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Episode 59/Preview of Episode 60 - The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) synopsis & video clips including OST 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 (Wind Flower)

The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) - Summary/synopsis of Episode 58 and Preview of Episode 59

Title: Queen Seon Duk
Format: Drama
historical drama


Yowon Lee
Hyeonjeong Ko
Yejin Park
Taewoong Uhm
Country of origin South Korea South Korea
No. of episodes 62


Deokman (later known as Queen Seon Deok) was born as a twin but was abandoned as a baby. She was later brought back to the Silla palace, where she joined forces with her twin sister Princess Cheonmyeng to oppose Mi-shil, who wanted to seize power. Mi-shil devised sinister plans to have the two Silla princesses exiled from the kingdom, and in a secretive battle, Princess Chonmyong was assassinated by Mi-shil. However, Princess Deokman shrewdly enlisted the help of General Kim Yusin and eliminated her archenemy Mi-shil. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.


Video clips of OST The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕) - 아이유(IU) - 바람꽃 Wind Flower


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Synopsis/summary of The Great Queen Seon Deok Episode 59

Previously: Continue from Episode 58:

The crow's feather fan reveals a compact whereby the Tang envoys will proclaim the impossibility of a woman king to the Silla court and in return Silla will provide 30000 troops in Tang's war against Goguryo. ChunChu reads "prime minister" in that letter.

BiDam's conference
BiDam demands to know whether the Tang's envoys' disrespect towards the queen were his faction's doing. YeomJong confirms and says that it was to align BiDam's interests with those of his faction while....MiSaeng adds .... forcing her majesty out of the throne. JuJin adds didn't BiDam desire to be king? YeomJong says there is no turning back now.

A stunned DeokMan is at a loss for words. ChunChu says this is high treason. BiDam is trying to use the words of the Tang emperor to become king. That is the only explanation for the secret letter. He stabbed her in the back while promising in her face to relinquish power. He demands that she punish BiDam. DeokMan warns ChunChu not to jump to conclusions. An indignant ChunChu leaves with YuShin and AlCheon running to restrain him.

BiDam says they are trying to force him into a corner so that he would rebel. His faction says that BiDam is the one who betrayed them first. JuJin says they have helped the queen to her throne and they supported the queen because they believed BiDam had their interest at heart but look what happened to them now. in return for their support and trust they have lost their private armies and now BiDam abandons them like this? BiDam protests that he has never publicly announced that he wanted to be king. YeomJong says that particular decision is not for BiDam alone. BoJong reminds BiDam that the envoys are under arrest on her majesty's orders. MiSaeng says it is merely a matter of time before details of the secret pact between BiDam and the Tang envoys reach the queen's ears. They say the queen will have evidence of his treason. Will she let him live?

Envoys' prison
BiDam visits the envoys. AlCheon's guards refuse him entry.

YuShin and AlCheon run after ChunChu. They ask him not to act so rashly. Once the situation becomes clearer, her majesty will use her wisdom to settle the matter. AlCheon's man runs in and informs them the prime minister is trying to see the envoys. ChunChu says to let him see the envoys. When YuShin and AlCheon protest at the contravention of her majesty's orders, ChunChu says he is merely trying to help her decide.

Envoys' prison
The envoys are brought in to see BiDam. The indignant envoys demand to know why they are treated in this manner. BiDam demands the crow feather fan. The envoy asks whether BiDam intends to weasle out of the deal. BiDam informs the envoy that whatever understanding the envoys have with the minister of rites (MiSaeng), he (BiDam) has nothing to do with it. So give him the fan before worse things happen to them. Envoy says he has already sent the fan. he thought BiDam came to see him after reading it.

BiDam faction
YeomJong heads the meeting. He reports BiDam is meeting with the Tang envoys. JuJni says now that things have come to this, there is nothing lord BiDam can do. He has the most to lose should the situation worsen. BoJong was worried that BiDam would go visit the queen. It is human nature to worry about one's own safety if one is in a fix. MiSaeng is worried that BiDam might not be aware of this principle. He must realize there is nothing else he can do.

BiDam and guard
BiDam asks the guard (at knife point) who has the fan. The guard says he gave it to her majesty. Shocked, BiDam drops the sword.

Palace guarden
BiDam is trembling. He recalls the day he poisoned the villagers, and Munno's reaction to his confession. Later when he tried to hold Munno's hand, Munno had rejected him. BiDam is followed by a spy.

BiDam's Faction
JuJin says they need BiDam on their side. He is the son of JinJi and MiShil. He is the prime minister when the queen has no son. He has gathered supporters while he was the minister of audit. And MiShil's last order had been that all in her faction support him. Which they did. They agree that it is about time for BiDam to realize that he must rely on the members of his faction and not on her majesty. BiDam's tail comes in and says "The prime minister... the prime minister..."

Palace. DeokMan's hall
BiDam asks to be announced

BiDam's faction
They are stunned to realize BiDam went to see the queen. They wonder whether he would confess all to the queen. He might lose his neck. MiSaeng says BiDam does not have full use of his faculties. It is just possible that he would confess all. They realize in that case the order to arrest them all will come down. YeomJong asks BoJong to prepare the troops. BoJong acknowledges.

ChunChu has reported to the queen that BiDam met with the envoys. ChunChu says this is an acknowledgment of the allegations. BiDam is announced. DaeokMan will see him over the objections of ChunChu and AlCheon. BiDam comes in.
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Preview of Episode 60

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비담을 흔드는 비담의 세력!

서 찰의 내용으로 비담은 더욱 의심을 받게 된다. 덕만은 끝까지 비담을 믿어주고, 비담에게 스스로 세력을 쳐내야 한다고 말한다. 춘추는 세력을 주체못해 쩔쩔매고, 연모에 눈이 멀어 앞일을 제대로 헤아지리 못한다며 비담을 비난하는데...

BiDam's faction rocks BiDam

The contents of the letter further increases suspicions on BiDam. DeokMan's faith in Bidam is unshaken, and she councils BiDam that it is up to him to subdue his faction. ChunChu reproaches BiDam for his helplessness in coping with his faction and his inability to grasp the situation because he is blinded by love.

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Preview of Episode 60:

1. (JokBang?): According to that letter, the treason is that the prime minister BiDam must become king.
2: ChunChu: This is a sin that shakes the public order and security of the heavenly kingdom.
3. YuShin: (hard to hear last part) ChunChu and BiDam are fighting over the succession
4. ChunChu: My apologies BiDam, but you and your faction are all.....
YeomJong: Use any means necessary to take care of this
ChunChu: ..... obstacles. You must all disappear.
5. BiDam: In the end, these are starting someting
6. (?): Hurry and shoot.
SeulJe: Come here and serve (or protect) lord ChunChu.
7 DeokMan: ....certain to arrest those behind this incident.
8. BiDam: Why are you doing this? It is as if you are sending me away.
DeokMan: (handing him a ring) I am not yet resolved in my heart. Hurry and leave.
9. BiDam: I must see her majesty
AlCheon: She has given orders to not let you in.
10. DeokMan: (cannot hear anything) Abandon BiDam, and yet ... I...
11. WolYa; The ones who have been assigned to you, arrest them.
12. BiDam: We have no time, hurry up and attack.
13. YeomJong: Your skills have not rusted at all.
14. BiDam: Who are you?/Who is it?

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The Great Queen Seon Deok ( Queen Seon Duk (선덕여왕)) Episode 59

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