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Synopsis of Episode 58 - 59 & Preview of Episode 60 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) - Summary/synopsis of Episode 58 and Preview of Episode 59 - 60

Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of OST The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕) - 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 Wind Flower


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Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 58

From the previous episode (Episode 57) - BaekJe's sneak attack on Silla is foiled by a Silla trap. Geybaek is shocked to see YuShin leading the Silla troops. He wonders what YuShin is doing here. Gyebaek orders a retreat.

Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 58

The retreating BaekJe soldiers regroup. They feel that there are no Silla archers stationed nearby and start to relax. They are attacked by Gaya archers led by WolYa and SeulJi. Silla and Gaya troops charge BaekJe.

At the Palace:

BiDam passes through carrying documents. He is content.

At the Battlefield:

BaekJe fights combined Silla/Gaya army. YuShin challenges Gyebaek and both their swords snap.

(Palace: DeokMan and BiDam)
DeokMan reads documents from BiDam.
DeokMan: What is the meaning of this?

BiDam: It is just as you've read. It is a vow from BiDam to carry out what is promised. You and I will each keep a copy. If you are unable to, then I will announce it to the public when the time comes. As promised in this letter, if your majesty passes away while I still live, then this BiDam will relinquish all my government offices and political power and turn my back on worldly affairs.

DeokMan: BiDam
BiDam: I am relieved that this is what causes you unease. In fact, it gives me pleasure. You need not even consider this a covenant. For BiDam, this is not a difficult matter. In a world without you, even this kingdom has no meaning to me. Then what significance would government office or political power have to me?

At the Battlefield:

YuShin and Gyebaek resort to bare fists. They are evenly matched. Gyebaek shouts "long live the great BaekJe"!

(Palace: BiDam and DeokMan)
BiDam: Prime minister BiDam vows on his life to keep this covenant. For your majesty's sake.
YuShin shouts: For the heavenly kingdom!

BiDam: For the sake of your majesty and your majesty's heavenly kingdom.
DeokMan: BiDam

At the Battlefield:
YuShin and Gyebaek still fight. GoDo notices smoke. Lord JuJin is successful. YuShin tells Geybaek that BaekJe food supplies are going up in smoke. He tells Gyebake it was a plan to force BaekJe to retreat. However, YuShin says it would be a mistake to let Gyebaek return alive. Gyebaek will become an incredible enemy of the heavenly kingdom. Gyebaek says he and YuShin are thinking the same thing. Gyebaek says he too cannot allow YuShin to return alive.

BaekJe HQ
BaekJe commander learns their food supplies are going up in smoke. A messenger says there is a sneak attack. Silla's army is attacking.

YuShin and Gyebaek still evenly matched. The BaekJe soldiers hear the call for retreat. YuShin tells Gyebaek he cannot return to BaekJe alive. Gyebake gives the order to retreat. YuShin gives the command to give chase but GoDo restrains him. It will put the main camp at risk.

Palace: DeokMan conference
BiDam comes up with plans to defend the capital. DeokMan asks the minister of arms whether they should request reinforcements from Tang. SeoHyeon says he will go to ChunChu and discuss the matter with him. BiDam says the Tang envoys will arrive at fort DangWhang. He asks the minister of rites (MiSaeng) to meet the envoys and broach the subject of reinforcements. AlCheon reports lord high general YuShin has defeated the army of BaekJe and recovered land around ISaGun and ChuHaGun. They are relieved. They have not recovered fort DaeYa but YuShin has made camp at the eastern ridge of the fort.

JokBang tells ChunChu of YuShin's victory. YuShin is summoned to the palace so he is on his way by now. JokBang says her majesty was correct to say that the army could only be called the army of YuShin when it is led by YuShin.

