Cheon Myeong: A woman…. a woman…your daughter…she is your daughter, my younger twin sibling….my younger sibling that was abandon & given up right after birth….my younger sibling….my younger twin sibling….

Queen Maya realise that Cheon Myeong knew well of Deok Man’s identity & Deok Man is shocked & she thinks it is kidding as she lives in denial that Cheon Myeong is just pulling her leg that Cheon Myeong is upset because Deok Man went against her instruction & this joke is too much way out of line. Queen Maya confirms the truth with Cheon Myeong that the child in front of her now is indeed Queen Maya a woman & also Cheon Myeong younger twin sibling. Cheon Myeong nods in affirmative & affirms the fact to Queen Maya as the gospel truth

By this time Deok Man is hyperventilating in shock at the revelation as told Cheon Myeong it is her fault. Cheon Myeong adds that the King Jinheung’s dagger & the person who submit the petition to King Jinpyeong, the person who grew up & had thought that King Jinpyeong’s palace maid So Hwa was her birth mother, Mi Shil who had sent Chil Sook after them & nearly lost her life in that event is indeed Deok Man. Deok Man is now stunned

Queen Maya goes & holds Deok Man’s hands in yeaning & miss. Deok Man now in the state of denial that she is just merely a cadre that Cheon Myeong is just pulling her legs that she wanted to reprimand for her insubordination. Deok Man said that she will go to Jung Ahn temple as she is told. Deok Man hastily leave as Queen Maya calls out endearing to Deok Man & asked that her name is Deok Man. Queen Maya remorse that she didn’t give Deok Man a name before she was taken away. Deok Man tells her that she is not the person Queen Maya is referring to. Deok Man runs off as she meets Kim Yu Shin standing sentry outside but she runs off as Cheon Myeong restraint her own mother as Queen Maya as Queen Maya shouts for Deok Man to return back to her. What pains to see Queen Maya of her emotions release of the child she had lost due to circumstances. Kim Yu Shin went after Deok Man. Deok Man still in state of denial that Cheon Myeong resort to this tactics to reprimand a person. Deok Man said that Cheon Myeong can put his instruction sternly as she will follow obediently, but didn’t have t come up with this theatrics. Kim Yu Shun said that Deok Man is not person to follow obediently. Deok Man said even otherwise; Cheon Myeong should have done what she just did. Deok Man said that the matter that she couldn’t reveal to Kim Yu Shin, she had reveal that to Cheon Myeong.

Deok Man said that Cheon Myeong knew of her purpose in coming to Gyerim & why she came in seeking for Moon Noh & why she had remained as a man incognito as a Nang Do. She had full knowledge of that. Deok Man said that Cheon Myeong ridicule her as she had lost her mother & was force to come seeking in Gyerim to chase a phantom, this is preposterous. Kim Yu Shin apologise to Deok Man. Deok Man is surprise that Kim Yu Shin apologising to her. Kim Yu Shin said he understands what she is feeling right now but yet he can’t be of help to tell her what she supposed to do. Kim Yu Shin drills that whatsoever it may seem to be pure nonsensical it is the truth that he is sorry for that. Kim Yu Shin reaffirms that Deok Man is indeed Princess Cheon Myeong’s younger twin sibling. Deok Man just sat down dumbfounded that she now had digesting the effect of the truth

Meanwhile Queen Maya asked how did Cheon Myeong knew about the truth. Cheon Myeong said when they 1st met, Deok Man was searching for Moon Noh’s whereabouts. Cheon Myeong told Queen Maya that suddenly a man named Chil Sook suddenly appear to them in the desert & pursuit with intention to killed them & her mother became the casualty, even then Cheon Myeong never knew, even after seeing Deok Man’s birth mark behind her ears, she never knew or realise. Queen Maya asked Cheon Myeong that Deok Man really had the identical birth mark. Cheon Myeong nods in affirmative. Queen Maya pleas with Cheon Myeong to bring back Deok Man to her at once. Cheon Myeong advice it is beat to give Deok Man some time to contemplate on the truth. It is an overwhelming for Deok Man to digesting the truth at this moment. Deok Man will feel the greater in effect than Cheon Myeong or Queen Maya. Cheon Myeong will go & see to Deok Man & tell her all that it is. Cheon Myeong asked Queen Maya to be patient a moment longer. Queen Maya cries her sorrow in the laps of her daughter

