Sunday, August 10, 2008


Terima kasih Chenta kerana memberi anugerah ini kepada sapphire blu. Thanks so much Chenta for this award.

Some words to share with you:

I still remember very well the first time I started to blog. I do not know how to begin and all I know was to update about what I cooked for the day. Then after watching Akademi Fantasia Season 6 where Stacy was the winner and for American Idol Season 7, David Cook was announced the new American Idol for this season.

Sapphire Blu's first post on December 31, 2007

sapphire blu's second post on Januari 1, 2008

After that I continue to write following what my heart desire to. Whenever I on the computer, I just post whatever that comes to my mind and here it is: In just less than a year I have learnt so much about updating my blog and I am so blessed to say that throughout my time spent here I got to know many friends through: sapphire speaks her mind

Thank you so much everyone who has been visiting my blog and one of them is Chenta. A very special thanks to Chenta whom I have known in just less than 2 days.

Salam semua daripada sapphire blu untuk anda. Sapphire masih ingat pertama kalinya sapphire mula kemas kini iaitu pada 31 Disember 2007 di mana cuma beberapa patah perkataan yang dilafazkan iaitu: "Sayonara 2007 and mushi mushi 2008"

Tetapi setelah Akademi Fantasia 6 dan American Idol 7 mula disiarkan, sapphire terus mengemaskinikan mengenai kedua-dua program ini hingga lah ke akhir rancangan serta program realiti yang lain. Selain itu, sapphire juga kemas kinikan sinetron dari Indonesia dan TVB drama, dll. Banyak pengalaman yang telah dipelajari oleh sapphire melalui kemaskini.

Kini sapphire bukan sahaja mendapat lebih pengetahuan daripada semua ini tetapi sapphire juga mendapat lebih ramai kenalan lagi melalui blog sapphire. Terima kasih semua sekali lagi kerana telah singgah di sini.

Sekian daripada sapphire blu untuk anda.


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