YuShin marches victorious. YuShin and WolYa greet the queen.
YuShin: High General YuShin has returned after carrying out his orders.
DeokMan: Lord high general YuShin's accomplishment in rescuing the heavenly kingdom is unparalleled. You will receive a royal grant of farm land.
YuShin: I am overwhelmed by our majesty's grace.
DeokMan: To WolYa, I shall grant him a position in the armed forces. Assist YuShin and strengthen the army.
WolYa. I am overwhelmed by our majesty's grace.
DeokMan: Until now, We have always considered that the key to unification rested on safeguarding the livelihoods of Our subjects. Consequently, We have focused on increasing the number of farmers who owned their own land. It is true that because of this, We have marginalized the army's requests to increase the military power. On the other hand, the entire nation of BaekJe focused on increasing their military power. Therefore, We acknowledge that Our mistakes were responsible for this war. However, We are still confident in Our belief that the final victory in war comes to the side whose people have the most wealth. Even though it is late, if the heavenly kingdom now turns its attention on increasing its military power, we will easily overtake BaekJe. The heavenly kingdom's great task is now restarted. The heavenly kingdom is now placed on a war footing. The number of troops in the army will now be increased. The manufacture of farm implements is now reduced and the steel will be used to manufacture weapons. Furthermore, all the troops who were under the command of the prime minister are placed under the command of the department of arms where they will constitute a special division.

JuJin: Your majesty, those troops are already training under prime minister's command.

(Others say they can keep the troops under the prime minister and then move them should war erupt or there is a crisis)

BiDam: In Serabol, now is the time of crisis. Your majesty. All the troops under my command will be turned over to the department of arms to increase the troops strength, your majesty.
DeokMan: Finally. We have one finally announcement to make to your lordships. We intend to marry.
YongChun: Your majesty. When you speak of marriage, who....
DeokMan: It is lord BiDam.

YongChun, SeoHyeon, ManMyeong
YongChun is distraught. SeoHyeon says he sees the queens strong will to bind both BiDam and YuShin to her side. Manmyeong agrees, but she is concerned that the line of succession could be disturbed by her majesty's marriage.

JokBang, ChunChu
JokBang wonders why BiDam of all people. He asks whether there was a commitment from her majesty. JokBang says her majesty must have her reasons. It is precisely that reason that is causing ChunChu to worry.

MiSaeng, HaJong, BoJong, YeomJong
According to HaJong, the final conclusion is her majesty will marry BiDam now give me your troops. MiSaeng says her majesty does not just give. When she gives, she always asks for something in return. And her demands do not offend custom or etiquette. They cannot tell whether the gain is greater or the loss is greater. MiSaeng says if the marriage takes place, BiDam will have more power than YuShin.

DeokMan. YuShin calls
DeokMan: Lord YuShin.
YuShin: I give you my congratulations, your majesty.
DeokMan: And you do not feel disappointed?
YuShin: I do feel disappointed.
DeokMan: And you do not worry that power will congregate to BiDam?
YuSHin: I do worry.
DeokMan: And yet you congratulate me.
YuShin: Your majesty needs a place in which you can seek refuge. This is not something I can do for you. Even when you went to the Bogyahoe to rescue me, I could not do it for you. I apologize your majesty. I apologize.

YuShin encounters BiDam
BiDam: Her majesty still trusts you more.
YuShin: You are the one who must comfort and embrace her majesty. Do it well. Your affairs must not cause pain to her majesty. Do you understand? Congratulations.

BiDam walks the streets of Serabol
He takes Munno's geography. He says that things are now going to their proper place. He says he is now going to let go of his dream to gain fame that will last a thousand years. He has found something better.

DeokMan and ChunChu
ChunChu reads : The day her majesty leaves this world, I BiDam will relinquish all my offices and share my destiny with her majesty. He is told that BiDam composed it himself. ChunChu says BiDam was probably sincere when he composed it, but people change and BiDam has his own power base. As she already knows, political power cannot be shifted through personal will. After the marriage, BiDam's power will increase further, and in the end even his intentions and personal will cannot bend it. Then this covenant will hold no power, and if he does not keep his promise....

YJ is informed BiDam took something from the room. He realizes it is the geography.

ChunChu, DeokMan
DeokMan agrees with ChunChu. A person moves differently from a power base. Just like YuShin and Bogyahoe. She gives ChunChu a command. If BiDam does not keep his vow, kill him. She is worried that she might change her mind later, so she is giving him the order now. She also asks ChunChu to understand her feelings. She wants to keep BiDam by her side, even if she has to resort to these things.

BiDam, YuShin
BiDam gives the geography to YuSHin. Munno felt that his great task was to prepare for the unification. YuShin asks why BiDam is giving it to him. BiDam, unable to reply, lamely says it is a bribe, a bribe for YuShin's support in the future. YuShin says he gives BiDam his sincere thanks. BiDam thinks YuShin is a chess piece in the game of history, but he, BiDam will no longer be. That is why Munno said the proper owner of the book is YuShin. YuShin thanks him again.