Cheon Myeong goes to see Deok Man as Kim Yu Shin stand guard beside Deok Man. Deok Man squatting beside the stream. Cheon Myeong said that never in her life she had ever squat like that because she been told Princess don’t do that & Deok Man shouldn’t do it. Deok Man wants to know the reason why she was sent away. Deok Man asked why her parents sent her away & why Mi Shil sent someone to come & kill them. Cheon Myeong comes to squat next to Deok Man. Cheon Myeong tells that there is an old prophesy by the founding King about Eochul Ssangsaeng Seonggol Nam Jin. If the Silla Royal Household should borne twin daughters. The scared lineage of Seonggol sacred bone (royal) males’ heirs shall forever vanish. Therefore when they were born. Mi Shil conspire to have this truth expose then dispose their mother Queen Maya, & makes herself King. It is then their father conceal their twin birth, & that is why Deok Man had to be sent away

Deok Man said that at present all remain the same status quo as she send the petition to King Jinpyeong but in the end King Jinpyeong sends men to kill Deok Man. Cheon Myeong tries to explain to Deok Man that it is not their father’s doing but Deok Man stubbornly refuse to listen to reasoning. Deok Man said she came to Gyerim for nothing, she should had gone with Cartan to Rome then she will feel more carefree without worries. Deok Man leaves as Cheon Myeong pains for her sister. Deok Man returns to the Yonghwa Hyangdo quarters as she packs to leave while Kim Yu Shin comes in to restraint amidst the rest of the sleeping Nang Dos. Deok Man asked Kim Yu Shin to let go of her as she is screaming to be release, she woke up the rest of the sleepy Nangdos. Kim Yu Shin asked them to clear the barracks for some privacy while Deok Man said she is the one leaving. Kim Yu Shin shout for the other Nang Do to clear the barracks for them. The other Nang Dos did as they will told

Deok Man in her grievances that she has survives sandstorm & battlefield of wars & all sort of dire hardship & in the end it came to nothing. It all her pursuit in coming to Gyerim for some hope only to had come to face the truth that she shouldn’t have return. Deok Man said that all in this world she detest is being shamed & humiliated. Deok Man leaves but Kim Yu Shin hold her back & force in embrace & tell her not to leave, if she insist that Kim Yu Shin will have locked her in to deny her from leaving

Kim Yu Shin brings Deok Man to Mt Yeoham to see whether she can clear her minds in her although as he had done whacking the rocks, he doesn’t know what method Deok Man is going to use to have the same effect but asked her to stay in the mountain for a while. I am sure that Deok Man will not start whacking rocks. Kim Yu Shin said there is an accommodation shelter where she can rest. Deok Man know about it & asked him to leave as she will be fine here & she assures Kim Yu Shin, she will not run away. Then Kim Yu Shin leaves Deok Man as he walks a distance & stood by as he could hear that Deok Man broke down crying

The next morning King Jinpyeong asked his wife where she went last night & now she look unwell. Queen Maya brushed it all as nothing as Cheon Myeong announce her visit as King Jinpyeong invites her in. Cheon Myeong greets her parents to asked whether they had a good night rest. King Jinpyeong he had rest well but her mother the Queen was rather unsettled & don’t look well but she has not said anything about her condition & asked if Cheon Myeong has any knowledge of what is going on with Queen Maya. Cheon Myeong hesitates in her reply as King Jinpyeong probe on what is going on & the reason why Queen Maya has set off in the late night in her palanquin. Cheon Myeong tries to explained but Queen Maya interrupts that she has her family affairs to attended to in regards to her father Lord Bok Seon. Queen Maya said about the matter of her younger brother Lord Ho Rin’s martial matters. It is because that her father Lord Bok Seon is immobile with his movement, she was asked to go home to see her father.

King Jinpyeong said that she could always mentioned this to him, but Queen Maya said that the King Jinpyeong seem t have a lot in his mind, she didn’t wish to disturb him with her family affairs & wanted to be careful & discreet but ended up given more burden of worries to King Jinpyeong. Then the Eunuch announce that it is time for him to attend court. King Jinpyeong left for his engagement. Cheon Myeong worried that her mother most certain should have told the truth about last night. Queen Maya said there is differences between parents of father & mother. It is also therefore difference between father & ruler. Queen Maya after she had Cheon Myeong & Deok Man & even before she could recover her breathing & composure from her labour, King Jinpyeong as the ruler had already made up the decision. King Jinpyeong knew for Queen Maya & Cheon Myeong to survive he has to sent Deok Man her younger twin away. Queen Maya said as for now at this present there is something that they must be aware that So Hwa has returned. Cheon Myeong had no knowledge of So Hwa’s return then Cheon Myeong surprise that So Hwa, Deok Man’s mother is still alive & presently in the palace. Queen Maya realise that Cheon Myeong had no knowledge of that fact. Cheon Myeong recalls Deok Man showing the painting of So Hwa then consoling her at the Royal Celestial Shrine. Then Cheon Myeong adds that Chil Sook had also return to Gyerim. Cheon Myeong said that after Chil Sook pursuit & the result of the death of So Hwa, Deok Man came to Gyerim to find out who she is. Queen Maya said that she can concluded that Chil Sook is the person who brought So Hwa back to Gyerim. It is a relief that So Hwa is now in their hands.

Cheon Myeong asked to see So Hwa but Queen Maya declines her request as something is really bothering her with worry. Queen Maya said that Deok Man is now the person with the biggest hurt & is harmed by the truth. Queen Maya must 1st save Deok Man from anymore pain. Cheon Myeong said that before matter had settled & certain, Cheon Myeong had instructed Deok Man to hide in a safe location. Queen Maya asked Cheon Myeong not to reveal So Hwa’s whereabouts or existence to anyone & especially to Deok Man. Cheon Myeong that nothing will come good out of the matter if Deok Man knows

Kim Yong Chu & Eul Ja staring at So Hwa as Kim Yong Chu through his observation is certain that So Hwa may not be the perpetrator of the petition then they lay their suspicion on Mi Shil but Eul Jae said it doesn’t add up. Meanwhile Seok Bum goes to enquire about the stolen ink pot barter for Yol Nul Jae where the merchant has sold some Nang Do the goods. The merchant said that they were the 2nd batch of people who enquire the information

Yol Nul Jae or in TCM Traditional Chinese medicine (腽肭脐) Wa Na Qi is the penis & the testes of an ursine seal. It can be from all sort of animal, mostly mammals but serpentine is also taken. It is said the harder to catch the animal the better the potent in results. The most popular is the tiger or the bear but the ovine, porcine & bovine is just as good. Now you know why they are getting extinct. This is an ancient Viagra sex enhancement formula

Bo Jong tells Seol Won Rang that they are in the midst of gathering information from the merchant on the identity of the Nang Dos. Seol Won Rang asked about Eul Jae conducting a search strip among the Nangdos but in then end cease half way through the exercise without even apprehending the perpetrator. Bo Jong said that Eul Jan & Kim Yong Chu stop the exercise after being summon by the King. Seok Bum brought the merchant who sold the Yol Nul Jae to the Nang Dos. Seok Bum said that the merchant had told them that the stolen ink pot was already confiscated as evidence. Seol Won Rang asked to take the merchant to go to the Nang Do to make a positive ID on the Nang Dos he had sold it to

Nang Do training ground. Al Cheon training his cadre as Seok Bum offers a challenge to train against his Cheon Ryeon In Do cadre. It Seok Bum way of distracting so that the merchant can have a good look to identity the Nang Dos that he sold the Yol Nul Jae to. The merchant tells that is no one he can identify. Then goes to Im Jong’s cadre of Hu Guk Seon Do but Im Jong is not with her cadre corp. The merchant identify no one. Seok Bum enquire Yonghwa Hyangdo’s training ground. Yong Hwa Hyang Do training ground. Joo Bang is like the drill sergeant in charge correcting the cadre’s mistake & position. Then Cheon Myeong’s palace maid came to enquire about Kim Yu Shin’s whereabout but he is not here. Palace maid asked for Deok Man & the Dae Pung tells her that Deok Man has gone together with Kim Yu Shin. Go Do said that they left last night. Palace maid want one of them to explain this to Princess Cheon Myeong. Joo Bang takes an opportunity to tackles girls, he volunteers to convey this to princess Cheon Myeong. Then Seok Bum brings the merchant to identify but can’t recognise anyone.

Cheon Myeong waiting at the entrance as Joo Bang & Go Do greets the Princess Cheon Myeong who enquire that Kim Yu Shin is not here. Joo Bang tells to Princess Cheon Myeong although they don’t know what was going on, but Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man had a shouting match last night. Go Do said that Kim Yu Shin brought Deok Man to his training camp in Mt. Yeoham. As Seok Bum leaves Yonghwa Hyangdo training ground. One of Seok Bum’s cadre recognise Cheon Myeong at the entrance. Seok Bum wonder why Princess Cheon Myeong is doing here. The merchant recognise Joo Bang talking to Princess Cheon Myeong as the customer he sold the Yol Nul Jae to.