Comes running to BiDams quarters. He rifles through BiDam's chest for the book and instead finds BiDam's covenant.

MiSaeng is awakened
MiSaeng is pissed off to be wakened at such an hour because he must leave for fort Dan Hang in the morning. He is told he is summoned. BiDam's allies and relations are gathered. YeomJong reveals that there is a secret covenant in the marriage between BiDam and and DeokMan.

ChunChu and JokBang
JokBang says if her majesty prepared things to that extent, there is no reason to worry. He says thanks to her majesty's marriage with BiDam, she was able to bring all the personal armies of the nobles under her control. This is no easy feat. ChunChu says if the marriage was intended to destroy the personal armies, he would not be so worried. He says it is rather that her majesty and BiDam are in love. JokBang says, her majesty is still human. ChunChu says is such a thing possible for a king? He asks whether people, their surroundings, the kingdom will leave them alone. He says the relation between her majesty and BiDam is very dangerous.

BiDam's faction
They are outraged at BiDam's vow. In the end, the only thing that happened was that they lost their personal armies to her majesty and gained nothing in return. MiSaeng says BiDam has been completely hoodwinked by her majesty. They cannot leave this matter alone. They decide they must protest the matter to BiDam. YeomJong says no. It is not something that can be solved through protest. BiDam will not give up her majesty, nor will he give up his vow. JuJin says they must force BiDam to share the same interest as them. YeomJong agrees. If BiDam strays, they must correct him. MiSaeng has thought of an idea. He intends to carry it out.

DeokMan in Jammies
BiDam visits.
BiDam: I knew you would be sitting here like this.
DeokMan: I still have some reading to finish.
(BiDam takes her by the hand and takes her to her bed)
BiDam: Your majesty, you must rest.
(BiDam tucks her in)
BiDam: Please get some sleep.
DeokMan: To tell you the truth, I cannot sleep. By the way, do you dislike my using the familiar tone? Should I use the respectful tone?
BiDam: No indeed. But why is it you cannot sleep?
DeokMan: I do not know. Whenever I lie down, my heart contracts and races.
BiDam: Why?
DeokMan: I am anxious, and I feel there is something left unfinished. And I feel I am doing something wrong, and tears come to my eyes, and my heart races.
BiDam: Please lie down. (holding her hand and placing the other hand on her heart) Is your heart still racing?
DeokMan: No.
BiDam: Your majesty, I shall remain like this until you sleep.
DeokMan: When I was young, when I went to bed my heart always raced.
BiDam: Were you anxious even then?
DeokMan: No. Then, I wondered what adventures I would have the next day; which interesting people I would encounter; what fun things the merchants would bring; I must ask the merchant who arrived yesterday what kind of place DolGul is.....

(BiDam pats her to sleep and leaves)

Palace in the morning
ChunChu says if fort TangWhan is blocked, the trade with Tang will be affected. They must use this as an excuse to seek military assistance from Tang. They are anticipating the Tang envoys to arrive at fort DangHang today.

fort DangHang
MiSaeng tells the envoys if they can assist his faction, he will help them gain what they desire. MiSaeng is willing to put what they have just discussed on paper.

YeomJong, MiSaeng
MiSaeng tells YeomJong the Tang envoys desire a written contract. YeomJong is pleased. He gives MiSaeng a fan made of crow's feathers. It is the best for giving and receiving secret letters. If they can exchange secret contracts with the envoys, all will go as they desire.

Tang Envoys arrive in Serabol

Reception at Palace
Tang envoy greet DeokMan. They bring a gift from the emperor of Tang as thanks for her gift of Ginseng and ponies. They say the emperor is greatly worried about BaekJe's attacks. DeokMan thanks the emperor for his friendship. After signaling MiSaeng, the envoys say the emperor sent them in person to carry out his feelings of amity. DeokMan is puzzled and asks them to explain. The envoy says the reason Silla is suffering from enemy excursions is because they are ruled by a woman so their enemies are holding them in contempt. Thus the emperor has suggested that he send a relative to become their king, and also send troops to guard him. Would she consider debating....

Silla court is outraged

DeokMan calls AlCheon. She orders him to detain the envoys in the JoWon Jeon. She then asks ChunChu to send an envoy to the Tang court to verify the Tang envoys words.