Deok Man contemplate on Mt. Yeoham as Kim Yu Shin stood by her close by like a sentry on duty. Cheon Myeong comes by & call on Kim Yu Shin & asked how is Deok Man doing. Kim Yu Shin said that the matter is not easy for anyone to handle. Cheon Myeong said that both sister had met in reunion but yet still can’t call each other as sisters. Cheon Myeong how wonderful & delighted she is that Deok Man is her younger sibling but question why it has to come to this. Kim Yu Shin asked what are Cheon Myeong plans to do in handing the matter. Queen Maya express that the situation is bleaker that Cheon Myeong has imagined. Kin Yu Shin asked if they really need to sent Deok Man away yet again. It the situation had to come like what Deok Man has predicted that she must never set foot into Gyerim would have been better. Cheon Myeong suggests that to asked Deok Man to go to Jung Ahn temple as planned while she will thinks of something in dealing with the matter

Cheon Myeong said that she will return tomorrow. Before leaving Cheon Myeong express grateful that Kim Yu Shin has stand by them, without his help & encouragement, Cheon Myeong might not able to handle the situation with courage. Cheon Myeong asked Kim Yu Shin always to stand by her. Deok Man holding to King Jinheung’s dagger from day to nightfall then until it rains. Joo Bang going to latrine to do his business, he suffering from a stomach ache, even after a visit to the latrine to deposit. As he takes a yawn to stretches himself, he is kidnapped.

Go Do goes to call for Joo Bang since he had been a while at the latrine & call out to him but show some shadows but he didn’t take any notice. Joo Bang is taken gag & bound then get whack by Seok Bum’s men the living daylights out of Joo Bang. Go Do finds Joo Bang missing so he & Guk San Heun & Dae Pung goes to Al Cheon for help as they think that Joo Bang has been kidnap. Al Cheon asked how can he been said to have been kidnap & asked what Kim Yu Shin is doing about it. They said that Kim Yu Shin is not present. Al Cheon brush off that Joo Bang make be off to his trick in playing truant from training. Go Do said he most certain that he didn’t as Go Do said he went missing last night. Go Do has to tell the truth.

Joo Bang badly beaten up & then Seok Bum men came again as Joo Bang begs not to beat him up again. They take another whacking. Im Jong inform that the merchant of the Yol Nul Jae had identify Joo Bang has the purchaser & barter the ink pot. It seems Seok Bum & Deok Chung went to the merchant to asked for his positive ID. Im Jong asked why would they investigate something that has its case closed

Joo Bang begging what they want to know as Seol Won Rang comes in & they showed & threatened the wyoldo to the Joo Bang. Seol Won Rang said that he will asked a series of question & if he is slow or hesitates be sure to behead him instantly

Wyoldo is Korean weapon that is similar to Guandao although this weaponry most certainly didn’t exist during the 7th century; it was only in the Song Dynasty. This was made popular by the novel Romance of the 3 kingdom. It highly unlikely that people like Guan Yu hold that weapon in the 3rd century. Wyoldo was mentioned in Korean military classic Muyedobotongji (”Comprehensive Illustrated Manual of Martial arts”; Published 1795). It is definitely didn’t exist in the 7th century

One of the Hwa Rang goes & strikes the Wyoldo at Joo Bang’s neck. Seol Won Rang was a quick & immediate answer from Joo Bang. Seol Won Rang asked what is the purpose that Joo Bang broke into Daehwajeon. Meanwhile Eul Jae is surprise that someone brought out the matter of the burglary in Dae Daehwajeon. Im Jong said that there is a probe by Military Ministry Seol Won Rang into the matter. They had already kidnap Yonghwa Hyangdo Joo Bang for questioning. Kim Yong Chu said that Seol Won Rang had has instigated this probe. Al Cheon informs Eul Jae that Joo Bang & Go Do the Yonghwa Hyang Do cadres were the people who broke into the Daehwajeon. Eul Jae surprise that it is the doing of Yonghwa Hyangdo. Meanwhile Seol Won Rang waiting for an answer from Joo Bang on the reason why he broke into Daehwajeon. Joo Bang said that it is because of Jang Gye. Joo Bang told that he broke into Daehwajeon to put a jang Kye on the King’s petition tray. Seol Won Rang asked what is the content of the petition about. Joo Bang doesn’t have any knowledge of the content. Kim Yong Chu & Eul Jae goes to see Kim Seo Hyeon & asked where is Seol Won Rang. Kim Seo Hyeon said that Seol Won Rang is with the Hwa Rang who has apprehended the perpetrator that broke in palace & oversees the questioning. Eul Jae wants to know where is it being held as Joo Bang pleas that he doesn’t know the content of the petition, how can he lied in this kind of situation.