When the envoy protests that he is an envoy from the emperor of Tang, DeokMan says if that is indeed the message from the emperor, she will sever all diplomatic ties with Tang. If the message is a fabrication, she will consider them traitors. She orders AlCheon to hold the entire envoy team until the words are verified.

The envoys are lead out.

JoWon Jeon
The indignant envoys are lead into detention. AlCheon says do not let anyone enter, regardless of their rank.

BiDam's faction say they cannot treat envoys like this, especially since Silla is in need of military assistance from Tang. DeokMan says she has already started negotiations with Tang. She says the first principle of negotiation is to be cool towards threats and to turn the tables on them. The second principle is to not argue over the opponents claims. The third is doubt. In diplomacy, you do not say unnecessary things. But in this case, they taunted and insulted her in front of her subjects. They want something big from Silla. She needs to find out why they did it. MiSaeng acknowledges that DeokMan is correct.

BiDam's factions
MiSaeng reveals that the envoys from Tang wanted Silla's military assistance during Tang's war with GoGuryo. That is also why the emperor of Tang taunted her. JuJin is incredulous and asked whether her majesty was able to see through that ploy. MiSaeng confirms it. The others are blown away. HaJong and BoJong are stilled stunned at her treatment of foreign envoys, and say they must still try to re-establish contact with the envoys. MiSaeng says if it were the department of arms or the department of audit, he might try something. But they are guarded by her majesty's guards. Nothing is going to work on AlCheon.

AlCheon, DeokMan, ChunChu
AlCheon is told to accept bribes. He is shocked. DeokMan says if the envoys try to bribe AlCheon's guards to send out messages, the guards should just accept the bribes and bring the messages to her instead. ChunChu says that is because the envoys will try to contact the Tang merchants living in Silla. DeokMan says they should not listen to the Tang requests to see the queen. But if they have a specific request, to pay attention. DeokMan needs to know what request the envoys had wanted from Silla. AlCheon is worried what if the envoys decide to wait it out? DeokMan gives them three days before they crack. The envoys right now are completely at a loss over what happened to them.

First one wonders what they should do now. The second one says the prime minister would probably try to contact them first. The first one then says given the authority of the queen, he doubts the prime minister holds the real power. He is worried they might not be able to carry out the emperor's orders to bring back promise of military reinforcements.

He is advised to wait.

Prison at night
YeomJong looking in

BiDam's faction
YeomJong returns to report. YeomJong shakes his head. Contact is impossible.

Inside prison
Envoys bribe Silla guard. Gives him the crow fan and asks him to deliver it to the prime minister.

BiDam's faction
YeomJong says they must confess to lord BiDam. HaJong agrees, saying they can no longer predict how the envoys will react now. JuJin says since the plot was designed to bring BiDam over to them, it might not be such a bad idea to let him know.

DeokMan, YuShin, AlCheon, ChunChu
AlChwon hands over the envoy's letter to DeokMan, saying they were meant for various merchants. He then hands over the fan saying it was meant for the prime minister. It was a gift. YuShin wonders whether it is a bribe for BiDam. ChunChu says it is not a very expensive item. A fan made of peacock or stork feathers is worth more. He realizes something and asks to examine the fan.

BiDam and his faction
BiDam is informed by his faction that they had come to a secret agreement with the envoys in his name. He is outraged and calls them all crazy. JuJin says the prime minister drove them to this. He is the first one to betray them. YeomJong reminds BiDam of his secret covenant with her majesty.

ChunChu holds the feathers over a steaming bowl. He says he heard from a Sui merchant that a Goguryo spy had attempted to smuggle a message to Wei but that they had been detected by a BaekJe person. When he presses the feathers on a white sheet, words appear.

HoJe tells BiDam, they are the ones who had been betrayed. They handed over their private troops because they trusted lord BiDam. But he now intends to withdraw from politics when DeokMan passes away. In that case, once DeokMan passes away, they will lose the foundation of their power. How can a politician be so careless towards his supporters? BiDam is still outraged that they came to a secret treaty with the Tang in his name.

YuShin reads "Tang envoys will announce the impossibility of a woman king to the Silla court, and in return Silla will provide 30000 soldiers as reinforcement should Tang go to war with GoGuryo." ChunChu reads "Tang envoy.... Silla prime minister BiDam"

DeokMan: BiDam

BiDam asks whether the Tang envoy's taunting of her majesty was their doing, YeomJong confirms it. They wanted firstly to bring BiDam back on their side, and second to force her majesty to step down. JuJin reminds BiDam that he originally wanted to be king. YeomJong says what has happened now cannot be undone.

DeokMan: BiDam. BiDam. BiDam will....

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The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 58 video clips

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Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 59

Previously: Continue from Episode 58:

The crow's feather fan reveals a compact whereby the Tang envoys will proclaim the impossibility of a woman king to the Silla court and in return Silla will provide 30000 troops in Tang's war against Goguryo. ChunChu reads "prime minister" in that letter.

BiDam's conference
BiDam demands to know whether the Tang's envoys' disrespect towards the queen were his faction's doing. YeomJong confirms and says that it was to align BiDam's interests with those of his faction while....MiSaeng adds .... forcing her majesty out of the throne. JuJin adds didn't BiDam desire to be king? YeomJong says there is no turning back now.

A stunned DeokMan is at a loss for words. ChunChu says this is high treason. BiDam is trying to use the words of the Tang emperor to become king. That is the only explanation for the secret letter. He stabbed her in the back while promising in her face to relinquish power. He demands that she punish BiDam. DeokMan warns ChunChu not to jump to conclusions. An indignant ChunChu leaves with YuShin and AlCheon running to restrain him.

BiDam says they are trying to force him into a corner so that he would rebel. His faction says that BiDam is the one who betrayed them first. JuJin says they have helped the queen to her throne and they supported the queen because they believed BiDam had their interest at heart but look what happened to them now. in return for their support and trust they have lost their private armies and now BiDam abandons them like this? BiDam protests that he has never publicly announced that he wanted to be king. YeomJong says that particular decision is not for BiDam alone. BoJong reminds BiDam that the envoys are under arrest on her majesty's orders. MiSaeng says it is merely a matter of time before details of the secret pact between BiDam and the Tang envoys reach the queen's ears. They say the queen will have evidence of his treason. Will she let him live?

Envoys' prison
BiDam visits the envoys. AlCheon's guards refuse him entry.

YuShin and AlCheon run after ChunChu. They ask him not to act so rashly. Once the situation becomes clearer, her majesty will use her wisdom to settle the matter. AlCheon's man runs in and informs them the prime minister is trying to see the envoys. ChunChu says to let him see the envoys. When YuShin and AlCheon protest at the contravention of her majesty's orders, ChunChu says he is merely trying to help her decide.

Envoys' prison
The envoys are brought in to see BiDam. The indignant envoys demand to know why they are treated in this manner. BiDam demands the crow feather fan. The envoy asks whether BiDam intends to weasle out of the deal. BiDam informs the envoy that whatever understanding the envoys have with the minister of rites (MiSaeng), he (BiDam) has nothing to do with it. So give him the fan before worse things happen to them. Envoy says he has already sent the fan. he thought BiDam came to see him after reading it.

BiDam faction
YeomJong heads the meeting. He reports BiDam is meeting with the Tang envoys. JuJni says now that things have come to this, there is nothing lord BiDam can do. He has the most to lose should the situation worsen. BoJong was worried that BiDam would go visit the queen. It is human nature to worry about one's own safety if one is in a fix. MiSaeng is worried that BiDam might not be aware of this principle. He must realize there is nothing else he can do.

BiDam and guard
BiDam asks the guard (at knife point) who has the fan. The guard says he gave it to her majesty. Shocked, BiDam drops the sword.

Palace guarden
BiDam is trembling. He recalls the day he poisoned the villagers, and Munno's reaction to his confession. Later when he tried to hold Munno's hand, Munno had rejected him. BiDam is followed by a spy.

BiDam's Faction
JuJin says they need BiDam on their side. He is the son of JinJi and MiShil. He is the prime minister when the queen has no son. He has gathered supporters while he was the minister of audit. And MiShil's last order had been that all in her faction support him. Which they did. They agree that it is about time for BiDam to realize that he must rely on the members of his faction and not on her majesty. BiDam's tail comes in and says "The prime minister... the prime minister..."