Jang Gye – petition

Seol Won Rang knows that Joo Bang doesn’t have any knowledge. Then Seol Won Rang asked who is the person who has asked Joo Bang to put the petition there for the King to see. . Seol Won Rang asked whether it was the Princess or Kim Seo Hyeon. Seol Won Rang would not repeat himself. Joo Bang spills out Deok Man’s name as the person who asked him to put the petition in Daehwajeon. Seol Won Rang how can a mere Nang Do instructed him to do such a thing. Seol Won Rang asked who is the mastermind behind Deok Man. Joo Bang doesn’t know as Seol Won Rang orders Joo Bang to be executed

Kim Yong Chu shouts to cease as Eul Jae & Kim Seo Hyeon comes storming in the nick of time as Seol Won Rang asked of their purpose of visit to the Military Ministry. Eul Jae said that he had heard that Seol Won Rang had caught the perpetrator that broke into Daehwajeon. Eul Jae said that it is not under the jurisdiction Military Ministry but Nyae Seong, if they had apprehended the perpetrator of Daehwajeon, Eul Jae said he must be inform

Nyae Seong – Administration of Executive Internal Royal Household Affairs. Important governance ordinances will be sent to Executive Department then usually discuss in the Hall of State conference that the King presides. This should be the highest & the largest organisation in the administration that oversees 6 ministries. There are Personnel; Finance; Rites; War or Military; Justice & Public works but of course we know that Mi Shil’s cronies are in the government

Seol Won Rang said that although it is the affairs of the Royal Household but the breaking in of Daehwajeon is concern of national security therefore Seol Won Rang claims that Joo Bang is a spy. Eul Jae said that the decision whether he is a spy will be done by the Nyae Seong. Eul Jae demands that they keep to the boundaries of their scope in their Ministries & not to interfere by mere personal judgement & disregards protocol. Eul Jae demands that Seol Won Rang surrender Joo Bang to him. Seol Won Rang was force to comply. Eul Jae asked Im Jong & Al Cheon to take Joo Bang away with them as Eul Jae leaves

Seol Won Rang asked Kim Seo Hyeon where does his loyalty lies in the Military Ministry or somewhere else as Seol Won Rang question him in doubt. Kim Seo Hyeon doesn’t give him a reply. It seems that Joo Bang had jump out of the frying pan & into the fire as Eul Jae question them about the same matter about Joo Bang was the person who broke into Daehwajeon & whose order. Joo Bang said that it was Deok Man.

Eul Jae realise that the person who has knowledge of King Jinheung’s dagger is not Mi Shil or So Hwa but it is Deok Man. Seol Won Rang is upset that it is Deok Man who put the petition to the King at Daehwajeon. Mi Saeng said that they must be someone who is master mining this. Se Jong said they must finds out the reason why the petition was put on the tray & its content. Ha Jong it is obvious since Deok Man is a trusted vassal of Princess Cheon Myeong. Mi Shil know that the master mind wouldn’t be Princess Cheon Myeong. Mi Shil it is a petition for the King & it should be Princess Cheon Myeong instruction to put a petition into the tray with such shroud of secrecy. Mi Shil said that since it is Eul Jae who is heading the investigation, it definitely will not be Eul Jae & eliminate him as suspect. Seol Won Rang question about Kim Yu Shin being closest to Cheon Myeong, he wouldn’t have taken such a independent risk. Then Mi Shil said that leave Deok Man doing freelancing on her own in this escapade

Mi Saeng question that Deok Man has something to convey to the King in secret, then what does Deok Man has & what the reason behind it. Seol Won Rang said that there is some motive in Deok Man’s action that is suspicious. Mi Shil can’t ready Deok Man’s motive & giving her the uneasiness. Cheon Myeong comes to Deok Man then asked what she is thinking, do she want to put blame on someone to appease her anger. Deok Man replies that her mind is blank at the moment without any thoughts. Deok Man actually don’t know where to start thinking from.

Deok Man said that when she was just a daughter of a clumsy mother, she felt she was intelligent & outstanding. Then when she heard the true, honesty she only had tears. Since she lost her mother, she had never shed a single tear but now she is left with just full of tears as she wipes her tears away. Deok Man feels strange as it is like she starting to vanish from the face of the earth. Deok Man said that she will return back to the Taklamakan Desert. It is because in the desert her tears will cry up faster. Cheon Myeong don’t wish for her to leave Gyerim. Deok Man said that it is best for her to stay back in the desert. Cheon Myeong said that they are sister & they can fight Mi Shil together as a unit. Deok Man said that she was suppose to exist, how can a person who doesn’t need to exist be Cheon Myeong’s sister & able to help her in any other way. A person like her who doesn’t exist should vanished, that should the right thing to do.