Palace. DeokMan's hall
BiDam asks to be announced

BiDam's faction
They are stunned to realize BiDam went to see the queen. They wonder whether he would confess all to the queen. He might lose his neck. MiSaeng says BiDam does not have full use of his faculties. It is just possible that he would confess all. They realize in that case the order to arrest them all will come down. YeomJong asks BoJong to prepare the troops. BoJong acknowledges.

ChunChu has reported to the queen that BiDam met with the envoys. ChunChu says this is an acknowledgment of the allegations. BiDam is announced. DaeokMan will see him over the objections of ChunChu and AlCheon. BiDam comes in.

BoJong reviews his troops. He orders them to ready the horses and to stand by at the various gates.

The queen presents the fan to BiDam. She says it was from the envoys to the prime minister. She says it seems the envoys wanted to meet the prime minister to bribe him. BiDam says "your majesty...."

BoJong replies the troops are all standing by. There is no movement from the palace. MiSaeng says, "No BiDam, you cannot. You cannot".

BiDam confesses the fan contains a secret pact. He says it is a secret letter sent to the envoys in his name. His faction had discovered his promise to relinquish all power upon her death. MiSaeng, HaJong, JuJin, SuHealBu, all of them had found out about it. He says the contents of that promise must have threatened their interests. ChunChu asks whether they are the ones who plotted all this, and the prime minister was not involved.
ChunChu: The prime minister's name is on the fan and on that basis the envoys insulted the queen. It was all to undermine BiDam. You expect us to believe this?
DeokMan: I believe.
BiDam; Your majesty.
ChunChu: Your majesty!
DeokMan: I have not even a trace of suspicion.
ChunChu: But your majesty, it is true that treason has been committed.
BiDam: I shall resolve this. This happened because of me. I will bring them under control and settle the matter. Your servant BiDam vows to do this, so please leave it to me.

BiDam exits interview with a smile. He sees troops marching on the palace led by YeomJong, HaJong, BoJong, and MiSaeng. YeomJong asks whether he visited the queen. They ask why he went there. He didn't do anything silly, did he? MiSaeng says if there was a misunderstanding with her majesty, BiDam would have sorted it out. He asks them all to meet.

He announces that her majesty had been in possession of the fan. He tells a relieved faction that she does not yet know of the contents. Because she couldn't unravel the mystery of the fan, she thinks it is a bribe. However, if they try anything like this behind his back ever again, whether it concerns her majesty or not, he will personally dispose of them. JuJin still protests the secret vow BiDam made with her majesty. BiDam asks them whether he truly will relinquish all power after her majesty's death. This BiDam will not be held back by a piece of paper that can be burned away. YeomJong wonders whether BiDam means this or these words are just meant to keep them quiet. BiDam says if they do not believe him, they simply have to find another person to lead them. If there is no replacement, then they should simply trust him and follow his orders. From now on, he will not forgive any plotting behind his back or any second guessing of his decisions.

ChunChu says BiDam is not able to resolve this matter. He says it is BiDam who lost trust because of this secret promise. Even if their side trusts BiDam, BiDam's own faction will no longer trust him. Therefore she must eliminate BiDam and his entire faction.
DeokMan: BiDam obeyed my commands and carried out my dirty work. For my sake, he carried out the dirty work, and in the present crisis he volunteered to carry out unpleasant duties. I am heartbroken. Even though I had no intention of using him, because of politics, because he is in love with the queen, I am taking complete advantage of his love for me. Then how is it that you do not have even the slightest compassion for him? Why do you refuse to acknowledge that BiDam and I, whether we want to or not, are becoming sacrificial lambs for all your sakes, and for the sake of the great task of unification?
ChunChu: I acknowledge it. However, I have no compassion. BiDam's mother has murdered my grandfather, my father, and my mother. The people who follow him right now are the people who used to follow MiShil.
DeokMan: ChunChu.
ChunChu: And although BiDam's faithfulness to your majesty is behind question, it is also an immovable fact that he is my political adversary.

BiDam:You even had time to call in the troops?
YeomJong: Nothing was guaranteed.
BiDam: Since you bound me, I must now bind you.
YeomJong: What do you mean?
BiDam: Go to all of them and bring back their vows of loyalty towards me. If this is something we have to do, we must all do it together.
YeomJong: I understand
BiDam: SanTa.
Santa: Yes prime minister?
BiDam: Tonight at 7PM, order the ten commanders of the ministry of audit to a secret conference.
SanTa: Secrectly?
BiDam: Indeed. Let no one know.