Cheon Myeong asked Deok Man to have some trust in her that they can override this matter together. Deok Man is grateful that Cheon Myeong wants her to stay by her side & thanked her that she will never forget Cheon Myeong

Cheon Myeong begs Kim Yu Shin to hold onto Deok Man for her since Deok Man would listen to her reasoning. Deok Man has finally met her younger sister, that Deok Man had been sacrifice so she can survive, in the refugee camp & in Yore temple, she owns her life to Deok Man. If it was for Deok Man then she wouldn’t have given up fighting against Mi Shil a long time ago. Cheon Myeong can’t bear to send Deok Man away again. Cheon Myeong really needs Deok Man that she wants to reimburse a lot of things to her younger sister that she had missed. Kim Yu Shin said that they can’t give what Deok Man wants. They can’t return Deok Man’s actual identity & status that is rightfully hers back to her

Kim Yu Shin said that Deok Man is a person with a great sense of pride & confidence that makes her strong, in which Gyerim had rob her of it. Cheon Myeong asked Kim Yu Shin what they suppose to do then. Cheon Myeong asked Kim Yu Shin to comprehend her feelings as well that she needs to hold on to Deok Man, she can’t let Deok Man go as she can’t do without Deok Man. Cheon Myeong broke down crying. You may see that Cheon Myeong draw her strength from Deok Man since Cheon Myeong is currently the only child to King Jinpyeong & the burden to too laden to bear. Kim Yu Shin hesitates on consoling Cheon Myeong but then comfort her with his hand touch. Then Kim Yu Shin goes to Deok Man as Deok Man is seek to depart.

Deok Man said that if ever they lose to Mi Shil in their war, she invites Kim Yu Shin to Taklamakan. The least you can leave Kim Yu Shin a forwarding address since the Taklamakan is so vast. Kim Yu Shin asked whether Yonghwa Hyang Do has any significant meaning for her. Kim Yu Shin said that Yonghwa Hyang Do was just the base platform, for her to look for her true identity. Kim Yu Shin names the cadre of Joo Bang, Go Do, Guk San Heun, Dae Pung & the decease Shi Yeol, does have any significant meaning to her. Then Kim Yu Shin asked whether he has significant meaning to Deok Man as he asked that personally does Kim Yu Shin has any significance in Deok Man at all & demands she answer. Deok Man said that they are her bosom friends that includes Kim Yu Shin

Then Kim Yu Shin honestly tell Deok Man that she never want Deok Man to be Princess but to stay as being the Nang Do Deok Man of Yonghwa Hyangdo that get reprimanded by him, he begs Deok Man to stay as his cadre. He can’t help her past but can built her future. Deok Man asked whether it can be achieve, Kim Yu Shin said he guarantee that it will achieve it & make it happened for her, Kim Yu Shin sincerely assures her. Kim Yu Shin leaves hoping that his sincerity will touched & move Deok Man not to leave

King Jinpyeong is informed by Eul Jae that Deok Man was the person who put the petition in the Daehwajeon. King Jinpyeong asked how can that child have knowledge of King Jinheung’s dagger. Queen Maya feels uneasy. Then Princess Cheon Myeong announces her arrival. Cheon Myeong comes to greet her parents as she is being summoned. Eul Jae is the person who asked to see Cheon Myeong. Eul Jae tells Cheon Myeong that Deok Man broke in to the Daehwajeon & inserted a petition into the tray. Eul Jae asked whether Cheon Myeong had any knowledge of Deok Man’s action. Cheon Myeong said she has no knowledge which mean that Deok Man acted on a freelancing basis. Eul Jae suspect that someone else might have given an order for Deok Man to do so. King Jinpyeong asked whether the order is Mi Shil but Eul Jae eliminate it as Mi Shil is also probing into the matter. King Jinpyeong said that the petition had no relation to Mi Shil at all then So Hwa is not in the fittest condition to do such a matter in which after all elimination is left with Deok Man as the culprit. Cheon Myeong asked why would Deok Man do such a thing. Eul Jae said that they then needs to find out the actual intention & who is the master mind. Eul Jae worries that it is dire on their camp if Mi Shil’s side were to find out more information that there is present, it would be a disadvantage to them. Cheon Myeong & Queen Maya begins to worry for Deok Man as King Jinpyeong asked for any suggestive solution to the matter

Eul Jae thinks that it is unwise to keep So Hwa in the palace. Queen Maya express concern where they need to send So Hwa to. Eul Jae suggests it is best outside of Gyerim. Abbot Wyol Cheon is treating Chil Sook’s eyes. Wyol Cheon said that it is all he do within his expertise in treating Chil Sook’s eyes. Wyol Cheon said that to take off the bandage after a few days to see what will happened then. The bandage will take off after 7 days & hope that heaven is on his side when it happens

Chil Sook asked to see Mi Shil, but Seo Ri said that Mi Shil have other matters to attend. Chil Sook is worried that King Jinpyeong might have done something amiss to So Hwa. Deok Man comes to see Cheon Myeong as she is surprise of her visit. Cheon Myeong asked her palace guard to keep guard. Cheon Myeong invites Deok Man to sit but Deok Man said that she will do as she is instructed & depart to go to Jung Ahn temple. Cheon Myeong is surprise at Deok Man decision to stay on at Gyerim

Im Jong inform Eul Jae that Deok Man is in Mt. Yeoham there for training but until now, she has not return to Mt. Yeoham, furthermore Kim Yu Shin is also nowhere to be found which makes it strange. Meanwhile Chil Sook is running out of patient, then he makes his way out of the room. Meanwhile Cheon Myeong express gladness that Deok Man had change her mind set of not leaving for the Taklamakan. Cheon Myeong said that Deok Man needs to makes a haste exit. Cheon Myeong informed that King Jinpyeong & Mi Shil both know that she was the person to insert the petition in Daehwajeon. Cheon Myeong apologise if it may seems that she is chasing Deok Man away but when Deok Man goes to Jung Ahn temple, she will send Deok Man a generous gift that she will be please to see

Eul Jae meets with Kim Yu Shin to asked of Deok Man’s whereabouts. Kim Yu Shin gave the excuse that Deok Man is in training. Eul Jae said that Deok Man had involves herself in a great conspiracy. Eul Jae express that harm will come to Deok Man as the matter is not seems as ordinary passable event. Eul Jae advises that not to trust anyone in this palace is the only way to save Deok Man for perils except for Eul Jae & Eul Jae asked Kim Yu Shin to bring Deok Man before him at once

Fat hopes Kim Yu Shin will believe & trust Eul Jae

Eul Jae asked Im Jong & Al Cheon to go apprehend Deok Man immediately for him, this for the sake of Silla & its Royal Household. Eul Jae asked them to follow Kim Yu Shin & soon they will able to find Deok Man’s whereabouts. Al Cheon shows his doubts. Kim Yu Shin decides to take matter into his hands. Deok Man leaves Cheon Myeong’s chamber as Kim Yu Shin grabs her by her hand & flees as he has a horse stable nearby at the Royal Celestial Shrine & asked to come with him at once

Al Cheon questions his doubts on Eul Jae’s intention on apprehending Deok Man then lying to Kim Yu Shin o his good intention. Im Jong said that they don’t weight judgement on the order they take. Im Jong & Al Cheon sees Kim Yu Shin riding off with Deok Man on his back, although Deok Man is slightly confuse of the whole matter. Im Jong tries to stop them as Al Cheon calls on Kim Yu Shin but Kim Yu Shin rides pass them. Im Jong & Al Cheon had to pursue them with their horses as Chil Sook finds his way out of the Royal Celestial Shrine then outside he takes out his eyes bandage & begins to focus his eyes, his vision is clear, then Kim Yu Shin & Deok Man passes Chil Sook who instantly able to recognise Deok Man on horseback with his encounter with her in Taklamakan.
The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 20

The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 20 Part 1

The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 20 Part 2

The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 20 Part 3

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The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 20 Part 7

Sinopsis Drama Asia (Korea)The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 20
Tayang: 8-Dec-2009 16:30 WIB

Meski sudah dicegah, Deokman (Lee Yo-won) tetap nekat membeberkan siapa pemilik belati Raja Jinheung. Sebelum Deokman sempat bicara, Putri Cheonmyeong (Park Ye-jin) dengan air mata berlinang mendahului dengan memberitahu Ratu Maya siapa sang nangdo sebenarnya.

Begitu mendengar kalau Deokman adalah saudara kembar Putri Cheonmyeong, mata Ratu Maya (Yoon Yoo-sun) langsung membelalak. Dengan gugup, Deokman terus meminta maaf karena semula menganggap semuanya adalah lelucon Putri Cheonmyeong untuk menghukumnya. Namun demi melihat ekspresi sang putri dan ratu, Deokman sangat terpukul.