A doctor comes in to examine DeokMan. AlCheon wants to know why the doctor comes to see the queen so frequently. The doctor says it is because her majesty cannot sleep at night. AlCheon asks whether that is all. The doctor says yes.

BiDam hands out letters to his ten commanders. He says the recipients of the letters are on the envelopes so make sure they are delivered in secret. They all shout YES and leave. BiDam then tells SanTa to take his soldiers and trail the ten messengers and see where they actually go. Two messengers go to a house where two of BiDam's supporters are recruiting men. One of the recruits is sent to a mine.

YeomJong and nobles
YeomJong is asking for their vows of loyalty to BiDam and wants them to use their real names on the papers. BiDam wants to be certain. They are reluctant to trust BiDam. They say BiDam did indicate that he had aligned his interest with theirs but if he has other plans... YeomJong says things are dangerous. If they cannot place BiDam on the throne, the throne will go to ChunChu. MiSaeng says if that happens, his side are all dead. BoJong agrees, observing that when her majesty spared their lives after Chilsuk's rebellion, ChunChu raised objections. MiSaeng says yes, ChunChu was trying to execute them all in revenge for his mother. HaJong says if ChunChu goes on the throne, they will be the first to die. The nobles agree that they are not necessarily in a different boat. If ChunChu gets the throne, then political power will go to YongChun, SeoHyeon and YuShin. Furthermore, ChunChu will also pursue unification. In that case, war will continue and the power of the throne will continue to increase, and the power of the nobles will weaken. YeomJong says the problem is, how do you bind BiDam to them? HaJong says there is now only one recourse. MiSaeng agrees, in the next plan they must all stake their lives. JuJin says he will set up a notification system so that when the time comes and the word goes out, the nobles' private troops, who are currently serving in the ministry of arms, will come over to their side. MiSeang asks about the new recruits. YeomJong says the recruitment is taking place in secrecy. Messengers deliver letter to YeomJong. He says BiDam gave the letter to ten commanders in the audit department and ordered them to deliver them to provincial authorities in secret. YeomJong opens the letter. It is a letter asking the provincial authority to visit Serabol. YeomJong returns the letter to the courier and tells him to deliver it to the proper recipient. He orders the the courier to find out when they intend to visit. HaJong wonders if BiDam is up to no good. JuJin says they should get back to their original plan and he asks MiSaeng to continue with his task.

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Preview of Episode 60

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비담을 흔드는 비담의 세력!

서 찰의 내용으로 비담은 더욱 의심을 받게 된다. 덕만은 끝까지 비담을 믿어주고, 비담에게 스스로 세력을 쳐내야 한다고 말한다. 춘추는 세력을 주체못해 쩔쩔매고, 연모에 눈이 멀어 앞일을 제대로 헤아지리 못한다며 비담을 비난하는데...

BiDam's faction rocks BiDam

The contents of the letter further increases suspicions on BiDam. DeokMan's faith in Bidam is unshaken, and she councils BiDam that it is up to him to subdue his faction. ChunChu reproaches BiDam for his helplessness in coping with his faction and his inability to grasp the situation because he is blinded by love.

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Preview of Episode 60:

1. (JokBang?): According to that letter, the treason is that the prime minister BiDam must become king.
2: ChunChu: This is a sin that shakes the public order and security of the heavenly kingdom.
3. YuShin: (hard to hear last part) ChunChu and BiDam are fighting over the succession
4. ChunChu: My apologies BiDam, but you and your faction are all.....
YeomJong: Use any means necessary to take care of this
ChunChu: ..... obstacles. You must all disappear.
5. BiDam: In the end, these are starting someting
6. (?): Hurry and shoot.
SeulJe: Come here and serve (or protect) lord ChunChu.
7 DeokMan: ....certain to arrest those behind this incident.
8. BiDam: Why are you doing this? It is as if you are sending me away.
DeokMan: (handing him a ring) I am not yet resolved in my heart. Hurry and leave.
9. BiDam: I must see her majesty
AlCheon: She has given orders to not let you in.
10. DeokMan: (cannot hear anything) Abandon BiDam, and yet ... I...
11. WolYa; The ones who have been assigned to you, arrest them.
12. BiDam: We have no time, hurry up and attack.
13. YeomJong: Your skills have not rusted at all.
14. BiDam: Who are you?/Who is it?

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