Deokman langsung menepis tangan Ratu Maya yang memegangnya, dan buru-buru pergi dari tempat itu. Dibelakangnya, Ratu Maya menangis meraung-raung sambil ditenangkan Putri Cheonmyeong. Sementara itu, Yushin (Uhm Tae-woong) berusaha menenangkan Deokman yang masih tidak bisa menerima kenyataan kalau dirinya adalah putri raja.

Setelah keadaan mulai tenang, Putri Cheonmyeong mendekati Deokman dan menceritakan tentang ramalan kuno kerajaan Shilla dan rencana Mishil menggunakan ramalan tersebut untuk menguasai tahta. Penuturan tersebut membuat Deokman semakin sedih, ia memutuskan untuk pergi sejauh mungkin namun Yushin mencegahnya.

Melihat Deokman histeris, Yushin buru-buru memeluk sambil menghiburnya. Setelah Deokman sedikit tenang, Yushin mengajaknya ke tebing dimana ia biasa menenangkan diri. Begitu Yushin pergi menjauh, Deokman melampiaskan beban dihatinya dengan menangis sekencang-kencangnya.

Di istana, Putri Cheonmyeong dan Ratu Maya menyembunyikan apa yang terjadi dari Raja Jinpyeong (Jo Min-ki). Pelan-pelan keduanya mulai bisa mereka-reka apa yang terjadi mulai dari munculnya Sohwa (Seo Young-hee) di istana hingga keterlibatan Chilseok (Ahn Kil-kang).

Satu-persatu tabir rahasia mulai terungkap, Seolwon (Jun Noh-min) mengutus Seokpum (Hong Kyung-in) untuk menyelidiki siapa yang berhasil menyusup masuk ke balai pertemuan istana. Begitu ketahuan kalau pelakunya adalah Jukbang (Lee Moon-shik), anggota klan Kembang Naga itu langsung diciduk dan diinterogasi sambil disiksa.

Tidak tahan disiksa, Jukbang akhirnya menyebut nama Deokman. Sebelum dirinya sempat bicara lebih banyak, muncul pasukan pimpinan penasehat Eulje (Shin Goo) dan Kim Seohyeon (Ju Sung-mo) yang langsung mengambil-alih penyelidikan.

Di puncak tebing air terjun, Putri Cheonmyeong berusaha menghibur Deokman. Namun, sang nangdo memutuskan untuk kembali ke padang pasir karena kehadirannya hanya membuat masalah di Seorabol. Ucapan itu keruan saja membuat Putri Cheonmyeong terpukul, karena ia menganggap Deokman adalah salah satu pilar kekuatannya.

Sikap Deokman yang sembrono membuat Yushin marah, ia meminta Deokman untuk bertahan dan menghadapi jalan hidupnya yang baru dengan gagah-berani sesuai dengan semangat klan Kembang Naga. Dengan wajah serius Yushin menyebut bahwa selama Deokman tidak pergi, pria itu berjanji bakal membantu Deokman sekuat tenaga.

Fakta kalau Deokman berada dibelakang kasus penyusupan di balai pertemuan istana membuat Putri Cheonmyeong dipanggil ke hadapan Raja Jinpyeong dan penasehat Eulje. Meski wajahnya pucat, Putri Cheonmyeong mengaku tidak tahu apa-apa.

Saat berada dikediamannya, Putri Cheonmyeong dikejutkan oleh kemunculan mendadak Deokman. Rupanya, Deokman memutuskan untuk menuruti permintaan Putri Cheonmyeong untuk tinggal sementara di Gunung Joongak sambil menunggu keadaan tenang.

Setelah memanggil Yushin, Eulje memerintahkan Alcheon (Lee Seun-hyo) dan Imjong (Kang Ji-hoo) untuk meringkus Deokman. Baru saja keduanya bergerak, tiba-tiba mereka melihat Yushin menarik Deokman ke atas kuda. Saat dicegat, Yushin malah memacu kudanya sekencang mungkin.

Bisa ditebak, akhirnya terjadi kejar-kejaran antara Yushin-Deokman dan Alcheon-Imjong. Di saat yang sama, penglihatan Chilseok, yang membuka perban matanya, sudah pulih. Secara tidak sengaja, ia melihat Yushin dan Deokman, dan sangat terkejut begitu melihat wajah Deokman yang tidak asing lagi baginya

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